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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 36

36 Reason


"Um, by that you mean...?"

"Haha well, [Explanation] sounds too rigid, don't you agree? Humor this old man and his life story. I'm sure you'll get it then."

"Oh not at all, it would be my pleasure to hear a story from the chairman himself. I'm certain it'll be a valuable life lesson for me."

Aryl seemed to have regained herself, she responded fluently.

(I'd rather him tell us the reason right away though? Guess it's not happening. That first impression was way off from this one, this guy's a sly old fox. I'll probably find out once he starts talking.)

The guy's a chairman, he must have far more experience than me in this sort of stuff, he'll probably just dodge the question if I ask him directly, thus I decide to watch them in silence.

But with Randolf glaring hard at me since a while ago, I can't really calm down.

Bonuts started his story after sipping his tea.
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He went independent once he came of age. Foolishly believing that he could do business on his own without hiring a bodyguard.
He went through a lot of painful experience as a result. Hiring cheap and useless bodyguards ended with him taking heavy losses.
When he hired a strong one but with a problematic personality, he ended up getting betrayed, barely escaping with his life.

He always without fail puts novice merchants through this ordeal to teach them the importance of bodyguards, not just for their strength but also trustworthiness.
It also acts as a form of [Screening] to bodyguards these novice merchants have hired.

Also one more, the association offers a mediation service for bodyguard hiring. You can hire strong bodyguards at a reasonable price through this service.

"I don't want you folk to go through that same pain I went. Losing money recklessly while still lacking the means to protect oneself would spell the end of your mercantile life. No one likes to [Stumble] on the most trifling block, don't they?"

This wasn't done out of kindness or duty, members of this town's merchant association who have the means to protect themselves can potentially keep profiting which ultimately leads to bigger profit and scale of the association as well.

I see, I get it. He's got a point.

I was gonna complain if he was just playing around, gotta keep that to myself now.

Apparently it's the chairman's [Hobby] to do all this himself.
Are you for real? I endured retorting to that.

"So now here we are. Young miss, Aryl was it. You've passed... or so I'd like to tell you, are you really fine with that young man?"

(Hm? Did he just casually put me on a spot? Why?)

"He saved me from bandits on my way here. I believe I can trust him."

"Hohou... and, how much is his wages again?"

"I plan to pay a lot, as part of my gratitude for saving me."

"No no, I don't know the market price, but just the standard one is fine, you know? I'm your employee remember?"

"That wouldn't convey my gratitude enough, please accept it. Please if you would."

She said that right in my face assertively.

(Hmm... Guess I'll just take it... But I feel kinda bad. I didn't save her out of some grandiose reason anyway. But doesn't seem like she'd relent.)

I couldn't talk back. I'm bad at this stuff.

"Fumu, I suppose both sides are on the same page then? Now let us carry on with your registration. I ended up talking too long. Considering the time, your document should be done by today."

"Please, and thank you."

Aryl bowed. There's no trace of nervousness on her face anymore, it's the looks of a businesswoman.





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