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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 35

35 Head


"Well now, sorry about that, young miss. First, I must apologize. I am Bonuts. Let's start over. Welcome to the Merchant Association."

Aryl who was shaking by the wall greeted back after a pause.
She stammered, either from being nervous or her trembling.

"I-I'm Aryl. N-Nice to meet you."

We got past the trouble finally, I sighed as Aryl walked up next to me and started thinking about something.

"...Could it be...? Eh!? ...Eh!? Eeeehhh!"

She suddenly yelled out loud to my puzzlement.

"Let us take a breather for now. Have a seat over there. We'll have your tea ready."

I sit down on the chair, but it doesn't feel comfortable. Guess it's due to the needless amount of ornaments? But the softness from the cushion made the balance between looks and comfort off.

As we were sitting restlessly, a waitress came by and lined up our table with tea and snacks.
She must be a pro, there was no waste in her movement, leaving promptly and without a sound once she was done.

Made me recall the time I went around other companies for business in my past life.

(Oh yeah there was that time they just tossed bottled tea on the table hard, wonder what was that about.)

It wasn't like I didn't do the deal nicely or anything, absolutely not.
I smiled wryly as I reminisced.

While I was captivated by the flowing conduct I never witnessed even in my previous life, Aryl was looking restless and still on her feet. Her face seemed pale.
I tried asking since she was being weird.

"Is something bothering you?"

"I-I can't believe t-this town merchant association's chairman, w-working as a receptionist..."

(Ah, this guy is the biggest of wigs huh. But why would someone like that do something like this, out in the open at that. Isn't that just weird?)

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Bonuts spoke while were having that conversation.

"Now then, allow me to give an explanation. You have my apologies for the theatrics. Come now, have a seat."

Bonuts had a complete reversal from his first impression, he now spoke like a gentle good natured old man.

"P-pardon me."

That did the trick on Aryl's mental state, she finally sat down.

(Ah, this is good stuff. Wonder if it's expensive?)

I paid no mind to it all, and quickly stuffed myself with the tea and snacks while thinking about what to ask.
In most cases, the reason for such a huge gap must be important.

"We're closing early today. Leave all the post-processing to the accounting department."

He gave the order to a male staff member of this place, sat down on the chair in front of us and put on a [Kind Smile] before speaking.

"Humor me and listen to a little story of my past, will you?"

The sound of that giant door closing resounded behind us.




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