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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 206

Chapter 206 Strongest Sage, Inspects


The guards who were looking for us went back to the royal palace after telling us that there would be an audience with the king later.

"So in the end, that sword was in the treasury right? How did you get it out of there?"

"We found the king standing around in front of the palace, so we went to and asked him directly to get us into the treasury!"

Direct appeal to the king huh... They did something rash.
But the fact that it did get through means this country has gotten quite used to quickly deal with crises.
Though that also means they're likely to get tricked by demons in disguise... I'll go teach the second academy students how to deal with something like that.

"For now, let's go see how the students are doing with their fight."

"Even though they said it's okay, it still weighs your mind doesn't it... Over here!"

Ruli led the way for us.
Waiting for us were... Students inside the city driving the demon into a corner.
The students are totaling about 100 in number.

"Guh, bastards... How dare mere humans..."

The demon that was continuoing to receive lots of arrows muttered in disdain.
Its voice suggests that it hasn't taken any damage... or so it seems, in truth, I know that this demon has been quite cornered from its mana reaciton.

Looks like the students are using 『Mana Poison』 that greatly saps the demon's stamina.
Reaction from the 『Mana Poison』 is already mixed in the demon's mana.

The 『Mana Poison』 should show its effect after a little bit more. Won't be long til the demon stops moving now.
The demon could still get the chance to overturn this if it could defeat the students but that possibility seems to be nil.

A group of Glory Crest production magicians are producing arrows that obstruct the demon, and supply them to students with bows.
There wasn't anyone who could use a bow among the Second Academy Students before, they probably trained in archery knowing it would prove useful against demons.
Their skill with bows and arrows is still lacking, but since they seem to be using homing magic, about half of the arrows hit the target.

Thanks to their number, even if only half of the arrows hit, the demon's actions have been practically sealed.
Even when the demon managed to somehow launch a magic attack, the Disqualified Crest students among the ranks blocked it with defensive magic.
And the one commanding this flow is--

『Reiris, take two steps back!』

It's the student who just gave an instruction through comm magic.
I don't know the name but the face looks familiar, probably a student in the same school year as me.

He's been only using comm magic and information gathering magic.
Barely participating on the frontline, a commander specializing in giving orders.

Someone like him is an indispensable existence in a group battle where individual awareness is limited.
Rearing this kind of commander is not easy, but it looks like he's doing pretty well.

Faced with the students' harmonious cooperation, the demon is losing its stamina fast while unable to act.
--Thus, within 10 minutes after we arrived here, the demon stopped moving by the poison, and was finished off.

Without exposing yourself to danger, make use of strength in number to steadily cut down enemy's stamina.
The role model of group combat--not yet polished enough to be called one, but they've mastered the basic quite well.
Second Academy has gotten stronger huh.

"We've successfully defeated the demon! With zero casualty!"
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"Well done... So Mathias and you girls, what do you think about their performance?"

The principal who received the report asked us.
Looks like he knew all along that we were watching.

"I can't say it's perfect yet, but as a joint force put together in a short notice, they're at the highest level. The commanding student in particular, he's capable of leading a much larger army... If I had to say, since it seems like there's still some room for the suppression unit, you could have defeated the demon quicker by increasing the number of people who used the mana poison. The strategy this time isn't wrong for maximum safety however."

"Un, I think their bow shooting could be better... The enemy didn't move that fast after all, would be nice if all the arrows hit..."

"The augmentation magic was nicely done. They were steadily but surely creating arrows with good peformance."

We gave our honest impressions each.
Honestly, they should be praised to get this far with their training time, but if we don't point out areas for improvements here, they could go lax with their training.
...Though considering that commander, he's probably already aware of the current issues they're facing.

"I agree with you Mathias, we should give them praises for getting this good with that amount of training... but you're right, perhaps we ought to give our students more training time with bows."

Principal looks around after saying that.
Arrows that didn't hit the demon are stuck on the roofs of the houses in the area.
No one is injured by this since the residents have been evacuated, but this isn't the accuracy you want when you're fighting in downtown.

"Oh right, Ruli, the guards were looking for you, have you seen them?"

Ruli's expression turned anxious after she heard that.
She made a direct appeal to the king after all...
I don't think it's about something ominous considering the guards' attitude, but I guess she can't help but be worried about it.

"Umm.... They were looking for me, not Mathi-kun?"

"Yeah. Of course they were looking for Mathias too, but they asked me about your location specifically. I heard you were a great help with the demon subjugation going as far as asking the king directly, he's probably gonna reward you handsomely, don't you think?"

"We ran up to the king and asked for the sword for the sake of this subjugation, I wonder if maybe we're getting a punishment instead..."

The principal looked dumbfounded for an instant when he heard Ruli's worry... but then he laughed out loud.

"Ku...Hahaha! Of course not, not a chance!"

"...Can you say that for certain?"

"Yea, I do. Punishing you girls is as good as picking a fight with Mathias. A country led by such a fool would have long been destroyed by now."

The principal nodded confidently.
It must be true coming from the principal who's a close friend with the king.
It'd be annoying if he tried to push another territory on me again, I should think up something else to get instead.

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