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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-33

16-33. Garleon Union (9)


Satou here. I'm not sure if it's because simulation games come from war board games, but I just love world war II war games even on home consoles. I mean, simulation games about warring state period always end up turning bothersome due to the domestic affair stuff to me.

『I'll be right there Mia. Have the airship land in a safe zone.』

I was told that a Ghost Fleet led by Skeleton Archduke has appeared above Garleok City's sky.
According to the Map's marker column, Lady Karina and Princess Sistina seem to be in Garleon Temple on the ground, but these two should be fine without me hurrying to rescue them.

Now then, going back by sailing would take too much time.
That said, I can't go about abandoning the Allied Fleet either.

I decide to slightly alter the plan.

"The Golden Wheel is--"

A navigation officer who noticed the [Golden Wheel] in my hand letting out a solemn sound and golden light sounded surprised.
They're actually my magic handiworks though.

"--The Golden Wheel has imparted me. It appears that a crisis is looming over Garleok City."
"N-no way!"
"Just when we manged to flee from the pirate fleet, now you're telling me that Garleok City too."

The navigation officer and the vice captain wailed sorrowfully to hear what I said.
Their reaction is only natural considering it means their family is in danger.

In order to proceed to the next act, I use Weather Control magic to call forth massive dark clouds and roughen the sea.

"Earl Pendragon! Couldn't you do something about it?"
"There is one thing."

I looked back at the vice captain whose face was illuminated by a flash of lightning, and powerfully nodded.

"O 『Golden Wheel』!"

While entrusting my embarrassment to [Poker Face]-sensei, I make use of [Amplification] and [Acting] skill to deliver my voice, loud enough to not lose to the sounds of winds and lightning strikes, to the flagship crew.

"Lend use your help to send these pious people who serve upon great God Garleon to his side!"

It ended up sounding like a funeral service somehow, but no one seemed to question it thanks to Acting and Deception skills.

"O 『Golden Wheel』!"

Matching the timing with the call, I lifted up the ship with [Magic Arm], and let it fly with wind magic and gravity magic.
I made the ship to shine golden light with [Illusion] magic as I lifted it up.

I've increased the downpour as I lift the ship up, worsening the field of view. For the sake of--.

"--Ships! There's ships around us!"

The crew who found silhouette of ships beyond the rain reported loudly.

I have gathered the allied fleet ships with markers on them using Space Magic teleportation here.
Since God Garleon's order was to display [Group Valor], I was thinking that engaging the Ghost Fleet with just a lone ship was a no go, therefore I've amassed our allied ships except for the ships that spread out to escape the pirates.

That's still only 10 ships though.
Since the Ghost Fleet seems to have more than 100 ships in their ranks, the power gap is a bit too large.
Thus, by making use of the poor visibility, I make the golem fleet that I've created beforehand to join us.
For now, having around 50 of them with us should be enough to make it look like a fleet vs fleet battle.

"Earl Pendragon, we're surrounded by unfamiliar warships!"
"Please be at ease. They're our allies. By the guidance of the Golden Wheel, God Garleon ships have been gathered here."

With the help of Deception skill, I convinced the officer that the warships are our allies.

Of course, my mana is running low after this much brute forcing, so I've taken a mana supply magic tool out of the Storage into my palm, and get replenishment from it.

"S-ships, flying in the sky?"

The temple knight commander-san who went down with a seasick right after our departure crawled out of the cabin.
I wasn't sure if it was acceptable for a knight commander of a maritime nation, but since his day job usually involves protecting the temple, I guess there's no particularly huge problems in being weak with ships.

"It's a miracle by the great God Garleon!"

I declared powerfully.
Conclusive words are more persuasive in times like this.

As people's gratitudes and prayers probably have to reach God Garleon to fulfill his order, this method should be good.

"Hear me! Soldiers of Garleon Union!"

Toward the captains and crew of the consort ships who still hadn't caught up with the situations, I told them about the stuff imparted to me by the [Golden Wheel] and it being an oracle, about the crisis looming over Garleok City, and that we're now going on a rescue mission.

"Let us charge forward, soldiers! Lead our way, O 『Golden Wheel』!"

People eyes are gathered at the enlarged vision of the [Golden Wheel] I created with [Illusion] magic in front of the ship, and on top of that, I create a teleport gate ahead of it.
I make the enlarged illusion to shoot out a laser-like beam of light from the center to shine on the teleport gate, and make the gate itself to be glittering with light particles.
This much needlessly flashy show should be good enough to make it look like a [God's Miracle].

Since I'm used to making this kind of theatrical plays when I was developing events in my game development day, imagining this was relatively simple.



It seems to be [Super Effective] on the pure Garleon Union's people, their tensions are reaching sky high.
I linked the flying ships with the wheel and made them go ahead into the gate.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"--That's Garleok City!"
"There's black ships flying in the sky!"
"No! Those are the accursed ghost ships!"

Out of the gate, the crew who noticed the Ghost Fleet cruising above Garleok City made a commotion.

I put my Map's markers on the Ghost Fleet while I have the chance.
I mean, they just suddenly appeared above Garleok City out of nowhere after all.

"It's not just Ghost Ships!"
"I've never seen that monster before... It can't be, is that a demon!"
"You're mistaken."

I negated the anxious vice captain and officers who were making a ruckus.

"That's a spirit my companion has summoned forth. It's protecting Garleok City, so tell all escort ships not to attack it even by mistake."

It'd be troubling if they attacked Garuda that Mia summoned.

I look around and check out the Ghost Fleet's levels.
There's lots of level 20 small ghost ships and level 30 mid-sized ghost ships, but the numbers of level 40 and level 50 large-sized ghost ships aren't insignificant either.
There's also highly mobile Wraith Knights riding on black Pegasus among their ranks, they've been having skirmishes with Mia's Garuda since awhile ago.

『Mia, kept you waiting.』
『Nn, waited.』

I talked to Mia with space magic [Tactical Talk].

『Sistina-sama, could I trouble you with the command of Golem Fleet?』

Controlling 50 ships at once is bothersome after all.

『I understand. Please send me back to the airship as I'll be using the Thousand Throne.』

I returned Princess Sistina to the airship with Unit Arrangement.
She also told me that the Skeleton Archduke showed up at the Main Temple and his objective was the [Golden Wheel].

Karina-sama is--there.

I saw Lady Karina running vertically on a tower's wall.
She runs on the wall and leaps to the sky.

At the end of her path, there's a ghost ship releasing a black depth charge down below.


She pierced the ghost ship from its bottom to the deck while leaving a blue trail of light behind.
She kicked off the mast of the instantly sunk ghost ship, leaping toward another ghost ship and single handedly routed the undeads on the deck.

Yup, these stuff are more suited for God Heraruon's trial.

『Karina-sama, I'm here with reinforcements. Please return to the flagship over here.』
『I got it! Sa-Satou, d-did you see my...』
『I did, you were really wonderful. Please do continue after you've returned to the flagship.』

After I said that, Lady Karina cheerfully bounced toward the flagship.

"Earl Pendragon, please accept this."

Looking at the source of the voice, an officer offered an admiral-like hat and coat to me.

"This is?"
"It's a proof of Admiral."

This'll save me the trouble of acquiring the commands, but is it really ok?

"The decision isn't solely decided by me. Other escort ship captains have also sent flags and signals agreeing to have the right command transferred to you."
"Earl Pendragon, abiding by the master of the 『Golden Wheel』 is a consensus of the allied fleet. Please accept the proof of it."

Pushed on the back by the temple knight commander's words, I accept the hat and coat from the officer.

I go up to the fleet admiral's seat as I put the hat on.

"All hands! First of all, let's drive the Ghost Fleet away from Garleok City!"

With my command, the fleet began its march toward the Ghost Fleet.

"Admiral! Seven black knights are coming from starboard direction!"
"Don't focus all your attentions on them! Concentrate on the large hostile warship before us!"

Golden bands coming down from the sky obstructed the Wrait Knights that were flying on their way to the flagship.

『Thank you, Mia.』
『Nn, protect.』

The golden bands were obstructions sent by Garuda who's standing by above the Golden Fleet.

One of the Wraith Knights that were forced to take a detour seemingly couldn't give up as it tried to make a dive bomb from above.


Lady Karina ran up the mast and intercepted that.

"Been waiting for 'er, the Brawling Princess!"
"Kicking Princess, yer' the best!"
"Dayum, she's strong, she sunk some ghost ships too earlier."
"Yeah well, she got a Kraken yesterday ain't she, our fleet is unfleeting s'long Brawling Princess' with us."

Crew on the deck raised their arms above and applaud Lady Karina with nicknames, like Brawling Princess and Kicking Princess.
Putting that aside, the last one with the bad pun was being ignored, he looked so lonely.

"Dem vertical roll's amazing--it ain't getting messy even tho' she moved around that much, how'd that even work."
"The heck's with ya! The awesome one's definitely that chest of hers!"
"True, I want her be my wife."

Looks like there isn't an insignificant number of people who are getting distracted by silly stuff.

"As expected of Karina nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi who showed up from my shadow are cheering Lady Karina on with folding fans written with [Victory] and [Friendship] in their hands.
We could have easily annihilated the Wraith Knights if we borrowed these two's power, but that wouldn't count as a display of [Group Valor].

"Admiral! We're about to enter the range of the enemy's black cursed cannons!"
"Fire the Mana Cannons!"

I concentrate on firing mana cannons from outside the range to drive them away from Garleok City's sky.
For now, the enemy is moving like intended, retreating from Garleok City's sky.

"Admiral, this is a trap. We'll be surrounded by the enemy ships if we keep this up."

I agree with the temple knight commander.

I know that it's a trap.
However, driving the ghost fleet out of Garleok City's sky takes priority.
The damage would have extended to Garleok City's civilians if this kept up.

Fortunately, all other ships besides the main 10 are Golem Ships in our fleet, thus we can safely ignore damage on our fleet by making use of that fact.
And besides, pretending to be caught in a trap only to turn it around sounds like it'll be more popular with the civilians.

"Admiral, we're getting surrounded."
"This should be far enough."

We've succeeded luring the Ghost Fleet away from Garleok City's sky.
This position is perfect as it can be seen from Garleok City yet won't damage the city.

"Kuha, kuhahahahaha--foolish mongrels! I shall grant you a peaceful death if you promptly hand over the 『Golden Wheel』! Or perhaps, you prefer eternal servitude... Kuha, kuhahahaha!"

We could hear the Skeleton Archduke's declaration of victory from a conspicuously large ghost ship.
Looks like he's so elated about it he even breaks out an amplification magic tool to brag.

"Don't worry. They haven't completely encircled us yet."

I fixed the admiral hat's angle as I spoke to the frightened first mate.

"All hands! We're done being passive! We're gonna break through the enemy encirclement and turn the tide around!"

I encouraged the fleet with the help of [Acting] skill.

『Sistina-sama, if you would please. Command the golem fleet onto the planned course.』

Princess Sistina replied with an unusually high-spirited voice.

『Mia, please bring Garuda closer.』

Mia asked me if I wanted to use Garuda's finisher.

『Nah, let's save that for a bit later. First, let karina-sama ride on Garuda so she could break through the enemy encirclement.』
『Nn, gotcha.』

"Karina-sama, please ride on Garuda and make a mess out of the front line."
"I got it! I'll show you a fight that'll make Sa-Satou praise me."

To Lady Karina who weirdly set up a death flag, I say, "I'm looking forward to that. But please take care not to get hurt okay."
Holding her hands felt like it would have put Lady Karina's Ditzy Engine straight into turbo, thus I refrained from doing so.

『Follow after my ship!』

I gave an order with [Amplification] skill, and smoothly control the ship toward a gap in the Ghost Fleet's encirclement that I perceived.

"Rapid fire mana blasts desuwa!"

Looks like she's defaulting to overkilling with Magic Edge Cannons, since her Karina Kick would end up in her falling to sea.
It's probably an advice from Tama and Pochi who are peeking out of her shadows.

『Could I ask you to do something?』
『Pochi wants to do it too nodesuyo!』
『Then, it's an errand for you two.』

I ask Cat Ninja Tama and Dog Hero Pochi to take care of advertising in the city.
Mainly to spread news that the Golden Fleet is God Garleon's miracle.

While I was doing such backdoor dealings, Lady Karina managed to wrench open a hole in the Ghost Ship encirclement.

The ghost ships begin to scramble in a hurry, but every ship gets in the way of every other ship, they cannot steer their ships well it seems.

"Push back the enemy fleet with the column formation! Keep firing the mana cannons as we head outside the encirclement! Focus on hostile ships that are going for the flagship!"

Following my order, our fleet is encircling the ghost fleet in a long thin formation, shooting volleys of mana cannons toward the ghost fleet all the while.
As mana cannons aren't enough against mid-class and large-class ghost ships, I finished those off with [Explosions] after they were hit enough times.

Of course, it can't be a one-sided offensive.

Cannonballs from the ghost ships' black cursed cannons hit several golem ships, destroying their mast and armors, sinking them down in the process.

"What amazing firepower."
"Yeah, we'd go under if they hit us with those."

The navigator and the temple knight commander had such a conversation.
These temple knights have nothing to do since there's no close quarter skirmish going on for now.

"O 『Golden Wheel』! Exemplify the glory of God Garleon!"

I shouted out something random, wrapped the allied fleet in golden light with Illusion magic and used that timing to buff each ships with protective magic.
I held back and only made it so each ship could defend against around 10 black cursed cannon's shots.

Increasing the bombardment as we circle around the Ghost Ships.

"M-my eyes, they're spinning."
"Shoot, shoot, shoooooooooot!"

While ignoring the high-tensioned flagship crew, I concentrate on steadily whittling down the enemy fleet.

Rings of gold and red are formed in the sky as our fleet whittle down the pursuing ghost fleet from outside, while red and black cannonballs are flying around.
I also mix in [Explosion] here and there whenever.
Thanks partly to that unfair technique, the pirate fleet is decreasing fast, we can feel our victory already.


People in Garleok City and the high-rise rampart are repeatedly calling God Garleon's name.
Looks like Tama and Pochi's advertisement was a huge success.

It'd be nice and easy if this stays until the end--

"--Looks like things won't go that well."

While muttering that, I glared at the only ship that had changed its course; the Skeleton Archduke's flagship.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 173

Chapter 173 Strongest Sage, Exits the Country


"Uwaa, that's quite a line..."

"Being the national border means it's the door to foreign trade after all. Must be lotsa merchants around."

"This looks like it'll take a whole day if we get in the line...."

I look around after saying that.
Wagons fully loaded with luggage are forming a long line.
They're probably checking the inside of those luggage, the line looks almost like it's not moving at all.

The town itself is quite different than your ordinary town.
There's only a few stores, and instead, warehouses are all over the place.
It's a true blue base of trade.

"Are you lots going to exit the country? Then line up here. You've got an exit permit with you, don't you?"

A nearby guard called to us as we were looking at the line.
It appears that we have no choice but to join the queue here.

"Yeah. We only need the exit permit right?"

I showed the permit to the guard.
And then... The guard suddenly became polite while turning pale.

"C... could that be a Category 2 exit permit?"

"That's what written here."

I look at the permit given by the king.
It's written with 『Category 2 Exit Permit』, 『Emergency』.
Category 2 huh, does that mean there's Category 1.

"P-please excuse me. There is no need line up, if you would please come this way!"

We look at each others.
Looks like the permit we got was special.

Thus, we were led to a small gate away from the huge national gate.
And there.

"Category 2, it's an emergency!"
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"Understood! ...excuse me, could you show me your ID."

We showed our guild cards.
Then the guard hurriedly stamped some documents and left with them somewhere.

"That is all for the procedures! Please take care!"

The guards opened the gate and sent us off afterward.
That was really simple, perhaps it was thanks to the 'Emergency' label.

"...That went off really easy, didn't it."

"Now I'm worried if we stood out too much..."

"We'd look more suspicious if we were sneaking about instead, might as well go at it with a bang right? It's not like we're doing anything wrong, and we'll be standing out when we quickly rise through the guild rank anyway."

"Ah, you were actually aware about that..."

We look around at the surroundings while talking.

There's a town on the other side of the gate.
Being a national border, it looks to be mainly used for trade warehouses.
However, since the atmosphere of the town is quite different than that of Eis Kingdom, it makes you feel like you're in a foreign country.

"Shall we head to the guild for now?"

"Nope, let's go to the next city and enter Fredia Territory. We'll comb-through the quests in the guild there."

"...Instead of a nearby city, we're going out of our way to some faraway one?"

"Yeah. Because apparently, Fredia's ruler is on good terms with Eis Kingdom. It'd be easier to talk with them."

Taking and completing all the quest will of course draw attentions to us.
There is a chance that some problem might occur that would result in us getting banned from taking more quests.

Thus, we're gonna raise our ranks in a territory governed by a ruler who's on friendly terms with Eis Kingdom.
Even though they most definitely won't make the requirements to raise our rank to go in our favor, simply having them not getting in our way will make a big difference.

And once we've ranked up, we'll get the permission to enter the restricted zones.
Guild rank is shared inside the country, thus it should be possible to enter a restricted zone in another territory even if we raise our rank in Fredia.

While having such conversations, we arrived at Fredia territory and immediately went to the guild.

"Could I use this here?"

I showed the Raginia Federation Guild Card inside the quild.
This card was kindly included in the letter the king delivered to us.

It's of the lowest rank (Rank G) since it's a new card, but it'd save us the trouble of registering anew if it's usable.
Guild registration and procedures are surprisingly bothersome.

"Yes, of course you can."

Fortunately, it is usable, as expected of a gift from the king.

Now then... the next question is the most important one.
Our efficiency will differ greatly depending on the answer to this.

"Is there a limit on how many quest you can take?"

"There is none. ...However, we do not recommend taking too many quests because you will be given penalty for breaching contract if you went past the quest deadline."


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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 172

Chapter 172 Strongest Sage, Coming up with Strategy


"A delivery for you."

"Here it is. That was faster than expected."

A few days after I asked the cooperation of the kingdom.
A bulky envelope adorned with ornaments was delivered to us.

"Don't tell me, that's from the king?"

"Yeah. Here's the royal family seal."

I showed one of the papers inside the letter.
There's also a traveling permit, a letter of introduction for the Raginia Federation, and such.

"That document looks really important...."

"Is that a decree directly from the king himself..."

One thing stands out among the papers inside the envelope.
It's a decree detailing the king's request to help us locating the demon.
Another letter also tells us that we shouldn't hesitate to use other papers beside the decree when needed.

It's not like there's going to be a change in plan even without the decree, but these documents might prove useful.
There's a chance that we might have to force our way through while saying that it's the king's order if anything happened.

Doing such acts in another country while holding onto these kind of documents might turn it into international problems, but the fact that they're letting us to have them while fully realizing that must means they trust us.
There's other documents of interests inside... but first thing first, we should take care of our exit formalities.

"Now then, we should head out."

We've finished our preparation already.
Looks like we should go to a town at the border to Raginia Federation called Granze Town.

"This is the first time I'm going outside Eis Kingdom, I can't calm down..."

"I've always wanted to sightsee Raginia Federation!"

We're traveling toward Granze while conversing.
While also holding a strategy meeting since there's no dangerous place along the way there.

"Was it about 130km to our destination?"

"Should be around that far!"

"Yeah. The problem isn't the distance, but this place here."

I point at the map I gave her.

"...Is that a, restricted area?"

"Yea. Details about it are written here."

Inferring from the mana reaction, it's where the facility to detect demons is located.
There, 『Category 1 Restricted-Entry Zone』 is written.

We have details pertaining Category 1 Restricted-Entry Zone among the documents we got... in short, traffic is limited because there is a possibility of disaster happening if one were to randomly poke their nose around inside.

"...Can't we just, like, slip in without anyone noticing?"

"Simply slipping in is no sweat. However... Activating that facility will throw the surrounding mana waves into disorder. I'd like to enter through the formal way unless in a case of emergency."

"Formal way?"

"Apparently, you'll be allowed to get in if you raise your rank at the Raginia Guild. Category 1 Restricted-Entry Zone is, A rank... looks like we need the second highest rank."

This would have been simple if Raginia were governed by one king.
We'd have been able to enter the restricted area just by talking to that supposed king.

"Second highest... Wouldn't that take a really long time?"

"Normally you'd never even dream of becoming one..."

"Fortunately, you can apparently raise your rank by completing quests at Raginia Guild. We should rise in rank quickly if we just take and complete all the available subjugation quests at some guild branches."

Since the quests are usually tied to rank and stuff, taking everything might prove difficult in reality.

However, we should manage somehow by going around several cities and completing the quests there.
<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"We won't take quests for monsters that our Passive Detection don't detect though."

"I don't think that's the problem here... but we really might be able to enter the restricted area pretty quick if we do that!"

Looks like Ruli got it.

"And if something came up that required us to immediately act along the way... Let's have the Dark Dragon to emerge above the sky of the restricted area, and make use of that chance to accomplish our objective."

"Isn't that Dark Dragon..."

Alma and Ruli turned their line of sight toward Iris.
Of course, they're right.
I mean, Iris is the Dark Dragon even though she looks like that.

"Yeah. I don't want to resort to that if possible since it'd cause many complications. And flying will put too much burden on the current Iris."

Granze has come into view while we were tallking.
For now let's take care of these exit formalities.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-32

16-32. Garleon Union (8)


This is from Princess Sistina's point of view


The brownie who was assigned to pilot the airship came by while we were relaxing at the Solitary Island Palace.

"We'll be arriving above Garleok City shortly."
"Airships are really fast, aren't they."

I head back to the airship with Mia-sama and Karina-sama.
As we were about to leave the room, Lulu came inside carrying baked sweets that let off sweet smell in her hands.

"Are Liza and Nana currently training?"
"Nana-san is at school, Liza-san said that she was having a 『spa-ring』 with Heiron-san."

That's right, Nana is commuting to school along with Pochi and Tama.

Apparently, Liza is training with the Black Dragon in one of Satou's personal sub-dimensions.
No matter how many times I heard it, I just can't fathom how a mortal could fight with such a combat-specialized species like dragon--even knowing the demon lord slayer fact.

Perhaps, Liza would be able to win even against a demon lord?

"If necessary, I could go with you if you want?"

Lulu's sniping skill is extraordinary, but it's not exactly suitable against groups of pirates.
Besides, it seems like Satou doesn't want to let Lulu step foot in a battlefield where people kill each other.

So long we have Mia-sama's spirit magic, we should be able to handle it as long as no demon lord comes out, and Lady Karina is quite sufficient for the close-quarter combat.

We would have an easier time maintaining the allied front lines had Sera-sama who could all kinds of healing magic was here with us, but she's presently occupied with the ceremony preparation together with Arisa, she cannot be here.

"No, please don't worry, we will be fine."

I shook my head, then Lulu obediently consented and handed over the baked sweets for Satou to Mia-sama.

"What is that I wonder?"

I saw a black thread-like thing in one part of the cloudy Garleok City.

"Smokes desuwa! The central temple is on fire desuwa!"

Looks like Karina-sama could see with her naked eyes at a telescope distance.

"Mia-sama, what's the matter?"

She pointed her cute finger toward a direction where a new smoke line rose.
And, as if following after that, more and more smoke lines keep appearing one after another at Garleok City.

"The pirate underlings must be wreaking havoc there desuwa!"

After saying that, Karina-sama rolled up her sleeves, and said, "We've got to punish them."
This must be the works of the so-called terarist people Arisa told me.

"Put the airship into the optical camouflage mode and lower it down at the central temple."
"Yes, Sistina-sama."

"Mia-sama, could I ask you to extinguish the fires?"
"Nn, leave it."

Mia-sama agreed with eyes full of sagacity.

So reliable on top of being so cute, as expected of elves of Boruenan Forest.

The airship landed in the front yard of the Central Temple while we were conversing.
Right as I was about to get off, Karina-sama followed.

"I will be coming with you desuwa."
"No, Karina-sama should stay by Mia-sama's side as her guard."

Mia-sama shook her head, telling me that my worry was unfounded.

"My golems will suffice as my escort--"

Mia-sama interrupted me.
As a fairy of the forest, Mia-sama holds the power to see spirits unseen to us.

And spirits hate to be around places with thick miasma, thus Mia-sama can tell places with thick miasma, or so Arisa told me.

"Mia-sama, are those of monsters?"
"No, Impurity."
"Impurity--do you mean undeads?"

I see--Mia-sama is as amazing as always.

Although golems are strong against people and monsters, they're at a slight disadvantage against undeads.
That must be the reason why Karina-sama offered her company.

"Well then, Karina-sama, would you accompany me?"
"--Eh? Yes, of course desuwa!"

Karina-sama was bewildered for an instant, but she quickly regained herself and gave her affirmation.

We got off and then the airship flew off to the sky.
Mia-sama is going to extinguish the fires with her magic from above.

『--Karina-dono, look at that!』

The tiara that emits blue light on Karina-sama's forehead--Raka the [<<Intelligent Item>>] gave a warning.
The central temple's cloister is filled with ash-colored bodies that have been completely dried up.

"People are lying on the ground!"
『Karina-dono, hold it!』

Raka stopped Karina-sama who was going to run up to those bodies.

"But, we've got to save them quick."
"No, it appears they have been long gone."

Rain begins to gradually fall.
This must be Mia-sama's handiwork to extinguish the fires.

"--『True Silver Horse』"

I called out to a pony-sized true silver horse golem from my personal magic tool, and then I rode on it to run past the cloister.
I've also let loose of True Steel Wolf golems that Satou made for me to act as a scout, going ahead.
No monster should exist that's capable of stopping the True Steel Wolves that can fight on par with Shiga Eight Swords, however I still hovered away [Drone-kun 39] to look out in the surroundings.
The sphere-shaped drone may not look strong, but even one of this is capable of downing a mere wyvern.

Together with these impregnable guardians, I rode the True Silver Horse toward the temple where the black smoke is rising.


Karina-sama who had run past me and was running side by side with the True Steel Wolves made a sudden stop, breaking the stone pavements as a result.
Hit by the ever-increasing torrential rain, the dust forming from the broken stone pavements fell on the ground.

"What's wrong, Karina-sama?"

I called to Karina-sama while stopping True Silver Horse.

"I can sense evil presences...."
"--Evil presences?"

Karina-sama looks around at the surroundings, like she's mimicking Tama.

"Over there desuwa!"

Karina-sama shouted that as she rushed off.
Not toward the black smoke, but to the cathedral where the [Golden Wheel] resided.

I can't let the gullible Karina-sama to go off alone to a place where something unknown might be waiting, so I pursue her on the True Silver Horse.

『Sistina-dono, you can believe in Karina-dono's intuition.』

Raka, the tiara on Karina-sama's forehead spoke.
He then told me how she saw through a demon disguising as a consul that tried to ruin her father's territory, and acted on that to save the territory.

"I can feel something weird desuwa!"
『It appears to be miasma.』

Karina-sama stopped before the door to sanctuary.
The [Undeads] that Mia-sama mentioned must be here.

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"O God Garleon! Grant your protection unto your believers!"

In front of Garleon Holy Mark, the temple head, several miko and high ranking priests are facing off against black clothed men.
This was right when a temple knight, who was fighting against the man in the center of the black clothed men, met his demise.

I hold back Karina-sama who was going to run off while saying, "Oh no desuwa", and ascertained the situations for now.
I ask Raka to tell the situations to Mia-sama up above on the airship.

"Fools who accumulated enough miasma to even let undeads like us, the so-called Impurity, into a sanctuary crowned in the God's name, and you dared to ask God's protection in the name of believers!"

A deep voice echoing like it was from hell itself came from the black clothes in the center.
The black clothes let down their hoods while ridiculing the temple clergies.

--Jet black skeleton?

The black clothed man in the middle wasn't a human, but an undead.
He must be the originator of the miasma that Mia-sama noticed.

"This cannot be! How could an undead be fine inside temple's Sanctuary?"
"Let me give you the answer to that--"

The black skeleton elatedly continued on in spite of the sorrowful grief of the temple head.

"--This Garleok City has always been a city where foolish merchants drown in their own greed. Thus, we simply manipulate the pirates to thicken the miasma and expand our sphere of actions."

While listening to the skeleton, I investigate the identity of these undeads using the Appraisal Spectacles Satou gave me.

"We let loose of the iceberg and the pirates to tear the navy off of Garleok City, but I'd have never imagined you'd sortie the entire fleet to face the pirates, y'know?"

Information comes flowing on my spectacles' lenses.
His race is [Death Lord].
Level 51--not much difference than ours.

"And for the temple knights who should have been protecting the temple to be gone as well... It's so unbelievably stupid, I suspected that this was all a trap until I got here."

I see, the black skeleton set up everything for the sake of infiltrating this place.
Had Satou didn't come here for God Garleon's trial, his ploy could have gone well.

"Temple head, I ask you once more--"

It felt like someone poured cold water on my spine hearing the black skeleton's voice.
It must be the power of [Fear] that high ranking undeads have.

"--Where are you hiding the 『Golden Wheel』."

Looks like the [Golden Wheel] that Satou carries is the main objective of the black skeleton.

"I-I already t-told you, it's in the hands of its r-rightful master."

The temple head spoke while sweating waterfall.
He's covering for Satou--no, he's covering for the man who takes on God Garleon's trial.

"Muuttering that nonsense again huh."

The black skeleton raised one hand, and then the black clothes that were standing by in all four directions around him readied their swords.
The arms carrying swords were of dirty yellowed bones.
It looks like the black skeleton also have undeads as his guards.

"Allow me to smoothen your mouth a little--kill all of them except the temple head."

As they swing their swords down, they get close toward the miko and the high ranking priests as fast as a warrior that's using Twinkling Movement.
There is no need for me to issue an order to the True Steel Wolves that are standing by beside me.



--A golden wind flew past me.

Karina-sama who rushed out at a speed rivaling even Liza mows down the four black clothes in one blow.

"Blue holy light--You're, Hero of Parion!"

The black clothed man who was giving orders shouted at Karina-sama.
Karina-sama sweep her golden hair behind, and turned toward him.

"I am not a hero desuwa."

She looks truly reliable, like a hero out of an epic tale.
But not ending with that is just like Karina-sama.

"I am--well now, what should I call myself?"
『Karina-dono, we should focus rescuing the temple personnels first thing first.』
"Oh right desuwane."

Karina-sama obediently agreed to Raka like a child.

"Are you mocking me! You damn ground crawler fake hero!"

The four black clothes who were flung back onto the walls stood up while Karina-sama was distracted.
Right about then, their ragged black clothes fell off.

Information flow on my spectacles' lenses.
Their race is [Wraith Knight]. Their levels are around 40-42. Stronger than expected.
No wonder they haven't been downed by Karina-sama's attack.

Even Karina-sama should find it tough, dealing with these Wraith Knights and a Death Lord of equal level at once.

"Death Lord--or perhaps, I should call you Skeleton Archduke?"

I stepped into the sanctuary along with the True Steel Wolves.

"Skeleton Archduke? So this guy is the ringleader of pirates, that Skeleton Archduke!"

The temple head sounded surprised.

According to the Appraisal Spectacles, the Death Lord's name is [Skeleton Archduke]
Satou has told me that the man with [Skeleton Archduke] title on the pirate fleet was a fake, and this Death Lord should be capable enough to rule over mid-class demons.

We can probably safely assume that this is the real one.

"And what would you do if you get your hands on the Golden Wheel?"

The Skeleton Archduke isn't answering my question.
He's just glaring with eyes concealed with [Fear].

"Oh, I know!"

Karina-sama struck an unusual pose while speaking in a cheerful tone.
It seems to be an arranged version of Pochi and Tama's [Shupi] pose.

"Hou? You're saying that you've seen through my ambition huh."
"Yes, of course desuwa--"

I'm getting a bad hunch from Karina-sama's confident sounding words.

"--It must be, to gather pirates all over the world under your wings and 『Become the Pirate King!』 desuwane!"

Hearing Karina-sama who said that full of confidence, the Skeleton Archduke is shaking his shoulders, making rattling sounds.

"A-are you mocking me, me the Skeleton Archduke! By dyeing the 『Golden Wheel』 with miasma, it will be corrupted into the 『Jet Black Wheel』 that can control all things, and by using that, I will rule over Lalakie sealed in the deep ocean as its rightful ruler and destroy your countries!"

The enraged Skeleton Archduke spilled all the beans.
Just as I thought, that dried up brain of his must not be capable of deep thinking.

"By Lalakie, you mean the floating island bestowed by Gods to the heaven dwellers in the Ages of Gods?"

I've read books on myth in the Forbidden Archive.

"Indeed. You seem knowledgeable unlike the dimwit girl over there."
"You mentioned that it was sealed in the sea, but didn't Lalakie let itself get sunk in the sea in order to seal the Sea King."

Sea King--It was said to be one of the four kings of the Dog-Head, the one called Evil God.
It was told in the myth that sealing them was the most people could manage even with the Divine Treasures given by Gods.

"Hmph, that's a story of the past. The revived Lalakie was sunk deep in the ocean by the hands of the loathsome purple-haired hero. With the loss of 『Skeleton King』 and the 『Last Princess』 who can control Lalakie, only 『Jet Black Wheel』 is capable of bringing Lalakie back to its rightful place in the air."

I see--if the one sealing it was Satou, then there is no possible scenario of Lalakie getting revived even with the [Jet Black Wheel].
I let out a sigh of relief after realizing that the possibility of world crisis is no more.

"What's the matter? Has the fear got to you?"
"No, I have just been made aware of the greatness of my loved one once again."

As expected of my hero-sama.

No, perhaps I should say 'our' here?

"Let me tell you the location of that 『Golden Wheel』 you seek."

The temple head was surprised to hear me.

"There is someone who has inherited the 『Golden Wheel』 among the rank of Allied Fleet that went off to fight the pirates."
"Do you mean to drive me away with such nonsenses? So shallow of you woman--"

What a bonehead befitting of skeleton.
Let's corner him a little to teach him a lesson.

"Karina-sama, please annihilate those foot soldiers."
"I got it!"

Karina-sama knocks off one of the Wraith Knights while letting off blue light.

But three of the knights that escaped Karina-sama's attack are coming to attack me.

"A leader magician with mere lesser golems as her guards, you must be asking to get attacked!"

The Skeleton Archduke jeered.


Such a huge misunderstanding.


The True Steel Wolves tore up the Wraith Knights.

Their attacks wouldn't have worked if these skeletons turned into their ghost form that nulls physical attacks, but I managed to make use of the opening since they had underestimated my wolves as lesser golems and turned into half-ghost form to attack.


"...■■■ <<Create Sanctuary>>"

My advanced earth magic purifies the damaged Wraith Knights.

"--You were the one who said that I was magician, weren't you?"

I took out the World Tree Wand from my magic bag, took one swing and then pointed it toward the Skeleton Archduke.


Karina-sama's flying kick was coming toward the Skeleton Archduke, but he quickly turned into ghost form and evaded it.
She would have definitely defeated him if it weren't for that shout, but we can't do that, for the sake of Satou's trial.

"Bring your army here to challenge us if you want the 『Golden Wheel』."
"Challenge, you say? To this heaven dweller, the great Skeleton Archduke--"

The Skeleton Archduke is burning with dark red flames.


The Skeleton Archduke who was talking big begins to disappear into a jet black shadow.

"I'll make you regret that word in hell. Go and struggle as hard as you can before the true might of my Ghost Fleet!"

The Skeleton Archduke sunk into the shadow while leaving those words.

The magic tool for emergency rang right after the Skeleton Archduke disappeared into shadow.
I held back the temple head who was going to complain, then we went out of the temple and were made to bear witness a sight of nearly 100 ghost ships cruising in the sky beyond the torrential rain.

"That monster sure is quick to take actions."
"Saying it like it's none of your business..."

The temple head complained in grumbles when he heard what I said.
He probably can't say it out loud because we saved them from peril.

"No need to worry desuwa!"

Karina-sama declared so to the temple head with a smile.
I nodded beside her and pointed at the eastern sky.

Light spills down like cutting through the cloudy sky.

"--Golden Ship?"

I made a correction to the temple head.

"--It's a Fleet of Golden Ships."

The battle between the Ghost Fleet and the Golden Armada is about to begin above the sky of Garleok City.

Please do your best--my dear Satou.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 38

Chapter 38 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Past Arc


This is a story from more than a decade ago.

A small hut inside a forest in the middle of nowhere. There, inside a dim underground, a small child in chain looks to have fallen unconscious.
A man is standing before the chain. A big bruise on his cheek stands out as he points a knife toward the child while smirking and laughing vulgarly at a huge woman who's facing off against him. Two horns of about 20cm long are decorating the woman's forehead.

"Kukuku, never thought that I would catch such a big game using this little oni as bait. Throw away that weapon and do as I say. That's if you don't want this little oni killed."

"Kuh, you coward."

"Say what you want. The last one laughing is the just one. Worry not, I'll spare your daughter's life if you obediently become my slave. Oops, don't do anything funny. Even without this knife, taking a life is simple with my Curse."

Clank, the woman threw away her iron club, and reproachfully glared at the slave trader.

"Do whatever you want. But I will have you keep your promise."

While still smirking, the man approaches the huge female oni and carves out a slave mark on her. Lastly, he put a slave collar, a cursed tool, on her and complete the contract. If anything happens to the slave's master and the master so desire, this collar will gradually tighten until it takes the slave's life.
Onifolks have high resistance against curses, so they can't be easily bound even with slave contracts, normally speaking that is. It's a different story if the oni themselves accepts the contract. The female oni has willingly accepted the curse to save the kid.

"Kukuku, now you're mine. Now then, next..."

The man turned around to show his back and draw near the kid.

"You bastard! You said you wouldn't put your hand on the kid, my daughter!!"

"Hahn? I said that I won't take her life. Yeah, you heard right, only her life."

While laughing nastily, the man took a black Soul Stone emitting dull light from his chest pocket and pushed against the kid.

The kid glared at the man while breathing painfully. Black mist seeped out of the soul stone, coiled around the kid and eventually went inside the kid.

"By stopping her growth, this kid won't ever forget what just happened. It's easier to use people later on if you bind 'em with fear."

"You bastaaaaaaaard!!"

The enraged mother oni attempted to catch the man. However, the moment she touched the man, the collar tightened, and acute pain assaulted her whole body.

"Fool. That's what happened when a slave disobeyed their master. Like there's anyone who would miss their chance with a mountain of gold in front of 'em."

The man turned his back against the mother oni once again, and right when he was about to put slave contract on the kid, the man's chest was dyed red from the mother oni's hand that pierced it. Clank, the knife fell off the man's hand.

" If you kill me, you too will..."

The man collapsed. Right afterward, the slave collar trembled ominously, and quickly tightened on the mother's oni neck. The mother oni could barely even breathe. She tore off the chains binding the kid and gently spoke to her.

"Kagura, live strongly. You are one of the proud and noble Onifolk. Please find your happiness..."

After saying that the mother oni who couldn't accept getting strangled to death by the collar picked up the man's knife and stabbed it on her own heart.

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After crying so much it felt like I had dried out all my tears, I stood up in order to protect my mother's last will. Since a child's strength couldn't possibly carry my mother body, I went back to the village alone after burying her outside.
In the next day, I went back to the place I buried my mother with other villagers in order to transfer her to the village's grave, but my mother's body was nowhere to be found.
While feeling an ominous premonition, I went back to the underground where I left the slave trader's body at, but it also had gone missing.

I do not know what happened to my mother's body. But I will take her back no matter who did it. If it isn't possible, it is my duty as her child to send her to the afterlife.

Afterward, I left the village and traveled all over the places as a mercenary. I went to the north, to the south, everywhere whenever I got a new information no matter how insignificant, for months and years. I utilized the art to transform my appearance in order to hide my identity as an onifolk, however, I learned that I will turn back to my appearance from that time if that art is cut off. From there on, I got another objective, to free me of this curse. My horns should have been hidden just like it always had been though.

The reason why I stayed long at Gramada was because it was relatively easy to get the normally hard-to-obtain Mana Water, and the city had dungeons where I could train myself. I was fully aware of my lack of power.

"And such is my past."

Kagura-san (little girl)  talked about her while showing her back. Perhaps she's recalling that past as her voice is trembling and her small body looks even smaller now.

"Nobusada, you're also a general human. You must be thinking of selling me for money just like that man, are you not?"

Kagura-san (little girl) talks like she's frustrated about that. That's it, no more polite speech. Words of pretense won't probably reach her, I should strike with my true feelings.

"No! I'll never do that! Even putting aside how beautiful Kagura-san is, I'll never do such an outrageous act like selling people!!"


Kagura-san (little girl, enough already?) looks at me while looking dumbfounded. Ah, she's got a runny nose.

"Besides, frankly speaking, I knew that Kagura-san was an onifolk right from the beginning. I can use Appraisal, you see."

"Mumumu. That means you accepted this quest fully knowing that I was an Onifolk. Aren't you, afraid of me?"

"Not at all. Or rather, you're easy to talk, and your scatterbrain and pure sides are cute methink?"

"Gu-gununu. Don't make fun of your elders. ...phew, talking to you tires me out. Very well, I admit defeat."

"Anyway. It'd be bad if you keep those clothes as you are right now, so could you come here?"


Since Kagura-san's body has shrunk, parts of her body that shouldn't be seen are peeking through here and there. It's troubling even if she's small. What am I gonna do if someone called the police or something.
Bluuuush, Kagura-san turned red like a boiled octopus and began glancing at me.

"W-what are you going to do with me noja. D-don't tell me, you, to this childish body..."

"No no no, you're mistaken. Kagura-san, come back to reality."

"...Losing to his lust, Noubsada's thing... to my young... Aaaa, I'm going to..."

Kagura-san is writhing about for some reason. What kinda delusions you're having anyway.

"Oy, earth to Kagura-san. You'll have to bear with my spare, I'm just going to make your clothes with them."

"I-Is that right. Sorry. My mother taught me to be careful not to connect my body to a man...."

How her expression can change dramatically sure is interesting. Wonder if she gets easily affected by her emotion because her body turns younger.
But more importantly, what the heck did Kagura-san's mother teach to a kid!?

While thinking about that, I took out needle, thread, and a spare tunic from the rucksack, and began to roughly sew. Even though it's a tunic of someone small like me, it's still too baggy for the current Kagura-san. Cutting the superfluous parts with the iron sword, I made a kid-sized dress in a blink of an eye. Umu, quite well made.

"You're very skillful. I've never worn such fluttery clothes like this before, but it doesn't feel half-bad at all."

She twirls around to check out the feels. Looking at her breaking out smiles, it seems she finds it to her liking. By the way, for the underpants, I've cut some cloth and made thong out of it. Cuz, it'd be bad if she didn't wear one!

Since we've been here for a while, we should take a break, get something to eat and discuss what to do from here on out.

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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 37

Chapter 37 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Lolita Arc


I tried contacting Tama-chan when things had settled down. And got this reply, 『We art waiting for our lord』. Do forgive me for being late, Tama-chan.

As I got on the magic circle, light overflowed like with the one at the beginning and the teleportation began.
When I opened my eyes as the light subsided, there was Kagura-san's face right in front of mine. Close enough that we'd touch if I just take a step forward. Suddenly I felt like I was falling, right afterward I heard 'Kyaaaaa' sound and felt an intense pain on my chest.


I rolled on the ground and got flung onto the wall. Looking like a smashed frog.
Ouch ow ow, Kagura-san gave me the biggest damage today.

"S-sorry. You showed up so sudden it surprised me. A-are you alright?"

"It kinda hurt on my ribcage but I've used Heal on it already so I'm alright."

"Hou, Nobusada, you can use magic huh. I was sure that you were a Fighter or something."

"Well, let's put that aside. I don't mind telling you all about it in a bed if we get closer though? Just kiddin'."

"I-i-i-i-idiot. Don't make fun of your elders. I-I'll be going ahead noja."

The blushing Kagura-san went on ahead. Uh huh, Kagura-san is naive relative to her age huh. I don't dislike a lady like such.

Unlike the dungeon-like room earlier, we're in a passage that would have been pitch black if not for a light source. It's clearly structurally different.
We came to an open space after five minutes of walking. This time there's a structure that seems to have been a fountain in the center. The atmosphere here feels quite different than the rest.
I said 'have been' because there's not even a speck of water inside the stone-made structure. Kagura-san who saw that fell down to her knees in depression.

"H-how could this be. I won't make it in time now...."


Right at that time, the ground began to shook again.


Kagura-san who let out a lovely scream jumped on me. As I soaked on the 'poyon' sensation, a path showed itself beyond the collapsed wall. Looks like the wall had been hiding a path all along.

"Kagura-san, it looks like there's a path behind the collapsed wall, has it always been there?"

"N-no, I don't know about it. We might find some water if we go deeper underground."

Then she separated from me like nothing happened.

"Now then, let us proceed Nobusada."

She took quick steps forward while hiding her embarrassed face. As I hurriedly try to catch up to her, Kagura-san's figure strangely gets shorter.

"Ee, ah!?"

Kagura-san is slipping down the ground before the entrance that suddenly collapsed. I run up to her, catch her arm and brace my leg to raise her up.
Gugigigi, and right as I was about to draw my sword and stab it on the ground to support us!




The ground where I stood on also began to crumble as I lost my footings and fell down to the abyss.


I pull my sword and stab it toward the bare earth to stop our momentum... Unsuccessfully as we kept falling while the sword cut the earth. Nuoaaaaaaa


Then we suddenly stopped. Did it get caught on a rock or something!? L-Lucky me!

Crack, crack

Hmm? What's this sound?


The iron sword broke and we fell down again! Curse that guy. I cursed at the culprit as the figure of Metal Marimo flashed in my mind.

Dangit, I've got to protect Kagura-san at least... Looks like Kagura-san hit her head on the floor or something when we fell, she's lost consciousness. I somehow manage to change our positions and put myself below her.
I brace for the impact while putting Protection on....

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"Ha! Where am I!?"

Something soft and velvety is riding on my head. A huge pair of mounds are obstructing my view when I look up.
While getting surprised at the slightly, no, very pleasant situation I'm in, I concentrate on the nerves needed to enjoy it. My back hurt, but that is that, this is this. But still, for me to be this alright after that impact, I might have gotten quite inhuman myself.

"Have you come to?"

"Somehow, yes. Are you okay Kagura-san?"

"Umu, I don't have any injury due to you protecting me noja. Thank you, Nobusada."

Kagura-san said so while sounding slightly tearful. However, I couldn't see her at all because of the pair of mounds obstructing my view.
Phew, glad she's not injured. I've been getting beaten all over ever since I got to this world, so I've gotten quite resilient.
But now that I think about it, I should have used Earth Wall or something to make a foothold. My momentous reaction is still lacking.

"I cannot keep silence after all this. Nobusada, actually I... guh."

Kagura-san who was going to talk about something holds her chest in pain. I hurriedly get up and holds her.
Her face looks to be in anguish as she's sweating all over her body, something's definitely not right here.

"T-too soon. I should have had some time left..."

Her height which should be quite taller than me gradually shrinks. When the shrinking has stopped, Kagura-san becomes loli-like, about as big as a grade schooler. Those big melons have disappeared without a trace, and there are two horns peculiar to Onifolk on her forehead.

"Kuh, this is the reason why I'm coming here. Because of a certain curse, I have to perform a technique to change my body back using the water from the spring water here once a month. When the effect expires, the curse kicks in and this happens noja."

Oh good. That bombastic figure wasn't a fake. Losing that is like having the national treasure broken into pieces.

"I see. Getting your Onifolk race known would be really bad huh?"

"Ee ah!?"

Kagura-san touched her horns all over with her small hands and then she had a despaired look on her face. Right when she began to walk unsteadily, she tripped on her clothes that had slipped off and fell down hard.

"Kufuu, blunder, what a blunder nanoja. Now that it's come to this, Nobusada, I have to kill you!!"

Wait wait, why does it come to that. I attempt to persuade Kagura-san who's clearly not in her right mind. Fortunately, her struggling strength has gotten quite weaker along with her smaller body.

"Whoa whoa, calm down, Kagura-san."

"Don't treat me like a horse! Once people find out that I'm an Onifolk, what awaits me is either getting sold as a war slave or as a plaything sex slave noja. No matter how kind you are Nobusada, you'll soon succumb to the temptation. Even my mother, she died as a slave to save me noja...  gusu, hic."

In order to soothe Kagura-san who finally broke down crying, I hold her close and pat her back like trying to calm a kid.

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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-31

16-31. Garleon Union (7)


Satou here. I think that, just because you can predict everything, doesn't mean you can perfectly foresee everything that will happen in the future. If you can do that, you should also be able to always win a shougi match, right.

"Arrh! Secretary, c'mere!"

Surprisingly enough, the first person who came to their sense among the ship crew was the admiral who was repeating "No way!" like a broken record.
He called the secretary to describe what we know about enemy fleet, and tell him to convey the info to the allied ships, afterward he turns toward the people who are looking at him.

"This main fleet will break through the fleet in front of us, thereafter this fleet is to disband and each ship must return to Garleok City on their own."

Apparently, he's abandoned the idea of winning this and prioritized to deliver the information back, while prepared to have sacrifices along the way.


Considering the difference in forces, I think the admiral's decision is appropriate, but the ship crew are surprised.

"Many ships would be sunk before we could break through if we did that."
"We couldn't possibly defend Garleok City if only a few ships remained!"
"That's right! Have you forgotten what the water magician said! There are Kraken class monsters near the front fleet!"

Many senior officers tried to change the admiral's mind.
But wouldn't this fleet be annihilated if we fought directly?

"'Course I know that much!"

The admiral shouted back louder than the crew.
His [Amplification] skill isn't just for show, it seems.

"We might have a chance to get out of this alive if we focus on escaping and manage to join the escort fleets!"

Is that really the case?
Krakens can swim surprisingly fast despite their bulky looks.

"However, if we don't bring back the information we have, Garleok City would be overrun by pirates without any way to fight back!"

The admiral looks dignified somehow.

"And most importantly! What'd happen to my property I worked so damn hard to amass if Garleok City got destroyed! Who d'ya think would pay for my pension, huh!"

Ah, yup.
It's the admiral I know.

I don't think that's all there is to it, but since I agree with his plan here, I'll be watching with my mouth shut.

"Earl Pendragon!"

Huh? He's turning the conversation to me.

"I'll leave the Krakens to you! Show us the power of yer' demon lord slayer thingy!"

What's with the condescending attitudes anyway.

"Unfortunately, the airship where my companions are has not returned yet--"

The admiral and the crews' faces went deadly pale.

"What are--"
"--Therefore, I will make sure that the krakens and other monsters don't get near us instead."

If I thoughtlessly annihilated these monsters, it would be a display of [Individual Might] instead of [Group Valor].

"Admiral, we've copied the documents!"
"Very well. Summoner magicians! Deliver all the letters that have been sealed with wax to every ship captains!"

The admiral stamped sealing waxes on the documents he got from the secretary, put them inside watertight tubes and handed them over to the summoner magicians.
It seems these documents will be delivered to every ships by carrier pigeons summoned by the summoner magicians.

It's probably a step taken to prevent other ship captains from thinking that we're deserting under enemy fire when they find out about it.
The method might be manual, but just being able to take the proper actions in an emergency situation like this is a proof of this admiral's capability.

Still doesn't quite excuse his haughtiness, or rather, condescending attitudes though.

"Shield ships, go full speed ahead! All other ships besides the gunboats and the shield ships are to focus all their efforts into gaining speed! Don't skimp on the magic cores! Doesn't matter even if the magic furnaces broke down! Get to full throttle by any mean possible!"

The admiral gave his orders in rapid successions.

But, did we even have shield ships?
Looking around as I thought that, I saw ships with force magicians on board creating magic that looked similar to Flexible Shield in front of their boarded ships.
In addition, men who look like sailors are lining up on the deck with great shield made from ultramarine-colored turtle shells on their hands.

"This area has a lot of reefs around! Order the shield ship water magicians to search underwater! Pick the route that'll send us straight to the enemy flagship!"

Those were some good instructions.
Looks like he didn't obtain the admiral position through connections and lineage.
Well, he has [Command], [Ship Steering] and [Sea Route] skills with him, so I never doubted his competency.

Though considering he also has [Bribe], [Gestures], and [Coercion] skills, he's probably also not your upright admiral either.

"Those who've got nothing to do, go and get the large ballista and crossbows ready!"

The admiral's order wasn't only effective on the flagship, the other escort ships who saw the signal flags also began to charge long-range weapons that hadn't been loaded with mana yet.

"--Now then."

I'm not sure if I should call the girls back here or not.

The real war starts here on out no matter how you look at it.
If possible, I'd prefer not to let the girls watch people getting killed.

Even the fight earlier had a lot of casualties.

『Sistina-sama, there's a chance of the pirates going to do something behind the scene at Garleok City. Could you make the airship go to Garleok City?』

I concocted that reason with the help of Deception skill.
It pains me to have to lie to them, but this is a necessary step to prevent the girls seeing people killing each others.

『Oh my? Do you not need reinforcements over there?』
『Yes, it looks like the admiral is going to shake off the pirates and head back to Garleok City himself.』
『...Then we will go back to Garleok City ahead of time.』

Princess Sistina consented after contemplating a bit.

『What's the matter, Mia?』
『You okay?』

Looks like Mia saw through my lies.
Perhaps, Princess Sistina did too.

『Of course, I am.』
『I see.』

I said so to the anxious Mia.

『And just when am I going to take the stage?』
『It will be at a place where Garleok City people could witness you, surely.』
『Then I'll wait.』

Lady Karina seems to have taken my words at face value.
Her Pochi-like honesty is cute like always.

I undo [Tactical Talk] and focus on the opening of hostilities before me.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

"--It's Water Wall! Stop the rudder!"
"No, don't stop!"

I negated the admiral's instruction and shot a magic bow's arrow at the water wall the Kraken created.

"The water wall broke down?"
"Was that a magic arrow?"

I unleashed [Break Magic] at the same time the arrow hit to break the magic stealthily.
I shot out an arrow with a magic bow was to make them think the arrow carried magic break property.

There is a point in me disguising my power after the free-fall attack of Lady Karina and the girls.
If they rely too much on my power, I won't be able to accomplish God Garleon's order of [Command an army, display your group valor].

Well, there's still the problem of acquiring the right to command, but this one is not that difficult to solve.
I could simply make the admiral sleep with anesthetic needle, and then act as his dummy with Ventriloquism.

"Incoming enemy bombardment!"

Lots of pirate ships seem to have been equipped with mana cannons themselves, several ships fired their load on the shield ships, hitting the barrier and scattering sparks around.

Quite a sight to behold.

This would feel like watching a battle PV if that was all, but--

"I dun' wanna die, I dun' wanna die, I dun' wanna die."

I couldn't manage to since the male secretary is muttering that on loop nearby.


A mana cannonball that was flicked off of the barrier hit an escort ship's deck.
The sailors that were on the deck got instantly charred, as a hole opened on the deck.

Several sailors got thrown out in the sea along with wreckage.

"Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop."

I ignore the officer who came up with a new version of the loop, and lay down dummy corpses over the [Illusion] charred corpses from my storage through [Magic Hand].

I'd feel bad if deserted these sailors as it happened right in front of my eyes, so I had transported them to the sub-dimension before they got charred.

While I was doing that, one of the shield ship's barrier hit its limit and broke down, sinking the ship.
I extend out [Magic Hands] and save as many sailors as I possibly can.

This is more hectic than expected.

Some pirate ships have also been sunk by the attack of our side's gunboats, but I don't have enough hands to save those ones.
It's not exactly impossible if I try, but I have no obligation to go out of my way, saving those who survive later should be good enough.


Several dots on a shield ship that had led the way and got past the enemy ships disappeared even though its barrier hasn't been breached.
The enemy arrows shouldn't be able to reach the ship with the protection of the wind magicians on board.

"Admiral, it appears that a powerful one has gotten on board our vanguard ship. I'll be heading out for a bit."

I flew off with Flight Shoes after saying that.

The enemy ships shot out their arrows at me as I flew past them, but there's not even a scratch on me as I collected those arrows into my storage while randomly evading.
Well, I don't think these arrows will scratch me even if one hits, but who in their right mind would want to take an arrow to them.


I evaded a sword that flew in the air at an eerily high speed.
Looking at the direction where it comes from, there's a female pirate with a bizarrely heavy make-up looking up at me from the deck of the vanguard shield ship.

I've seen her before with the space magic [Clairvoyance].
She should be the pirate that serves beside the Skeleton Archduke.

"So you've come no! O Shadow Servant!"

After the woman said that, a minotaur-like shadow with bulging muscles arose from her shadow.
According to AR reading, that seems to be the mid-level demon that's possessing her.

For some reason, the mid level demon has [Subordination] state.

Perhaps, this female pirate isn't being possessed by a demon, but she's letting a demon she rules over to posses her to increase her power?


I parry the shadow demon's attack with magic edge-coated Fairy Sword, and fly toward the point where the female pirate and shadow demon are connected.

"I've seen through your objective nano!"

The female pirate took out short spears from Item Box and threw them one after another.
I acrobatically evade them as they tear through the sky with roaring sounds.

"Gross no!"

The female pirate gives up with the throwing, unsheathes her dual scimitar-shaped magic swords and looks up at me.
While still locking her sight on me, she ran up the shroud on the main mast to climb to the top and then kicked on the main mast, rapidly making her way to me.
Can't believe she ran up the shroud without looking at her footings.

"Die nano!"

The left scimitar comes attacking me right after I evaded the right one.
It's an orthodox way of attacking, but the speed of her slash is inhumane.

Crisis Perception skill tells me that the shadow demon is also coming from behind.

"--Well, this is nothing compared to Tama's attacks though."

I kick the incoming female pirate's scimitar to speed up, and leave behind the follow-up attacks of the shadow demon.
And then I fall on the deck and strike the Fairy Sword at her shadow there.



The shadow evaporated with the blow of magic edge, and I could hear the female pirate and shadow demon's screams behind me.

"Did that do it?"

I muttered so as I stared at the shadow demon that disappeared into black mist and the fainted female pirate.

Looks like that managed to beat it.
Right when I thought that, I heard cracking sounds below my feet.

The part of the hull where the Fairy Sword struck is getting torn apart.

--This is bad.

Destroying an ally ship would be bad, thus I hold down the ship with [Magic Hand] and glue it back together with [Quick Bond] magic.
I'm sorry for treating it like a plastic model, but that's better than getting sunk right.

"Take care of the female pirate downstairs!"

I climb to the top of the main mast as I said that.
I'd like to try running up on the shroud like the female pirate did, but it'd be really uncool if I lost my footings, so I restrained myself.


A squid-shaped and an octopus-shaped Kraken tore through the sea surface.
The people who were on the deck screamed when they saw that.

"I would have loved to let Lady Karina and Mia deal with these guys if I could."

I ready my magic bow, create a phantom arrow and multifold magic circles with God Garleon holy mark on them at the tip of the arrow with [Illusion] magic.
So cool. Arisa would be ecstatic if she saw this.

"By the divine protection of God Garleon, wicked sea monsters, begone!"

I put some strength in my belly and shouted out loud.
Of course, with the assistance of Amplification skill and wind magic.

I release the magic bow's string that has been pulled to its limit.

The phantom arrow was clad in red light as it flew, blowing away the octopus kraken in one hit, then the kraken floated on the sea.
Of course, the kraken wasn't blown away by the phantom arrow, but by a low tier explosion spell I shot out chantlessly.

The sea falls into disorder, and both the pirate fleet and allied fleet are tossed around like foliage with no chance to attack each other.

--I think this should be the right timing?

"O Golden Wheel! Lead the way for our ships!"

I put an illusion of [Golden Wheel], that's in my storage, in the sky using [Illusion] magic, and make the allied fleet ships to slip pass the pirate fleet with [Magic Hand] and [<<Control Ocean>>] magic.

"--This is bad."

In defiance of this raging sea, a jet black pirate ship is attempting to ram the flagship with its battering horn.
Sinking that ship is simple, but evading that while remote controlling 11 ships at once won't be easy.
I could end up capsizing them all before the battering horn came if I forced myself.

"Skeleton Archduke's ship, incoming!"

I can't imagine that dainty young man to do such a reckless act like ramming with a battering horn.
While running in parallel with the ships remote control, I try to look at the situation in the enemy ship with space magic [Clairvoyance], and [Clairhears].

"Your excellency Archduke! We'd be capsized before the battering horn could reach them at this rate!"
"Do not falter! Men of the sea never turn tail and run!"

I saw a nobleman-looking young man wearing a skeleton mask trying to rouse the pirates with rough words.

"Put some spirit into it! His excellency is worried about the young miss who went ahead, y'see."
"T-that's not true!"

...Some kind of drama has begun on the ship over there somehow.

"Since they're on the verge of capsizing anyway, guess I'll capsize them."

I picked [Water Wall] on the Magic List and produced it in front of the enemy ship.

--It made a hole through the wall?

Looks like the ship has some kind of magic item that can remove water installed on board.

"Well, whatever--don't die on me."

I nock thin arrows used for hunting small birds on the magic bow, and shoot them at the enemy ship's commander, Skeleton Archduke, and the navigator holding the ship's wheel.

"Kuh, 'tis but a scratch!"
"My lord!"

The fake Skeleton Archduke jumped on the wheel that the navigator released.
I commend his guts, but with an arrow stuck on his shoulder, he's unable to hold the wheel and misses the battering horn.

"All hands, grab on something!"

I heard the officer saying that from the flagship.
But they couldn't avoid a collision between the two ships' hulls after all.

Several of the crew were thrown into the sea.

I hesitated for a bit, but I canceled the magic that holds up the allied fleet and transported the fallen crew into the sub-dimension I used for saving people.

However, the compensation for that isn't to be scoffed at.
Several shield ships and gunboats that lost their support were capsized, many people were thrown out to the sea.

While regretting a bit, I saved those people into the same sub-dimension where the people earlier had gone to.

Well, the admiral was among the people who got thrown into the sea at first, so it's not like I had any other choice.
This saves me the trouble, but I feel a bit sad for missing the chance to use the Anesthetic Needle and Ventriloquism combo.

"We somehow managed to break through the enemy encirclement."
"Y-yes... But the admiral, he's."

The navigator mumbled that when I got back to the flagship.

"Don't tell me, at the sea?"

I waited for a bit, but no one tried to suggest us to turn back.
Looks like they understand the recklessness in trying to rescue the admiral who has fallen into sea full of pirates and monsters.

As ordered by the admiral, the remaining 10 ships have all gone ahead to Garleok City individually, what can a single ship do.

"Your Excellency, can you not use the power of 『Golden Wheel』 again?"
"I won't be able to use it for awhile as it's quite taxing on my body."

There is no such thing.
I mean, the stuff I did earlier was my own magic.

According to what I heard at Garleon Temple, the Wheel apparently can call out the [Golden Ship] but I haven't given it a try.
It's probably going to be quite showy, my own magic is easier to handle.

"Turn the ship back to Garleok City."

I suggested that the navigator who was asking for an order with his glances.

--I feel the cuff on my legs getting pulled, so I look down below.

Tama who showed her face out on the shadow moved her finger beside her face to make a gesture asking me to contact them with space magic, and then she disappeared into the shadow.


Mia raised her voice when I connected with [Tactical Talk].

『Big trouble, really really big trouble! It's an emergency you know? Lots and lots of black ships are coming! They're coming to attack you know? They're ships, but they're flying in the sky! With sails and all, it's true you know?』

It's been awhile since Mia talked in long sentences.
Feels nostalgic somewhat.

For now, let's look at the airship where Mia and the girls are with [Clairvoyance].
The vision showed innumerable sailing ships cruising above the sky of Garleok City.


For some reason, every ship is all ragged and full of holes.
The crew are ragged too--or rather, they're not even humans.

『--Ghost ships huh?』

It seems like the pirates we fought earlier were just decoys.
As a proof, a being called Skeleton Archduke is on board the flagship of this ghost fleet.

Now then, how shall I go about rescuing them?

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 171

Chapter 171 Strongest Sage, Helps Fortress Construction


"Ah, Mathias. Speaking of demons... We're rebuilding the Second Academy school building as a countermeasure against them, have you seen it?"

The principal spoke out just when the stuff about Raginia Federation was settled.
About the latter huh.

"I have. There sure were lots of First Academy students."

"That reconstruction was an initiative of the First Academy you see. They wanted to practice the construction techniques you left behind, and they were curious about how you think of it."

From what I've seen from afar, it doesn't seem so bad.
I've also put Scanning magic in the textbook, perhaps they make use of that in the construction.
The problem is the design itself.

"Since it's the First Academy's initiative, does that mean it was designed by the students too?"

"Teachers also had a hand in the design. It's mainly by First Academy's but there are volunteers from Second Academy joining in too."

Teachers also take part huh.
However, you need experience to design a fortress.

Building a fort is not the same as erecting an ordinary building.
I mean, normally there's no one who would go out of their way to destroy some random building, thus there's no need to plan ahead about getting attacked.
However, there is no point in building a fort without considering the possibility of it receiving enemy attack or getting shot by a powerful magic.

...And now I'm getting worried somewhat.

"Could I see the blueprint for a sec?"

"Aa. I've got it here."

The principal took out several drawings from his desk.
I scanned over them.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
...How do I say it, it's better than I thought.
The First Academy students might be quite talented themselves, maybe they were just channeling their efforts at the wrong direction and had an unfortunate principal.
This should be pretty solid after correcting one mistake.

"The pillars here and here should use mithril instead of iron. The other parts should be fine after you do that, but the entire building would risk collapsing in battle if you were to keep this up."

"Mithril huh. Gathering a large amount of it will be quite toilsome... Is it really alright with just this one?"

"The other parts could also break down depending on the flow of battle, but there is no risk of having the entire building collapsing. A fortress built without considering the possibility of getting destroyed is but a toy."

I look over the blueprint of the new Second Academy schoolhouse as I say that.
The anti-personnel defense isn't too strong, perhaps for maintaining its function as a school, but the anti-air raid defense is pretty well thought out.
It should hold out in the event of a raid as long as those pillars are reinforced.

"Possibility of getting destroyed huh. First time I heard that school of thought."

"...Is that so? How were all the forts up until now built?"

"We made it really sturdy. We give up on it if it breaks apart."

"That's so haphazard..."

They managed to make this design in such a terrible condition huh.
These First Academy students are truly talented as long as they properly train....

I return the blueprint to the principal.

"This should take care of it."

"You have my gratitudes. As for the matter with the Dungeon City including with the demon, the king will reward..."

"Nah, I'm good, that's too much trouble. I'm just gonna amass it and collect it all at once later."

Having an audience with the king and stuff take too much time.
And it's not like there's anything I want in the treasury anyway, I don't need any reward.

"It's scary to even think about the amount of money we'd be owing from incidents involving Mathias... or rather, the Royal Castle's coffers should have been long gone by now."

"Don't worry, I don't plan to ask for money. I've got no use for it anyway."

"That's terrifying in itself though... Well, it's the king's job to think about. Ruli and you girls too, I'm sure you'd get a handsome sum of money, you should start thinking what to use it for."


"I'm not sure what I'd use human money for..."

"I mean, there's no harm in having it right, why not just get it for now?"

We left the principal room while having that conversation.
Now we just need to wait the kingdom to contact us back.

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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Strongest Sage, Gains Cooperation


"Second Royal Academy, new school building under construction...?"

That was written around the gate at the construction site.
Looks like they're erecting a new building.

"But why would they suddenly need a new building..."

"From what I can see, it seems they make use of new technology. The thickness of the walls and such make it look more like a small fortress than a school."

"You're right, it looks really sturdy... They've even put barrier in it..."

There was indeed information about construction type magic in the textbook I wrote to teach about production type magic.
They're putting it into practices here.
Even the layout, looks like they're using the textbook I created as a reference.

The original schoolhouse wasn't really well made.
I'm pretty sure it'd collapse the moment it got dragged in battle.
It was indeed unreliable for a building that houses the core of the Great Royal Capital Barrier.

However... They could make it this fast huh.
And the design looks relatively solid, the Royal Capital's technology level seems to be evolving rapidly.

"So, I wonder just where the principal is."

"It's written here."

I point at a spot next to the under construction sign.
The temporary location of Second Academy is written on a paper there.
...Or rather.

"Isn't this where the First Academy at."

"They took it over huh..."

Looks like Second Academy has taken over the First Academy's school building.
Looking closer, half of the people doing the construction seem to be First Academy students.

The poor First Academy students were driven out of their schoolhouse and somehow got stuck constructing Second Academy's one.
...Well, since creating structures is a specialty of the Glory Crest, this might also serve as their magic training.

We head to the First Academy location as I thought that.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>
"That's the place huh."

"It's been completely taken over..."

There's a 『Temporary Schoolhouse of Second Academy』 at the place where the First Academy schoolhouse should have been located.
By the look of things, the principal office must have been hijacked too.

"Let's go to the principal office for now."


We went to visit the principal office.
And as expected, principal Edward was inside.

"...Mathias and co. huh. I heard that demons showed up at the dungeon city and herds of monsters besieged the city, but I just knew you'd be fine."

Principal Edward said that without looking perturbed when he saw us.
It appears that the letter I had Eiku delivered reached principal Edward's hand too.

"So, there must be a reason you're here, no?"

"You got it right. Actually, we found out that there was another demon that was giving instructions to the demon we killed at the dungeon city. And thus, we'd like to go to another country to beat that demon."

"Another country... Which one?"

"It's Raginia Federation. That demon isn't necessarily there, but we've got a clue of its whereabout. That country is on friendly terms with this kingdom isn't that right?"

The principal had a slightly difficult face when he heard that.

"Yeah. We are on friendly terms with Raginia Federation indeed. You should find it more accommodating than other countries... However, that country is a bit complex, you see."


"Yeah. Raginia Federation doesn't have an absolute ruler like us with our king. Jurisdiction might differ from places to places even in the same country. ...By the way, where at Raginia you're going to?"

"Around this spot."

I pointed at the map.
It's not that I've checked directly, it's just the place where I sensed mana reaction from the device.

"...Mendoa territory huh. That place is shrouded in mystery."


Looks like Mendoa Territory is the name of the place where the device is located.
But what does he mean by shrouded in mystery.

"Yeah. Even though they're not hostile, we rarely have interactions with them. For the time being, I'll inform the king about this matter tonight and ask the guild over there to prepare your accommodation... However, keep in mind that Mendoa might not necessarily be our ally. Well, I don't think you'll let your guard down though, Mathias."

....I see, a territory that doesn't interact much huh.

"I understand. How long would it take by your estimate?"

"It should be quickly taken care of since it's related to demons. Should be five days at most. Is that too long for you?"

"That's good enough."

For now, seems like we'll get the king's cooperation.
And now we simply need to wait for them to contact us back.

Previous Chapter

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