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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 38

38 Eye for People


Once the two had left the association, Bonuts inquired Randolf about the match.

"So, how was he?"

It was a brief yet all encompassing question.
Yet the one being asked stayed silent.


"You can't put it into words, huh. To that extent."

Bonuts has known Randolf for a long time, he can read his sentiment without a word.

However, Randolf sorted what he [Felt] into words.

"I had never been handled like that in all my life. The gap between us cannot be described merely with words [Heaven and Earth]. He's like in an entirely different dimension or..."

"Fumu? That's quite a high praise from you... He must be... Strong huh..."

Bonuts broke the short silence that elapsed.

"I do not see that youngster to be that outrageous however?"

"He is... monstrous. I propose to keep a watch on his movement."

Randolf's expression is still severe.

"I don't believe that, not with how he looks. Still, I'll keep your words in mind."

"There will be an incident. Without a doubt."

Randolf pushed on with a warning.

"Hm~... I'll have someone on the lookout soon. Well then, good work today."

"Pardon me sir."

That was it for their talk. And yet Randolf kept his severe look.
Bonuts let out a sigh by himself as he saw Randolf off.
With a mix of wry smile on his face.

"Now then, will he be a reassuring ally, or will he be the eye of a typhoon. How many problematic fella will this be now?"

After saying that, he suddenly grinned and cheerfully laughed out loud, "HA! HA! HA!"
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The topmost person of Merchant Association in this commercial city.
What prompts his laughter.
He likes to watch humans.
There is no shortage of merchants coming here. [Judging] people with his own eyes is the reason he sits at the receptionist desk despite being a chairman.
People judging is the most important skill in running a business.
However, even though a lot of merchants have the eyes to discern [Goods], not many have ones for [People].

Bonuts didn't climb up to his position by chance.
It's precisely because he trained his talent in seeing through people's true persona.
Because his network of connections and goods he built up.

He saw Aryl, a novice as a [Rarity].
And he deems that young man as an [Unknown].

Yes, and they're a premonition for a new business, for [Profit].

These stimulating pair who showed up during these boring days brought a broad grin to Bonuts' face.





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