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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 237

Face-to-Face with Scarymast


"Long time no see, guild master."

"...It's you. 'Long' isn't quite right, is it, Kajikawa."

Scarymast, Raizakaren has bandages all over her body in a private room at the treatment center.
I'm here to visit her. Her injuries are more severe than I expected. More than a match for that hen-pecked husband of Keruna Village.

Normally she's not considered well enough to receive visitors, but the staff let me in after I told them I'm giving her high potions.
There's currently a shortage of potions due to all the demon attacks lately. High-grade potions that can heal grave injuries have become a rarity.
I was the only one granted permission to see her as too many people visiting might aggravate her wounds.

"...You're hurt all over. Have you drunk a potion yet?"

"If only I got my hands on a high potion, I could have recovered enough to at least walk around. Most potions were bought up by the army, while adventurers snatched the few remaining ones, so they only have mid-grade potions and below in stock. Complete recovery is a long ways off."

"What happened?"

"Nothing much. I tried to get back at a flying black lizard and had the table turned on me. Quite pitiful if I do say so myself."

"Flying...? ...!? You can't be telling me you fought Black Dragon, can you!?"

"Sure can. Goodness gracious, all these wounds and the only clean hit I managed to land was one good whack. I suppose that lizard is not a former dragon partner of a hero for nothing."

She's way too reckless picking a fight with that darned monster.
Actually, what compelled her to do such a suicidal action anyway.

"I filed a complaint to Souma directly in regards to the Hunting Fest incident. He rejected me outright due to the lack of sufficient evidence, however."


"So, I tried hounding on Black Dragon and get him admit his fault but my provocation proved too effective. It broke out into a fight and I came out of it in this sorry sight."


...I always thought this person was a reasonable one despite her scary shell but she's surprisingly hot headed and thoughtless.
Getting seriously injured just to get back on a harassment is too much.

"But not everything was bad news, I got that dragon to admit, 'I planned out that incident', at the end. Despite the lack of proof, that's a satisfactory result."

"Eh, why would he confess?"

"He spouted up these lines before we fought; 『I've nothing to say to a weakling』, 『Let us say you spoke of the truth, they are but empty words lest you possess the strength to push through』. It does, however, mean that he is willing to speak the truth once I've shown him my strength."

Think about how much trouble you put other with that stance, damned dragon.
His owner must be at his wit's end after all the trouble he did to cover it up. Serves you right.
They must have planned to feign ignorance if Scarymast didn't go all the way here. Alma and [Stairway to Heaven] party could only grit their teeth in frustration if it came to that...

...Hold it.
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"Err, could it be the reason guild master filed a claim and even picked a fight with the dragon is..."

"I sought compensation for their actions. It would make no sense if I did not bring any result after all the big speeches I gave you. Ah, they should cough up the reparations in a bit. You may come to the guild after a few days."

She fought Black Dragon for our sake?
Even got hurt this badly in the process...

"...I apologize. You did all this for us..."

"Don't take it wrong. Fighting that lizard was for the sake of my belief. You've no reason to get worked up, or apologize."

She's so gallant. I'd fall for her. Not in a romantic sense, more like in a leader-like sense. Anego?
I can't be the only one doing nothing here. I should act in accordance to my belief too.
...I'm not too fond of standing out but high potions don't work well on injuries like hers, guess I'll do it myself.

"Guild master, excuse me for a bit."

"...What's wrong? Everywhere hurts, I'd rather you don't touch me...!?"

I transferred my life force to Scarymast and used her blueprint to restore her back to her normal State.
Even lost limbs can be restored as long as there is enough life force to go around. Bone fractures and bruises should be nothing.
Scarymast's State turned back to 'Normal' in a few seconds, recovery complete.

"...Was this your doing? I no longer feel pain anywhere on my body."

"I believe you're fully recovered now. You can unwrap those bandages too."

"Looks like it... To think you can even mimic healing magic. You're so versatile I find it hard to believe you can't use a single Skill. Frankly, it's frightening even."

"Ahaha... You told me not to get worked up or apologize, so please let me do this much at least."

"Hmph... You have my gratitude."

She's frowning a tad yet she doesn't look at all displeased as she checks her body.
I'd be down in a dump had she said 'It's none of your business'.

"I healed you to show my appreciations. But it's also true that it'd be a big help if you're at tip-top shape on the tournament day."

"Just so you know, I am not participating. That event is reserved for active combatants. I will only be there as a spectator."

"That's quite enough... The more people with Combat Job present there on that day, the merrier."

"...Fumu, it sounds like there is a trouble brewing."

"It's merely a hypothesis for now."

There's a chance something is going down during the tournament so I want to secure as many potential forces as possible.
She might have retired, but a Lv59 combatant should still be a force to be reckoned with.

Heck, this person is only a year older than me, isn't it too early for her to retire?
She's still young and all, she'll likely reach Special-class Job if only she keeps going.
...Well Scarymast must have her circumstances, I won't pry further.

I discussed a bit more about the tournament and how to proceed before excusing myself.
...Can't you please wait unwrapping your bandages until I'm out. That's unbecoming.

Now that's done, guess all that's left is to practice and make arrangements for Alma and Reina to prepare for their matches.

"Is Guildmaster, healed?"

"Yeah. The nurses were so confused looking at her suddenly back on her feet."

"And she was in such a bad state, they wouldn't even let a visitor too. Kajikawa-san's healing is just as weird..."

If ordinary people tried this method, their life span would be reduced.
Concretely in the form of their Maximum HP decreasing. Scary.

On top of these girls' training, I should make preparations for when those demons (idiots) show up to mess with the tournament.
I might go get stuff like those magic tools I asked Julian to create, or materials and tools I can use to gain advantages in battle.
Think taking a peek in granny's store at Daijel's is a valid option too.

...Good grief. It's nice to have an ample time to prepare myself and all but I can't help but keep worrying if I've done enough.
Wish the tournament's day is here already so I can skip all that. No wait, I really do gotta prepare thoroughly. What a pain.





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