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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 42

42 Shocking Meal


"Thank you for what?"

"Uh, it's nothing."

There is no concept of [Thanks] and [Prayers] toward food in this world.
Hence her confusion.

The people of this world do [Respect] those who produce food, but they see meal as something they pay for.
They don't thank food itself.

I bit into the meat.

I didn't remember much afterward.
Probably got too absorbed into eating.
I only came back to myself once I had emptied my plate.
Including, soup, salad, some sort of garnish and fruit dessert.

"Wow you were really into it."

I pulled myself together with those words.
That was the first time in this world I felt shameful with the way she spoke that.

(Ah crap, was it something about manners, morals or maybe etiquettes...? I lost myself there...)

Then my eyes wandered to Aryl's own empty plate.
Her portion is quite big as well, must have tasted good to have it all vanish.
Her face slackened up, reflecting the taste.

That was when the managed came back with beverages.
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"I have been made witness to your delightful relish of your meal."

Aryl shyly hid her lips with her hand, 'Oh no.'

The beverages put on our table were transparent and bubbling.

It's something I'm familiar with in my past life.
But Aryl kept staring at it like it was unusual.

Carbonated water.

It really is one.

"And this here is our proud beverage, only drinkable at our establishment!"

I interrupted the manager as he proudly declared it.
I had to confirm it no matter what. I couldn't help myself.

"That's carbonated water... right?"

"Oh! So you knew about it!"

I wasn't sure how to reply to that.

"Ee... Um, uh..."

"And what about our young lady here?"

"I've never seen such odd water before."

The manager seemed satisfied at Aryl's surprise, he resumed.

"No words needed for good food. We usually charge extra for this, but we offer a cup for free to our first time customer. Now come, drink up to your heart's content."

Aryl and I did as told.

Yep, I couldn't hide my surprise at the fact that it tasted [Exactly the Same] as the one in my past life.

The freshness and stimulation of carbonated water washed down the lingering taste of the meal, bringing out the sense of finish from the stomach up.
Drinking this truly completes the [Meal].
A sense of completeness I never experienced even in my past life.

Seeing through that, the manager spoke in delight.

"Those who are satisfied with our service may compensate us at the counter over there once you have settled down."

The manager sharply bowed and turned around before he strutted down the kitchen.
I felt like I could sense greatness from his back.





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