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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 37

37 Hustle Bustle


"We don't charge for registering, however issuing your company draft will cost you. Will it be possible to pay by today? You would be able to receive your draft tomorrow then. Is that all right?"

Aryl went ahead with her business at the receptionist counter.
A female employee took charge of processing her document and seal there.
I only realized that we were the only people left in this hall.

I was planning to quietly sit around until they were done, but Randolf kept staring dagger at me, it was painful.
This boulder-like man took a step forward and asked me.

"You, who are you really...?"

(...How many times has it been now with this question... Well I guess it's only right. I tend to forget, but I'm not normal.)

"A simple ignorant country bumpkin who just left his village after coming of age this year. I was told to leave my house and become independent."

I replied to him honestly, but I'm sure he must be unconvinced.
Sure enough, now he glared with 'Incomprehensible' looks in his eyes.

(Am I forever stuck with this kind of exchange every time I get dragged in trouble? That's way annoying... How'd I avoid this...)

Just as I was about to hit my limit of getting glared at, a windfall came.

"I'm all done here for now. Let's go. We should find an inn and get rest early today."

"Let's do just that."

I sprang up my chair and followed Aryl.

Bonuts opened the door to see us off.
Aryl greeted him.

"It's an honor to have the chairman himself here."

"Hahaha, you did give me an entertaining show today. This is nothing."

I was subjected with a probing glance all the way until the door was closed.
And by the time we were out, it was evening hour outside.

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The surroundings are dyed orange. The crowd coming and going in the streets is moving like waves.
Those who walk quickly. Those who are undecided in front of goods being sold on stalls. Mothers carrying their children. Kids running around.
Men lured into food stalls by tasty smelling snacks.
A pair of armor clad men with swords on their waists. Merchants shouting their goods' good points.

This hustle bustle signifies it's too early to rest.

"We should quickly get ourselves an inn. It's still not too late to go out for sightseeing afterward. If we wait till nighttime, they might not have rooms left, it'd be troublesome."

"Ah, I'm leaving all that stuff to you. I don't know left from right here."

"I'm sure you're tired from all the walking, right. And besides I can't open my business yet today. I've got to sort out my goods."

I let Aryl lead the way.
Seeing as I never took a step outside my village, it'd have been a one way street to [Lost Kid] if I were left on my own.
As someone who doesn't have a goal or destination even at my age, I'm grateful for my 'Link' with her.

The inn we're heading to is apparently recommended by the Merchant Association.
She referred to a piece of paper pointing to the location, walking there without hesitation.

After a while, we arrived in front of a huge inn with a bed picture drawn on the signboard next to its entrance.





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