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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 497

497 Getting Licked


I woke up as the sun rose. I got out of my tent after a light stretch.
The coldness of the woods roused my sleepy eyes.

"Ah, a cup of Waking Grass tea would have made this morning even better..."

I took a deep breath and made my way to Griffon. It's still sleeping.
Same with Chimera, still curled up with no sign of waking up.
Sunlight gradually penetrated between the trees, brightening the day.
Griffon and Chimera felt the warm of sunlight hitting their bodies and got up while yawning.

"Good morning guys. Looks like we're gonna have a fine weather today."

I went about my morning routine as I spoke to them. Griffon replied 'Kueee' and did a cat-like stretching pose.

(It's got a lion body right? Or a cat? Or maybe bird of prey? Wonder which one is it?)

I shook off the weird question crossing my mind and checked on Griffon's condition.
I took a good look on its entire body to see if a wound opened after yesterday's dose of potions.

"Alright, you're back in tip-top shape. Do you think you can fly back home now? Hm? Oy, stop that."

Griffon opened its beak wide and licked me. The beak is big enough to swallow my head whole. Naturally the tongue is just as big, enough to cover my entire face.

This is probably a sign of affection but it's really a bother physically speaking.
I'm happy that Griffon has opened its heart to me but that's a separate matter.
I pushed its beak away. I don't mind it growing attached to me but I'll suffocate to death if it keeps licking my face.

After washing my face, I sensed someone's glances from behind a tree.
Turned out it's Chief Raie.

"S-so you were telling the truth... But this situation is really abnormal... Ah, I want to study this case, but I'm too scared to get close..."

Her whisper reached my ears. Griffon's growl, 'Gururururu...' could also be heard at the same time.
Apparently Griffon saw Chief Raie as a hostile. I calmed it down.

"Chief, come over here. You're gonna scare Griffon staying there. I'll make sure it understand you're not an enemy, stay next to me. This Griffon won't attack without reason."

"Are you sure it's fine...? Truly...? I won't have enough life if it attacks me."

I beckoned Chief Raie, but she kept hiding behind the tree.

"Just like how you're scared of Griffon, Griffon is also scared of you. The growling is a sign telling you to stay away. It's fear of the unknown. It won't stay scared once it gets to know you better."

Chief Raie looked conflicted for a moment before putting on an understanding look and timidly trotted here.
Once she got next to me, I introduced her to Griffon.

"This person is not your enemy. Relax. She's not in league with the people who hurt you."

This scene must be first in history. A human communicating with a magic beast.
Griffon cried out, 'Kururururu', and took a 'sitting down' pose.

Chief Raie stared at Griffon in a state of shock after muttering, 'I can't believe my eyes....'
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(Come to think of it, the people who drove Griffon here must be hired hands. They can't be that 'Old Wolf' merc group, can they?)

It didn't look like that merc group had anything to do with Griffon coming here.
If they were the one who hunted Griffon, they would have acted it, yet they didn't.
They likely would have gained much more if they managed to hunt down a Griffon. No reason to bring it all the way here.

(Guess it was done by a personal army of that Bandoro merchant then? Must be a big syndicate...)

I was thinking of letting Griffon go back to its habitat.
But what if a member of that army saw Griffon going back. I can't imagine the conclusion to that.
Supposedly, Griffon is a match for a group of thirty well trained elite soldiers.
Bandoro must have the reins on such a group. Quite a force to be reckoned with. I can't take them lightly.

As long as they have their sight set on this site, Griffon's habitat is just as precarious.
I can't exist in two different places at once. I want to protect both.
Hence, I made a suggestion to Chief Raie.





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