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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Guild Master Raid!


I'm holding a sword in front of a wooden dummy right now. Not the Lunar Cat but a blunt iron sword.

This started about an hour ago. I went to Master's house to report to him about many stuff including me learning a Weapon Skill, and also to ask for his cooperation negotiating with the Adventurer Guild.

"I did it Master! I found a weapon with good affinity with me and managed to learn a weapon skill at last!"

After I told master that, his mouth hung wide open in surprise. Huh? His reaction isn't like how I imagined.

"No no no, that's too quick no matter how you look at it. Normally, it should take about three months to reach that stage after giving up in one weapon and trying another. Even with talents, it should have taken a month, umu."

And then Master fell silent. I went and reported it as is because I was too happy, but I wonder if I made a mistake somewhere.

"Well, who cares about little details. Go on and show it to me then. Look here, that wooden dummy can be yer' opponent."

Or not! Your lacksadisical side is amazing, master. And now we get back to the start. Lunar Cat would have cut apart the dummy without additional help, so I borrowed a blunt iron sword instead.

"Here I go."

I assume the Attack Stance, take a breath, and stare at the enemy in front of me.

"Weapon Skill 『Vibrating Blade - Destruction』!"

A high pitched sound emitted from the vibrating iron sword and I slashed at the dummy with it. And then the dummy got cut in two even though it was by a blunt sword. The cut was smooth, split cleanly into two pieces.
However, that wasn't the end of it.
*Crush*, the iron sword crumbled into small pieces. Not just small, it's practically turned into sand. This greatly astnosihed even me. I turn around to look at master with a confused look, but he was dumbfounded himself. Oh my God.

Master eventually calmed down and spoke.

"To think that's the first weapon skill you learned. Listen well, Nobusada. It would do you good to refrain from using that weapon skill in public as much as possible."

Eeeeh! Did I just get told to seal it!?

According to Master, his fourth disciple, Juno saw this technique used by his opponent when he was participating in a tournament where each nations sent their representative to compete in skills. That opponent was the representative of Hinoto Empire, Juuzou Tougou the 13th. The school name is 『Shin Kage Ryuu』. Was this school founded by a certain swordmaster or something.
They were fighting with blunt swords, a katana, and a great sword, but apparently, the great sword was [Cut] when the katana guy used this technique. Nevertheless, the disciple guy managed to bring the match to a draw using the combination of half of his great sword and martial art, ending it without a grudge. Afterward, Juno and Juuzou hit it off and became good friends.
All that aside, apparently the samurais of Hinoto Empire are extremely averse to revealing their secrets, thus at worst my life might be targeted if they knew that I had learned their school's hidden technique.
NOOOOoooooooo. After I got my first weapon skill and all. This is too much, too much I say. Haa, can't believe it.

Master continued on.

"Besides, just like that iron sword, your weapon ain't gonna last unless it's some kind of extraordinary sword. Your trusted sword might be able to keep its shape now, but I won't be so sure about it if you use that skill consecutively."

Oh great. So you're saying it's a last resort in the truest sense. Guess this means I've got a new goal of collecting all the Living Soul Katana series that's said to be only three in the world. Dangit, why's the first one such a grand move anyway. To keep my mind off this, I'll make some Russian Manjus as an offering for the no-goddess and slip in some habanero in one of them. Yup, let's do that. If I can find anyone selling one that is.


Hm? What's with that insinuating look?

"Did you get cleansed up or something? You've got this refreshing look on your face eh."

*Jolt*!! I reflexively stood up upright. 'What are you talking about, master' I said, but I couldn't brush it off and he made me to tell him all details since the other day to now, with body language. Master, you're not a certain invincible guy, so please don't talk with your fists. Huh wait? Come to think of it, Master's voice sound exactly like that guy doesn't it? Oh? I can feel cold sweat down my spine for some reason. Looks like there are things better left untouched in this world.

Master looks like he's deep in thought. What are you scheming this time.

"So, Nobusada. What are your plans with Eleanor? Personally, I'd prefer if you to make her your wife as well."

Are you sure!? No no no, you're being too hasty here. First, we've got to confirm what Eleanor-san herself wants after all.

"But, I have one condition."

Gulp. I gulped down reflexively. What kind of harsh condition would it be. It's master after all... He's not gonna tell me to beat some dragon or to run around beating the demon kings would he???

"I want to see my grandchildren's faces asap."

Ooof!! He's teasing me! I'm sure of it. I drop down on all fours in front of the smiling master. Will I ever surpass this person in my lifetime I wonder. I... I want to win against this guy! In teasing, anything!!

I recalled that I had something important to tell while I was being endlessly teased.

"Master. To tell you the truth..."

I told him about the deeds and stuff I got at that idiotic brat's mansion. With the previous matter and now this, the top level bunch at the Adventurer Guild is proven to be quite rotten and they're allowed to run rampant, can't we do something about it.

"Hou hou, now this is something. Looks like we can use this to pluck out all the thorns in Amiral's side in one go. Time to teach those nasty bunch a lesson or two."

Master's eyes are serious. I'm pumped up now.

"Shall we go and intrude on him then. Strike while the iron is hot they say."


Master grabbed my hand and pulled me with a tremendous force. Ouch owowowow. My body is floating in mid-air due to the momentum. I'm floating in the wind even though I'm not using the high mobility transport magic set. I'm being brought to the adventurer guild while fluttering in mid air like it's an anime.

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And we really did barge all the way into the adventurer guild's master's room!!!

Eleanor-san also got dragged into the room with us. I, Eleanor-san and the guild master are all taken aback. This is the first time I've seen the guild master, he's a dandy stern-looking old man. Though he looks gentle, he's looking at me suspiciously as I'm clearly an outsider here. That's only natural. Even I'm perplexed here.

Name: Amiral - Gender: Male - Age: 68 - Race: Half-Dwarf
Class: Sword Master Lv44 - State: Healthy
Gramada Adventure Guild - Guild Master
Title: 【Sword King】

Two-handed Sword Lv7 - One-handed Sword Lv7 - Physical Ability Lv6 - Evasion Lv7 - Fighting Spirit Lv5 - Intuition Lv4 - Crisis Sense Lv4 - Command Lv5

Halves exist amonst dwarves too huh. Unlike a pure dwarf, this man has a slim stature and about 180cm tall. He looks younger even though he's of the same age as master. Like someone in his fourties at a glance. Still, 【Sword King】 huh. Aren't there way too many strong old men in this city, like seriously?

I come back to my sense and realize how awkward the situation is, but even Eleanor-san can't hide her surprise with her hand on her open mouth at the abruptness. Only Master that's acting nonchalant.

"Ou, Amiral."

"Don't 『Ou, Amiral』 me. What's with the sudden visit without prior notice. And that person next to you... Aren't you Nobusada-kun. I have to beg for your forgiveness for the matter with the quest the other day. My apologize."

He bowed to me after saying that. This is a surprise. Normally, there's no way the top level guys of an organization would lower their head on an underling like me. Even if we're not in public, his broad-mindedness is truly admirable.

"Please raise your head, it's not guild master's fault. Instead, if you could lend us your assistance in the matter we're bringing here, let's say that it'll wipe the slate clean..."


His eyes narrowed down, raising the tension. However, I cannot back down here. I want to ask for his cooperation to drag out and banish the rotten top management.

"The other day, two people who are important to me, 『Tail of Wind』, were captured by a group of people who appeared to be a bandit gang by way of a certain quest and almost got forced into slavery. Fortunately, Mitama managed to get away and brought the matter into light to me. Afterward, I went to and launched an assault at their base together with Kagura-san also known as 【Bloodspray War Maiden】 and successfully rescued the two along with five slaves who were captured with them. During that time, I got hold of these deeds and written oaths inside the gang leader's room. Please take a look."

"T-this is..."

"As you can see, the bandit gang has had dealings with several top level people of this guild, moreover it's related to illegal slaves. With the matter from the other day and now this, for the top management to be on friendly terms with these kind of people are quite troubling for us underlings. Thus I went and consulted Master about the matter... but then he suddenly brought me here. To be frank, I didn't expect for us to immediately march into guild master's room myself."

Amiral-san and I stare at master. The person in question looks as if it doesn't concern him. Amiral-san coughed and spoke.

"I understand the situation. These documents are more than enough as evidence. There's even their signs on here after all. However, a full-scale investigation won't start until the investigation team has come back. Are you fine with that?"

"Yes, I think it's important to root them out thoroughly."

"That's true. Us in powers have been trying to do something about this through many angles, but the bunch who were wrenched in here from the capital have quite a sphere of influence. But with this, we can turn the tables on them. Now then, for this achievement we definitely have to give you proper reward, anything you want in particular?"

Fumu, right, I didn't think about reward. To be honest, I don't really mind anything so long they don't push troublesome stuff my way.

"I haven't given any thought about that. I think I'm fine to have a channel to communicate more openly with the inner guild. If I ever get myself in trouble, could I expect you to lend me a hand?"

"Hahaha, you sure lack ambitions. But interesting. And I also promise you my cooperation. I'm afraid to imagine at what timing you will seek it, but that is also amusing in itself."

Good looking dandies look cool even when they laugh huh. I-I ain't no envious ok!

"Hey, Amiral. You'd better get this reported to duke-sama, y'hear me? He's been mulling over all the corruption himself after all."

"Fumu, you're right. Can I count on you on that?"


"Still, every one of the bunch who were sponsored by the capital turned out to be too much for all the guild to handle huh. Alchemist Guild was the only exception as the guild master there was on that side, so the people there must be in cahoot...."

"You're right about that, the guy in question mighta died, but those bunch probs have had a hand in the corruption."

Ah master, sorry, that's probably me. Yeah, yes it's me. I'm sorry about that.
It kinda feels like, were the guys from capital messing with the top management here? Guilds are independent from nations, but all the guilds in a country share the same organization if I'm not mistaken. Perhaps, Gramada's side and the capital's aren't on good terms? Well, that's not something an underling should stick his neck into. Me personally, so long as the bunch who would likely go on to cause problems get taken down, I'm good.

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