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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Morning of Bliss


Knock Knock

Knock Knock

"Milord. Milord. I can't find anyone noja~. Milord, do you know what's going on?"

Nn, aah, I can hear Kagura-san. I raise my body while rubbing my sleepy eyes. The three are still in the bed like they were in the morning.


"Please excuse me nojayo~. Milord, get u..."

Kagura-san opened the door and peeked inside, then our eyes met. And then she looked at each of the girls beside me, and then at me again.


This is awkward

"You left me out all alone nanojaaaaaaaa!"

Kagura-san's scream resounded in the mansion.

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Sniff, sob, sob.

Afterward, I quickly put some clothes on and went to console Kagura-san. The other girls have wry smiles on their faces.

"Why, why am I being left out nanojaaaaaaaa"

That's because your...
While I'm being hesitant to say it, Futsuno-san tells it straight while patting Kagura-san's head.

"I'm really sorry, I thought of inviting you too, but you know. Kagura's body... is tiny now 'fter all."

That's right, Kagura-san has stayed in her little girl form ever since that time. Everyone was optimistic that she would turn back in due time because it wasn't an abnormal status, however, it didn't seem like she would go back at all even after three days.
Of course I'm not gonna sully little girls. I'm not a lolicon! I'm a healthy man... a healthy young man who's into monster girls and animal girls!! What's healthy again.

Weird. I should take a look at her Status once again.

Name: Kagura Kagami - Gender: Female - Age: 20 - Race: Onifolk
Class: War Oni Lv24 - State: Healthy (Mana Boost from Nobusada)
Title: 【Bloodsprayed War Maiden】
Party Name: 【Izumi no Kami】
Two-handed Staff Lv4 - Two-handed Spear Lv5 (up!) - Martial Art Lv3 - Evasion Lv2 (up!) - Body Strengthening Lv2 - Stealth lv2 - Camouflage Lv2 - Life Magic

【Unique Skill】
Little Girl Deviant - Differing Soul Telepathy (Sub)

There's something new there!! Something new!! Discerning-sensei! Can't you do something about that skill name!
You're making Kagura-san like a perverted little girl.

【Little Girl Deviant】
Skill that enables one to change physical age consciously. Transforming needs a certain amount of mana. Effect is permanent unless the user consciously wishes to change.

This is that huh. This skill manifested because she got the prerequisite mana from me huh. But even before that.... Perhaps something was switched on when she was taking the Dense Mana Water doping.

When I told this fact to Kagura-san, she enthusiastically shouted 'I'll give it a try!' with glittering eyes. Apparently her mood swings are more extreme than usual when she's in this state. I think it's cute befitting of her age though.

"Little Girl Deviant!"

She declared the skill name out loud. Hm? But isn't this bad??

Kagura-san is growing bigger. And of course, her little girl's clothes naturally got torn apart.
She made a triumphant look in front of me as if saying 'what do you think now', buck naked.

I pointed at the bed, and beckoned Kagura-san, 'c'mon'. That apparently makes her realize her current situation, her eyes are swimming between me and herself.


"Next time nanojaaaaaaaa"

Kagura-san ran away while steaming red. Buck naked. Too bad.

Maybe it's thanks to our connections through Differing Soul Telepathy, that now I'm able to see detailed info?
Guess I'll check on the two who are now completely awake thanks to the uproar earlier, and Mitama who's still in dreamland.

Name: Futsuno - Gender: Female - Age: 19 - Race: Golden Fox
Class: Miko Lv18 - State: Healthy (Mana Boost from Nobusada)
Title: 【Ametoris's Miko】
Party Name: 【Izumi no Kami】

Fire Magic Lv3 - Wind Magic Lv4 - Life Magic - Barrier Art Lv3 - Dagger Lv2 - Cane Lv3 - Negotiation Lv4 - Oracle Lv1

【Unique Skill】
Golden Fox Sealing Art Lv2 - Ametoris's Protection - Differing Soul Telepathy (Sub)

Huh? She's got a new title. Since when??

【Golden Fox Sealing Art】
Unique Secret Art of Golden Foxes. Only manifest in those who are related to the founders of the clan. Covers golden flames, special illusion art, and magic sealing art amongst others.

Title 『Ametoris's Miko』
Sign of being a favorite of Goddess Ametoris who rules over life and good harvest.

『Ametoris Protection』
Proof of protection given by Goddess Ametoris who rules over life and good harvest. Chest measurement growth and breastfeeding effect up.
Bestow mother's milk with effects that improve immune system and healthy growth of the baby.

Oyyyyyy, Goddess-sama, what the heck did you give her!? You're being too quick here. Way too quick. But I think it has its value, as it has concrete effects unlike those of no-Goddess.

Name: Mitama - Gender: Female - Age: 16 - Race: Heaven Cat
Class: Hunter Lv16 - State: Healthy (Mana Boost from Nobusada)
Title: 【Rutia's Apostle】
Party Name: 【Izumi no Kami】

Dagger Lv3 - Archery Lv4 - Life Magic - Intuition Lv2 - Concealment Lv4 - Stealth Lv4 - Night Vision Lv3 - Oracle Lv1 (new!)

【Unique Skill】
Rutia's Protection - Differing Soul Telepathy (Sub)

Title 『Rutia's Apostle』
Those who have been (unilaterally) appointed as an apostle of Goddess Rutia who rules over Spirit and Principle. Become able to communicate with spirits.

【Rutia's Protection】
Proof of protection given by Goddess Rutia who rules over Spirit and Principle. Greatly increase physical ability and resistances. However, any cooking made will be granted abnormal status-giving effect, this is always active. Toxicity will increase the more eager the user is. One theory states that it might be because Rutia too is extremely bad at cooking.

Et tu, Mitama (Brutus) Return.
The only decent Goddess (maybe) so far is Ametoris-sama. I could somehow imagine how other no-Goddess crowd over the motherly Ametoris-sama while demanding 『Mama, fo~od』. Right, I should give my offerings to Ametoris-sama too when I gave some to our household's no-Goddess. I'm sure she's been having it hard.

But still, what's the chance for the people around me, including myself, to have protections of four Goddesses. It somehow feels like this is all deliberate. I was said to be the singular point. I should ask about it to No-Goddess again next time.

Name: Sefirot Nevia - Gender: Female
Age: It's-a-secret♪ - Race: Lamiafolk
Class: Alchemist Lv42 - State: Healthy (Mana Boost from Nobusada)
Title: 【Icy Soul Assassin】

Two-handed Spear Lv4 - Assassination Lv6 - Water Magic Lv6 - Wind Magic Lv5 - Composite Magic Lv4 - Transformation Lv4 - Stealth Lv6 - Alchemy Lv7 - Camouflage Lv5 - Life Magic

【Unique Skill】
Differing Soul Telepathy (Sub)

She interfered with Discerning-sensei!? Sefi-san just how good are you at assassination!?
She can even use Composite magic! Wonder if she can use Ice magic by combining water and wind magic.
Man, I'm tired with all the surprises already. I'll ask her to train with me next time. She's probably gonna refuse because she doesn't want to move her body though.

For now I should stop pondering by myself. When I stood up and muttered about getting lunch, Mitama woke up. As expected of Mitama, she's forever a glutton.

At the kitchen, Dillit-san is already preparing lunch. Judging from the amount, there's our shares too. When I glanced at it, she bashfully said that she had gone ahead and prepared us lunch. I've told her to use everything that's in the freezer room, so there is naught a problem here.
As expected of elves, the menu is mainly made of vegetables. But there's still some dishes with meat in them, the nutritional balance is quite good. If I'm the one cooking, it always ends up with lots of stuffy stuff, so this is just right.

That said, this amount probably won't satisfy Mitama and Kagura-san. Guess I should get my trusty kitchen knife out and make additional dishes.

"Dillit-san, since our Mitama and Kagura-san here have quite the stout bellies, you've gotta make the portion a bit more largish otherwise it won't be enough."

"Is that right? I actually made more than usual. I suppose since everyone is an adventurer, your body must be your asset, isn't it."

That may be right, but they clearly eat more than me. Just where'd it all go in those slim bodies? Is it breasts! It must be breasts!! Those are some good stuff indeed.

I exchanged more silly talks with Dillit-san while cooking. Come to think of it, Tino-chan is 10 years old, wonder if she's been baptized yet. If they're going to live in this town, it might be a good idea for her to get one.

"Dillit-san, has Tino-chan been baptized yet? She might find living here inconvenient if she can't use Life Magic."

"That's right. In case of elves, there are priests-sama of the Four Goddesses who live in our settlements, so we usually give our prayers to the Goddess we want to serve. However, since I left the settlement when Tino was born, we had no way to take the baptism."

Huh? Weren't there Six Gods??

"Aren't there Six Gods? Are the two male gods excluded by the elves?"

"Yes, that is how it's been passed down since the time of our ancestors. Since the reason why is only handed down to the elders, I have no idea about it."

Fumu, did the male gods do something bad to the elves. Well whatever. More importantly, so she really hasn't gotten one. I'm no man if I don't look after her after getting called Onii-chan.

"Do you like to go to the temple with Tino-chan when you're free next time? If it's Levellit-sama, I'm acquainted with the priest there so you can take the baptism without problem, but I don't know anyone in other temples, so we'll need to trick them with hoods that hide your ears. I'll take care of the expense. I plan to have Tino-chan help us after all."

"Are you sure? I'm truly sorry, we've been nothing but trouble."

"No no, don't mind it. Even just having you help with the cooking like this is really great. My repertoire would be running low if I'm the only one in charge. Please ask Tino-chan which Gods she wishes to go to as I need to tell the other party before we go."

"Yes, thank you very much."

Her smile is filled with motherly loves. Elves really are beautiful. I'm no match for her smiling firepowers. Is this the mechanism of Elf's Wonders!!?

After this and that, I ended up adding 『Eggplant shroom Pork Roll』 and 『Louv Pork and Shimeji Cream Stew』 to the menu. Dillit-san gave her stamps of approval after sampling them.

Everyone in this mansion is in the dining table. Each of them enjoying their meal. Looks like Tino-chan took a fancy on the 『Louv Pork and Shimeji Cream Stew』. Hahahaha, I've got more here y'know?

Enjoying meals together surrounded by everyone is the best after all. Yup, I can feel the bliss.

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