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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 206

Chapter 206 Strongest Sage, Inspects


The guards who were looking for us went back to the royal palace after telling us that there would be an audience with the king later.

"So in the end, that sword was in the treasury right? How did you get it out of there?"

"We found the king standing around in front of the palace, so we went to and asked him directly to get us into the treasury!"

Direct appeal to the king huh... They did something rash.
But the fact that it did get through means this country has gotten quite used to quickly deal with crises.
Though that also means they're likely to get tricked by demons in disguise... I'll go teach the second academy students how to deal with something like that.

"For now, let's go see how the students are doing with their fight."

"Even though they said it's okay, it still weighs your mind doesn't it... Over here!"

Ruli led the way for us.
Waiting for us were... Students inside the city driving the demon into a corner.
The students are totaling about 100 in number.

"Guh, bastards... How dare mere humans..."

The demon that was continuoing to receive lots of arrows muttered in disdain.
Its voice suggests that it hasn't taken any damage... or so it seems, in truth, I know that this demon has been quite cornered from its mana reaciton.

Looks like the students are using 『Mana Poison』 that greatly saps the demon's stamina.
Reaction from the 『Mana Poison』 is already mixed in the demon's mana.

The 『Mana Poison』 should show its effect after a little bit more. Won't be long til the demon stops moving now.
The demon could still get the chance to overturn this if it could defeat the students but that possibility seems to be nil.

A group of Glory Crest production magicians are producing arrows that obstruct the demon, and supply them to students with bows.
There wasn't anyone who could use a bow among the Second Academy Students before, they probably trained in archery knowing it would prove useful against demons.
Their skill with bows and arrows is still lacking, but since they seem to be using homing magic, about half of the arrows hit the target.

Thanks to their number, even if only half of the arrows hit, the demon's actions have been practically sealed.
Even when the demon managed to somehow launch a magic attack, the Disqualified Crest students among the ranks blocked it with defensive magic.
And the one commanding this flow is--

『Reiris, take two steps back!』

It's the student who just gave an instruction through comm magic.
I don't know the name but the face looks familiar, probably a student in the same school year as me.

He's been only using comm magic and information gathering magic.
Barely participating on the frontline, a commander specializing in giving orders.

Someone like him is an indispensable existence in a group battle where individual awareness is limited.
Rearing this kind of commander is not easy, but it looks like he's doing pretty well.

Faced with the students' harmonious cooperation, the demon is losing its stamina fast while unable to act.
--Thus, within 10 minutes after we arrived here, the demon stopped moving by the poison, and was finished off.

Without exposing yourself to danger, make use of strength in number to steadily cut down enemy's stamina.
The role model of group combat--not yet polished enough to be called one, but they've mastered the basic quite well.
Second Academy has gotten stronger huh.

"We've successfully defeated the demon! With zero casualty!"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Well done... So Mathias and you girls, what do you think about their performance?"

The principal who received the report asked us.
Looks like he knew all along that we were watching.

"I can't say it's perfect yet, but as a joint force put together in a short notice, they're at the highest level. The commanding student in particular, he's capable of leading a much larger army... If I had to say, since it seems like there's still some room for the suppression unit, you could have defeated the demon quicker by increasing the number of people who used the mana poison. The strategy this time isn't wrong for maximum safety however."

"Un, I think their bow shooting could be better... The enemy didn't move that fast after all, would be nice if all the arrows hit..."

"The augmentation magic was nicely done. They were steadily but surely creating arrows with good peformance."

We gave our honest impressions each.
Honestly, they should be praised to get this far with their training time, but if we don't point out areas for improvements here, they could go lax with their training.
...Though considering that commander, he's probably already aware of the current issues they're facing.

"I agree with you Mathias, we should give them praises for getting this good with that amount of training... but you're right, perhaps we ought to give our students more training time with bows."

Principal looks around after saying that.
Arrows that didn't hit the demon are stuck on the roofs of the houses in the area.
No one is injured by this since the residents have been evacuated, but this isn't the accuracy you want when you're fighting in downtown.

"Oh right, Ruli, the guards were looking for you, have you seen them?"

Ruli's expression turned anxious after she heard that.
She made a direct appeal to the king after all...
I don't think it's about something ominous considering the guards' attitude, but I guess she can't help but be worried about it.

"Umm.... They were looking for me, not Mathi-kun?"

"Yeah. Of course they were looking for Mathias too, but they asked me about your location specifically. I heard you were a great help with the demon subjugation going as far as asking the king directly, he's probably gonna reward you handsomely, don't you think?"

"We ran up to the king and asked for the sword for the sake of this subjugation, I wonder if maybe we're getting a punishment instead..."

The principal looked dumbfounded for an instant when he heard Ruli's worry... but then he laughed out loud.

"Ku...Hahaha! Of course not, not a chance!"

"...Can you say that for certain?"

"Yea, I do. Punishing you girls is as good as picking a fight with Mathias. A country led by such a fool would have long been destroyed by now."

The principal nodded confidently.
It must be true coming from the principal who's a close friend with the king.
It'd be annoying if he tried to push another territory on me again, I should think up something else to get instead.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Guild Master Raid!


I'm holding a sword in front of a wooden dummy right now. Not the Lunar Cat but a blunt iron sword.

This started about an hour ago. I went to Master's house to report to him about many stuff including me learning a Weapon Skill, and also to ask for his cooperation negotiating with the Adventurer Guild.

"I did it Master! I found a weapon with good affinity with me and managed to learn a weapon skill at last!"

After I told master that, his mouth hung wide open in surprise. Huh? His reaction isn't like how I imagined.

"No no no, that's too quick no matter how you look at it. Normally, it should take about three months to reach that stage after giving up in one weapon and trying another. Even with talents, it should have taken a month, umu."

And then Master fell silent. I went and reported it as is because I was too happy, but I wonder if I made a mistake somewhere.

"Well, who cares about little details. Go on and show it to me then. Look here, that wooden dummy can be yer' opponent."

Or not! Your lacksadisical side is amazing, master. And now we get back to the start. Lunar Cat would have cut apart the dummy without additional help, so I borrowed a blunt iron sword instead.

"Here I go."

I assume the Attack Stance, take a breath, and stare at the enemy in front of me.

"Weapon Skill 『Vibrating Blade - Destruction』!"

A high pitched sound emitted from the vibrating iron sword and I slashed at the dummy with it. And then the dummy got cut in two even though it was by a blunt sword. The cut was smooth, split cleanly into two pieces.
However, that wasn't the end of it.
*Crush*, the iron sword crumbled into small pieces. Not just small, it's practically turned into sand. This greatly astnosihed even me. I turn around to look at master with a confused look, but he was dumbfounded himself. Oh my God.

Master eventually calmed down and spoke.

"To think that's the first weapon skill you learned. Listen well, Nobusada. It would do you good to refrain from using that weapon skill in public as much as possible."

Eeeeh! Did I just get told to seal it!?

According to Master, his fourth disciple, Juno saw this technique used by his opponent when he was participating in a tournament where each nations sent their representative to compete in skills. That opponent was the representative of Hinoto Empire, Juuzou Tougou the 13th. The school name is 『Shin Kage Ryuu』. Was this school founded by a certain swordmaster or something.
They were fighting with blunt swords, a katana, and a great sword, but apparently, the great sword was [Cut] when the katana guy used this technique. Nevertheless, the disciple guy managed to bring the match to a draw using the combination of half of his great sword and martial art, ending it without a grudge. Afterward, Juno and Juuzou hit it off and became good friends.
All that aside, apparently the samurais of Hinoto Empire are extremely averse to revealing their secrets, thus at worst my life might be targeted if they knew that I had learned their school's hidden technique.
NOOOOoooooooo. After I got my first weapon skill and all. This is too much, too much I say. Haa, can't believe it.

Master continued on.

"Besides, just like that iron sword, your weapon ain't gonna last unless it's some kind of extraordinary sword. Your trusted sword might be able to keep its shape now, but I won't be so sure about it if you use that skill consecutively."

Oh great. So you're saying it's a last resort in the truest sense. Guess this means I've got a new goal of collecting all the Living Soul Katana series that's said to be only three in the world. Dangit, why's the first one such a grand move anyway. To keep my mind off this, I'll make some Russian Manjus as an offering for the no-goddess and slip in some habanero in one of them. Yup, let's do that. If I can find anyone selling one that is.


Hm? What's with that insinuating look?

"Did you get cleansed up or something? You've got this refreshing look on your face eh."

*Jolt*!! I reflexively stood up upright. 'What are you talking about, master' I said, but I couldn't brush it off and he made me to tell him all details since the other day to now, with body language. Master, you're not a certain invincible guy, so please don't talk with your fists. Huh wait? Come to think of it, Master's voice sound exactly like that guy doesn't it? Oh? I can feel cold sweat down my spine for some reason. Looks like there are things better left untouched in this world.

Master looks like he's deep in thought. What are you scheming this time.

"So, Nobusada. What are your plans with Eleanor? Personally, I'd prefer if you to make her your wife as well."

Are you sure!? No no no, you're being too hasty here. First, we've got to confirm what Eleanor-san herself wants after all.

"But, I have one condition."

Gulp. I gulped down reflexively. What kind of harsh condition would it be. It's master after all... He's not gonna tell me to beat some dragon or to run around beating the demon kings would he???

"I want to see my grandchildren's faces asap."

Ooof!! He's teasing me! I'm sure of it. I drop down on all fours in front of the smiling master. Will I ever surpass this person in my lifetime I wonder. I... I want to win against this guy! In teasing, anything!!

I recalled that I had something important to tell while I was being endlessly teased.

"Master. To tell you the truth..."

I told him about the deeds and stuff I got at that idiotic brat's mansion. With the previous matter and now this, the top level bunch at the Adventurer Guild is proven to be quite rotten and they're allowed to run rampant, can't we do something about it.

"Hou hou, now this is something. Looks like we can use this to pluck out all the thorns in Amiral's side in one go. Time to teach those nasty bunch a lesson or two."

Master's eyes are serious. I'm pumped up now.

"Shall we go and intrude on him then. Strike while the iron is hot they say."


Master grabbed my hand and pulled me with a tremendous force. Ouch owowowow. My body is floating in mid-air due to the momentum. I'm floating in the wind even though I'm not using the high mobility transport magic set. I'm being brought to the adventurer guild while fluttering in mid air like it's an anime.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

And we really did barge all the way into the adventurer guild's master's room!!!

Eleanor-san also got dragged into the room with us. I, Eleanor-san and the guild master are all taken aback. This is the first time I've seen the guild master, he's a dandy stern-looking old man. Though he looks gentle, he's looking at me suspiciously as I'm clearly an outsider here. That's only natural. Even I'm perplexed here.

Name: Amiral - Gender: Male - Age: 68 - Race: Half-Dwarf
Class: Sword Master Lv44 - State: Healthy
Gramada Adventure Guild - Guild Master
Title: 【Sword King】

Two-handed Sword Lv7 - One-handed Sword Lv7 - Physical Ability Lv6 - Evasion Lv7 - Fighting Spirit Lv5 - Intuition Lv4 - Crisis Sense Lv4 - Command Lv5

Halves exist amonst dwarves too huh. Unlike a pure dwarf, this man has a slim stature and about 180cm tall. He looks younger even though he's of the same age as master. Like someone in his fourties at a glance. Still, 【Sword King】 huh. Aren't there way too many strong old men in this city, like seriously?

I come back to my sense and realize how awkward the situation is, but even Eleanor-san can't hide her surprise with her hand on her open mouth at the abruptness. Only Master that's acting nonchalant.

"Ou, Amiral."

"Don't 『Ou, Amiral』 me. What's with the sudden visit without prior notice. And that person next to you... Aren't you Nobusada-kun. I have to beg for your forgiveness for the matter with the quest the other day. My apologize."

He bowed to me after saying that. This is a surprise. Normally, there's no way the top level guys of an organization would lower their head on an underling like me. Even if we're not in public, his broad-mindedness is truly admirable.

"Please raise your head, it's not guild master's fault. Instead, if you could lend us your assistance in the matter we're bringing here, let's say that it'll wipe the slate clean..."


His eyes narrowed down, raising the tension. However, I cannot back down here. I want to ask for his cooperation to drag out and banish the rotten top management.

"The other day, two people who are important to me, 『Tail of Wind』, were captured by a group of people who appeared to be a bandit gang by way of a certain quest and almost got forced into slavery. Fortunately, Mitama managed to get away and brought the matter into light to me. Afterward, I went to and launched an assault at their base together with Kagura-san also known as 【Bloodspray War Maiden】 and successfully rescued the two along with five slaves who were captured with them. During that time, I got hold of these deeds and written oaths inside the gang leader's room. Please take a look."

"T-this is..."

"As you can see, the bandit gang has had dealings with several top level people of this guild, moreover it's related to illegal slaves. With the matter from the other day and now this, for the top management to be on friendly terms with these kind of people are quite troubling for us underlings. Thus I went and consulted Master about the matter... but then he suddenly brought me here. To be frank, I didn't expect for us to immediately march into guild master's room myself."

Amiral-san and I stare at master. The person in question looks as if it doesn't concern him. Amiral-san coughed and spoke.

"I understand the situation. These documents are more than enough as evidence. There's even their signs on here after all. However, a full-scale investigation won't start until the investigation team has come back. Are you fine with that?"

"Yes, I think it's important to root them out thoroughly."

"That's true. Us in powers have been trying to do something about this through many angles, but the bunch who were wrenched in here from the capital have quite a sphere of influence. But with this, we can turn the tables on them. Now then, for this achievement we definitely have to give you proper reward, anything you want in particular?"

Fumu, right, I didn't think about reward. To be honest, I don't really mind anything so long they don't push troublesome stuff my way.

"I haven't given any thought about that. I think I'm fine to have a channel to communicate more openly with the inner guild. If I ever get myself in trouble, could I expect you to lend me a hand?"

"Hahaha, you sure lack ambitions. But interesting. And I also promise you my cooperation. I'm afraid to imagine at what timing you will seek it, but that is also amusing in itself."

Good looking dandies look cool even when they laugh huh. I-I ain't no envious ok!

"Hey, Amiral. You'd better get this reported to duke-sama, y'hear me? He's been mulling over all the corruption himself after all."

"Fumu, you're right. Can I count on you on that?"


"Still, every one of the bunch who were sponsored by the capital turned out to be too much for all the guild to handle huh. Alchemist Guild was the only exception as the guild master there was on that side, so the people there must be in cahoot...."

"You're right about that, the guy in question mighta died, but those bunch probs have had a hand in the corruption."

Ah master, sorry, that's probably me. Yeah, yes it's me. I'm sorry about that.
It kinda feels like, were the guys from capital messing with the top management here? Guilds are independent from nations, but all the guilds in a country share the same organization if I'm not mistaken. Perhaps, Gramada's side and the capital's aren't on good terms? Well, that's not something an underling should stick his neck into. Me personally, so long as the bunch who would likely go on to cause problems get taken down, I'm good.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 1-1

1-1. Death Marching to the Cataclysm


Translator's note: This is a complete re-translation effort starting from the very first chapter of Death March Web Novel version based on the latest edit by the author at the time of the translation, some or the majority of the parts may differ greatly from the initial version (mostly due to more accurate translation) and I intend to take better care as to not mis-translate a word. Rest assured, older translation will not be deleted and you can still read all chapters where they are; re-translated chapters will have their own page. This has been a long time coming, please bear with me. :)

(Author's note below)
※ 2016/12/17 To those who read this for the first time (especially those who come here after reading the manga or watching the anime version)
The story flow of the web novel version differs greatly to that of the anime (as well as the manga and light novel version)
In addition, this web novel version has not been revised since it was first written, thus there is a lot of superfluous explanations and it may be lacking in descriptions, please be warned.
For those who want an easier to read version, have a look at the light novel version if you would.

Orbiting stars.
Innumerably, endlessly.
Have you ever seen a shooting star?
Whether its fleetingness captivates you visually, or prompts you to make a wish, I think to each their own.

However, would you ever get the chance to watch a falling meteorite as it tears through the sky before your very eyes?
Breaking the sky apart accompanied by loud thunderous roars, striking the earth with overwhelming mass and speed.

There's probably some who have seen the scene on TV or video sites... Yet I'm sure no one would wish to look at it closely in person as they fall down.

Yes, right now, around a hundred meteorites are falling down the earth one after another before my very eyes.


I shouldn't speak like it's none of my business. This cataclysm was perpetrated by none other than yours truly.

As a result of me picking a choice without thinking 10 minutes earlier, the earth is being gouged out by meteorites now.
The meteorites strike the ground a few kilometer ahead, infringing the [Enemies] there, while the dots displayed on the Radar in the corner of my view are disappearing as life disappears at the impact point.

And once most of the meteorites have vanished into the earth, sounds of something falling finally arrived here slightly late, then after a bit, tremor hit.

Right before a cloud of dust that looks like it's crawling on the ground arrives here...

Suddenly, a pain that feels like divine punishment assaulted me.

It's as if my head has been split open.

As if my body is getting torn apart.

A moment before I parted with my consciousness due to the pain, I got swept away by the cloud of dust.

Time goes back a bit.

I'm working in my day off to meet the delayed deadline of an already delayed project. I'm a programmer by trade working at a subcontractor outsourcing company that develops stuff like smartphone games, and PC browser games as commissioned by large publishers.

Even for a black company, they don't usually assign one person to take care of two projects or more at once. However, a young junior programmer disappeared on us on the verge of the delivery deadline, leaving multiple bugs and spec changes behind! Darn it!
There are only two programmers in this company with its high turnover rate, Junior-shi and me. Of course the company refused to post an urgent filling, and I ended up having to take care of not only my project, but also Junior-shi's.

"Alright, done with inputting and filling in all the Classes, now I just need to get auto-document generate documentations and relation diagrams from the source code, then I can start the bug hunting for real."

I stretch a bit and crack my neck.
Looking around, practically all the seats are filled here, you wouldn't believe it's supposed to be holiday. The person sitting next to me, a debugging subcontractor, is muttering something while working on his assignment, but no one is paying him any heed. No one has any time to do so. All designers and planners around me continue to work silently with dead vacant eyes.

When I came back to my workspace after getting a cup of coffee, my PC was already done with its job, displaying documents needed for debugging.

Still, I really can't get fired up working without documentations like this.

Guess there's no point in complaining to Junior-shi who was thrown into real world work without any OJT time. There were four programmers when Junior-shi joined half a year ago, but now there's only me, is this company going to be alright I wonder.

"Sat--, Suzuki-san, we've got a new claim from our client, they said WW was too hard for beginners go fix it, what do you think."

This darn dude almost blurted out Satou. We've been in the same team for half a year already, stop getting it wrong!

When I turn around, the director who doubles as a planner, Mr. Obese is walking here with his usual troubled look.
He looks gleeful somewhat even though we're getting a new problem here. Why does this company have so many M anyway.

WW is an abbreviation of [World War] the PC browser game we're working hard on. It's an orthodox strategy game with a bit of additional social functions.

"Didn't they tell us not to lower the difficulty anymore because they were afraid their main target base wouldn't play it if we did?"

That's right, the current difficulty level was decided upon after several meetings with the client. Those wastes of time were really a waste huh. Blah.

"Can't we just add back the canceled functions we came up with initially, the Entire Map Exploration and the three map annihilation bombs? We can give rewards like a rare title or something to those who don't use it until the end so those who are good won't use it themselves, how about it?"

"We've got no more time, let's go with that~ Then, Suzuki-san, go for it."
Mr. Obese said it nonchalantly like usual.

"Hold it right there. I'm currently busy debugging the MMO-RPG, go get the OK from our client first. We don't have time to fix it if they reject the idea after we put it in."
"OK. I'm gonna give 'em a call now."

Mr. Obese went into the smoking area with his phone in one hand while swaying his large build around.

Afterward, I continued to work while muttering to myself.
Along the way, Mr. Obese gave the GO sign, and I deceived my hunger with some junk food as the night deepened.

I corrected the countless careless mistakes that Junior-shi left behind until midnight, and then left the rest to the debug team.
Oh right, what was the name again? We always call it with 'MMO' or 'RPG', I can't seem to recall the official name. Oh right, it's [FREEDOM FANTASY WORLD]. It's easy to mix up with WW's former name, [FANTASY WAR WORLD], so no one used it. That reminds me, the code name was FFW in the specification document. Later on, WW lost the [FANTASY] part, so it's not really confusing now, but too late by then.

While working on correcting WW, I also deal with new bug reports from the debug team.... Another all nighter huh.

The check continued on until early in the next morning, and I miraculously managed to deliver the MMO-RPG client program.

Of course, there's still some bugs remaining, but we have this trump card called [Update Patches] with web distributed games, so no worries there. I can hear the users booing already, but I'm sleepy. I forwarded the corrected WW executable package from the debug team to Mr. Obese with intra-office mail, and took my first sleep in 30 hours under my desk.

Ah, bliss. Laugh all you want at this corporate slave. Right now, sleep is justice.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

Are you familiar with lucid dreams?
It's a dream where you're aware that you're inside your own dream.

Right now, I'm in a wasteland.

I was going to say Poru-san's famous line, but I held myself back.

That's right, a wasteland. I'd imagine it's like the Grand Canyon in the United States.

How did I know this is a dream?

One, I remember falling asleep under my desk. As for the other one, I can see four 『Icons』 in the lower right corner of my view, and a gadget written as 『Menu』 in the upper right corner.

The same as WW I just worked on.

However! This isn't the first time I'm dreaming about debugging after falling asleep in the middle of a death march. Though, I have no clue why it's in a wasteland, and not my workspace or my own room...

Maybe it's because the room I was in was too dry or something.

I tap on the Menu just because and look at the menu screen. A near-futuristic looking semi-transparent window gets displayed in my view... Sheesh, I weep at my lack of imagination, there's really no way I can apply as a designer or a planner even by mistake.

The Menu is separated with tabs, and besides the usual [INFO], [MAP], [UNIT MANAGEMENT], [STORAGE], [ALTERNATE], [LOG], and [SETTING] entries, there's some new ones, [STATUS], [EQUIPMENT], [MAGIC], [SKILL] that shouldn't exist in WW.

Did it get mixed up with FFW that I debugged together last night.

Well, no point in demanding consistency in a dream.

Looking at Status, my Level is 1, all attribute values including HP and MP are 10 points. These are the basic status values before you allocate bonus points. Come to think of it, this was the last thing I checked, the Character Making value test.

Hm? What are these 'Type of Occupation', 'Rewards and Punishments', etc, they shouldn't exist in FFW though? Where'd they come from.
Age is 15 year old... Was I unconsciously wishing to re-experience school days or something?
[Type of Occupation: Managerial], I don't have a single subordinate even now though!
Still, the fact that there's this [Affiliation: None], wonder if I actually wish to change job...

These entries are truly profound... Ah, I want a vacation.

Stuff like Unique Skill (Ability), [Unit Creation] and [Unit Arrangement] are probably mixed in from WW, but is there any point for the Unique Skill (Ability) column to be listed on the Menu?
And what is this [Indestructible] column at the end? What a mysterious dream.

My Equipment are a polo shirt, chinos pants, and sneakers. Hey, they're my attires from yesterday. The Storage has a wallet, a phone, and a yellow box with impressively balanced diet inside. Oh right, I was going to eat it but lost to my drowsiness so I left it on the desk.

[Magic] and [Skill] are a blank space.
I have 10 skill points on the Status Screen, but there's nothing to allocate it on, tragic.

I open [Setting] and add Radar and Map as basic functions. Map displays a wide area and the location I'm at. Radar is almost the same as Map, but it displays all units in an explored area regardless whether they're friends, foes or neutral parties.

Radar only shows a small white dot indicating me. It's displaying a 100 meter wide area around me, the rest is grayed out.

"Umu, no enemy in sight. Boring. If only I were in a plain, I would have lay down and indulge myself in sloth."
I'm not into lying down on a rugged ground.

I nonchalantly look at the four icons on the lower right. There's one [Explore Entire Map] and three [Meteor Showers]. It's the emergency plan for beginners that I threw together haphazardly after a briefing session with Mr. Obese.

[Explore Entire Map] is just as the name suggests, it explores everything within the Map you're in. In addition, it enables you to browse everything about units in the map including their weakness.
There's too much info that it's useless without a certain amount of knowledge though, but Mr. Obese insisted on it so I implemented it anyway.

I tap on it like I would a smartphone to test it.
The Radar gets fully filled in, displaying countless red dots indicating enemy. I lower the Radar's magnification, showing a wider area.
There's so many enemy here, half of the Map is buried in red... Don't you think there's way too many?

Gotta make my own army [Units] against this many foes!
Fighting off a huge army with a small force sure fires you up!

...There were times when I thought that.

[Unit Creation].... No possible unit to create.
[Unit Arrangement].... No created unit.

"Are you telling a level 1 character to charge at these lololol"
As expected of a dream. Way to turn up the absurdity.

I glanced at the [Meteor Shower] icons in the lower right corner.

This must be heaven's wills telling me to annihilate them with [Meteor Shower]!

The parameter of [Meteor Shower] was set while I was in high tension during an all-nighter. It's got a stupid amount of power enough to defeat everything other than the last boss in the campaign scenario, and the hidden bosses.

I wanted to send a message to beginners, [Please use these on the maps you can't finish].

Wanna push it?
You bet I do, Yaruttseburakkin

Something's not quite right with that last part.
Perhaps I'm still high off an all-nighter, I tap one of the icons.

...The silence is deafening.
I had such a huge expectation, yet nothing's happening?

I sulk right there while feeling a bit sad. The rugged ground on my back feels painful.
And then, those things come into my view as I look at the sky....

Thanks for waiting.

We're finally back at the opening scene.

Real name, Suzuki Ichirou. Character name, Satou, this is how my life in a parallel world began.

(Author's note below)
My first time writing novel
It sure is hard   

Satou's Unique Skills (Special Ability) besides Menu won't have their turn until the final stage of the story.

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-61

16-61. Sage's Tower (9)


Satou here. I needed to write a lot of papers in my university days, but the chance never presented itself after I became a member of society, unless it was an event outside the company. Though well, I do need to write materials for presentations quite often....

"--Is there any more questions for Satou-kun? No? Well then, let us take a vote. Anyone who has objections regarding the thesis presented by Saotu-kun about [Denying the irreversibility of the transformation from living being into undead], please raise your hand."

When I submitted the finished paper to Sage's Tower, Sage Kanryu scanned over it before he gave the order for an emergency summoning of the tower's board of directors, and then I ended up having to present the paper before them.

Since a sage from time immemorial had asked God Karion about resurrection magic and got a negative as his reply, they didn't fuss over the part about it in my paper.

In addition, the spell I used to verify the validity of my thesis, [<<Undead to Life>>] got designated as a forbidden spell, but since I had gone the trouble of developing the spell and all, I had it recorded in the Sage's Tower [Sealed Depository] with the condition of it having [Creator Unknown] description.

"It appears there is no objection. Then we shall accept the thesis, and award Satou-kun with Doctorate title, and his assistant, Sera-kun with Master title."

A plump professor who was spearheading the inquiries, or rather, the verbal arguments during my presentation of the thesis stood up and shouted out loud.

"Professor Padoru, do you have any objection?"
"I do!"

I don't really care either way as long as the thesis is accepted.
If the titles from Sage's Tower would end up wasting my time here, I'd rather not get any.

But before I could speak up and decline the offer--.

"Doctorate title is way too paltry for a thesis as monumental as this!"


"The one who has solved an 『Unsolved Problem』 that no one has accomplished before should be given the title 『Sage』, not 『Doctorate』!"

The plump professor's shout was backed by a massive round of applause.

Sage Kanryu was going to give me the position of Sage's Tower's supervisor along with the Sage title, but I firmly refused it and we eventually agreed for me to just get into the rank of the tower's board of directors instead.

The formal award ceremony and celebration will be held tomorrow.

>Title [Doctorate] Acquired.
>Title [Sage] Acquired.

"Your excellency, congratulations in your achievement of solving an 『Unsolved Problem』."

When I got to the Karion Main Temple, a troupe consisting of high-ranking priests, Miko Maiya and the stern looking temple head welcomed me.
Apparently, Sage Kanryu had informed them ahead of time as they had finished preparing the ceremony to do the Divine Mingle with God Karion.

『--O God. Prudent God we revere.』

A bright light fell down from the heavens after Miko Maiya called.
It's a comforting vermilion colored light. Is it just me or does it feel brighter than the light before.

Miko Maiya's ecstatic expression slackened.
Looks like she's entered the trance state.

『...Good boy.』

God Karion uttered only one word, yet at the same time, the thoughts, [Blessing], [Praise], and [Satisfaction] flowed unto me.

『For you.』

A deep vermilion glitter is born in the center the vermilion light, and then it crystallizes into the shape of a book.

According to AR readings, it's called [Book of Wisdom, Karisfel], a type of [Divine Gift Treasure].
An unfamiliar gem called [Wisdom Spring Stone] is embedded in the book's spine.

Later on, I learned that this book is able to look up all kinds of spell chant of basic magic, which is very helpful.
The majority of magic I developed myself isn't recorded in it though, so it's not like it has everything.
Nevertheless, there's a still lot of magic I don't know written in it, so I plan to use the book to register them into my Magic List when I have time.

>Title [Saint of Karion] Acquired.
>Title [Apostle of Karion] Acquired.
>Title [Librarian] Acquired.

"To celebrate Satou-kun's successful trial and the discovery of the solution for an 『Unsolved Problem』, let's cheerssu!"

Cheers and sounds of glasses bumping echoed in the room.

On my way back after submitting the paper and got a graduation certificate-like Trial-passing Acknowledgment thing from Karion Main Temple, I dropped by [Ice Field Witch]'s tower, there, the drinker witch-san suggested we held a party.

"I never thought that someone would find a solution for  one of the 『Unsolved Problems』... Satou-dono you truly have great talents not only as a warrior but also as a prevalent scholar."

Thus, Raker-kun, an apprentice of [Frost Tree Witch] praised me.

That's cool and all, but please stop holding my hands while sending hot glances with your drunken droopy eyes, I'm feeling a crisis of my virtue here.
In addition to Arisa and Hikaru, Princess Sistina who recently got into it with them are looking here with anticipating looks, this is tough.

"Indeed, you're really incredible. Raker-kun, be sure to follow sir Pendragon's example, you hear me."
"Yes, master!"

His master, [Frost Tree Witch] is the same too. She's got a fine bust that exceeds even Lady Karina, but her waist size follows and is great too, so I don't feel too great having her plump big arms circling my neck.

"We're not gonna lose to him ourselves, 'rite Hyou-chan."
"You betcha'."

The two witches inclined their wine glasses while nodding at each others.

"I would've gone to Tokiswolk myself if I weren't bound to my Source~"
"Didn't you send that debauchee in your stead there?"
"That's 'rite. Wonder when Shigan-kun's gonna come back from his ruin investigation~"


An unexpected name came out of Witch-san's mouth.
That reminds me, I was planning to investigate about the guy when I arrived at [Sage's Tower] but I completely forgot about it due to the abundance of stuff I had to do.

"Are you perhaps, acquainted with Shigan Saga?"
"He's a scholar who regularly comes and go to my tower, y'see. Satou-kun, you know him too?"
"Oh, no, I never met with the person himself, but an acquaintance of mine at Tokiswolk Kingdom mentioned to me that Shigan-dono has gone missing ever since the vampire incident..."
"Oh I'm sure he's fine. Shigan-kun is good at erasing his presences, he ain't gonna get killed so easily y'see."
"That kid is bad at reading map, he's probably lost even now."

Looks like the two witches-san don't want to believe the passing of Shigan Saga.
It seems they get it already deep down, I'll just dispatch a letter about the passing through Tokiswolk Kingdom later.

"So I'm wondering what's Shigan-shi's research subject about?"
"Shigan-kun is researching about the seal of Demon God, you see."

--Geh, seriously?

"Did he, you know, find out a way to undo the seal?"
"There ain't no way to undo a seal placed by Gods, y'know."

Unlike Witch-san, Shigan-shi was not a demon god adherent, he was researching the topic with the goal, "With a barrier that can even seal the Demon God, sealing demon lords should be easy with it", in mind.

"It's said that you can go to Hell where Demon God-sama is sealed through the Hell Gate, but there's no document supporting that claim anywhere to be found ssuyone."

Thus, the credibility of such claim is still in question even now.

"Who said that stuff about Hell Gate?"
"It was Shigan-kun's friend ssuyo. It was a small old man from the same hometown as Shigan-kun's ssu."

Shigan-shi's hometown means that he's from Saga Empire.

"Around several months ago, he came here to ask me to investigate a place at Tokiswolk Kingdom where Shigan-kun had gone ahead to."
"Oh, that small man who spoke with a weird Saga Language accent huh... I don't trust that guy."
"Raker-kun, you're always so quick to distrust someone you just met ssune."

--Weird accent.

I have an idea of who that could be.
When I tried to mimic the demon lord's accent and asked for Witch Apprentice's opinions, he replied with, "Yeah, just like that."

"Did that person have green colored skin?"
"Green? No no, he's not a monster y'know. It's your ordinary skin color ssu."

--Did I get it wrong?

Or so I thought, but then Arisa whispered to me, "That guy had ordinary skin color when we first encountered him too."
Looks like his sheep's clothing came undone because of the intense fight against Arisa and Hikaru.

"Raker-kun, do you know where the accent is from?"
"I wonder? I have no idea, master might know though?"

According to Raker-kun, his master was born in Saga Empire.
Frost Tree Witch-san tells me where it is after prefacing it with, "Don't come back complaining if I get it wrong okay."

"Near poor villages at Kishuo District to the east of Saga Empire, you see. There's this place with traces from an ancient battlefield where a fierce clash with Orc Empire 700 years ago occurred, and a withered dungeon."

Since I found the rough location, I went there myself after the banquet, but there were only ordinary countryside villages over there, I couldn't find members of some suspicious society or hideouts of any sort.
While I was at it, I also visited the ruin at Tokiswolk Kingdom where Shigan-shi went to investigate at.

There were traces of someone investigating the ruin, I also found heaps of preserved food and stuff there.
Unfortunately, the great majority of slates had their inscriptions scrapped off, so I didn't find a new information about the demon god.

I had investigated the leftovers, and I could found no clue other than the fact that they belonged to research groups from various countries including Tokiswolk Kingdom.
Well, that demon lord from the other day probably instigated this.

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"So we couldn't finish our thesis until the end after all."
"It should take us about another half a month, we can do it if we tackle it in between our free time."

Back at the Solitary Island Palace, I found Hikaru and Arisa having a discussion while organizing bundles of papers.

Apparently the two have finished their work up to the transition part of their research subject, [The transition of primeval magic to modern magic and variations], all that's left is the variations part.
I'm intrigued about it myself, so I'm going to be the first person who will read their paper when it's done.

"And how about you Tina-sama, how's your group doing?"
"Oh, currently we're exploring the possibility of chant annulment through Chant Shortening skill as the first step toward Chantless magic."

Princess Sistina replied to Arisa.
The members who aren't too familiar with magic look confused as the difference is a bit hard to comprehend.

[Chant Shortening] skill shorten a spell by overwriting the variables in the spell with preset fixed values from the skill.
On the other hand, [Chant Annulment] omits the spell chant itself and enables magic activation just by reciting the last part that is [Execution Verse].
And the [Chantless Magic] that I, Arisa and Hikaru regularly use omits both the spell part and the [Execution Verse] of magic.

Even excepting my chantless magic that comes from my Unique Skill [Menu], Arisa and Hikaru's version is a hidden function of the [Self Status] skill they got from gods when they were reincarnating and getting transported here, thus I think even ordinary people have a chance to obtain it.
After all, even though [Self Status] is a Divine Gift, it's not a Unique Skill that comes from a [God's Fragment].

"Hey, hey, master. Can you make an item that has similar function like what Tina-sama said?"
"Sorry, I didn't catch it."
"Geez! Listen closely okay. Tina-sama, another go please."

While saying the onomatopoeia of being mad, punpun, out loud, Arisa handed over the talk to princess Sistina.

"With ordinary spell chants, it's possible to put the activation of a finished chant on hold until you recite the Execution Verse right?"
"Yes, it's an indispensable ability in a fight."

That kind of skill does not exist, however, you can't do a feint if you can't do this, making it hard to hit agile enemies with magic.

"Then perhaps it may be possible to create a magic item that can 『Save』 such On-Hold state."

Saving On-Hold state huh.
That's quite a broad concept.

"Sounds interesting. I'm not exactly sure if it's possible or not yet, but I'll make sure to do a research on it."

I can't imagine how the magic circuit would be like right now, but if this goes well, it should enlarge the scope of possible tactics that can be employed, and if other people can activate the reserved magic, the vanguard group can get a nice boost all at once.

It's more than worthy enough to research on.

"Kuro-sama! We've got a huge trouble!"

A woman rushed into the room while I was excitedly pondering over the magic circuit.
The usually always composed Tifaliza was unusually expressive.

"T-the Parion Holy Hand!"

It's the country where the Parion Main Temple is located, where I need to take on the last trial.
I don't have much good memories about the country, but since I did rule the City Core there once albeit temporarily, can't say I'm unrelated to it.
I've liberated myself from that City Core after a few experiments since I have no particular need for that City Core.

"The Parion Holy Land has been destroyed!"

Whoa, now that's a surprise.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Strongest Sage, Recovers


"Mathi-kun, are you all right!?"

"Didn't you get stabbed earlier!? Mathi-kun, don't die..."

Alma and Ruli rushed up to me when I got back to the ground after defeating Zaridias.
The two looked really worried, but when they saw me without a single wound, their expressions turned to confusion.

"Eh, didn't a really huge sword stab right through you...?"

"Is it recovery magic? But your clothes are perfectly fine too... Was Mathi-kun being stabbed, an illusion?"

The two curiously checked my body as they said that.
My body is completely flawless right now.

"No, I did almost get killed by Zaridias for real. I'm fine now thanks to this sword though."

In fact, I did get killed once, but I kept silent since they would worry about me if I said it.
Ruli was observing my body closely with a serious expression while listening.
And after she's absolutely sure that I'm fine--she hugs me.

"Mathi-kun, you're really alright!"

"Ah yeah, I thought I said so..."

...It's bad for my heart when she's this close, but I can't get away since the sword in my hand is blocking my attempt to.
If I let go of this sword, the mana there will lose its stopping place and go explode.

After the side benefit--I mean, an inevitable happening was over, Ruli who separated from me, asked.

"...So what is that sword anyway?"

"This is a magic sword that revives its user when they die, and grants them a vast amount of mana. I reckon the mana will last for another five minutes now."

I point the sword sideward, and shoot out an attack magic with the mana at a nearby rock.
The girls look astounded and like they get it now after seeing the enormous mana.

"S-so that's how you did it..."

"But there's no way Mathi-kun could control such a huge amount of mana, couldn't you? Does it have a mana control unit installed too?"

"Naw, you can't fit a mana control unit that can manage this much mana in a sword, I'm doing the controlling myself... There's some knack in controlling a massive amount of mana indeed, but it's pretty easy to do once you're used to it, you know."

This sword is probably unusable to the girls, but they would still need to be able to control a large quantity of mana to use other magic items and such.
I should teach them how to do it until the opportunity presents itself.

...Several knights ran up to us from the city while we were talking.
From the crest carved on their armor, they're a unit under direct orders of the king.

"Mathias-sama! Are you safe!"
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Looks like the king knew that I had defeated the demon.
Our fights with the demons should be seen from the capital after all.

"Yea, I'm fine. And there's no need to worry about the dragon."

"...We're truly grateful to you for defeating the demon."

Ruli asks the knights who bowed their heads at us.

"What happens to the demon inside the city?"

Now that she mentioned it, there was a demon inside the city.
I can't use mana detection right now due to the mana unleashed by the magic sword... How's it going I wonder.

"The Second Academy students are currently taking care of the demon's subjugation. According to principal Edward, there's no problem with it, the students should be able to defeat the demon!"

So the Second Academy is now strong enough to beat demons huh.
Seems like there's no need to worry about demons that slip past the barrier making a mess inside.

And now we can relax... or not. We can't.
The 『Chaotic Demons』 Zaridias uttered in his last moment.

Zaridias had already completely abandoned the idea of surviving when he said the words.
It didn't sound like he was pleading for life.
If these 『Chaotic Demons』 really exist and are as powerful as Zaridias, this world might really be on the brink of destruction.

Looks like our training in a peaceful world won't be happening anytime soon.
....But that prospect too is interesting in itself.

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Okami wa Nemuranai 7


Ezak is a knight who serves under Zaidmahl house.

He's currently thinking that he should have stopped young Lady Rubianafale when she wanted to go see the <Cliff>. Zaidmahl family only has the current family head, the eldest son and the young lady left. The eldest son is currently apprenticing as a knight in the royal capital, while the family head won't be returning to the mansion for three days. Thus, he should have tried to keep the lady at home as much as possible. However, according to her lady attendant, Marinka, the young lady won't budge when she's made up her mind.

With no other choice, he went with the young lady along with the other two knights as her escort. He didn't want to deny the young lady's wish for recreation for she rarely ever acts spoiled.

The scenery down the <Cliff> was spectacular. He could never get tired of the superb view no matter how often he looked at it.

Ezak got lost in thought on their way back.

About Lady Rubianafale's ability. And her life from now on.

That's why, he was late in his response when they were attacked by a Curved Nose Boar (Bamboo). It was a huge Curved Nose Boar, but even Ezak alone could have defeated it if he was fighting the magic beast in perfect condition. However, the beast charged right into their midst because he was late to notice the raid.

Knight Keith fell off the horse while protecting the wagon, subordinate Ura was wounded on his right leg. Ezak was able to deal several blows on the beast, but since he was attacking from impossible angles, he hurt his right hand.

--This is bad.

Ezak was flustered.

He managed to make the magic beast focus its attention on him, but it doesn't seem like he can beat it at all. He doesn't mind what happens to him if the young lady alone could get away, but that young lady in question wasn't willing to take that choice. Fatigue accumulated on his right hand after prolonged offense and defense. He can't keep it for long anymore.

--This is bad. This is bad.

Ezak's growing agitation made his hand slip. He failed to evade the beast's attack and let go of the rein, he fell on the ground.

The impact of the fall was severe even with his leather armor. He almost lost consciousness. And when he barely manage to get up, the beast charged at him.

--This is the end!

Ezak was ready to part with life, but then something collided with the magic beast's face, stopping it.

It's Marinka's <Fire Arrow (Bayeaerts)>.

The magic beast turned its sight at the wagon, glaring at those who wounded it.

Ezak couldn't recall what exactly happened afterward.

A black shadow.

This huge black shadow jumped out of nowhere, diverted the magic beast's rush away from the wagon, and then the shadow cut off the beast's head with just a single stroke of its sword.

The man couldn't speak in their language.

It seemed like Ezak's words weren't able to get across, neither did the man's words to Ezak.

--Did he come from the north?
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It's said that people who are living in a large country far to the north have beast-like faces. Ezak has no clue what kind of language is used there, and the man in front of him has a face befitting that of a beast.

Only the little areas around his mouth and eyes show bare skin, hair covers everything else around those areas. His skin color is surprisingly fair, despite the deep tan, which in turn makes his thick hair stand out even more. His nose is tall, sharp eyes that are long and narrow. However, his left eye is shut tight. Pointed chin, and the teeth peeking through look sharp.

And above all, the man is tall.

Ezak is the tallest one in this party, yet the man is easily two or three fists taller than him. There are men who can rival this man's height among the farmers and laborers in the territory, but none has the ferocity the man is displaying.

What a fierce ferocity.

It's not like the man is enraged. Neither does he show hostility nor try to attack. He's just calmly standing there. However, a tremendous ferocity is oozing out of him by standing. As a military man, it's something that Ezak cannot help but feel.

Ezak needed a considerable courage even just to speak face to face withs the man.

The man doesn't look like an enemy at this moment, but Ezak can never be sure at the next moment. However, as the man is clearly someone whom they cannot hope to out run, he has to ascertain the man's identity and his objective for the sake of protecting the young lady.

That said, Ezak could feel that this man wouldn't do anything unjust.

As for the reason, it's because this man offered a prayer to the magic beast he killed. No one would do something like that. Because magic beasts are evil, a menace and the embodiment of destruction itself. Ezak was extremely surprised when he saw the man offered a prayer to a magic beast, but he didn't find it unpleasant. On the contrary, the act touched something in his heart.

Though, when that man glared at him afterward, his entire being trembled, he couldn't even afford to take a defensive posture.

Ezak opposed the idea when the young lady Rubianafale inside the wagon wanted to express her gratitude to the man for saving them, but the etiquette the man showed in response to the young lady's gratitude was a real shock.

The gesture was unknown to Ezak, but it was unmistakably refined and flawless. This beast-like man might be in fact a highborn of a foreign country somewhere.

Ezak didn't oppose strongly when the young lady wanted to bring the man back to show him gratitude.

Far from it, this was the reply Ezak gave to the family head, three days later after his return, when he was asked about his impressions on the man.

"His combat prowess could prove to be dangerous, and yet, I believe he's a man who will repay favors with favors."

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 204

Chapter 204 Strongest Sage, Whittles Down Life Force


There is no way I could master magic combat if I couldn't get out of this little predicament.
My goal, the space monsters, are incomparably way more powerful than this demon.
Even if my sword isn't good enough anymore, I shall make sure to survive somehow.

Steeling myself, I blocked Zaridias's sword while whittling down my life force.
Nothing has changed outwardly.
Feigning like this is one of many fields I'm good at.

I predict how Zaridias is thinking and move in a way that deceives him.
Even if he's well experienced in battle, he can't possibly notice my state right now.
--But that's only if he doesn't know 『The objective of my fight』.

I've noticed the existence of one demon in the city from its mana reaction.
Once that demon realized Ruli and Alma's goal and reported it to Zaridias, that moment would be when he realized that I was buying time.
And it seems that time has come.


Zaridias turned his focus away from our fight for an instant.
It looked like he had just talked to someone who isn't here.

I deployed a barrier magic in that opportunity, but Zaridias broke it apart with his magic.
And then--the demon changed his stance.

Before, his stance was of that of one who sought victory while thwarting any counterattacks for certain.
Right now, he's taking the stance of one that will try to end the fight quickly even while taking the risk of counterattack.

"...Haaa! Gu... Nunn!"

The fight became many times fiercer than ever before.
I'm losing my life force at a tremendous rate, my sword and magic are gradually losing their strength.

There is a limit on overcoming gaps with skills alone.
And that limit is coming fast.
It's taking me everything just to parry his sword, I can't even afford to check on mana reactions in the surroundings.

--Right at that time.
I could hear a voice from the direction of the capital's great barrier.

『Take it!』

--Alma's voice. Ruli must have used comm magic to make her voice reach me.
And then, Alma threw the magic sword as it flew off her hand.

These girls must be trying to throw the sword while hiding it from Zaridias.
However, there's no way the demon didn't notice comm magic that wasn't even magically disguised.

Zaridias concluded that I shouldn't be allowed to get the sword, took some distance away from me in an instant, spread his wings and began to supply them with mana.
He's trying to snatch the magic sword, to destroy my rope to victory for sure.
If I let him did it, my chance of victory would vanish in a puff.

In such a situation--I use amplification magic and shout out loud to Iris in dragon language.

『Iris, fire the second breath!』

Hearing that, Iris peeked her head out of the barrier.


Zaridias who noticed Iris's movement stopped trying to pursue me and made a u-turn.
Zaridias probably understands dragon language. Since I didn't use comm magic, in all likelihood he must have heard what I told Iris.
And that's the whole point.

I clearly saw Iris's state after she shot the first breath.
--Iris cannot shoot the second breath. This is a done deal.
However, Zaridias has no idea about that. Thus this bluff worked.

And using the chance, I accelerated toward the thrown magic sword.
Making use of the time I gained from the bluff, I accelerate using mana converted from my life force.
Zaridias who noticed that Iris wasn't going to shoot her breath, flew off toward the sword, but my acceleration that came at a price of my life force did not allow him to overtake me.

And I won the speed contest against Zaridias.
I tightly grasped the magic sword Alma threw in my hand.

--A moment later.
A huge sword went through my heart.
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Zaridias had never set his sight on the magic sword.
He fully intended to get me the moment I took the sword.

"Fool. Showing your back on your opponent, you're just asking to get killed."

Even if the magic sword is needed to win the fight, showing your back on the enemy in this kind of fight is like asking to get killed.
--That's right. I was asking to get killed.

"Yea. You're exactly right."

I slashed Zaridias at point-blank range as I said that.
The strongest blow I've done so far, buffed with eight kinds of magic.

Zaridias who never in his wildest dreams imagined that he would be attacked couldn't manage to parry the slash.
Zaridias whose neck was shallowly cut looked absolutely shocked.
I took the sword that was lodged in my body and took a slight distance away from him.

"H... How are you moving with that wound! Humans cannot possibly manage that!"

Zaridias uttered intelligible words for the first time. That's just how much this shocked him.

"...Beats me."

This magic sword is disposable.
Among all magic swords I created in the past, this sword had been poured with the most advanced techniques I knew, yet at the same time, it can never be used again once it demonstrated its effect.
That's exactly why this sword makes the impossible possible.

The requirement for activation--its user's death.
Its effect is the user's revival, and a supply of enormous amount of mana.
That amount of mana is such that if I even make a slight mistake controlling it in my current state, an explosion that would instantly obliterate the entire region of the royal capital will occur.

However, there's no chance of me making any mistake in the control.
The experience from my past life and the mana control prowess of Disqualified Crest.

There's no way I would err in mana control with these two.
I'm especially well versed in managing a vast amount of mana in my experience of mana control.


Zaridias tried to get away after seeing the enormous mana.
However, I won't allow him to.
I bind Zaridias with binding magic that makes use of my mana amount.

And then I slash at him with a sword buffed with multiple magic.
The amount of buff magic is not many, but the mana put into them is in a different league altogether.

This should manage to wound Zaridias even with the reduced strength of my sword due to the whittled down life force.
Zaridias attempts to stop the sword, but I've already foreseen his every moves.
The sword clad in an enormous amount of mana accurately hit the vital point on his neck.


Even while groaning painfully, Zaridias tried to counterattack without slowing down.
However, right now I'm faster than him.

I forcefully move my listless body using mana.
Then I slip through Zaridias's counter and strike another blow.

The battle is one sided now.
I've lost most of my life force, exhausted to the point that I can't move my body with my strength alone.
The only thing I'm still managing is mana control, converting the mana I got from the sword into attacks on Zaridias.

On the other hand, Zaridias still hasn't given up trying to find a chance to kill me.
However, his attempts all end up in vain, and he's finally at the last of his strength.

"...This is it huh."

Zaridias muttered while looking at his left hand that was turning into ash by my magic.
Then he makes a declaration at me.

"I admit my defeat. However, I am not the only 『Chaotic Demons』 left in this world... Now then, I wonder if you're capable of eradicating every last one of them?"

To that, I ready my sword while keeping silent, and pour the highest amount of mana so far into it.
Normally, you'd think that this was a trap, but my intuition tells me that it isn't case.

--And then, my sword lop Zaridias's head off.
The fight is over now.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Morning of Bliss


Knock Knock

Knock Knock

"Milord. Milord. I can't find anyone noja~. Milord, do you know what's going on?"

Nn, aah, I can hear Kagura-san. I raise my body while rubbing my sleepy eyes. The three are still in the bed like they were in the morning.


"Please excuse me nojayo~. Milord, get u..."

Kagura-san opened the door and peeked inside, then our eyes met. And then she looked at each of the girls beside me, and then at me again.


This is awkward

"You left me out all alone nanojaaaaaaaa!"

Kagura-san's scream resounded in the mansion.

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Sniff, sob, sob.

Afterward, I quickly put some clothes on and went to console Kagura-san. The other girls have wry smiles on their faces.

"Why, why am I being left out nanojaaaaaaaa"

That's because your...
While I'm being hesitant to say it, Futsuno-san tells it straight while patting Kagura-san's head.

"I'm really sorry, I thought of inviting you too, but you know. Kagura's body... is tiny now 'fter all."

That's right, Kagura-san has stayed in her little girl form ever since that time. Everyone was optimistic that she would turn back in due time because it wasn't an abnormal status, however, it didn't seem like she would go back at all even after three days.
Of course I'm not gonna sully little girls. I'm not a lolicon! I'm a healthy man... a healthy young man who's into monster girls and animal girls!! What's healthy again.

Weird. I should take a look at her Status once again.

Name: Kagura Kagami - Gender: Female - Age: 20 - Race: Onifolk
Class: War Oni Lv24 - State: Healthy (Mana Boost from Nobusada)
Title: 【Bloodsprayed War Maiden】
Party Name: 【Izumi no Kami】
Two-handed Staff Lv4 - Two-handed Spear Lv5 (up!) - Martial Art Lv3 - Evasion Lv2 (up!) - Body Strengthening Lv2 - Stealth lv2 - Camouflage Lv2 - Life Magic

【Unique Skill】
Little Girl Deviant - Differing Soul Telepathy (Sub)

There's something new there!! Something new!! Discerning-sensei! Can't you do something about that skill name!
You're making Kagura-san like a perverted little girl.

【Little Girl Deviant】
Skill that enables one to change physical age consciously. Transforming needs a certain amount of mana. Effect is permanent unless the user consciously wishes to change.

This is that huh. This skill manifested because she got the prerequisite mana from me huh. But even before that.... Perhaps something was switched on when she was taking the Dense Mana Water doping.

When I told this fact to Kagura-san, she enthusiastically shouted 'I'll give it a try!' with glittering eyes. Apparently her mood swings are more extreme than usual when she's in this state. I think it's cute befitting of her age though.

"Little Girl Deviant!"

She declared the skill name out loud. Hm? But isn't this bad??

Kagura-san is growing bigger. And of course, her little girl's clothes naturally got torn apart.
She made a triumphant look in front of me as if saying 'what do you think now', buck naked.

I pointed at the bed, and beckoned Kagura-san, 'c'mon'. That apparently makes her realize her current situation, her eyes are swimming between me and herself.


"Next time nanojaaaaaaaa"

Kagura-san ran away while steaming red. Buck naked. Too bad.

Maybe it's thanks to our connections through Differing Soul Telepathy, that now I'm able to see detailed info?
Guess I'll check on the two who are now completely awake thanks to the uproar earlier, and Mitama who's still in dreamland.

Name: Futsuno - Gender: Female - Age: 19 - Race: Golden Fox
Class: Miko Lv18 - State: Healthy (Mana Boost from Nobusada)
Title: 【Ametoris's Miko】
Party Name: 【Izumi no Kami】

Fire Magic Lv3 - Wind Magic Lv4 - Life Magic - Barrier Art Lv3 - Dagger Lv2 - Cane Lv3 - Negotiation Lv4 - Oracle Lv1

【Unique Skill】
Golden Fox Sealing Art Lv2 - Ametoris's Protection - Differing Soul Telepathy (Sub)

Huh? She's got a new title. Since when??

【Golden Fox Sealing Art】
Unique Secret Art of Golden Foxes. Only manifest in those who are related to the founders of the clan. Covers golden flames, special illusion art, and magic sealing art amongst others.

Title 『Ametoris's Miko』
Sign of being a favorite of Goddess Ametoris who rules over life and good harvest.

『Ametoris Protection』
Proof of protection given by Goddess Ametoris who rules over life and good harvest. Chest measurement growth and breastfeeding effect up.
Bestow mother's milk with effects that improve immune system and healthy growth of the baby.

Oyyyyyy, Goddess-sama, what the heck did you give her!? You're being too quick here. Way too quick. But I think it has its value, as it has concrete effects unlike those of no-Goddess.

Name: Mitama - Gender: Female - Age: 16 - Race: Heaven Cat
Class: Hunter Lv16 - State: Healthy (Mana Boost from Nobusada)
Title: 【Rutia's Apostle】
Party Name: 【Izumi no Kami】

Dagger Lv3 - Archery Lv4 - Life Magic - Intuition Lv2 - Concealment Lv4 - Stealth Lv4 - Night Vision Lv3 - Oracle Lv1 (new!)

【Unique Skill】
Rutia's Protection - Differing Soul Telepathy (Sub)

Title 『Rutia's Apostle』
Those who have been (unilaterally) appointed as an apostle of Goddess Rutia who rules over Spirit and Principle. Become able to communicate with spirits.

【Rutia's Protection】
Proof of protection given by Goddess Rutia who rules over Spirit and Principle. Greatly increase physical ability and resistances. However, any cooking made will be granted abnormal status-giving effect, this is always active. Toxicity will increase the more eager the user is. One theory states that it might be because Rutia too is extremely bad at cooking.

Et tu, Mitama (Brutus) Return.
The only decent Goddess (maybe) so far is Ametoris-sama. I could somehow imagine how other no-Goddess crowd over the motherly Ametoris-sama while demanding 『Mama, fo~od』. Right, I should give my offerings to Ametoris-sama too when I gave some to our household's no-Goddess. I'm sure she's been having it hard.

But still, what's the chance for the people around me, including myself, to have protections of four Goddesses. It somehow feels like this is all deliberate. I was said to be the singular point. I should ask about it to No-Goddess again next time.

Name: Sefirot Nevia - Gender: Female
Age: It's-a-secret♪ - Race: Lamiafolk
Class: Alchemist Lv42 - State: Healthy (Mana Boost from Nobusada)
Title: 【Icy Soul Assassin】

Two-handed Spear Lv4 - Assassination Lv6 - Water Magic Lv6 - Wind Magic Lv5 - Composite Magic Lv4 - Transformation Lv4 - Stealth Lv6 - Alchemy Lv7 - Camouflage Lv5 - Life Magic

【Unique Skill】
Differing Soul Telepathy (Sub)

She interfered with Discerning-sensei!? Sefi-san just how good are you at assassination!?
She can even use Composite magic! Wonder if she can use Ice magic by combining water and wind magic.
Man, I'm tired with all the surprises already. I'll ask her to train with me next time. She's probably gonna refuse because she doesn't want to move her body though.

For now I should stop pondering by myself. When I stood up and muttered about getting lunch, Mitama woke up. As expected of Mitama, she's forever a glutton.

At the kitchen, Dillit-san is already preparing lunch. Judging from the amount, there's our shares too. When I glanced at it, she bashfully said that she had gone ahead and prepared us lunch. I've told her to use everything that's in the freezer room, so there is naught a problem here.
As expected of elves, the menu is mainly made of vegetables. But there's still some dishes with meat in them, the nutritional balance is quite good. If I'm the one cooking, it always ends up with lots of stuffy stuff, so this is just right.

That said, this amount probably won't satisfy Mitama and Kagura-san. Guess I should get my trusty kitchen knife out and make additional dishes.

"Dillit-san, since our Mitama and Kagura-san here have quite the stout bellies, you've gotta make the portion a bit more largish otherwise it won't be enough."

"Is that right? I actually made more than usual. I suppose since everyone is an adventurer, your body must be your asset, isn't it."

That may be right, but they clearly eat more than me. Just where'd it all go in those slim bodies? Is it breasts! It must be breasts!! Those are some good stuff indeed.

I exchanged more silly talks with Dillit-san while cooking. Come to think of it, Tino-chan is 10 years old, wonder if she's been baptized yet. If they're going to live in this town, it might be a good idea for her to get one.

"Dillit-san, has Tino-chan been baptized yet? She might find living here inconvenient if she can't use Life Magic."

"That's right. In case of elves, there are priests-sama of the Four Goddesses who live in our settlements, so we usually give our prayers to the Goddess we want to serve. However, since I left the settlement when Tino was born, we had no way to take the baptism."

Huh? Weren't there Six Gods??

"Aren't there Six Gods? Are the two male gods excluded by the elves?"

"Yes, that is how it's been passed down since the time of our ancestors. Since the reason why is only handed down to the elders, I have no idea about it."

Fumu, did the male gods do something bad to the elves. Well whatever. More importantly, so she really hasn't gotten one. I'm no man if I don't look after her after getting called Onii-chan.

"Do you like to go to the temple with Tino-chan when you're free next time? If it's Levellit-sama, I'm acquainted with the priest there so you can take the baptism without problem, but I don't know anyone in other temples, so we'll need to trick them with hoods that hide your ears. I'll take care of the expense. I plan to have Tino-chan help us after all."

"Are you sure? I'm truly sorry, we've been nothing but trouble."

"No no, don't mind it. Even just having you help with the cooking like this is really great. My repertoire would be running low if I'm the only one in charge. Please ask Tino-chan which Gods she wishes to go to as I need to tell the other party before we go."

"Yes, thank you very much."

Her smile is filled with motherly loves. Elves really are beautiful. I'm no match for her smiling firepowers. Is this the mechanism of Elf's Wonders!!?

After this and that, I ended up adding 『Eggplant shroom Pork Roll』 and 『Louv Pork and Shimeji Cream Stew』 to the menu. Dillit-san gave her stamps of approval after sampling them.

Everyone in this mansion is in the dining table. Each of them enjoying their meal. Looks like Tino-chan took a fancy on the 『Louv Pork and Shimeji Cream Stew』. Hahahaha, I've got more here y'know?

Enjoying meals together surrounded by everyone is the best after all. Yup, I can feel the bliss.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-60

16-60. Sage's Tower (8)


Satou here. I loved the feasibility test before an experiment and the experiment itself, but I could never get myself to enjoy writing down the result into a report. Maybe it's like a programmer who loves to code but hates to write down documentation.

"Nyu? Not here~?"

Arisa and Hikaru weren't present at the place we teleported in.
I quickly scan over the Marker list.

--A sub-space huh.

"Let's go Tama."

I hold Tama under my arm, and moved to the sub-space I created per Arisa's request.

"Looks tasty~?"

In the sub-space that housed houses of cakes, Arisa and Hikaru are fighting someone with a small stature wearing a ragged overcoat.
The small man easily dealt with force magic and fire magic that Hikaru and Arisa cast chantlessly.
Rather, it looks more like the small man and his agility is toying around with Arisa and Hikaru.

Arisa got away along with Hikaru via Short-range Warp (Short Jump) and then she burned down everything around the small man with advanced level fire magic.
The aroma of burning chocolate and marshmallow are pervading here riding the violent explosion wind.

Hikaru drives down a telephone pole sized [Divine Lance] at a burning red sweet house.
The Divine Lance gouged the ground with a roaring sound and scattered fragments of sweets around, but it seemed to have missed the small man, I could see him running up the slanted Divine Lance at a tremendous speed.

AR information is displayed next to the small man.

In the middle of running up the Divine Lance, the small man squatted down and twisted its body even though there was nothing there, he must have evaded an invisible attack Arisa chantlessly cast with space magic.

--Level 99.

The small man brushed off all 15 of the [<<Multiple Javelin>>] Hikaru shot out, and then he kicked the air and jumped toward Arisa.
When he brushed off Hikaru's attack earlier, I could see his greenish skin color.

--He's got innumerable titles.

Arisa used Short-range Warp (Short Jump) and took Hikaru along with her, gaining some distance away from the man.

That overcoat seems to have been enchanted with high level Recognition Inhibition functions, but it cannot conceal everything before the AR readings.

--[Demon Lord].

That one caught my eyes among the countless titles the man had.
Amongst others, there are [Demon Lord], [Goblin Demon Lord], [Little Oni King], [Onikin King], [Skanda], [Coward], [Liar King], [Apostle of Thief God].
His level is a bit low, but judging from his titles, he must be the [Goblin Demon Lord] whom Saga Empire founder hero defeated in the past.


The small man who was jumping mid air disappeared into black mist, and showed up behind Arisa who just Short Jump-ed herself.
His arm is clad in dark purple light, then a blade-like claw extended out of his bundled-up fingers.

Hikaru noticed his presence and swiftly turned around as countless shields of light block the small man's claw.
That's the late stage Fortress wall on Hikaru's equipment.

The shields that touched the claw blocked it while scattering sparks, but only for an instant, as it cut the shields up like butter in the next moment.

The claw approached Hikaru and Arisa who looked shocked--.


--The two disappeared before the man as they screamed out.


The small man turns around here.

--His skills are unknown.

This guy seems to be a reincarnated person too, though it's not on his title.

"Eh? Master?"

Arisa and Hikaru shouted in surprise while in my arms.

"Irregular's here eh... I ended up showin' some one or two of my cards, hafta scram soon--"

The small man dived into his shadow trying to run away as he said that.

--I won't let you tho'?

The shadow the small man tried to dive in disappeared while giving off sounds like an evaporating drop of water.

"Barrier that prevents one from goin' outside ey?"

The small man grumbled.

"This is the the first time we meet face-to-face, isn't it?"
"--Face to face? Ah yea yep."

The small man opened a black board that seemed to be [Item Box] skill while agreeing to me.

"I'll get straight to the point, what's your goal?"
"Ya think I'm gonna answer just cuz you ask?"

The small man took out a purple pocket watch and a strange looking wand from the black board.
Leaving aside the wand, I've got a bad feeling about the pocket watch.


Looks like Tama who's still under my arm feels the same too.
I tried to snatch it away with space magic [Item Pull (Aport)], but it seems there's a countermeasure against it built into the pocket watch, the magic failed.

"Familiars, go."

With a single swing of the wand, countless bluish-green colored goblins appeared in the air.
According to AR readings, they're called [Demi Goblin - Air Walker].

The demi goblins rush toward us while running in the air like using Sky Drive.
Each of them is level 50, they don't feel too different to the familiars the Dog-head Demon Lord summoned.

I snap my fingers, then shadows stretch out from below all of the demi goblin, bind them and swallow them all into those shadows.

"Ew that's nasty~ You can even use shadow magic eh."
"Nope, it's ninjutsu."

To be honest, I'm not sure if it could even be called ninjutsu.
But since Tama-sensei who's standing next to me is looking satisfied like, "Mufu~", yeah, let's call it ninjutsu.

Arisa and Hikaru pull my sleeves.

Looks like they're done with their preparations.

"Mythology Extension."
"Mythology Down"

Hikaru and Arisa both cast forbidden magic together.
To assist them, I bind the demon lord mid air using Tama's shadow ninjutsu.

The shadow was negated in an instant, but countless rainbow colored light bands produced from Hikaru's forbidden magic [Mythology Extension] wrap the demon lord, binding and eroding his body.


The screaming demon lord was erased along with the sub-space by Arisa's [Mythology Down].

"Even though Warship Wand wasn't available, using anti-god magic might've been too much."

The bracelet that was used in place of Warship Wand broke into pieces due to the load from the magic.

Looks like personal equipment really is unusable for anti-god type forbidden magic's usage.
Might be a good idea to equip everyone with the mass-produced Warship Wand asap.

"Ahaha, I mean our opponent was an 『Avatar』 anyway, wasn't it an ideal target for test firing?"

--Pseudo Body (Avatar)?

It's the [Create Avatar] ability that the [Greater Demon Green] used to create a scapegoat when I fought it in the royal capital back then.

"That was an Avatar?"

I asked Hikaru while recalling the green colored skin the demon lord had.
Tama isn't here since I tasked her to survey the surrounding area after the sub-space disappeared.

"Un, he said that he was the one who taught the ability to the 『Greater Demon Green』."
"Shouldn't we meet up with the other girls first? I think Liza-san and Nana would be fine, but it could get a wee bit bad for other girls."
"Ah, you're right."

I pull Tama here with Unit Arrangement and go back to Kariswolk City where everyone is.

I tried searching [Pseudo Body (Avatar)] in all existing Maps, but I found no hit.
I hadn't noticed since I wouldn't know whether he was an Avatar or not without glancing at the [Race] data. I mean it had [Goblin Demon Lord] title, so I ignored unimportant info like Race and Age.

If only I knew that it was an Avatar at the start, I would have traced the line back to its original body before destroying the Avatar, too bad.
Well, since I got to find out about our opponent's identity and goal, and also destroyed the dangerous-looking pocket watch along with the Avatar, it's all good.

I couldn't read through all the information since he hid himself among the Demi Goblin crowds midway through, but that pocket watch was a sacred treasure called [Thief God---] something.

I've also found out that [Goblin Demon Lord] is capable of breaking through late stage Fortress, seems like a good idea to develop a personal-type Castle which is even sturdier than Fortress, and emergency escape equipment that make Short Jump usable.
Feels like I could make something better if I analyzed the [Light Lid of Heavenly Protection] sacred treasure that was protecting cities in the floating island of Lalakie I encountered during the Divine Punishment.
Ah, the [Damnation Cannon] I found in the investigation of the floating island of Lalakie should prove useful to update Lulu's accelerated cannon too.

While I was thinking that, we met up with the other girls, shared information about [Goblin Demon Lord], and [Avatar] with whom it may concern and resumed the trial.

Of course, since the demon lord might come attacking again with a new [Avatar], I've put up space-detection barriers on Kariswolk city and other cities where my acquaintances are.
Maintaining these barriers in dozens of location is pretty tough as expected, hope they come and take the bait quick.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"--a failure huh."
"It cannot be helped. It's a providence of Gods after all."

Sera who heard me muttering overlaps her palm on top of mine to encourage me.

"You're right..."

The spell did activate, however the dead insect in front of me gave no reaction whatsoever.
It was a success when I was testing it in the Experimental Domain (Sand Box) used for simulations, but when I tried to use the revival magic in reality, it didn't go well, my mana dispersed along with an odd sensation that felt like the spell got canceled right before it was activated.

Just as Sera said, the [Providence of Gods] might be at work here.


Mia with puffed up cheeks pulled my hand from under Sera's, and embraced it in her chest.
I feel like that's an out too, but since Sera doesn't seem like she's minding a children's cute jealousy, I'll let Mia do as she likes.

"You failed the resurrection magic huh~, that's too bad."
"Guess we'll have to look for resurrection items that work like God Tenion's Sacred Treasure."

Hikaru and Arisa exchanged such conversation behind us.
Similar to me and Arisa who cannot get god's blessing, Hikaru who's got God Parion's divine protection can't clear the prerequisite to use the [Artifact of Revival]--blessed by God Tenion--, like Arisa, she has no way to get revived.

"There is no need to get discouraged."
"That's right, Satou-san! The result here alone is amazing by itself!"

Princess Sistina and Zena-san consoled me when they saw the result of the resurrection magic demonstration.

"It's amazing alright."
"Rather than amazing, it's just absurd isn't it."
"Well, this much is nothing for our Cheat Master."

Arisa and Hikaru, so cruel.

There is a rat energetically devouring its fodder inside a cage in front of Princess Sistina and Zena-san.
That rat is the specimen that was formerly a [Vampire Rat].

Resurrection magic may have ended in failure, but I've succeeded in turning undead back into living creatures.

Of course, it can't be used to turn back every kind of undead.
Lesser and unbranded vampires, like [Vampire Rats] can be turned back into living creature--normal rat, without any problem. I can't say for sure whether it's possible for greater vampires because I've got no test subject for it.

However, on the other hand, doing it on intangible undead like ghost and such made them disappear like they were purified, while skeleton and zombies turned into ash.
For ghouls and stuff, most specimens died the moment they were turned back into living creatures.
In just one case, a ghoul survived in the form of something beast-like, but then it rapidly grew old in just one night and died.

"But really, how'd you even get to this point in just two days? Is it Cheat for real?"
"Of course not. I know someone who's an expert in ghosts and those with ethereal body, so I've got them to show me various documents."

Arisa said it like it was easy, but developing magic to turn undead back into the living was quite tough.

When I asked Leiane who's of an unusual [Half Ghost] race about it just because, I ended up having to listen about her life when she was living in the floating island Lalakie in the age of myth.
Lalakie's populace was originally humans, but they transformed into [Half Ghost] through the work of an institution called [Mausoleum of Noble Ascension], and eventually they would discard their physical and soul body and sublimed into a mental life form called [Lalakie Happy Folk].
When I asked her if she had documents pertaining it, she introduced me to the core control system in the main control room of the floating island Lalalkie, a mother computer-like AI, I was able to learn about occult beings like soul body, ethereal body and even anima children from it.

Thanks to such knowledge, I succeeded in creating a composite spell of soul and light magic, [Undead to Life].
As the spell ended up having almost twice the capacity of an average forbidden spell, I think I'm the only person in the world that can do it on a personal level.
Eventually, I'm thinking of disassembling it into a ritual magic that can be cast by multiple casters, but it's too troublesome, so I plan to out-source the job to someone outside.

"So, Master. Are you going to announce this result? Religion-wise, it's gonna get you like, burned at stake you know?"

Arisa said something ominous.

"Eh, really?"
"It's because undead are considered evil monsters that are different from ordinary living beings..."

Sera said so hesitantly.

Since the topic is [Denying the irreversibility of the transformation from living being into undead], the latter half can be written down without problem, as for the first half--

"Then let's just submit a report that affirms the reversibility of undead to living transformation, leaves the possibility of turning back vampires and other undead open while clearly writing down that 『You can't overturn death』, citing examples of the failures in the experiments with zombies and ghosts, but half successful with ghouls."

--We decided to sum it up like such.

Before I started to work on the report, I transform the priests who were kept in a sub-space, and the people I left with progenitor Ban, back into humans.
Of course, I wasn't in Satou form, but as a [Mysterious Priest Koubou].

To prevent some of the priests from killing themselves, I told them that it was a miracle done through an item made of orichalcum posed as a sacred treasure.
Killing themselves after turning back to their original state through a miracle of god would mean betraying their gods after all.
I felt a bit guilty when I saw them extolling the glory of gods in tears, but I convinced myself that this was a form of help too as I returned them back to their country each.

Now that I'm done helping people and all, guess it's time to write the report that will be submitted to [Sage's Tower].

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