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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 47

47 God, Intervention


Should I really get in first here?
I was still sane enough to think that.
I told her to go in first.

"Wanna get in together?"

(What is this, a love comedy?)

My heart skipped a beat from that smile, but I tried to keep calm as much as possible.

"Quit it with the joke."

I could barely keep it together from everything thus far, any more and my head would explode.

"Aw c'mon, I was just teasing you. Okay then, I'm going ahead."

'The [Wall] between us sure has thinned enough for her to tease me', thus I decided to take that as.

(...Used bathwater... Oh crap... No wait, I'm not that perverted, definitely!)

Nature's call came as I was thinking some stupid stuff.

I went in the toilet.

(Glad toilet and bathroom are separate. I wouldn't have been able to take it had it been united. Heck, it could have been dangerous in this situation...)

I sat on the seat as I felt relieved from having avoided a pinch.
I'm the pee sitting type. The toilet bowl may be made of wood but it's clearly made with a special processing, the shape is exactly like the ones in my past life.

(Is this made with magic too...?)

Even though they have paper in this world, it's not at my world's level, yet this is genuine toilet paper.

(It's like a whole new world in just two decades... that's way weird. Daily life tools made with these bases. There must be an impetus. Which means this is...)

It hit me like it's obvious.
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([Act of god] huh. Forcibly bringing in lots of these ideas here...)

These are all come from earth.
Just how much this world's god revere that world's god anyway?

I was the only one who got brought here from [That Time] with my past life memory intact.

To that my stance is.

(Messing around like that...)

Even though I have put away the anger etched in my mind, the fact that it would resurface whenever I came across a hint of god is proof that this fire won't ever disappear.
Not sure whether that's a good or bad thing.

I opened the water tank lid and peeked. The structure is a perfect copy.
I turned a lever that looks exactly like in my previous world and water splashing sound could be heard.

I left the toilet and sat down on my bed.

(Will I keep coming across this stuff in the future?)

It's something that makes me go [What].
It doesn't make me depressed or anything. But it does make me rethink.

(I'm gonna live as a hermit. I don't want to get in contact with this world anymore. That's...)

A quiet place, a house, abundant of food, I need money for all that.
Faraway and without troubling anyone, living to reminisce good old days.

As I got lost in thought, the bathroom door clicked open.
Aryl came out of the bath.

"Aah, dipping in warm water really brings you back to life~. Please have a go at it too."

She urged me to go, seemingly wanting someone in agreement.


(Yup, I'm well aware. Aryl said this was her second time, but I had it so much in my past life, I lost count.)

She's wearing a bathrobe.
'Again?', I almost got dejected before her next words piqued my curiosity.

"I'm sure the royal family experiences this bliss every single day. So enviable, and a bit scary."

If royal family exists, I guess bathrobes have always been around too.
I gotta stop tying every single thing to [That].

"...Hm? Royal family?"

"Oops, any more would be a lese majeste."

This is a fantasy world, I should stop questioning every little trivia, but I couldn't help to when I heard this particular key word.





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