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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 39

39 Worries


A man took several books from a shelf in his personal office room.
He plopped them down a table before sitting down a chair himself.

His name is [Ginbelt]. Mercenaries Guild Master.
He's got a bitter look on his face.
He grabbed a book and let out a sigh.

"Phew. Why do so many troublesome things happen lately? What a pickle."

He turned over the book to look for the page containing what he sought.

"Mu... Is this it? ...Chapter of Black Theurgy..."

Ginbelt rested his back on the chair and read carefully.

"Hm...? Black Star tears apart the light sky, rips open the heavens? Break the world in two, unrestrained by all blood and lands... What does that mean. I should check other books."

He grabbed and read the other books one after another.
After a bit, click, the door to his office was opened, he turned to look there.
A female employee bringing a fragrant smelling tea pot came.

"What kind of problem do we have this time."

"Read this book. We might have to put one of our [Collars] on that young man."

"My, that's quite barbaric of you. Makes you sound like a slave trader you know?"

The female employee teased back.
However, Ginbelt stayed silent with folded arms.
The woman sighed, took one of the books and read the content.

"That black power houses no godly power. But that's precisely why it is capable of tearing heaven and earth asunder, slaying even gods."

After reading that passage, she frowned like she just read some ridiculous joke.
Guildmaster called for one thing.

"Send someone to keep a watch on that young man."
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However, he received a curt reply.

"Let me say this as a sub guildmaster. We have no manpower to spare. Please don't waste anymore capital and human resource for trifling matters."

"Oy... Vilma..."

"And none of these books have any credence to them, they're nothing more than delusions."

Ginbelt got dispirited after getting a blunt refusal.

"Am I getting ahead of myself? ...No, I cannot get rid of these worries. We should gather more information and then..."

Sub guildmaster Vilma dealt the finishing blow.

"Could you please save your personal problems for later? We still have today's reports, settlements, and registrations to take care of. There will also be a joint session afterward and..."

She glared at Ginbelt with a smile.

"Aah, okay okay, I got it! Stop looking at me with those eyes!"

Losing to that pressure, he returned the books to the shelf and plodded his way to the meeting room.





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