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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Nyan Nyan Nyan


"I think it's urgent for us to get stronger considering what happened this time. I get the chills just thinkin' what would've happened without Nobu-kun around."

"I am in agreement. I have come to understand my powerlessness."

"...But what should we do, concretely speaking?"

"About that, I have an idea that could help."

My idea is simple, we four should form a party and dive into dungeons. At the same time, we'll take on quests related to dungeons and raise our ranks. By the way, Sefi-san is staying since she's got a store to tend to. She's got to train her assistant, Dillit-san, too.

Kagura-san was a solo party, and there were many occasions where Mitama and Futsuno-san took on quests unrelated to fighting. Though it's partly because my growth rate is just fast in comparison, those two points are probably why their levels haven't gotten that high.

"In that case, you three should live in here. We've still got plenty of rooms after all. And once everything settles down, we can start the dungeon diving."

"...Sefi-san, is that okay?"

"Of course~ Nobu-chan lovers are like family to me~"

Thus, we'll use this week to move in, confirm our equipment, and finish up miscellaneous stuff. Futsuno-san's lost her equipment, while Kagura-san's stuff got damaged badly in her fight with Dave. And my foodstuff supply has decreased quite a lot since we were traveling in big numbers. And I've still got to report to Master and file complaints to the guild too.

"Then it means the dissolution of 『Tail of Wind』. Gotta think up a new party name. How 'bout, 『Nobu-kun and Her Beloved Maidens』?"

"...Nee-san, that's a bit..."

"I personally think that 『Nobusada Love Regiment』 sounds good."

You two, please stop inserting my name there. Is it some kind of public execution?

"...『Nobu and Tails』?"

Et tu! Mitama (Brutus)!! Too bad that there's also Kagura-san who doesn't have a tail besides me! Wait, no. Not good, I'd be gradually heading straight to public execution end if I don't say something here!

"How about 『Izumi no Kami』?"

"""Izumi no Kami?"""

"My family name is Izumi you see. Add a word that means 'Protect' in the language of my home to it, Izumi Kami. Those I want to protect, and those that protect me, that's the meaning I want it to have, what do you think?"

"Pretty nice! I like it."

"Umu, protecting one another is a nice thing."

*Nod nod*. Mitama nodded too. Sefi-san is giggling while warmly watching over us.
Oh good. I've avoided the public execution route. After this and that, it's night time already.

Late at night, I ponder the future while in my bed. I slept like a log that I didn't even have a dream last night, but on this quiet night, I can think about many things. Considering all that happened, we've been quite fortunate to settle everything up almost without a loss.


A weak knock reverberated in the room that was filled with silence.
Before I could respond, the door opened and two shadows of person slowly came over here.

"...Nobu, do you have time?"

Is that Mitama?

I slowly open my eyelids and turn to the source of the voice... Futsuno-san and Mitama wearing thin silk dress are there standing under the moonlight.

"Wha, Mitama, what are you..."

Mitama stopped me with one finger as I tried to get up in a hurry.

"...Um, you see, Nobu. I have something important to say."

Seeing her serious expression, I quietly listen to her while still in bed.

"....Um you see, when I asked you to save Nee-san and told you that you could do anything you like to me, I was speaking honestly. No matter how cornered I was, I wouldn't have said something like to someone I don't like. And as promised, Nobu saved Nee-san, and me. That's why, please receive my everything."

Mitama who usually didn't talk much spun her words at full throttle. On the contrary, Futsuno-san who's usually talkative has not said a singel word. However then, Futsuno-san who's holding Mitama's shoulders with both her hands looks straight at me while looking like she's resolved herself.

"That... I've been having bad lucks with that kind of man since forever. So many first-rate idiots like that set their eyes on me. I've had enough of getting Mitama involved in it. And after we became adventurers, I did many things in order to protect this child. I've also done dirty works in the back. My body isn't that pure... even so, I want to give my first to someone I like. My head has been full with the words Nobu-kun whispered in my ears back then all this time."

Futsuno-san also conveyed her feelings in one go. Her emerald green eyes look as if shining slightly under the peeking moonlight, feels very mystical.

""So please, make us yours, Nobu(kun)!""


A, geez, it's been crashed down. Yes, crashed down. My wall of reason has come crashing down.
I've been holding it on all this time... but I'm really happy to hear their feelings. I stare the two while bearing not to slacken my face.

Under the moonlight, shadows of us three were connected fiercely.

Only the moon sees everything...

The three of us shut our eyes together in the bed on a pleasant nap....

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Chirp, chirp, chichirpcheep

"It's the ceiling from last night."

The stuff last night wasn't a dream it seems.
The two on both my sides are sleeping peacefully. Unable to contain my slackened face any longer, I relax myself while entrusting my body to the comfortable weight of the three.



Hn? Three???

I can feel something heavy on my lower half!?

Peeling off the sheet....

Sefi-san is there, sleeping while clinging to my groins.



"Wha, what, so noisy this early."

"Uuun, Nobu-chan, what's the matter~"

Oh, you're still sleeping after that noise Mitama-san. No, no, no, I'm the one who should be asking that, Sefi-san.

"W-w-why is Sefi-san here, or rather, why are you clinging to my groins, whuoooo"

My lower half is completely naked so it's delicate you know, you're hitting many things if you abruptly move you know. Or rather, after doing that much last night, it seems my spoiled body is still quite energetic.

"Nnn, when I stealthily followed the two who secretly slipped out of their room, I found you three were enjoying yourselves, so I just subconsciously... joined in~"

EH!? She's been here since that time!?

Come to think of it, I could vaguely remember that there were huge melons getting mixed in. Just how absorbed I was to not notice it.

"I mean, the master of this mansion was doing something fun without telling me~ I don't wanna be left out~ I want to enjoy colorful days too~"

What are you saying while playing with the thing between my groins this early in the morning, Sefi-san. You're spoiling the two's resolution last night.
Look, even Futsuno-san looks taken aback.

"Futsuno-san, did you notice that she was here?"

Futsuno-san shook her head. How skilled are you with stealth actions, Sefi-san.



I make a declaration to Sefi-san who's tilting her head!

"I'm still sleepy so I'm gonna surrender myself to the warmth of the bed. Let's have an off time this morning, I'm kinda tired."

"Agree" "Me too"

Way too much things happened, I'm not gonna process them all. I'll think about it again once I get up. Feels like I'm just postponing my problems, but please just don't throw a quip on it!

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