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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 41

41 Confidence Show


The diner was packed. It's about 80% full despite the time being a bit early for dinner.
Seems quite popular. No wonder the inn recommended this place.
We probably wouldn't have gotten a table if we were a bit late.

The storefront is quite frankly, plain, you would have walked past it if not for the [Scent] and signboard.
The signboard is only of a [Knife and Fork]. A cliched design.
Yet, once inside, you'd get to hear constant, 'So good', 'Delicious' from all the guests.

Once we got to our table, the server asked.

"How did you find out about our establishment?"

Aryl answered that.

"We were recommended by Silver Star Inn."

I kept quiet. I know nothing about this city.
No way to join the conversation.
At most I could only ask questions.
This much [Wall] is only right considering the huge gulf between my village life and this city.

"Oh? You must be VIPs. And pretty good at striking a deal. Am I correct?"

I question this server for asking that out of the blue.
And the tone he's speaking with is changing.

Aryl asked back to that.
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"Why would you ask that?"

"How many guests have come to our establishment from that inn do you think?"

Of which the server replied back with a riddle instead.
Feels like they're not even holding a conversation here, but I'm guessing this server is probably doing a questionnaire survey or something.

"Hmm, that question is an [Answer] in itself."

What did she just get... Aryl-san, scary...
On the other hand, the server had a [Yep] face for a moment there.

"I see that you are quick on the uptake. So it was the merchant association. I see, I get it."

(Eh! What did he get from that!? The server's pretty scary too! What's this, intuition or something? Eh? Who are you anyway? What is this place!?)

Then he looked at me now.

"As for our honored guest over here... He looks like someone who wears his heart on his sleeve, nothing like any of our previous guests..."

Thus he smiled as if he was very happy about that.
That sent a chill down my spine.
Just when I was about to ask what he meant by that, our meal got brought in by another server, 'Thanks for waiting!'.

There was no menu, nor did they even offer one. Heck, we hadn't even made our order.

"Pardon for my late introduction. I am the manager of this establishment. Our menu is time limited. They are even made impromptu with the ingredients we have that day. However, we take pride in our creation, we guarantee the taste. You may forgo paying if they are not to your liking. However, we ask you to promise two silver coins if you are satisfied. Do take your time to relish our food and their worth."

Thus the manager spoke confidently.
And this is the part where I say something without reading the mood. I gotta ask this one.

"Was there a guest who didn't pay?"

"No. There has never been any one such case."

He asserted.
Well, none of the guests here sounds dissatisfied for sure.
Seems reasonable.

"Well then, please enjoy yourselves."

The manager left our table toward the kitchen.
Looking like he has a complete confidence on the taste.

"Well, let's eat before it gets cold."

Aryl spoke like she couldn't wait anymore.

(She looks unperturbed by that. Did she know from the inn already? Well whatever.)

I look at the food before me.
It's a huge portion with an appetizing smell that shakes my brain and belly.
The well roasted piece of meat looks so good.

I put my hands together as my stomach rumbled.

"Thank you for the food."





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