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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 205

Until Next Time


After the defeat of boss rat, we reported the threats were no more to the guards.
With a sigh of relief, they went on to inform the evacuees that everything is alright now.

And now, let's look back on things to improve.
First of all, how we let those beasts raid the town.
We could have prevented it if only I had anticipated that the survivors including the boss rat would come out after initiating the nest cave-in.
We could use many hands like shooting high powered magic when they rushed out or setting up traps near the entrance. Gotta reflect on that point.

Then there's me who went to take on the boss. I took my sweet time because I was making it about me.
Looking back, I should have dealt with the boss rat quickly and gone straight to culling out the raiding beasts in town.
According to Reina, some of the rats almost killed the red haired boy and girl.

I had deemed that I shouldn't butt in and left the remaining rats to the two girls + one chicken, everything went okay with zero casualty in the end.
Nevertheless, using the opportunity to test out my Pseudo Kempo Skill was really not commendable of me.
Work is work. I shouldn't have brought my personal circumstances in it and prioritized the townspeople's safety instead.
...I'm still not good as an adventurer and a leader, aren't I.

There's no end to this kind of reflection. Gotta be careful not to lament endlessly and focus on moving forward.

Lastly, I sensed some ominous presences some distance away while I was dealing with the boss rat.
Leaving them alone felt icky, thus I flew off to check but the presences vanished before I got there.
That sinister mana was probably...

"Hikaru, what's up?"

"...Nah, it's just I get depressed thinking on how many things I could have done better. I'm really sorry for playing around with the boss..."

"I think being able to play around with that giant rat is weird in itself..."


Really? It was big sure, but it's nowhere near as ferocious as an ogre.
Forget me, even Alma can probably take it on solo. Reina and Hiyoko might have a tough time tho'.


Ferianna-san rushed over while calling out her daughter's name.
...She looks like another Reina no matter how many times I see them, would be very easy to mix them up.

"I'm back, mom."

"Welcome back, Reina. Are you hurt anywhere?"

"Nope. Not even a graze, just feeling a bit peckish."

"Thank goodness..."

She seemed really anxious but seeing Reina looking fine put her at ease.
Seen from the sideline, it's Ferianna-san who looks unwell instead.

Not long after, the red haired swordplaying boy... Who's it again? Eh, I'll just call him sword boy. Along with the red haired girl came over as well.
Their angered faces back when we were heading for the rat nest have been replaced with apologetic ones.

"R-Reina. You really saved our skins. It was my fault for putting us in danger... I'm sorry."

"We're sorry, Reina-oneechan..."

"It's all thanks to Reina-chan my idiotic son and daughter got out with all their limbs intact... We cannot thank you enough!"

What seemed to be their father bowed gratefully with them.
Yup yup, being able to say sorry for your mistake is a good thing.
If there's one problem, it's...

"Umm, I'm not Reina..."


"Here here, Reina here!"

"O-oh my bad, you two look really alike..."

Bowing to the wrong person. Silly.
Can't you guys tell from the clothes and all? Maybe these three did it on purpose.

"Ahem... Well, the two of them did something so reckless out of worry for me, so I get it. I won't be too harsh on them. But promise me you won't ever do anything that dangerous again!"


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There was a hint of gentleness in her angered expression. What is this, so heartwarming to watch.

"Also, Kajikawa-san, was it. Forgive us for making you out be the bad guy on our own..."

"Don't worry about it. I should say sorry for playing along with it as well."

"Kajikawa-san looks the least repenting here..."

"Still, you look like a real big girl scolding the two of them."

"D-do I really?"

"It's hard to tell cause you're smaller than Anvi-kun though."

"Anvi, this man's a baddie through and through, feel free to go for a punch."

"...Clearing the misunderstanding, for nothing."

Alma muttered at the comedy skit.
Um yeah, I'm sorry.

"...Well now that we're done, we just need to report back to the guild."



"You're going already?"

"You should stay a bit longer, I mean who knows when you can come back to your hometown."

"Hmm, point taken. Let's postpone our departure for three days shall we?"

"That's fine by me. Taking too long will make it hard to leave..."

"I remember you saying that at the orphanage."

Normally, you should make haste reporting completion of a commission.
Other adventurers might see it unfinished and come to assist and stuff.
But taking too fast to complete a commission will draw suspicion, without Fast Travel and considering the time it takes to travel by carriages, three days should be just about right.

"Besides, I'm not done yet with ingredients around these parts. Like the flying shrimps and co."

"It's always about food with you..."

"I mean, good food makes for a good tomorrow."

"...Valid point."

"...Well, I guess, no argument there."

"Fufu, would you like to have meals together again?"

"By all means."

Today we feast on fried prawns.
I only made side dish and pudding the last time, comparing our cooking might be nice for a chance.
Eh, what, I only ever make fried dishes you say? Shaddup, or I'mma fling fried shrimps your way.

There's still one point of worry, yet the bad premonition doesn't feel urgent.
But just in case, I'll go and check this area out on a regular basis from now on.

If they dare to make a move on this town's people, I'll exterminate y'all bastards like we did those rats.


"Aa~ ah~, all that hard work for nothing? It's cause you didn't manage them well so some wandered off to the town. Would have drawn quite a lot of blood too if you let it ripe."

"I was planning to make those rats attack altogether once they entered the nest. Who could have expected they'd bring down the entire nest... Damn! Letting those rats loose on some town near a Stampede would have netted us many strong adventurers' death..."

"Who cares about that boondocks. We have plenty other nurseries don't we?"

"Well yeah. Several have already been destroyed, but it's nothing more than a minor setback relative to the total number."

"This strategy has been proven effective on the third continent. Although it's unfit for this continent and its comparatively weak magic beasts."

"Nevertheless, the feat of producing magic beasts over Lv50 alone makes it worthwhile. If only we managed to produce five, six more specimens... No, no point crying over that now."

"No point indeed. All we need to do now is to patiently wait and see as everything is gradually set in motion, like a delayed poison, parasite, and cancer."

"You got it. Until next time."

"Ou, see y'all at the next hunting ground."

"Indeed, until the next manhunt."






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 469

469 Hobby


I got lost in thought during breakfast the following day.

(Ah, will I get dragged into trouble no matter when and where I am? If I can't dodge or control it, it wouldn't be fair if I can't enjoy myself. Isn't there anything good out there?)

I have completely zero interest in this world's entertainment. It's mainly due to the hobby I had in my previous life.
Working out is doable but games are out of question.
I work out whenever I have a free time, so much so it's pretty much a form of escapism now.

(It's probably not a good idea considering this power, and yet I can't just wast my time spacing out. I always end up moving my body around like I'm trying to run away.)

Setting aside my brainless thought process, this is all due to me not finding a hobby in this world. Thus I concluded.
Yet I just can find anything worthwhile. In fact, I'm not even trying to find out. Willingly.
Frankly, I understand that my life in this worth has been badly derailed. I can't find a way to get it back on track. I don't think I can.

My existence in this world is irregular. And I plan to live quietly while taking care not to influence this world too much with to my irregular-ness.

But since this 'Factor of Unrest' within me is not something I can control, denying myself of entertainment will ultimately waste me away, mentally.
And so, I ask Eltrospedia once again today.

"Hey, got a sightseeing spot you can recommend? Something that makes your blood and body boil."
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Eltros is taking breakfast with me. Hence I asked here.
He would shut himself in his office for his 'job' after this, might as well ask now.

"Blood and body boil, you ask? Then there's only one answer. You should head to the federation. There is this particular country housing a coliseum where fighters take the leading parts. Not a day goes by without fervor where tempered warriors fight with their blood and muscles. Many powerful individuals gather there setting their aim on gold and fame."

"Ooh... I knew there'd be one. Guess the fantasy inside me shows no sign of stopping huh."

Coliseums are another classic you often see in fantasy work. I'm sure me going there would work in Eltros's favor. I get where this is going. Gotta be careful I don't get tricked.

(I mean I do love watching fighting sports... This could be nice?)

Influenced by my past hobby of being a fighting sports watching enthusiast, my interest is piqued.
I've decided on my next destination.

"Alright! I'll be heading out tomorrow. Kinda can't wait. Right, of course. Watching those fighters should be fun."

"I'm glad to be of service."

Eltros smiled brightly before muttering, '...Phew, I really outdid myself.' but, I was being unusually elated and overlooked that.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 204

Rats, Extermination


This chapter starts from the red haired sword boy, Anvilun's POV

"A-Anvi! Everybody's in the shelter already! We have to head there too!"

"W-we can't! I bet that black hair group is forcing Reina to fight the magic beasts in town! I-I gotta save her!"

"But we can't beat the magic beasts on our own! Let's hurry and run!"

"Then, I'll go alone if I have to! You go hide somewhere safe!"

"I can't just go and leave you by yourself Anvi!"

I know, there's no way we can beat those magic beasts!
But that goes for Reina who's just come of age too! It's only been two months or so for her.
She probably hasn't even gotten to Lv10. How could she fight beasts over Lv30!
That's why, I gotta find and get her to safety quickly...!?


Oh crap...!!
I thought those rats were gonna be smaller, not this huge thing.
A bull-sized rat growled when it noticed us.


"G-get back! I'll lure it away, you run! Hurry up!!"


"You darned raaat!!"

I know a wooden sword isn't gonna damage it, but it should at least flinch it.
Gotta aim for the eyes and then...!

CRACK! The wooden sword in my hand broke apart along with that sound.
The rat beast was gnawing on it. It got my sword before I could realize what happened.

I-I couldn't see it moving at all...! N-no, there's no way we can fight this thing...!

『Pugururururu... Gigii!』

It then growled in my direction, seemingly eager to eat me next.

"G-get away! G-get away from meeee!"

"L-leave Anvi alooone!"


As I flailed my arms around while shouting pitifully, Malti hit the magic beast's face with a Fireball.
It was a clean hit, the rat beast greatly faltered.

"Now! Run now while you can!"

"Kuh...! Thanks, Malti!"

I'm so pitiful...! I should've been the one luring this beast away!
No, we shouldn't even be here trying to save Reina...!
I'm pitiful! I'm, so weak!

"Over here! The shelter should be ahead! It's just a bit more, keep running!"


Malti dragged me to run with her, and just around the corner was

Another rat beast waiting for us.

"N-no, way..."


Both of us won't survive at this rate...!

...Sorry, Malti. I won't let you die at least.



I charged at the magic beast while yelling loudly!
Look here, I'm your food! I've got more flesh! Stay away from Malti! Please!


Alright, the two rat beasts are coming my way... Thank goodness.
Malti, run on your own...

Ah, it's no good, I'm gonna get eat--





A few seconds before the beasts got to me, I heard someone's shout and a chicken's cluck.
The rats got split in two right in that moment.

This voice, and blond hair...!


"R-Reina, oneechan...!"

I was dumbfounded looking back at Reina looking at us.

Her face looked super stern.

"Why're you loitering around in this place!! Did nobody tell you to take shelter right away!?"

She roared so loud I thought a thunder crashed with a really angry face I'd never seen before.

"I-I'm, so, sorry...! Fuee...!!"

"I-It's all my fault! Because, because I ran around everywhere looking for Reina..."

"Who cares about that! You're in the way, go to the shelter now, run you idiot!"


...Yup. It's clear to me now.
I'm an idiot. A big idiot.

It's not my place to worry about Reina when she's that strong.
There's no way that black hair can win against Reina who gets so angry for someone.

"Hiyoko-chan, seems there's only two rats left, let's go beat them real quick!"


The slightly fearful chicken's and Reina's backs look so big as they head out to hunt for more beasts.
She's smaller than me yet that back looks far more dependable.
...Really, what am I even doing...

~~~~~~Ferianna's POV~~~~~~~

As I was praying for Reina's and the children's safety, I noticed several small silhouettes at the shelter's entrance.


"S-sorry, dad. If only I didn't do something as dumb as trying to look for Reina..."

"What the heck were you doing, you idiots!! What am I gonna do if anything happened to you two!!"

The man gently hugged his children while shouting at them.
Thank goodness, they made it here safely...!

"Umm, you see, we got attacked by big rats on the way here..."

"What!? A-are you two hurt anywhere!?"

"N-no. Reina beat the rats instantly, so we're not hurt."

"R-Reina, what...?"

Weren't the invading beasts supposed to be quite strong, and Reina did that...?
...Looks like Reina has grown much stronger than I imagined.
Thank you Reina. Please, you take care too...

~~~~~~Reina's POV~~~~~~~

"Fuhahahahahai! This is the end!"


『Byagu!? Byaaba!!』

Hiyoko-chan and I cross slashed a rat beast from opposite directions with Extended Mana Blade and Claw.
Fufufu, it must look super cool from the sidelines... There's not a single spectator here though.

"That should be the last magic beast that got in town. Only that big rat Kajikawa-san is fighting outside left now."

『Cluck... Cluck!』

"Hm, what's wrong Hiyoko-chan... Ah, Alma-san, good work."

"You too, Reina. My bad, I let several rats slip in..."

"It's all right, nobody gets hurt in the end. Well, there was that one close call though."

Alma-san must be done with her share of magic beasts as well.
She looks completely fine too. When it took a bit for me.

"But it's kinda rare for Kajikawa-san to struggle, isn't it? From my Mana Search, he's taking some time fighting."

"That rat was really big, maybe he's having difficulty dealing damage. Let's hurry and lend a hand."

"Gotcha. I can make us move in between trees' and buildings' shadows."

Hope half of his body hasn't been crushed like the other day at least, but well he should be okay. I mean it's Kajikawa-san after all.
Time to get a move on.

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Coming out of my Shadow Dive, the first thing I saw was a half-crushed body.

No, not Kajikawa-san's, but the big rat's?

"Hmm, no that's not quite right. How was that? Eh, around Kempo Lv3? Shabby..."


"Slow, too slow. You're moving like a snail compared to Oni-sensei. How about this!"


...Kajikawa-san keeps muttering to himself while dodging the big rat's attacks and attacking with his bare hands.
Forget Mana, he's barely even using his Energy Control. He's pretty much fighting at his base specs.

"Eh, that was only around Kempo Lv2? How come it got worse... Eh what, my waist was slightly off so the driving forces on my joints went wasted? Man, this stuff is hard..."

"...Hikaru, good job. What are you doing?"

"Ah, good work, Alma, Reina, Hiyoko. Uh well, I'm trying to see if I could reproduce Martial Arts Skill at my base specs, but it's not going as well as Sensei does."

"Uh, who is this Sensei anyway...?"

"I'll introduce you when the time is right... No wait, I probably shouldn't for now, might get dicey."

"Eh, not sure who this Sensei is, are they someone dangerous!?"

"Rather than someone... It's some creature?"

"...It's not a human?"

I don't get what Kajikawa-san is even saying.
Nor what is he doing. Why'd you go out of your way fighting a beast this strong bare handed!
Just beat and get it done already!

『Bi, byaaaaaaao!!!』

"...Hikaru, quit playing around and do it properly."

"Yes, I'm sorry... Ffh...!"

After apologizing to Alma-san, I could tell he boosted himself with Energy Control.
I know because I can control my energy too.
Oh crap. Kajikawa-san is so strong, way beyond me.



Kajikawa-san sent out a straight punch as the giant rat attempted to crush him under its weight.
Normally, you'd think Kajikawa-san would lose under that sheer weight.

But the end result was the total opposite. Kajikawa-san's fist pulverized the giant rat's upper half.
...This guy is bad news for real. Is he really even human...?

"Aw yeah, that felt just right! Whaddya think, that went nicely right? Eh, despite its high firepower, the motion itself is only around Kempo Lv4? ...I gotta train harder..."

And he still doesn't seem satisfied with that attack. I'm terrified what'll become of you if you get any stronger, please stay this way...






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 468

468 Resurrection Anecdote


"Oy, Eltros. Got something to ask you, you free now?"

I spoke to Eltros as he was taking a tea break. To ask about one thing I forgot to bring up to Federation's Sir Lolengus.

"Yes, what would it be?"

"Well, is there a way to resurrect the dead? It's nothing serious though. I'm just curious, is all."

Eltros put his hand on his chin and inclined his head. Then he got lost in thought.

(Hm? Hmm? What's taking so long? Can't it swiftly be summed up with a yes or no.)

I waited in silence. I bet Eltrospedia (lol) is making it digestible to me in his head.

"First of all, a way to resurrect the dead... is unheard of. In fact... Ah, there is one anecdote of 'resurrected' in a fairy tale. It's more a children picture book however."

Looks like it doesn't exist in reality. But I'm curious about this fairy tale so I urged him to tell me more.

"Yes, well. It's pretty much an adventure story of a hero who went on a journey to defeat the demon king. One time, the hero was lost deep inside a forest where he found and ingested a small shining seed which turned out to be the Seed of Resurrection. During the final battle against the demon king, the hero lost his life but got resurrected thanks to that seed, affording him to defeat the demon king, go back to his land and become the king. Or so the story goes."

I put out a question here.

"Is that tale based on reality? Or purely fictional?"

"It's a pure fiction. This story has been around for ages, there is not even a record of its writer now. Currently, there is no country with such a story as the basis of its founding."
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I blurted back, 'Hee', nonchalantly at that. It must be right if Eltros said it.
You usually have similar tales for country founding. Luck, ability, chosen by god, holy blood or the likes. All kinds of special things in the path to kingshood.
I lost my interest at this topic after that rough explanation.

"So, what about something more realistic? Resurrection in real life."

"Hmm. Someone took a fatal hit which should have killed them but got healed with magic medicine administered by their friends, getting up and about after some time. At best, such records do exist."

(Magic medicine huh... Potions. So they do exist...)

The fantastical door of this world is opening more and more.
My own body even goes beyond that in fact, though I'm doing my best to look the other way.

"What makes you interested in such a thing after all this time?"

Eltros wondered. And what does he gain from asking me that?

"Hm~? I too will die when my time comes. So you know, I just want an insurance. At the end of the day, I'm a country bumpkin. I know nothing about this world. Asking you is the fastest way to find this stuff out."

Eltros put on a bitter and defeated look on his face.

"I cannot even begin to imagine you dying..."

I missed Eltros's mutter so I asked, 'What did you say?', which he smiled back with 'It's nothing', so I didn't pursue the matter further.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 203

Rat, Raid


We Fast Traveled back to town to inform the people and get ready to fend the rats off.
We contacted the guard station to get them evacuate the town.

"A Lv50 boss and a group of around ten Lv30 magic beasts are coming this way!? Are you certain!?"

"Yes, unfortunately those beasts headed straight for this town after their nest got destroyed. We hastily made our way back using Space Magic but it won't be long till those beasts reach here. Please take the people to the shelter!"

"Understood! How about you lot!?"

"We'll take them on. Please lead the townsfolk to safety away from the battle!"

The guards sounded the warning alarm and went around guiding townspeople to take shelter.
I feel so bad for turning this into such a big deal...

We could have made the attempt to kill those rats right as they fled but things could have gone even worse if we missed some in the process and they managed to get to the town.
At worst, some production Job people or children who haven't come of age could fall victim, hence we prioritized being safe than sorry.

"Um, what is going on...?"

As we got ready to intercept the rat magic beasts, worried Ferianna-san ran up to us and asked.

"...Ferianna-san, I'll tell you later. For now you should hurry up and take shelter."

"Magic beasts are closing in even as we speak. Please hurry."


"Mom! It's okay, we'll make a short work out of those beasts!"

"...I understand. But promise me, don't push yourself...!"

"Of course! Quick get away from here, mom!"

I arrange our formation while glancing at the running Ferianna-san.

"Alma and I will stop the beasts outside the town. We can't let that big rat to enter no matter what. I'll take that one on, while Alma, you're in charge of the follower rats."

"Got it."

"Reina, and Hiyoko, take care of any beast that managed to slip in the town. With Mana Search, Quick Step and shadow diving, you can get anywhere almost instantaneously. Just don't try to beat them if you can't and focus on stopping them."



Mission Start.
I'm holding Alma in my arms while making my way to the magic beasts with Pseudo Ground Shrink.

"H-Hikaru, you're too fast, I'm scared...!"

"Sorry, bear with it. I'm actually moving slower than usual."

"This is slower...? Y-you're joking right...?"

"I can get at least three times as fast if I go all out, any faster and I lose control though. Though well, if you insist--"

"Don't, this is plenty fast...!"

Oh okay. That'd be ideal cause I want to converse my SP too.
But man, this town defense kinda takes me back to Keruna village's situation.
The magic beasts this time are overwhelmingly stronger though. Would have been the end of us if there were 10 Jet Boars back then.

Oops, those rats are just around the corner now.
First, a greeting for the big guy!

"Alma, shoot your magic preemptively, but use anything besides fire element so you don't cause a forest fire."

"Got it."

"Afterwards, you're in charge of the follower rats and I'm the big one per the plan."

"Un... Haaa...!"

As instructed, Alma cast Offensive Magic as the first strike in this battle.
Hm, bullets made of stone, Stone Bullet huh. Yup that won't catch fire... Huh..?

Err, Alma-san? Why are you making ice, water, wind, light and co. besides stones...?

"I'll use all other elements if fire is no go."

"No uh, I didn't mean you should cast all other... Welp, what's done is done, go for it."

"Nn... Haa!"

...I'm not gonna throw a punchline here seeing how motivated she looks.
Ever since she learned [Double-Tongued], she's been proactively casting multiple elemental spells every chance she gets.


The herd of rats were thrown into chaos at this sudden downpour of many elemental bullets.
But, they're still over Lv30 beasts after all. Despite being boosted, a magic barrage shot from afar was not enough to finish them off.

Only two rats died.
The surviving rats kept running without a visible setback despite suffering slight injuries.
The big rat is pretty much unscathed. Well, figured.

"Alma, let's go with the plan. Just don't push yourself."

"Un. You too, take care."


The big rat roared. It must be trying to intimidate me, but I ain't afraid of you.
I've been on the receiving end of Oni-sensei's who's a hundred time scarier than you! Come at me, big rat!

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~~~~~~~~Alma's Perspective~~~~~~


One down.


That's two. Next.


Third one down.

My preemptive strike covered a wide area indiscriminately. I could have done this with just one element if I aimed properly.
But there's just too many. I already took care half of the original number, but they'd reach the town before I could defeat them all at this rate.
I've got to cull down more rats, low enough for Reina and Hiyoko to handle at least.



No, they've realized they'd make for an easy target if they flock together, they're making a break for it scattering in all directions.
I have to kill two more at least!

~~~~~~~Ferianna's Perspective~~~~~~~~

Townspeople have gathered at the town's shelter.
The guards warned us about the possibility of magic beasts raiding our town.

This flock of magic beasts are apparently too powerful for the town's combatants to take on.
Will Reina be all right fighting such beasts...?

I beg of you, god, please, please don't let Reina experience the same pain that man underwent, grant her your protection...!

"O-oy! Has anyone seen Anvi and Malti?"

"I-I haven't. Weren't they with you!?"

"I've been looking for them everywhere all this time!! Oy!! Anvi! Malti!!"

There are children who haven't got to the shelter yet...?

"Blast it! They're such a handful! Just you wait!"

"O-oy! Where are you going! Those beasts might get in the town!?"

"And that's why I'm going out! Those kids haven't even come of age yet!"

"You won't go! You'd put yourself in danger! Who knows they could be on the way here. I get you but you'd be better of waiting here!"

A man attempted to leave the shelter to look for those children.
...I'm painfully aware just how much he's worrying for his children. But doing that is only going to invite more panic.

Reina, I'm worried about you. I truly do.
But please grant me this one wish.
For the sake of this man and his children, please protect them...!







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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 467

467 Paying


I'm scared lying around too hard is gonna waste my mind so I'm going out shopping.

(Gonna be problematic if I don't know how to use this Black Card when I need it. Heck, I'd probably forget I even had one. I was a cash person in my past life after all.)

I haven't used this card even once yet. There just was no opportunity.
Hence, I've decided to get an experience while I take it easy in this city.

(First, underwear, then I guess something more fitting for my everyday clothes?)

I'm still wearing the same clothes I had when I left my village. It's taken quite a beating from all the washing and wear and tear.
Should be about time to get a new one. So I'm heading for a clothing store first.

(Welp, where to... I should've asked the butler for directions.)

I only had the card in mind when I left. Dumb me.
But I've got plenty of time anyway, might as well tour around as I look for one.
Can just ask some passerby or food stall owners if need be.

I looked around nonchalantly and found the store by chance.
The store isn't flashy at all but the entrance is kept clean and tidy. The signboard has a, jacket?, drawn on it.
I took a liking to the store and went inside where I was greeted by a boy.

"Welcome mister! ...What an unusual hair color you have. The most startling guest I've had the pleasure of serving yet. How can I help you today?"

I'm not wearing my hood today. I'm not trying to hide how I look at all.
I've come to a realization that I'm gonna get dragged into messes by 'something' no matter how much I try not to stand out anyway.
If everything I do is futile, it's a waste of time even trying.
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"Underwear, and some brand new clothes."

Frankly, it'd be more efficient leaving the choosing to the clerk than having me look myself.
I don't know this world's fashion, and not like I'm interested in dressing up.
I told the clerk how many pieces I wanted and left it all to him.

The clerk lined up the clothes he picked on the register. Even a beginner like me could tell they were very well made and ironed.

"Let me enumerate again. 10 men's underwear, and as you have entrusted me to pick the clothes, I have taken the liberty to fetch plenty. Is that satisfactory? Ah yes. Two jackets, five trousers and two tunics go for [silver, nine], [copper, eight], and [pence, two]."

(Hmm? 90000, 800 and 400? I think? I still can't instantly recognize the values yet. Are these cheap or expensive, no clue.)

I took the black card out of my magic bag and handed it over to the boy.
The boy who received it on his palm repeatedly blinked in surprise before yelping, 'Hyoe!?' and ran off into the staff room.

"Oh crap... If that managed to surprise him that much... I can't use this thing casually."

A plump old man came out in fluster. Looks to be the store owner.

"I offer my deepest gratitude for perusing our store's service! I dearly hope for your everlasting patronage."

The owner bowed deeply before mechanically moving the card to a rectangular box on the register.

"If you could please wait a moment as we finish the transaction."

The box glowed faintly for a bit.

(...Ou... This must be 'something' magical. I'll lose if I overthink.)

The owner carefully took the card and reverently offered it back to me.

"Thank you very much for your patronage. We shall forever await your next visit."

(What the heck... is this treatment. Nope, this just... Won't do.)

I told them I'd put the items in my magic bag in the beginning so I did.
In the meantime, the boy stared at me like he was longing for it.

(Ah, right, this magic bag is some expensive stuff too huh. Hm? Could this be...)

They must have come under the wrong impression that I'm some rich guy. I noticed. Which makes it awkward.

(I guess I am rich, but not quite. I don't feel like one myself y'know?)

Thus I've made a decision as I left the store.

"I can't just use this thing randomly... Is that a good or bad thing? This Black Card? But paying in cash is gonna be a pain too..."

I should have thought it through when Bonutts offered.
But as someone with no general knowledge and common sense of this world, I only had Eltros to rely on at the time.
After ruminating a bit, I came to a conclusion.

"Haa~ everything comes in handy when used right, is that it? The right thing at the right place is it?"

My tension fell with my mood. I don't think that's how the phrase goes.
Having no more goal in mind, I made my way back to Eltros's mansion.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 202

Rat Cave-in


"Youuu! Set Reina free!"

"Fuhahaha! Come and take me down if you wish to claim her!"

"...What are you doing?"

"Kajikawa-san, why do you look so happy playing the villain..."

Hello there, here we were on our way to the magic beast nest after getting more detail from the guild.
That was when we ran into Reina's childhood friends; a red haired boy 'Anvilun'-kun, and another red haired girl, 'Maltiann'-chan.

Apparently these two only have incomplete tidbit on Reina's situation, like how 'Reina's dad tried to sold her to cure his arm', so they came under the conclusion that 'The people with her must be the buyers'.

...Ferianna-san has told the truth to the neighboring housewives, but I guess it hasn't reached their children yet.
Well I suppose they're hesitant to spread rumor about another household. Dunno about it if it ends up troubling us though...

So, when I saw Anvil-kun challenging me with a wooden sword ready, 'Set Reina free!', I got carried away and played along 'Very well! Prove your worth by defeating me and take her by force!', and this was what we ended up with.
It's my fault for not explaining the detail no matter how you look at it, yep.

"Hmp! Ha! Daaaaaa!"

"Oy oy, you're gonna eat a counter making a big swing when your enemy isn't showing an opening. Like this!"

"Ooooooww!! I-I'm, not done yeeeeet!"

I dodged Anvil-kun as he flailed around and flicked his wide open forehead, holding back to the limit.
It didn't flinch him as he kept attacking me while tearing up. This kid's got some guts alright.

"Anvi! Move it!"

"E, wha, w, whoa!"

"Hey now, you shouldn't shoot magic inside the town. What if someone or their house caught fire."

"H-he caught and crushed Fireball in his palm...!?"

Maltiann-chan seemed to have Offensive Magic Skill, she shot out a Fireball.
Haven't her parents taught her not to do that?

"Heyyyy! Anvi, Malti! What are you playing at!"

"Geh! D-dad...!"

"Oh no! We're making a strategic retreat!"

"J-just wait for us, Reina! We'll free you for sure!"

"Ok ok, just be a good boy and girl and lemme get you."


"S-she's fast!?"

Reina Quick Stepped and cut their path of retreat.
She gripped their arms and dragged them to their father.
...Looking at this, it's clear how strong Reina is despite her frame. Kinda surreal.

"My apologies, Adventurer-san. Our kids have been quite the troublemaker..."

"Oh no, it's my bad for playing along too. Also, please don't be too hard on them. I believe they did it out of love for Reina."

"No, I must be stern. You two. Apologize to him!"

"Why! These guys bought Reina!"

"Give back Reina-oneechan!"

"Anvi! Malti! Knock it off already!"


"You can try to laugh it off, but you know this is cause you didn't tell them straight right, Kajikawa-san?"

"I mean, not like they would believe me anyway looking at them."

"That doesn't matter!"
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My bad. Soz.
But judging by the way they move and how they braved on danger for the sake of their friend, I'm sure they'd be excellent swordsman and mage. Do your best.
Now then, time to exterminate some vermin.

Apparently the magic beasts in question are of rat type.
Even the smallest one is the size of a nutria, there have been witnesses of them attacking farmlands and taking away the crops.
Some combat job townspeople have tried to take them on, but they can't do anything against the high level specimens mixed among those rats.
If Combatant over Lv20s find it tough, those specimens must be at least Lv30. I mean this Commission is Rank C after all.
Kinda reminds me of our Keruna Village hunting days. We had a tough time against just one Jet Boar.

"These rats have built their nest inside a mountain or so we're told."

"How big was the nest again?"

"Enough for people to enter apparently."

"Meaning some of those rats are really big?"

"Possibly. Well, we've got a way to deal with caves, it'll be fine."

"? What do you mean?"

"Spirit Magic."

"...Ah, I see."

Reina twitched while looking like she got what we're gonna do after hearing that.
Oh, that must be the nest... Aren't the entrance way too big? It's around 3m tall, and almost 5m wide.
If whatever inside needs a hole this big to come in and out... this something might be way over Lv30.

Hmm, Mana Search tells me there's quite a lot of them inside. Around 200 or so.
It'd be like a Stampede if all these beasts went out all at once.
We really oughta crush it for good quick.

"Alma, I'll refill your mana so go all out. It's quite far from the town, nobody's gonna caught up even if the whole mountain go down."

"Got it. 『Little Gnomes』, work time. Make it cave in."

<Damn ya got no mercy! Don't you have the word in your dictionary!?>

<Ah? They ain't got none of that stuff. Have you been watching them at all.>

<*Wheeze*, *wheeze*, this stuff's way over my pay grade.>

<We got lots of mana sure, but man is it tiring...>

The Spirits worked diligently despite all the grumbling. Fighto.
The entire mountain shook due to Alma's Spirit Magic. It's terrifying how much power a Lv1 Skill can exert.
Wait, I guess her Spirit Magic Skill has gone up to Lv2 now? Wonder what kind of Spirits can she summon next.
Oh, I could hear the sound of collapsing soil from the entrance. Just a little bit more and--

ZUGAGAGAAN!! A loud sound echoed as the cave came crashing down.
While it wasn't the whole mountain, the entirety of the nest seemed to have caved in.

"U-uwaa... You're merciless... Can't you, like, a bit more lenient..."

"Just a reminder, these pest have built a nest next to your hometown remember? Worst case scenario, Ferianna-san might get hurt."

"Yep, exterminate 'em all, leave none alive."

What a change of heart! It's like this little girl is dancing.

"Ah, I leveled up. That must've taken care quite a lot. Can't say it's all of them though."

Hm, I think that was everything but just to be safe, Mana Search...



A gigantic 5 meter tall rat broke through the buried entrance and left.
Followed by around ten 2-3m tall rats.
...Seems like all but high level magic beasts didn't survive that.

『Gugyaa! Kugyaaa!!』


The escaped rats received an order from what seemed to be their boss, the gigantic rat and began moving altogether toward a direction.
Which is... No way.

"T-those things are heading for my town!!"

...Not good.
That giant rat is likely upper Lv50s while the followers would be around Lv30-40.
If those things got in the town... The whole town wouldn't last.
For now let's go back to town with Fast Travel. Gotta sound off emergency warning to take shelter and prepare for them.

...Would this be counted as a commission failure.
No forget that, gotta go back fast!





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 466

466 Side Story, Escort Story 3


"Now then, I'll go and take a peek, you two come with me."

This place is near the stronghold of the dumbarses our intel network had pinpointed from the kingdom's intel. Somewhere between the kingdom and the federation.
I've left the ladies in a carriage with three of my subordinates, while I'm gonna go and cut open some pitiful criminals.

"Captain, please make it quick. Or else, it's gonna be a pain catching up to us."

My subordinate holding the wagon's rein warned me.

"I know, I know. I'll get it done in a jiffy, won't take long at all. You can go on ahead now."

"Understood. Please be careful."

The wagon sped up and left us. I stretched as I saw them off.

"Captain, let us have like 20 of them will you?"

"Haa~ you're way too bloodthirsty. Ah, captain, I don't need any, go give 'em all hell."

The two subordinates staying with me are both skilled in their fields.
The youngest one is among the best of my combat personnel.
And the senior one is the most 'out of box' thinker.
I'm proud of them both.

"They're apparently a bunch of men who survived the recent bandit culling, there might be some toughies among them. Those are my prey. Get it?"

"Eh? I don't wanna. I'm super irritated m'self. I wanna beat the crap outta those tough guys."

"Are you an idiot? We're her supports, supports I tell you. Don't you forget that."

We jogged through the off beaten path while cracking jokes.
There's a big forest far from the highway. Their lair is over there.
There's supposed to be a big abandoned house deep in the forest and that's where they've settled in.

"Ah, that must be it. Welp, I'll go ask them straight."

I walk up to a dirty man standing watch. All smile and neatly.
Greeting as lively as I could.

"Hello! I'm here to kill y'all! Drop your weapons, and grind your foreheads on the ground before me!"

"...What? This twerp spouting some crap. Well whatever. Even a brat like you will do to get some pleasure."

A moment later, the man's forehead had a knife lodged in.

"Seems like there's no saving these trash. Good, means I can hunt 'em all I want."

The other guards couldn't react. 'Wha?' as he looked at the killed man dumbfounded.
So I ask him.

"So? What you gonna do? Get done in by me without resistance?"

The man finally came back to reality and started calling for his friends.

"Oy! It's an emergency! Come on out, men! Buzz got killed! Surround and kill her!"

A filthy gang of men with faces to match came out of the house one after another. They quickly encircled me.
Once they all drew their swords, they dropped their glares and put on baffled looks instead.
But that too soon changed into grins. Not a single one kept their guard up against me.
Even the man who called them seemed to think he had won with the number. His face no longer stiff.
He just got one of his friends killed too. He couldn't even see the knife I threw.
Guy has no caliber. None of them noticed my lurking subordinates either.

"Is this all? One, two, three... OK. Three more than the intel. Well, guess it's still within a margin of error. Welp, let's do this. Gimme a good warm up ya hear?"

I grabbed a dagger hanging on my waist. I usually use two, but I haven't retrieved the one I threw. However, this is just right.

These guys and their disgusting glances still haven't started attacking.
I took a light step and cut off the throat of a man in front of me.
Then, I immediately went for the man next to him and stabbed my dagger deep into his abdomen.
They still couldn't react even after losing two more men. These guys are too dull.

(This is it, this is how it should be when I'm up against a group of mobs.)

I still can't understand how that brat managed to win against me.
I'm confident of my strength. But all that got smashed into pieces.
It's recovering bit by bit as I go wild here though.

(I should forget about that brat... That's it. I just gotta quit poking my nose on that unknown brat's business.)

Eltros said it too. Don't get involved. Things should be back to normal as long as I follow that.
All I need is to completely forget about that unidentifiable brat and keep doing my usual stuff, and all is well.

The bandits gradually lost more men while I was lost in thought.
Unable to follow my movement, each swing of my arm hit their vital, erasing their life.
They got thrown into chaos, moving erratically toward my daggers, like moths to a flame.

"I'm bored. You guys can have the rest."

I stopped moving when there were only eight left. One of them saw this chance and charged at me but his arm was already gone. Cut off.
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"Gyaa!? My arm!? Oooooouch! Uooooooo!?"

"Captain, you done already? I'mma go wild then!"

I took a breather as I left the rest to my subordinates. I picked up the dagger I threw in the beginning, wiped off the blood and put it back in its sheath.
All while paying no heed to the death wails resounding in the background.

"Couldn't find a single tough guy, but whatever. I'm all refreshed up now."

"How should we clean this up? I have burning tools with me."

I waived my hand at my subordinate asking that.

"Okay, I got you. I'll take care of it. Aah~ aah~. You sure made quite the mess."

===  ~~~  ===

Thus ended my 'Ally of Justice Play'.
We went back to the highway after the clean up, back on track. The federation is already right under our nose, so it feels more like a stroll.
Once we're in, we're gonna get busy in our effort to build our base and set up networks.
Our footsteps were light like we were in a pleasure trip, ignorant of the spine chilling reality waiting for us at the federation.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 201

Parent Child Choice


Hello good evening. It's late at night now.
After a post-meal break, we talked about our travels thus far and the future.
Apparently Reina had been periodically writing letters outlining the gist of things to her, so it went smoothly.

"...You have taken such great care of Reina. And I'm truly sorry about the matter with that man, Gilkanda."

"Oh no, please think nothing of it. I just lent her a bit of my power."

I think Gilkanda is the name of Reina's father.
Guy was going to sell his own daughter, and even if part of him might have been broken with the loss of his arm, what he did was unforgivable.
...He might have already lost another vital function thanks to Reina's kick though. *Shudder*.

"I believe Reina can stand up against Gilkanda-san with her own strength now. There is nothing to worry about even if he's out of jail in a few years."

"I did nothing but running away from that guy (father) all this time, but no more. I'm strong enough to beat him down double!"

"...You've grown into such a gallant girl. Still, you must no overdo it. Promise me to stay safe above all else, okay?"


Well, danger is the name of the game in this adventuring business but I suppose there's no need to go out of our way to tread on the most precarious path.
I think she understands the nature of this line of work yet she can't shake off her worry.

"...We have come across many critical junctions so far, and I can't promise you that it won't happen again."

"Yes I understand... That man was fully aware of the risk as well when he lost his arm."

It's easy to irresponsibly proclaim 'everything's gonna turn out fine'.
But reality isn't like that. Environments and the states of public safety change with regions, the same goes with magic beasts' strength.
Adding to that is the prolific activities of demons all over the place these days, there's practically no real safe place anywhere.
Naturally this town is no exception. The reason why she's not telling her daughter, 'Quit your dangerous job and stay here in your hometown.', is probably because she understands that much.

"However, I believe we can train Reina to the point that she can fend off for herself."

"We'll come running when Reina can't deal with something by herself, on the other hand, she has been a great help to us many times already."

"In fact, there were times when we'd have died for sure if not for her."

"...Kajikawa-san, Alma-san..."

That's probably not enough to convince her, but that's the least we could do.
If that's still no good, I plan to persuade her for however many days until she gives the OK to let Reina join us.
Ferianna-san stared at me and Alma for a bit before casting her sight down and feebly spoke.

"...To be honest with you, I was planning to have Reina work in a safer environment."

"Of course you would as her parent."

"But even this short conversation has made it clear to me that you're both very kind people."

"Oh not at all..."

"...Would you be willing to let me spend tonight with Reina? There is still a lot of things we need to talk about and I haven't sorted out my thoughts..."

"Yes, of course... Please, take your time. Alma, Hiyoko, let's head back to the inn."



"Well Reina, see you tomorrow."


I'm sure both Reina and her mom would like to live together if they could. Naturally of course.
Ah, geez, I'd feel so bad if she put that lonely look whenever we take Reina here.
...At worst, I might have to be ready to leave her here. But still.
I'll ask Ferianna-san and Reina again tomorrow and decide from there.

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"Are you having fun, everyday?"

"...Yup. I'm having so much fun. My meeting with Kajikawa-san and Alma-san makes all the bad things that happened before it seem trivial."

"I see... Thank goodness."

"Mom, I'm sorry. I know you must be really worried when I left..."

"I'm just relieved I could get to look at you doing well, Reina."

"...I'm sorry."

"Fufu, you've nothing to apologize for... What would you like to do Reina?"

"...Frankly, I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to stay with you mom... But."


"I want to go and see many places with Kajikawa-san, Alma-san, and Hiyoko-chan. I want to travel to faraway lands, I want to see new places, I want to eat all kinds of food and listen to all sorts of sounds."

"...I see."


"Then you have your answer already."






I'm sleepy. Save it for later.


Sorry, just five more minutes...

『Cluck cluck cluuuuuuck!!!』

Oh shaddup!! You're bothering other guests!

『Cluck! Cluuck!』

...Ah, yup, morning. I know I know, stop sitting on my head. You're heavy.
Keep your morning call's volume down pls. My ears are ringing.
Ah sheesh, okay okay I'll make your meal, just wait.
Haah, I couldn't get a good sleep. I'm surprised how much Reina weighed on my mind.

I brushed my teeth and went to the kitchen where Alma was already waiting at the dining area.
...She looks like she hasn't got much sleep. Was it the same with her?

"Good morning, Alma."


"I'll go make our breakfast, wait a bit okay."

"Un... Hikaru."

"Hm, what is it?"

"What's, Reina going to do."

"...That's for her to decide. Please don't get angry no matter her choice."

"...I know. I hope she makes a choice she won't regret no matter which."

"Yeppers... Now then, let's go with rolled eggs and fresh salad for breakfast."

Making one less portion than usual feels kinda lonesome.
The loss of not having Reina around is so big.
...Is this how Ferianna-san felt when Reina left.
I'd feel so guilty if I had to make her feel like this again...

...Hm, wait a minute...?

After breakfast, we headed for Ferianna-san and Reina's home.
The sun is high up in the sky, wonder if they're already up?

Just then, the door flung open and two people came out.
Now then, what's it gonna be?

"Good mornin'!"

"Morning, Reina."

Reina cheerfully greeted with her usual spirited self.
Ferianna-san smiled with a tinge of loneliness as she watched that.

"Good morning to you, Kajikawa-san, Alma-san."

"Good morning."

"...Both me and Reina have come to terms after our talk overnight."

"...So you do."

Ferianna-san bowed deeply and spoke firmly and resolutely.

"Please take care of my daughter from now on."

"...Is that, fine with you?"

"Yes. It's what Reina decided."

Seeing her trying her best to keep her smile and endure her tears is heartbreaking.
...Thankfully I noticed one thing before departing the inn.

"She will be in good hands... By the way, I have a proposal to you, would you entertain me?"

"...Yes, what will it be?"

I offered my hand as I spoke.

"Can I borrow your hand for a bit?"

"...Come again?"

"Err, you can also touch me anywhere if you don't want to..."

"O-oh no, I'm not against it or anything... Will this do?"

"Yes, that will do. Ferianna-san, do you know a town called 'Randorainam'?"

"Eh? Ah yes. I've heard it's a port town with a good view of the sea...?"

Menu, Fast Travel to [Randorainam].


The moment she gave a positive, the scenery around us changed from that of a quiet rustic town to a town with the scent of salt and the sounds of waves.

"...Eh? Huuuuuuuuuuh!?"

Ferianna-san was greatly taken aback at this. Guess anyone would.

"As you can see, this is the port town Randorainam."

"J-just what, what's going on...!?"

"I don't know how much Reina has told you, but I am able to instantaneously move around any town I have visited. That includes my companions and anyone in contact with me."

"I-is this perhaps Space Magic...?"

"Well, it's something like that. Naturally the list of towns has Diolgo too now."

I used Fast Travel again back to Diolgo.
She looks perplexed from the sudden change of scenery again, but I keep going.

"Reina has just come of age after all, I understand how anxious and lonely her leaving must make you. So I'm planning to take Reina back at least once every month, if that's fine with you."

"E, errr, I'm still trying to catch up... Do you mean to say that Reina can regularly come back to visit this town...?"


She was holding her forehead with her hand to ruminate things before speaking again.

"...Honestly, I would very much love that. I want nothing more than letting Reina roam free while still being able to see her again even for a short while every once in a while...!"

"Is that so, good to hear... Also, please keep what you experienced to yourself."

"I understand... But, I get what Reina is talking about now, it's true that Kajikawa-san is someone who can easily break common sense to achieve his ideals."

"...Do you mind if inquire more about the stuff written in those letters?"

"...Fufu, it's private, please give it up."

...It must be something along the line of 'That guy's seriously bad news. He's got no common sense. Not right in the head.'
I'm fully aware how weird I am though. I swear.

Now that Reina and her mom have safely reunited, it's time to take care of those pests.
Think it was something about magic beasts making a nest nearby and laying waste on the farm fields around the town.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 200

Years Long Reunion Dinner


I came across Reina's mother while buying ingredients for tonight's dinner.
...She's her mom right? She looks the splitting image of Reina, in fact she looks so young I'd believe you if you told me she's her sister.
No wait, looking closer, her countenance kinda looks more grown up? The difference is very subtle though.

"...Please excuse me, you look very much alike to Reina. Err, nice to meet you. Am I right to assume you are Reina's mother?"

"...Yes. Umm, pardon me but what are you to Reina--"

"Ah, found Kajikawa-san. This store is as big as I remember, looking for you was an or... deal..."

...Then at this timing.
Can't say if she's got luck on her side or what, Reina found me while I was talking to her mom. You can't afford to mentally prepare now. What do?

Both of them opened their eyes wide in surprise as they looked at each other.

"...M....Mo, mom..."


They both opened their arms wide as they ran.


"...Welcome home, Reina...!"

Thus a teary reunion of a parent and her child fulfilled.
Both are happily crying in each other's embrace as they make sure the other is there.

"Uu...! Uee...!"

"...You look, well... I'm so glad, you're safe and sound...!"

Yup. The schedule's off, but at least they're reunited now.
...I wish it was in Reina's house, not inside a grocery store though.
I may be lacking tact thinking that, but the onlookers' eyes... They're looking at them warmly, making it all the more awkward...

"...There's, two Reina...?"

Ah, Alma saw us too and tilted her head in confusion when she saw the parent-child reunion.
I get her, I mean they're like two peas in a pod. I wouldn't have realized if not for Menu-san too.

After a while, both of them turned to look at me while wiping their tears.
Looking slightly embarrassed for being seen crying.

"D-Do forgive me. I cannot believe I cried in public."

"Please don't mind us. It's very understandable."

"...I always tagged along with mom whenever she came here since I was small. I can't believe this would be where I reunited with her."

"Uh no, you're still small now."


"Fufu, I'm really glad you're doing well for yourself... Oh and she's grown so much already you know? The last time I saw her, she was only this big."

"No no, that's below your knees! There's no way I was that baby sized okay!?"

Looks like her worries were all gone she could even crack a joke.
...By the way, Reina's speech is a bit different than usual. Is it cause her mother is present?
That must be her original before she met Director.

"I'm very much delighted to meet you. I'm Reina's mother, Ferianna. Are you perhaps Kajikawa-san and Almatina-san whom Reina mentioned in her letter?"

"Yes, the pleasure's mine. I'm Kajikawa Hikaru, one of Reina's party members."

"Same here, I'm Almatina. Pleased to make your acquaintance."


"...I was wondering what kind of people you were like since she wrote me how she was picked up by adventurers in her letter. As it turns out, both of you seem very kind."

"Yup. They've been very very kind to me. Kajikawa-san even made the meals we ate everyday."

"My, you're an adventurer who cooks?"

"As long as I have recipes, yes."

Impressions can greatly change just from speech alone huh.
Both the mother and Reina. Had their clothes and speech been the same, they would be indistinguishable to me...

Reina's mom invited us to dinner at least for today, which we happily complied.
But having to make 3+1 portions of people out of the blue would be tough, so I decided to help.

"Um, I'm truly grateful you offered to help, but are you sure?"

"Yes, I'll do my best not to get in your way while I make some simple dish on the sideline. I feel bad for imposing on you to make our shares of portion."

"Please, you've always taken good care of Reina. This is the only thing I could do..."

"Oh not at all, that's quite plenty. We've been eating nothing but crude man's cooking, this will be a feast for us."

"Oh no, please you're too kind. You look like you know your way around in a kitchen."

We're entering an infinite loop of 'Oh no, please'. Someone stop us.
Reina's mom, Ferianna-san will be making our main dishes, so I'll make the side dish and get some puddings out as our dessert.

Speaking of which, I've bought up more Vanisoi beans by Fast Travel-ing to Keruna Village. I won't have any issue making vanilla-flavored snacks for a while now.
I profusely apologized to the villagers for leaving the field behind, but they were very understanding about it. Which made it all the more painful to my heart!
They even told me to just take the vanisoi for free, I was almost crushed by their sheer kindness and the guilt I had.
In the end, I bought up half of the harvested vanisoi beans while leaving the field to the villagers to take care of from now on... I plan to turn up there every now and then.

Welp, guess I'll make stir fried spina (spinach), ham, and garlic.
...Side dish with animal protein is a bit weird. It should be okay though, I won't be making much anyway. Yup.
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I cut the tip of a bundle of spina, cut up the root and washed off the dirt in a bowl of water.
I sliced up four more bundle of spina. Followed by dicing up ham and garlic.

I fried the diced garlic in an oiled frying pan, and put in the ham once it wafted a nice aroma.
Then I put in all the cut spina and poured in sake while flipping the dish over with chopsticks to spread the heat.
Once it heated up nicely, I poured in soiso (soy sauce) and a bit of sesame oil, and stir fried it to completion.

...I feel bad for only being able to make a super simple dish like this.

"You're done with your portion already? That is really quick of you. Might I presume you possess Cooking Skill?"

"Oh no I don't. I'm eyeing the recipe as I cook so anything simple is doable."

"But you were so quick with your hands, and that was without a Skill..."

Despite what she said, Ferianna's performance far outstripped me.
Seeing her cooking twice as fast as me drives home how clumsy I am. Dang.

Tens of minutes later, we carried the finished dishes to the table.
Feria-san made Lamb Chop with herb sauce and Tomato Stew.
Both are wafting this superbly appetizing aroma. They look so good.
After putting bagel-like bread on the main dish, meal is ready to be served.

"Fuwa...! It's mom's lamb chop, how many years has it been...!"

"Reina, don't forget to say your prayer first."


"Not to forget your thanks to Ferianna-san... Bon appetit."

"Thank you for Kajikawa-san too. Bon appetit."

""Bon appetit.""


First of all, let's have a bite of the Lamb Chop.
I-it's so good...! I can't sense the peculiar stink of lamb meat at all. In fact, I can't get enough of the herb sauce.
The heat passed well into the meat too, it's so tender. This is way better than some random diners.

"Om, nom, nom, hmm...! Eating mom's cooking finally makes it feel like I'm home at last."

"Fufu, we have plenty more, eat to your heart's content."

"The tomato stew has this gentle flavor about it too. It's really good."

"Thank you. Please eat as much as you'd like Alma-san... My, this Stir Fried Spina is unlike my version, it's quite tasty."

"Oh not at all, it's a very simple dish. If you don't mind, would you mind exchanging recipes with me later? This lamb and stew are simply irresistible."

"My, thank you. Of course, I'd be delighted to."

『Pipi! Pi!』

"What a hearty eater that little chicken is. Am I just seeing things, or is it taking in more than its little body could hold..."

"...I believe you'd be better of not digging deeper."

Feriann-san is looking wonderingly at Hiyoko eating.
I'm not one to talk but I do wonder just where'd all that food go into its small body. What a mystery.

When I presented pudding as the dessert, she had the exact same look as Reina as she ate in relish.
She looked so happy I ended up fetching my entire stock of pudding... I've got vanisoi stocked up and all anyway, I'll make more later.
...But she's really her mom, she even asked for third serving.

I got more recipes after our post-meal break, a big harvest.
On the other side, Ferianna-san's eyes were literally gleaming when she received the pudding recipe. Guess she likes it that much...

Well now that we're done with dinner, time to talk about the future.
It's been some time since Reina is home after all, we can take it slow in this town.
...I haven't forgotten about the pest extermination commission okay. I swear.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 465

465 Side Story, Escort Story 2


Passing through the narrow path below and opening the door at the end revealed a big room furnished with high class inn facilities.
First class sofas, tables, chairs, beds. The fluffy carpet on the floor is soft and soothing to your soles.
We put a lot of money into this kingdom's base of ours in order to rest hard.

"You ladies are to stay here with us. Well, just behave and you can relax, we've got everything in this room from toilet, baths and even good food. However, I'll have you promise to keep this place to yourself. Escort's just a side job fer' us. You've been invited to our most trusted inn."

The ladies timidly sit down on the sofa. Contrasting to them, my subordinates are making themselves at home right off the bat.

"Anego, you planning on staying in the kingdom the whole day or what?"

The man earlier asked me. He's one of the staff members in charge of this hidden inn.
He seems to be bringing us tea on a cart.

"You got any job I can go wild here? Had a run-in that kinda, hm~, really pissed me off the other day. I wanna blow off some steam."

"Ah~, naw there ain't any. This kingdom's stabilized outta nowhere, ya see. All the shady matters got sorted out in one fell swoop by the PM. Guy did it so quick we didn't even get a turn. He musta laid the groundwork for quite some time beforehand. Think they got one matter left or something? But it's not the time yet, so I've got nothing for you Anego."

Hearing that, I put my hands on the back of my head and plopped down on the bed below.
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"Nothing, really~. This murkiness ain't going away if I don't go on a rampage soon. Ain't there anyone who coulda died and nobody's complaining?"

"What kind of person managed to anger Anego that much? I cannae even imagine it. I know how strong Anego is. Ah, right, there's this one case, the intel's a bit shaky tho', apparently we got a bandit gang forming along an off-beaten path on the highway to the federation."

"Oh! Gimme the detail! What's the scale? What kinda weapons they got? They got mages among their ranks?"

I jumped off the bed and bit on it.

"Err, I gotta ask you to wait. We should finish gathering more intel by tonight. I'll hand it over to you tomorrow morning. You can take it easy here tonight, Anego."

"Alright! You guys don't butt in ya hear me? I'mma take care of errythin'. I'll let some go your way if they got numbers. Got it?"

I warned my five subordinates not to steal my prey.

"...Captain, you realize we're all quite irritated thanks to that brat as well right? What is he anyway... Knocking us out before we could react. We admit our defeat... but we just can't accept how unreasonable it was, can't help but getting annoyed."

I had these guys run around the entire city after that brat disappeared.
We couldn't find him anywhere then he just showed his mug at Eltros' mansion out of nowhere after three days, annoyed the hell outta us.
Where the heck did he hide. They're still angry 'bout that.
After our defeat, I asked Eltros about it and got a dumb answer.

『That man seems to have returned here after finishing a  job at the federation. He had completely forgotten about his match with you. It all only adds to my headache. I'm even taking more stomach medicine than usual. Please don't get involved with him anymore. Please don't make any more problem related to him. Do it for the sake of my stomach!』

(How many days he thinks it takes from the federation and back? Good grief. Has Eltros gone senile? It's our loss yeah but that got nothing to do with that. You telling me he got to the federation the same day we started the 'game'? Ridiculous. There just ain't no way. Nobody can do that. A round trip in less than three days? Make up a more believable story if ya wanna tall tale, dangit.)

I decided to forget about all that while enjoying the tea's aroma.
Nothing good comes from mulling over that crap.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 199



After consulting with the other members, we decided to take on a pest extermination commission at 'Diorgo', a nearby town.
There were other places we could choose but this town is apparently Reina's hometown.
This is a good chance as any to put Reina's mother's mind at ease. Thus we left.

"A-are you sure? Prioritizing where I want to go..."

"It's fine, it's fine. Not like we've got any other place in mind anyway."

"You should go see and tell your mother you're okay as soon as you can. She must be worried sick."

"T-thanks so much...!"

"...Well she might get worried in a different way once she found out her daughter has leveled up to Intermediate Job so fast."

"W-will she really..."

So here we are on our way to Diorgo but I can never get used to wagon transport after all.
Can't we use Mana Flight instead? Ah, no we can't huh, okay.
...It's still better than beast carriage at least.

"Ah... That mountain..."

"Hm? What's wrong? ...Wait, what is that thing!"

Reina found something as she was watching the scenery so I peeked in the direction to see a super big red flower, is that even flower? blooming at the top of a faraway mountain.
It's stupidly huge like it's been growing for more than a millennium, it looks like a sunflower outwardly. Kind of eerie.

"That's called a Rising Sunflower, apparently it's been in full bloom for several hundred years now. Some people around these parts even revere it as a guardian deity since it looks like it's overlooking us from above."

"Hee, that's one incredible flower... Maybe a tad too incredible."

"You sure know a lot about it, Reina."

"Yep! Mom has been telling me stories about that flower ever since I was little."

"Does that mean we're close by already?"

"Yes I think we are. This scenery kinda takes me back..."

Reina looks homesick as she stares outside the window.
...Guess I'll spare her from teasing this time.


And then there's Hiyoko breaking the quiet gentle mood with its cry.
...Really now, can't you be mindful of Reina for a bit, okay okay you're peckish I see.
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"I've got some cookies for snacks, you wanna?"


"Ah, I want one too!"

"...Me too."

Well that escalated. I'm not one to speak, but our girls really eat so much.

After enduring being shaken for almost the entire day, we finally arrived at town of Diorgo.
Hm, it's not as rustic as Keruna but it sure looks rural.
There's almost no big buildings and while there's no run down houses, it's really quiet.
This should be number one choice for 'I wanna retire somewhere peaceful and quiet'.

"Fuwaa...! The views, the smell of air, everything is so nostalgic...!"

"What a quiet tranquil town. All the more in contrast to the noisy industrial town."

"It's kind of, soothing."


"Well, it's already evening and all, let's go rest up at an inn."

"Don't you want to see your mother?"

"Err, um, well... I know it sounds weird after coming this far, but to be frank, I'm still not mentally ready..."

What are you saying now... Ha!? Wait this is no time for a skit.
She's her biological mom and as far as I'm told she's raised her with love, so even if we don't do anything, I'm sure they'll meet up.
Guess there's no need to rush her, and wait for tomorrow.

"Well if that's your wish, Reina, guess we're staying at an inn tonight... However, you have to see her while we're staying in this town."

"It would be best if you could do it right away, but it's not too late even after you're done mentally preparing, just make sure you tell her you're doing fine."


"Okay then, might as well cook something made with this town's ingredients for dinner. Do you know a grocery of some sort here?"

"You know this is my hometown right? But of course, just leave it to me!"

Reina walked more cheerfully than ever.
Looks like someone's in high spirits after getting home.

I'm a bit, very teensy bit envious

We're going to look for dinner's ingredients inside the biggest grocery store in town.
It's a big store despite being in rural town. Think it's about as big as a Japanese supermarket.
...Thanks to that, the two went off somewhere leaving me alone with Hiyoko.
Well, we'll meet up later.

Wait oh? What's up with those shrimps and their dragonfly-like wings?

<<[Fly Shrimps], Shrimp-type magic beasts that fly in the air instead of ocean, they are as tasty as ordinary shrimps.>>

Flying shrimps huh. Why not oceans tho'.
Seems these things are Lv1-9 beasts. They get bigger the higher their levels, would be worth eating.
Though they're quite big as is.
Speaking of which, can you even eat the wing parts?

<<They are edible. Stir or deep frying the wings gives off a nice aroma and crunchy texture.>>

I see. I'll use these and make fried prawns tonight. Only fly shrimps not, cough cough.
Now then, what to do about vegetables and garnish. Should I fry them together or leave it raw. Uumu.

Whoa, oy, oy, Reina. Why are you putting those shrimps in your own basket?
Coulda just told me. What do I do with you, geez.

"Oy, I've got shrimps in my basket already, you don't need to get your own."


"What do you mean eh? ...Huh? Reina, were you wearing those clothes earlier? Did you change?"


Reina is looking at me with a look of complete surprise.
What's up with that... Hm, what? What's up Menu-san?

<<The person you're speaking to, is not Reinamiure.>>


<<Target's name has been verified as [Ferianna]. The name Feria has been mentioned once at the orphanage in the past. Referring to-->>

"W-who might you be? D-do you know Reina!?"

<<Reinamiure's mother.>>


For real?

<<For real indeed.>>

Oy, your speech.





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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 464

464 Side Story Escort Story 1


I explained to Eltros what happened at the federation in detail.
I also asked him to spread rumors about this being a good chance to start a business at the federation. Also how he could have a head start of transporting goods there if he started shipping from this commercial city and the kingdom now.
Eltros saw this as a good chance to set up an intelligence network in the federation thus he formally assigned Mirza's group to do the escort job.
Apparently they'll be staying in the federation afterward to gather intelligence.

"Allow me to take care of this issue. What would you like to do now?"

I slowly sank down my sofa before answering him.

"I feel tired. I'm gonna take it easy here for a while. Thanks in advance."

"We shall prepare your room. Please ask a nearby servant if you need anything. It shall be done immediately."

And so, I'm gonna make myself at home at Eltros mansion.

~~~  ~~~  ~~~
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I don't really mind doing the escort job. It's part of my job description. But when I think about working for that inexplicable brat, it makes my skin crawls.

"How'd I get stuck doing this crap. Ah, I'm bored! It's so boring!"

This wagon is pretty big. Drawn by two steeds, I'm riding with the three escort objects. Our luggage is put here too.
One among my five subordinates acts as the coachman. This guy's good with whips and controlling camel horses.
The rest, four of them, are riding steed beast Groudos, running on the highway while scanning the surroundings for danger.
We've left commercial city, already in the kingdom's region now. This trip has been a smooth sailing, I can't help but shouting out loud.
This unit's main job is supposed to be intelligence gathering, assassinations sometimes. We don't feel alive on days without stimulation.
Our intel gathering jobs usually involve infiltrating, going undercover, and sometimes good ol' show of force, never lacking tensions.
Having been accustomed to those days, this peaceful day trip naturally bores me to death.

I went to bed in a huff and we arrived at the kingdom's gate by the time I got up, passing without issues.
Today we plan to meet up with our intelligence operatives hiding in the kingdom.

"Hope they got a case where I can go wild."

I can't help but grumbling. My body feels stiff from the lack of exercise.
A clerk called out to us once our wagon arrived at the 'usual inn'.

"Will you be staying in our establishment? Allow me to lead the way. Speaking of which, have 'things' been well?"

"Yeah. Prepare the 'best tea leaves around'. We'd like to take it easy."

My subordinate who was handling the reins said 'passwords' which got us led to the area behind the inn.
Yep, this inn is one of Eltros's intel network guild. One of many operating within the kingdom.
It's also a bureau in charge of roughhousing. Our unit's base, so to speak.

We were led into a separate hut. It looks run down outwardly.
However, the area around this hut has been made into a 'blind spot' nobody can perceive.
We took the three escort objects from the wagon into the hut.

"Ah, don't be afraid now ladies. You'll be staying at our usual spot."

The insides look the part as well, cramped with a lot of dusty disaster prevention tools lined up on the shelves.
I crouched down in the center of the room, knocked on the floor and waited for the question.

"Yellow, black, and blue, well now what should the next color be?"

I gave my answer.

"Red, the color of blood red."

The floorboard gradually rose and a man's face popped up. It's the usual sight to me but not for the ladies who froze up with a look of shock.

"Mirza-anego. It has been a while. Come on in."

We can take it easy in our 'hideout' today.
Nobody's gonna complain no matter how hard we laze around. Goes to show how much we trust this inn.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 198

Craftsmen Incredulous


Two weeks have passed since my bombastic encounter (physically) with Fierce God of Fist-Sensei.
I have been visiting the place once every two-three day to work out and have sparring matches with Sensei ever since.
My current goal is to last 10 seconds.
...Usually I could exchange blows for twice or thrice before finding myself getting blown away out of the blue. Gununu.

I'm trying to burn Sensei's motion into my brain every time we spar.
Everything happens instantaneously so I have to put all my focus into observing him or I can't even so much as perceive it. Missing my chance means I've wasted that session.

Then I try to mimic Sensei's martial arts move using the motion I barely managed to observe as a reference.
Of course that's impossible with just my power of observation alone, so I have Menu correct me as I go.
I can't even get the straight punch perfectly imitated right now but it'd be nice if I can get more moves to mimic one of these days.

Just like how you can cook without Skills, I'm sure martial arts can be recreated too. Hopefully.
Unlike Swordsmanship, Spears and such, Kempo and hand-to-hand combat fit snugly with my Mana Control, no harm learning them.
Thus how my physical power up training goes these days, it's barely even started yet I think it's going swimmingly.

On the other side, the weapon making process is progressing well, I would sometimes drop by the workshop and get asked for opinions which they then implement.
For example, when I showed the broken prototype, there was a concern of the handle having the same thickness wouldn't last long even if it was made from adamantite.

"Uumu, I suppose we should make the handle thicker to increase durability."

"Ain't no chance, any thicker and thing's gonna be unwieldy. Without a proper grip, it's gonna slip right off even with Kajikawa's absurd strength."

"Ah, no, I'll manage..."

"Don't be absurd. That's like sayin' ya can hold and swing around that oil-filled drum with one hand. Keep the handle this thick and just hold back whenever ya make the thing explode, that's the most realistic solution."

What's the point of changing the material if we do that.
If this weapon can't be made sturdy enough to be swung at full force without worrying about durability, it's just gonna break again when I come face to face with powerful enemies.
...I'm not big on flaunting my power though, can't be helped.

"Hm? Kajikawa, what you gonna do with that drum...!?"

I wrap the aforementioned drum with mana and lift it up with one hand.
It's a bit tough with my base specs, but a bit of energy buff and it's a cinch.
Then I swing around the drum. Yup, I should be fine if this is how it's gonna feel like.

"Err, I think I can manage this just fine, what do you think?"

"What are ya, a monster!? I only said that as a joke, why'd ya went and done it!"

"...Seriously what the hell are you...?"

Gen-san and Higuro-san are taken aback.
...Why do I get called a monster whenever I demonstrate Mana Control anyway.
That term is reserved for beings like that Black Dragon I saw at the prairie or Alma's parents I'm sorry I'm just joking.

"W-well, that settles the grip problem."

"Umu! You can absolutely swing and make it explode all you want! Fuhaha!"

"But that means we gotta order more adamantite ingot to cover the increase, thought you'd wanna know."

I-it's gonna get more expensive again huh.
No wait, I guess we've brought the main material ourselves already. Expenses for the service and adamantite themselves shouldn't be that high.

"I'd like to order more stuff once this weapon is done, are you up for it?"

"Mumu!? Have you already thought up the next weapon you wish to create?"

"Yea. In fact, I've got heaps of things in mind, you won't be looking for job for a while."

"Fuhaha! What a delightful news! Would you mind giving a rough idea on what kind of objects you wish to produce?"

"Yeah. Like say..."

I listed out my ideas on magic tools and weapons.
Julian looked as jovial as ever at first, but the more I enumerated the more twitching his smile became.
Hmm, guess they're too hard...?

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"...My customer, a word if I may."

"Go on."

"You are positively dreadful! What is up with all those devilish ideas of yours!? They are very much on par with hero's weapons!"

Well I mean, I hail from the same land as the past heroes after all.
I got to see Julian looking agape for once. That's probably the same reaction most people have after seeing your weapons.
Alma, Reina and Hiyoko who were watching us from behind put on dubious looks on their faces. It's nothing suspicious I swear.

"...What did you order?"

"We're talking about Kajikawa-san here, it must be some wantonly ludicrous weapons for sure."

"Unlike the romance filled hero's weapons, the stuff I'm asking all have practical uses though."

"They may be highly powerful indeed, but every single one of them requires the usage of disposable elemental mana stones. The average magic tool stores likely won't be willing to undertake this request..."

"How about you then? Can't it be done?"

"No, they are intriguing. Allow me to take a stab! However each and every one of them will demand a hefty sum, just thought you wanna know."

...Figured. Feels like my share of cash is mostly getting funneled into magic tools and weapons.
Personally, I'd like to put it toward food and ingredients instead...

"Oh yeah, the weapons and armor you lot ordered are all done, give 'em a spin. Lemme know if they don't fit right."

"Oh, finally!"

"The fur coats made from those Unique Monsters' mats are gonna be way hot in this season though."

"Right, yes. I suppose they will have to wait until it's cold outside."

I asked Thunderclap Byakko's and GoldSilver Wolves' fur be turned into coats instead of torso armor.
Skinning that splendid fur felt like a waste so coat it was, but since it's summertime right now, into storage they go. Gonna wait till winter.

"So how do those Platinum Cock's gloves feel?"

"They're so smooth I was afraid they'd slip right off but they actually fit so well in my hands. The size is just right too."

"Turning those feathers into fiber was a toughie ya know? I may have the right Ability from my Skill, but the work took stupidly long still."

Thanks to the feathers used, the gloves are as comfortable in hands as they are durable.
Unlike with gauntlets, these don't obstruct my fingers, they're super nice.

"Got your dagger done pretty well if I do say so myself young miss, whaddya think?"

"I-it's so good! The blade looks like it's crackling and all too!"

"Cause it's made from a lightning elemental magic beast's mat yeah. Whetting that stuff was some scary experience..."

"Higuro-san, so you were in charge of whetting. I can see it's been honed really sharp!"

<<[Lv1 Lightning Tiger Dagger] ATK+185 Confers additional lightning damage on attacks. It has a slight self-repair ability however currently even a chip takes a long time to repair.>>

Oy oy, this thing's got an even higher base ATK than a mithril dagger.
Then there's the lightning element, not to mention it's still at Lv1 meaning it can grow further.
...Equipment made from Unique Monsters are all way strong.
When can I get my weapon I wonder~. Eh, in another week? Oh okay then.

We dropped by a magic tool store in the town to fetch pearl earrings we left there for enchantment.
They look the same as ever but they've got a super good effect added now.
Which took a lot of money. Not sure if 200000 en is expensive or cheap, considering.
...My sense of value has really warped these days.

<<[Earrings of Magipal] [Automatic MP Recovery] Enchantment, wearer automatically recovers 1 MP every 2 minutes.>>

Yup, your MP recovers by 30 every hour wearing these. They're super handy stuff.
MP recovery potions are expensive so constantly having your MP recovered is so nice. You can purchase 20 vials of MP recovery potions with the price of this enchantment.

"The enchant effect is nice and all but more than that, they look really good on you."

"Yup yup, they're not really catchy, more tasteful and really add to Alma-san's charm."

"...Thank you."

It seems Alma isn't used to getting praised for her fashion, she looks slightly bashful and happy.
There's only a limited way to be fashionable in this adventuring business after all.
On the other hand, she can't walk around comfortably in casual attires during holidays because she's too attractive.

Guess now the only thing left to do in this town is to wait for my weapon.
Now that I've got Fast Travel, we can fetch it anytime.
Meaning it's about time to travel to another town.

But y'know. There's nowhere in particular I wanna go to.
Guess I can ask for the girls' opinions on this.





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