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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 51

51 Not Going as Planned


(Even if I went on like that during my past life, I'd probably never get a girlfriend and keep on playing fighting games till old age. I can easily imagine myself devoting my life for the sake of gaming.)

For some reason I suddenly felt like ridiculing myself.
You don't know what's in store in life, that phrase doesn't comfort me now.

After all I've been [Reincarnated] in this world.
Even if you don't know what's in store, this is just too much.

I can only reminisce games I loved now.
I've been doing daily form training to vent the stress of not being able to play those games.
Since I can forget everything when I move my body.

But even if it's my source of stress now, I'm [Me] because of games, and thus I'm on the verge of losing myself.

(That doesn't mean I should keep training and become saiyan-like...)

Focusing will [Isolate] me from this world, wielding my power in that state results in some truly [Frightening] things.
Thinking carefully, I'd like to live on without using this [Power].

"We should be going to our allotted spot. Let's go."

The coiling unpleasant gazes directed at her may be due to her being a girl merchant or her being unfamiliar here, at any rate, I could only pray by whispering, 'Please be trouble free.'

My prayer was denied just a few steps ahead of the crowd at the entrance.
A hoarse voice called out to us.

"Yoo missy. This ain't no place to have a date ya know? Yer' an eyesore frolicking round like that. Gimme that tally! It ain't for women. I'mma make better use of that!"

Tally here is the permit to open a business in this city. It's also a license to open your store at an allotted spot.
This hoarse sounding man tried to snatch that with dumb excuses.
He just made it up on the spot to achieve his goal.
In other word, dude is a thug. Believing he can get his way with a threat.

On top of that, there's a scary-faced man standing behind the man with folded arms.
However, Aryl kept walking toward the entrance without stopping nor looking like she even heard him.
Making the hoarse voice man look like a clown.

Other merchants crowding around the entrance all reacted differently at that, some were giggling, some ignored it, some sighed, and some stared silently.

Seemingly unable to bear the atmosphere, the scary faced man stepped forward and tried to grab Aryl's shoulder, 'Oy! Listen here you bastard!', I moved at the same time.

=====  =====
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(What should I do? I mean, I'm a bodyguard for once see?)

I curse at this chain of quibbles from yesterday.
Template after template. What is this?

(I still can't hold myself back well, y'know? At this state.)

My prayer came to a waste.

(Ending this peacefully... Seems impossible, with this pattern...)

In most cases like this, the other side may [Withdraw] if you shame them, but they will surely come back for us later because we disgraced them or something.
And yet crushing them thoroughly would also yield the same result.

(This kind of trouble won't [End] unless you've got someone with authority backing you.)

But we've got nothing like that, we've just arrived here yesterday. No way we would.
His stretched out arm is slowly coming closer.

(Well damn... I can't come up with an answer. No choice, sink or swim, let's just do this...)

I still can't control my power well. Therefore, I can't just punch him in this state.
Can't let him die in this place.

Thus I thought.

I grabbed his arm, put my leg out and waited for the right timing to undo [Acceleration]...

======  ========


A tremor shook the floor like a quake.

The man who caused that had his back on the floor, knocked out.

I [Threw] him in a way that made it look like he stumbled.
Making sure no one around was aware I did it.
Since I did this without a rehearsal, I'm not actually sure how it looks to others.
I thought I did well at adjusting my power. And yet, it still resulted in the target getting knocked out.
Still, I decided to see it as a better end than him dying. However.

(They're gonna hold a grudge and come for us again later...)

I retreated at once while thinking that, pushing my way through the sardine can.
Meanwhile, Aryl had already gone out ahead of me.





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