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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 46

 46 Principle Reason Confusion 


"How does this work anyway...?"

I spoke that out loud.
Aryl-sensei came to the rescue.
Her hands hadn't stopped sorting out her goods meanwhile. Quite dexterous.

"Hmm, I'm not really knowledgable in the subject myself."

Thus she prefaced, but she's definitely better equipped than me about this world.
Even the most trivial thing is [Informative] to me now.

"From what I understand, specialists in [Enchant] technique pour mana into these bags to add the functionality."

From my experiments in the village during my childhood, I concluded that this world's physics and phenomenon are no different from [Earth].
I learned that from trying out impromptu survival tricks and miscellaneous knowledge.
I experienced with my own body how there's nothing that poses as an [Issue] for me to live in this world.

But magic. It's one thing I can't use. Yet it's not like it's necessary for survival.
Thus I never thought about it. I didn't have to.
On how magic influences this world.
The principle behind magic. I'm neither a scientist or a researcher.

No wait, I was a researcher of fighting games. I researched a lot on how enjoy them more.
That's got nothing to do with this topic though.

"They enhance the [Element] a particular thing has. Bags get their capacity enhanced, knives get their sharpness, something like that."

"And naturally special techniques like that, are expensive huh."

"Yes, that's right. Ah, could you take that one here? That blue thing near your feet."

With that, I started helping her sorting.
I brought the thing she asked, she ran a check up on it before putting it into the bag.
The surreal spectacle was simply beyond words.

(She just put the tip in the bag mouth and then [Nyuruuri~] it got in... Sure looks gross in a way...)

It's kinda like slimes I guess? When you make something touch the bag's mouth, it shrinks and expands several times larger before it gets sucked inside.

Peeking inside this bag shows a vast bizarre space that expands endlessly.
The things put inside are [Snugly] lined up inside.
Seeing that made me dizzy.

My face was a bit pale by the time she put back the last item inside the bag.
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"Haa. We're done with the sorting. Huh? What's wrong?"

"Ah no, so much things went down today, I feel a bit worn out..."

(Magic... Gotta get to know more about 'em...)

"Well then, it's finally time for the fabled bath! I'll get it ready in a bit, hang tight now!"

Yes, a bathroom. An exact one.
There's one thing unusual inside.
There's a horn-like thing with a cap put on it.
Aryl took that cap off and mumbled something, then warm water gushed out of the horn.

(This mechanism... Looks familiar... From Spirited Away?)

"We're staying in a high class inn and all. Wouldn't want to miss out the bath!"

"Err, what is this..."

There's a huge difference between our tensions.

"Ah, oh yeah it's your first time."

(Nope. That's not what I mean.)

"This will be my second time."

She explained how to use it afterward.

(Err yeah, I'm quite familiar... That's not it...)

There's so much confusion inside me, I couldn't set my mind straight.

"Ah, the water is full. We should get in before it gets cold."





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