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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 205

Chapter 205 Strongest Sage, Recovers


"Mathi-kun, are you all right!?"

"Didn't you get stabbed earlier!? Mathi-kun, don't die..."

Alma and Ruli rushed up to me when I got back to the ground after defeating Zaridias.
The two looked really worried, but when they saw me without a single wound, their expressions turned to confusion.

"Eh, didn't a really huge sword stab right through you...?"

"Is it recovery magic? But your clothes are perfectly fine too... Was Mathi-kun being stabbed, an illusion?"

The two curiously checked my body as they said that.
My body is completely flawless right now.

"No, I did almost get killed by Zaridias for real. I'm fine now thanks to this sword though."

In fact, I did get killed once, but I kept silent since they would worry about me if I said it.
Ruli was observing my body closely with a serious expression while listening.
And after she's absolutely sure that I'm fine--she hugs me.

"Mathi-kun, you're really alright!"

"Ah yeah, I thought I said so..."

...It's bad for my heart when she's this close, but I can't get away since the sword in my hand is blocking my attempt to.
If I let go of this sword, the mana there will lose its stopping place and go explode.

After the side benefit--I mean, an inevitable happening was over, Ruli who separated from me, asked.

"...So what is that sword anyway?"

"This is a magic sword that revives its user when they die, and grants them a vast amount of mana. I reckon the mana will last for another five minutes now."

I point the sword sideward, and shoot out an attack magic with the mana at a nearby rock.
The girls look astounded and like they get it now after seeing the enormous mana.

"S-so that's how you did it..."

"But there's no way Mathi-kun could control such a huge amount of mana, couldn't you? Does it have a mana control unit installed too?"

"Naw, you can't fit a mana control unit that can manage this much mana in a sword, I'm doing the controlling myself... There's some knack in controlling a massive amount of mana indeed, but it's pretty easy to do once you're used to it, you know."

This sword is probably unusable to the girls, but they would still need to be able to control a large quantity of mana to use other magic items and such.
I should teach them how to do it until the opportunity presents itself.

...Several knights ran up to us from the city while we were talking.
From the crest carved on their armor, they're a unit under direct orders of the king.

"Mathias-sama! Are you safe!"
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Looks like the king knew that I had defeated the demon.
Our fights with the demons should be seen from the capital after all.

"Yea, I'm fine. And there's no need to worry about the dragon."

"...We're truly grateful to you for defeating the demon."

Ruli asks the knights who bowed their heads at us.

"What happens to the demon inside the city?"

Now that she mentioned it, there was a demon inside the city.
I can't use mana detection right now due to the mana unleashed by the magic sword... How's it going I wonder.

"The Second Academy students are currently taking care of the demon's subjugation. According to principal Edward, there's no problem with it, the students should be able to defeat the demon!"

So the Second Academy is now strong enough to beat demons huh.
Seems like there's no need to worry about demons that slip past the barrier making a mess inside.

And now we can relax... or not. We can't.
The 『Chaotic Demons』 Zaridias uttered in his last moment.

Zaridias had already completely abandoned the idea of surviving when he said the words.
It didn't sound like he was pleading for life.
If these 『Chaotic Demons』 really exist and are as powerful as Zaridias, this world might really be on the brink of destruction.

Looks like our training in a peaceful world won't be happening anytime soon.
....But that prospect too is interesting in itself.

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