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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 54

54 Inference


I thought a bit as I saw them off.
What's happening to my body.

(So far, no one pointed out my unique trait. Despite how much I was avoided in the village because of it. Must be because this city's populace is [Unfamiliar] with it or perhaps the topic is [Obsolete].)

There's also a chance that [Manaless] and [Blessless] are things specific to that village.

But I realized that nobody cares about that here.

Black hair, black eyes.

Perhaps it's an existence that can [Accumulate] strength through training which will eventually goes beyond ordinary people [Limit] under this world's [Law].
A wall that cannot be overcome by those who have received Blessings. What if that wall never existed to begin with?

Did I get stronger just from working in the village field? From walking and hunting in the mountain? Wood-chopping? Transporting water?
It goes without saying with workout and form training. I did all that in daily life.

Are [Blessings] a [Cage] implemented to prevent people from going out of bounds? To restrain them?
Those with Blessings possess a considerable amount of mana. Is that a [Chain] put on them so they don't go beyond [Human]?
Thus my inference brought me.
Otherwise, there should have been more [Powerful People] in this world, no?

Randolf was hired by the association as a bodyguard.
How much stronger are people whose strength surpass him, twice or maybe thrice as strong? That difference looks pretty much nil from where I stand.
Someone hoping to match me has to be on a [Different Dimension] at the very least.
I'm not looking down nor trying to be arrogant here.
That's simply the term needed for one if they wish to match this [Accelerated] state.
Or maybe since we have [Magic], some specific effects could be used to fill the gap.

I only trained because I had nothing to do at first.
And then it was for self-defense after finding out I would be banished from the village.
I needed strength, but it wasn't for the sake of climbing to the top nor did I pursue it. And yet.

(Will my physical strength go up indefinitely just from living? To the point of superhuman? No, it's already [Inhuman] even now... Will it go even further? That's crazy...)

Foolish thought is idyllic thought or so they say. My line of thinking is amateurish.
However, I have experienced all of that first hand.
None of that thought was implausible.
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I heard a cheer suddenly, pulling me back to reality.

"That was amazing! It all happened so fast! Overwhelming!"

It hadn't likely taken that long. Probably less than a minute.

"...Thank you."

My tone was glum after getting an [Answer] from my inference.
She cheerfully continued on without minding.

"Oh you, that's my line. I'm always getting saved."

I must have a displeased look on my face. I'm aware.
Aryl was being considerate and treated me like usual despite seeing that.

"Ah well, you see I'm not used to praises."

I tried to switch mood and forget about that [Inference].
I'm her bodyguard right now. Having strength isn't a bad thing.
Even though the word [Excessive] is far from enough to express that strength, I decide to ignore that for now.

(Cheat? Cheat? Hmm, Cheat? ...That covers the meaning of [Trickery], [Unfair play], [Fraudulence], [Dishonest], a term widely used in gaming to mainly depict those...)

I did not trick anyone. Nor am I playing unfairly or being a fraud.
How are you cheating this anyway.

And I did not receive any such a thing from god.

Real cheat is usually perceived as [Ordinary] by those who have them.
Like, 'Eh what? Why can't you do that?' Or so the capable tend to say without thinking about others.
And a being like that must be so full of hubris they wouldn't think anyone would refuse receiving Blessings at [That Place].
I put a break on this yet again resumed train of thought.

(I got abducted against my will by this world's [God]. And you're gonna just explain it all away with a word 'Cheat'? Like hell!)

My cooled down anger rose again.
Aryl who sensed that asked.

"What's the matter?"

She must be worried. Her voice was gentle.

"Ah... Excuse me, it's nothing."

(To begin with, there is a huge gulf of power between the powerless me and god. That's a wall humans can't simply climb over... Hm, a wall?)

I felt like I caught something.
But Aryl's spirited yell blew that away.

"Okay! Let's just forget! What just happened! We're starting over!"

And then, just as the faces of those three earlier turned hazy on my mind, the second trouble made its appearance.





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