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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 49

49 Dream Start Dash


"That combo is a tough one to pull off... Who said that and cornered me now!"
"That's my line dang you, bulldozing around with that broken character!"

Thus how I spent all night playing fighting games with my friend.
It's turning bright outside, a dazzling light shines through the window glass...

I woke up.
It's morning. A morning in [This] world.

(Ah... I had only played a bit of that game...)

Looks like my regret runs deep. Seeing that dream now of all time.

(I mean, the [Me] left in [That World] lives on as is, doesn't he? Right? Wonder what he's up to now?)

It's been 15 years since I split up with that [Other] me.
Is it a saving grace if that me on the other side is enjoying his time?
Still... this murkiness won't go away.

Nothing I could do to toward this stress.
I have no way to check how is the other [Me] there doing either.
I can only live in this world.
You can't keep running toward illusion.
The me now is truly helpless.

"Good morning. We're heading to the association after breakfast. Let's go out with a bang!"

A cheerful voice from the side greeted me. Aryl.
She's open for business as a merchant for real today.
An important start dash, it's only natural for her to get so enthusiastic first thing in the morning.

Me frowning here would be like nitpicking her.
Gotta erase it and pretend I'm not in bad mood from seeing a dream of the past.

"Good, morning."
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My brain finally kicked in.
Village life starts early. We're usually already working outside by this hour when the sun has just risen.
I've gotten used to it already by now. I get up the bed.

As Aryl has changed, she must have woken up earlier.
There's a basket for clothes in the bathroom where I put mine yesterday.
I get myself ready in a hurry.

Once I'm done, I throw one question.

"I'm a bodyguard...? So I just gotta go with you as an escort...?"

I tried asking for now, I still can't picture how this [Job] works.
There were many [Characters] with such a setting, but they never went in deep with the explanation, and ordinary people don't usually know in-depth about this stuff.

"Yes. I'll be counting on you when the time comes."

(Which time again... Counting on me huh...)

I've been living 28 years in the past plus 15 here, yet bodyguard is totally foreign to me.
Of course. Who'd want to lead a life with something like that around. Peace is best.
And here I am challenging that unknown. As a merchant bodyguard even.
[Experience] is everything for this.
I've never even seen a bodyguard in real life.
I can only use myself and reading the mood as a reference.
At most I could help out at her store, I guess?

As I was thinking, Aryl snorted like saying, 'All done!'

"Let's get down to the dining hall in the first floor. We're leaving the inn after our meal."

Baggage okay! Key okay! Nothing left behind! She pointed everywhere as she said that before walking out our room.




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