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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 233

Throw Up Capital


We spent five days mining in the abandoned mine using Spirit Magic and stocked up quite a lot.
Most were rank C-B mana ores with a few A-ranked ones, but we got one rank S fire elemental ore on the last day somehow.
It's only as big as a marble ball yet the thing is unbelievably rare and worth 10 million en.
Menu advised me not to sell it though so I kept it with me. Not like we're hurting for cash anyway.

Well, it's nearing the tourney's day, it's time to head for the capital.

"Spending every day mining and exterminating moles felt kinda idyllic, didn't it."

"...It's weird how some of those moles had Dragon Skill though."

"I tried cutting them down with my sword, but it did nothing."

"Hmm, guess you gotta defeat a real dragon, not just magic beasts with Dragon Skill."

The evolution condition of Alma's [Dragon-eating Black Sword] is likely killing a dragon just as the name suggests, and it must be a real life dragon not just magic beasts with Dragon Skill.
Also, it probably has to be a considerably strong dragon, can't be random dragon mobs. I mean the last time it evolved, it had to defeat an over Lv50 ogre.

By the way, why did those moles have Dragon Skill anyway? I mean, they have the kanji of 'dragon' in their name, sure.
Some of them even tried to shoot out Dragon Breaths at times, but they stopped midway likely due to lack of MP. Dragon Skill seems quite defective if you don't have enough mana.

On the morning of our last day in the mining town, we're riding a beast carriage departing for the capital.
T-that thing again. I wish I could avoid having to experience that shaking hell ever again...

"...Hikaru, your eyes look dead."

"There's no light in them..."

"Aaaaaa.... Kill me... Someone just kill me please..."

"Just how bad you hate beast carriages anyway. It's weird when you usually fly around erratically all over the place anyways."

"Going fast on my own is completely nothing like entrusting someone to move me fast..."

It's like when you don't get carsick when you're driving but do when you're the passenger.
I don't actually get carsick often, but beast carriages are a whole different beast.
Heck, I don't get how Alma and Reina are fine with beast carriages when they can't stand my Mana Flight.

"Uh no, a beast carriage is still vastly better than that."

"...I don't think there's a mode of transport more terrifying than Hikaru's flight."

Eeh. You girls have been on it a few times by now, you should get used to it.
Ah sorry my bad, I can never get used to beast carriages no matter how many times, please slow it down I beg of you bleeeeergh

We finally arrived at the throwing up, I mean the capital once my soul left my body. Urgh...
I was still better off after fighting Minimum Jormungandr... What a terrifyingly powerful foe, these beast carriages...!

Umu, what a wonderful sight befitting of its name, Capital of Blossoms. Wish I could enjoy this in a better shape...
The enormous outer wall enclosed a well ordered city inside.
There are no skyscrappers like you see on earth yet each building is like a small castle in its own right.

Also, the hustle bustle is still going strong despite this late in the evening.
More lively than even Vinfitt, this place is probably among the biggest cities in this world.

Yet I don't see a lot of dirt and garbage despite the scale.
You can tell the hygiene is well kept here.
Everything is high class. So this is the capital, [Pendragon]... The person who named this city must be an earthling, and most likely a Japanese at that.

"It's still so lively this late. It's a capital city alright."

"Fuwawa...! So this is how a big city is like!"


"Usually we're looking straight for food, but not today. I wanna find an inn fast. Gotta find an inn, fast."

"That bears repeating?"

"Yup. I just wanna lie down now. Sorry about it, do you girls mind eating out for dinner tonight...?"

"Isn't this the first time you're too tired to cook dinner, Hikaru?"

"I gotchu. We should manage on our own, you just go and rest up after booking our rooms, Kajikawa-san."

"My bad..."

We somehow managed to brave through the crowd and found ourselves an inn.
Okay fine, 5000 en a room per night... I got no strength left to retort the price...

I dived in my bed after handing cash for dinner.
Menu-san, they're only going out to eat but do warn me if they get themselves in trouble.

<<Acknowledged. Reporting in if they cannot solve an issue without Kajikawa Hikaru's involvement.>>

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~~~~~~~Alma's POV~~~~~~~~

"Hmm, the food is pricey but it's got the taste to match."

"Un. It's a shame Hikaru can't eat with us."


"Ah, yeah Kajikawa-san would have loved this. It's rare to see him downed like that."

Thinking back, I've always had meals together with Hikaru ever since we formed a party, almost never without.
...Is it just me or the flavor feels lighter than usual. I can tell it's seasoned well yet it's missing something.

"Alma-san, are you not hungry? You're taking it slower than usual."

"Un, I'm just relishing all this new flavor."

"Oh okay. And I was sure you're feeling down because Kajikawa-san isn't here fufufu."


Please stop teasing me with that grin.
...She's probably right too, which makes it worse.

I'm like this just because Hikaru isn't eating together with us once. I'm aware I'm being too dependent.
And I was used to always eating alone just a few months ago.

Just how hard would it hit me if Hikaru were gone.
...I had him promise me not to be reckless anymore. He wouldn't hesitate to ask for our help against powerful enemies, ever since.
Nevertheless, I can't help but realize my powerlessness every time we're up against opponents beyond my power.

...This spiraling mindset does me no good. Let's focus on finishing my meal.
It's dangerous to loiter around at night in a city we're still not used to yet. We should hurry and head back.

I heard a crashing sound from the next table while I was working on my meal.

"Oy damn it! Look at what you did to my clothes!"

"M-my deepest apologies sir! I tripped over something..."

"Aaah, it's all ruined. What're you gonna about it, these clothes' made from Diamond Dust Bear's fur you know? They easily go for 3 million en, how you gonna compensate me? Huuh?"

"T-three million...!?"

"What? You're telling you can't pay up!? What are you gonna do then? Here come with us, we may have a deal with you."

"You're gonna pay one way or another hihi!"

"P-please, no, sir...!"

...Looks like a waitress tripped over something while she was carrying food and spilled it on a guest.
An orange haired man who had his clothes dirtied angrily blamed the waitress.
A blue haired man sitting on the same table jeered while grinning ear to ear.

Reina is about to stand up.

"Reina, are you going?"

"Yessire... That blue haired man tripped her on purpose."

...So those two men set her up.
I'm losing even more appetite watching this.

Just when the two of us were about to stand up and stop the two men.

Someone walked up to them.

"Oy, quit it."

"Aahn? The hell are ya? Don't butt in!"

"Or what, you gonna stand in for her? That's fine by me, yer' a pretty lil' lady yourself hyahaha! ...Bugyaa!?"

The blondie sent the blue haired man flying.
For a bare back hand to output that much power, that person is quite strong...?

"Keep your mouth shut. Going around falsely accusing women, aren't you ashamed as a man, huh?"

"W-what are you...!?"

"That blue hair I sent flying tripped that waitress over. Leave these pranks in elementary school, you stunted old dogs."

"Elementary, stunted old dogs...? Dunno what're ya going on about, if anyone's falsely accusing, it's you! Look at these dirtied clothes! Ain't no way it can be cleaned, I want compensation! Three million en, pay up!"

"Ha? What diamondsomething, aren't those made from White Rat's fur? It's not even worth 3000 en, where'd you even get three million from. Quit spouting up stupidly obvious lies."


The blond girl around my age rebutted the orange hair so thoroughly, he couldn't get back at her.
...Seeing through that immediately, wonder if she has Appraisal Skill.

"S-shut the hell up! H-how dare you bitch try to put me down! I'mma make a mess out of your face, you won't come out in the open as a girl no more!"

Orange hair swung his fist at the blond girl.
The man seems quite skilled himself, he's approaching fast using Magic Fist Gale.

There was a sound of something getting crushed.
Not the blond girl's face, but the orange hair's fist.

The girl set up a shield from out of nowhere and blocked the man's attack.


"...Also, one more thing I have to add."

The blond girl readied her fist while whispering in anger.
She's also grimacing with teary eyes for some reason.

"I'm a man darn it! Why'd every single one of you keep calling me a girl damnitall!"


The blond girl, I mean boy knocked the orange hair hard as he tearfully shouted that out loud.
...A boy? With that face?





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