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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 61

61 The Girl's Suffering


I can't comprehend what just took place before my eyes. My heart couldn't take it, and it took the form of a repulsion instead.
People have just died. Three of them at once. In an incomprehensible way. Those huge bulging men are now full of holes with blood gushing out.
Instantly? No, it's nothing that shallow, it's more. Like it was just a blink. I won't blame anyone if they don't believe it, I almost couldn't myself.

That was when someone shouted, 'Dammitall!', and a knife was thrust before my throat.
I couldn't follow what was happening. My consciousness has so far off the ground, the knife doesn't even feel real.
I finally came back after hearing him saying 'Oy, don't ya care what's gonna happen to this girl!?', next to me, 'Ah, I've been taken hostage.'

"Don't ya dare move! Otherwise this girl's gonnamwe!"

"Aah, you took my employer hostage, guess I got no choice."

That man called Eltros had an evil look on his face when he heard that, but just a moment later, his expression turned into shock.
'Clang clang', by that point, the knife had fallen on the ground.
The thug who pointed a dagger on me was gone. Then as if it was nothing, he called out to me with a worried tone standing next to me, even though he was quite far apart just now.

"Are you okay? Injured anywhere?"
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I could only shook my head many times at his kind words. Out of fear.
Because. I caught the sight of the man that had just been [There] embedded in the wall without a sound.
He's convulsing so he's still alive at least, but he's in a miserable state.
All his limbs are pointed in unnatural directions. Twisted impossibly.
The man slowly slid down the ground, unmoving.
I came back to my sense as I watched that. Along with trembles.

But then, thud, I heard a sound like a heavy luggage thrown down the ground so I looked there.
A man quivering with his teeth clacking and his supposed guard lying face down next to him foaming at mouth.
And him who was standing next to me just now.

(He said he doesn't use magic. Just what kind of power is this then? How could you believe it after this. It must be magic right? Tell me it is.)

I only know that there are all kinds of magic, but I've always had a vague inclination that magic should be able to make something like this a reality.
It'd be weirder to believe that some unassuming young man that's neither a great hero or a demon could do all this. And yet I can't deny what's happening before my eyes.
Even if that reality is hard to swallow.

(No human can do this, no matter how extraordinary...)

This was when I finally began harboring question, 'What is his power?'
I should have questioned it much earlier, but since I was the side being saved, I never attempted to tread deeper.
I looked back at every single event up until this point after being saved from the bandit gang.

(What have I been dragged into since that time I was saved?)

I'm nothing more than a merchant that's just started out and yet look at all trouble I got myself into, I lament at my unreasonable fate.
And thus, these words sound like a lifeline to me.

"Why don't we close shop for today and explain the situation to the merchant association?"





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