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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 63

63 Gap


We're walking deeper into the back alley. Eltros's steps seem heavy but his pace isn't plodding.
The man's currently leading me to his boss.

We eventually reached an area with shabby looking housings. Yes, the so called slum.
A crime syndicate in a big city with a lot of back alleys and slums. As cliched as it could, but now that I've come this far, it's getting fun. Relieving even.

To begin with, all reasoning I used to justify [Crushing] them are just excuses, I just want to.
In most cases, syndicates like this tend to [Hold grudges], [Stuff about honor], and [Doesn't know when to quit], they'd keep coming back at you persistently. And no, it's not an exaggeration.
To kill a snake, you crush its head. It's the same logic.
They'd buzz around forever, annoying you beyond belief if you don't crush them at the root. They'd keep chasing you even if you get away.

Therefore, I'm having Eltros to bring me there and end it all.

(Ah, I just gotta let this guy deal with the aftermaths! Nice idea!)

Just as that idea popped in my mind, we made a turn and then a huge mansion completely out of place in a slum came into view.
Gaudy, extravagant, bright and dazzling, a mansion that's so needlessly furnished with all those that glitters, I can't believe anyone had the sense to build this.
A courtyard as big as an elementary school's yard, a tall wall that surrounds them and a gigantic gate that intimidates those standing before it.
How much money was thrown just to get this built?

I checked on Eltros, 'Here?', which he nodded. Doesn't look like he's lying.

There's some guards standing near the gate. That's good and all but why do these guys also look like your average dirty thugs that scream 'Hi, we're thugs.'

"Can you get through this?"

Eltros responded with a nod just like before, thus I decided to be quiet and leave everything to him.

"It's Eltros. I have an urgent message for boss. I'm seeking an audience with him."

He approached the guards and said that. One of the two guards replied, 'Please wait a moment' and jogged through the mansion's yard.

(That front door's way too far from the gate. Isn't that bothersome? What a waste of time.)

The remaining guard glared at me while I was having that trifling thought.
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Eltros covered me to clear his doubt.

"He's my new aide. Is there anything bothering you?"

The guard turned away, losing interest.
The other guard returned right after.

"Please go ahead. I believe you can see him now."

The gate is opened. I got lost in thought while we took our time walking through the long courtyard.

(Wonder what's up with the lack of feedback whenever I'm moving in Accelerated state?)

Shockwaves should have been produced in its surroundings when something moves at supersonic speed. Enough to blow everything around in my case.
And yet, that weirdly never occurred. Even though there shouldn't be a huge difference in law of physics between this world and previous one.
But considering magic exists, that might be one explanation. Or perhaps my [Power] is a completely different concept than [Acceleration].

We got to the front door, and another man who looks like a 'Ruffian' no matter the angle greeted us.

"I shall be your guide to boss room. If you would please follow me."

I was dumbfounded at the exquisite greeting and salute.

(Even these types can do it if you make them learn huh. What a shock, that's way too much gap from his attires.)

I couldn't hide my surprise at the huge difference from what I imagined.
Also at how high up Eltros seems to be in this syndicate.
Getting to see the boss without an appointment made this a quick ride, really nice.

(I was waiting for an elderly butler to show up, what's with this medieval European-style mansion and all.)

Our footsteps resounded in the corridors littered with works of art that are also predictably gaudy.

I had that nonchalant thought in mind on my way to meet the boss of a crime syndicate.
The man stopped in front of a door, said, 'Here it is', and left after bowing.
Eltros knocked on the door after.

"Damo-sama, it's Eltros. Pardon my intrusion."




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