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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 40

40 Sense of Incongruity and Hunger


Today she was almost assaulted by bandits in the morning, walked the whole long road through, and finished her business both at the Mercenary Guild and Merchant Association without a break.
I don't mind us taking a rest earlier. It's a bit late now anyway.

But even as someone who's used to [Japan], I could tell this inn is quite a high class one.
I was panicking when Aryl walked in without hesitation.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I followed inside.
It's like I'm in a high class hotel lobby. Looking exactly like a hotel I had to splurge my own money on during a business trip in my past life.
No, wait?

(Oy oy oy, no no, can't be... right?)

I got disoriented from the sudden flashback.
For now I voiced my present worry.

"Isn't this place expensive?"

But Aryl already finished getting the room.
I missed the part about our room arrangement since she was so quick at it.

"Now that we've got ourselves a place to sleep, let's take it easy. Are you hungry? The inn staff referenced me a good place, would you like to eat out there?"

"Haa, right, guess it's just about time. Maybe a tad too early but it will be just right if we consider time between placing order and eating."

I went with Aryl's suggestion.
We just got in our inn and now we're leaving already.

"Hehe, I could finally take a breather after so many nerve wrecking stuff, I'm feeling pretty famished now."

Her then stiff expression turned sweet befitting of her age.
She put her hands on her shoulders moving up and down as she sighed in relief.

The diner we were heading to was close by we didn't have to ask for direction.
We arrived in front of it.

(Wonder how much does that inn cost... with meals included? Room grade? I left it all to her, huh? What about my share of payment?)

That thinking is probably boorish of me. But I can't calm down because of that flashback.
It's like I'm on the verge of getting something.
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But that [Something] got blown away and tucked in the corner of my mind.

A dense fragrant [Spice] scent drifted out of the diner.
My stomach rumbled from that.
Aryl cheerfully laughed when she heard that.

"Fufufu, wonder what kind of food they serve here? It must be super good when it smells this nice!"

How she's been sniffing since awhile ago makes her look like an innocent kid.
I spoke as I wryly smiled at that.

"Let's get in quick then, we're getting in the way standing here."

A male employee immediately greeted us inside.

"Welcome. A table for two?"

The polite bow gave me another optical illusion of my past life yet again.
The clothes the staff here wear look like something you see in family restaurants as well.
This sense of incongruity was erased with the employee's words.

"Well then, allow me to guide you to your table."

As we were guided there, the sounds of 'Welcome!' by other employees keep reverberating.




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