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Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku 16-33

16-33. Garleon Union (9)


Satou here. I'm not sure if it's because simulation games come from war board games, but I just love world war II war games even on home consoles. I mean, simulation games about warring state period always end up turning bothersome due to the domestic affair stuff to me.

『I'll be right there Mia. Have the airship land in a safe zone.』

I was told that a Ghost Fleet led by Skeleton Archduke has appeared above Garleok City's sky.
According to the Map's marker column, Lady Karina and Princess Sistina seem to be in Garleon Temple on the ground, but these two should be fine without me hurrying to rescue them.

Now then, going back by sailing would take too much time.
That said, I can't go about abandoning the Allied Fleet either.

I decide to slightly alter the plan.

"The Golden Wheel is--"

A navigation officer who noticed the [Golden Wheel] in my hand letting out a solemn sound and golden light sounded surprised.
They're actually my magic handiworks though.

"--The Golden Wheel has imparted me. It appears that a crisis is looming over Garleok City."
"N-no way!"
"Just when we manged to flee from the pirate fleet, now you're telling me that Garleok City too."

The navigation officer and the vice captain wailed sorrowfully to hear what I said.
Their reaction is only natural considering it means their family is in danger.

In order to proceed to the next act, I use Weather Control magic to call forth massive dark clouds and roughen the sea.

"Earl Pendragon! Couldn't you do something about it?"
"There is one thing."

I looked back at the vice captain whose face was illuminated by a flash of lightning, and powerfully nodded.

"O 『Golden Wheel』!"

While entrusting my embarrassment to [Poker Face]-sensei, I make use of [Amplification] and [Acting] skill to deliver my voice, loud enough to not lose to the sounds of winds and lightning strikes, to the flagship crew.

"Lend use your help to send these pious people who serve upon great God Garleon to his side!"

It ended up sounding like a funeral service somehow, but no one seemed to question it thanks to Acting and Deception skills.

"O 『Golden Wheel』!"

Matching the timing with the call, I lifted up the ship with [Magic Arm], and let it fly with wind magic and gravity magic.
I made the ship to shine golden light with [Illusion] magic as I lifted it up.

I've increased the downpour as I lift the ship up, worsening the field of view. For the sake of--.

"--Ships! There's ships around us!"

The crew who found silhouette of ships beyond the rain reported loudly.

I have gathered the allied fleet ships with markers on them using Space Magic teleportation here.
Since God Garleon's order was to display [Group Valor], I was thinking that engaging the Ghost Fleet with just a lone ship was a no go, therefore I've amassed our allied ships except for the ships that spread out to escape the pirates.

That's still only 10 ships though.
Since the Ghost Fleet seems to have more than 100 ships in their ranks, the power gap is a bit too large.
Thus, by making use of the poor visibility, I make the golem fleet that I've created beforehand to join us.
For now, having around 50 of them with us should be enough to make it look like a fleet vs fleet battle.

"Earl Pendragon, we're surrounded by unfamiliar warships!"
"Please be at ease. They're our allies. By the guidance of the Golden Wheel, God Garleon ships have been gathered here."

With the help of Deception skill, I convinced the officer that the warships are our allies.

Of course, my mana is running low after this much brute forcing, so I've taken a mana supply magic tool out of the Storage into my palm, and get replenishment from it.

"S-ships, flying in the sky?"

The temple knight commander-san who went down with a seasick right after our departure crawled out of the cabin.
I wasn't sure if it was acceptable for a knight commander of a maritime nation, but since his day job usually involves protecting the temple, I guess there's no particularly huge problems in being weak with ships.

"It's a miracle by the great God Garleon!"

I declared powerfully.
Conclusive words are more persuasive in times like this.

As people's gratitudes and prayers probably have to reach God Garleon to fulfill his order, this method should be good.

"Hear me! Soldiers of Garleon Union!"

Toward the captains and crew of the consort ships who still hadn't caught up with the situations, I told them about the stuff imparted to me by the [Golden Wheel] and it being an oracle, about the crisis looming over Garleok City, and that we're now going on a rescue mission.

"Let us charge forward, soldiers! Lead our way, O 『Golden Wheel』!"

People eyes are gathered at the enlarged vision of the [Golden Wheel] I created with [Illusion] magic in front of the ship, and on top of that, I create a teleport gate ahead of it.
I make the enlarged illusion to shoot out a laser-like beam of light from the center to shine on the teleport gate, and make the gate itself to be glittering with light particles.
This much needlessly flashy show should be good enough to make it look like a [God's Miracle].

Since I'm used to making this kind of theatrical plays when I was developing events in my game development day, imagining this was relatively simple.



It seems to be [Super Effective] on the pure Garleon Union's people, their tensions are reaching sky high.
I linked the flying ships with the wheel and made them go ahead into the gate.

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"--That's Garleok City!"
"There's black ships flying in the sky!"
"No! Those are the accursed ghost ships!"

Out of the gate, the crew who noticed the Ghost Fleet cruising above Garleok City made a commotion.

I put my Map's markers on the Ghost Fleet while I have the chance.
I mean, they just suddenly appeared above Garleok City out of nowhere after all.

"It's not just Ghost Ships!"
"I've never seen that monster before... It can't be, is that a demon!"
"You're mistaken."

I negated the anxious vice captain and officers who were making a ruckus.

"That's a spirit my companion has summoned forth. It's protecting Garleok City, so tell all escort ships not to attack it even by mistake."

It'd be troubling if they attacked Garuda that Mia summoned.

I look around and check out the Ghost Fleet's levels.
There's lots of level 20 small ghost ships and level 30 mid-sized ghost ships, but the numbers of level 40 and level 50 large-sized ghost ships aren't insignificant either.
There's also highly mobile Wraith Knights riding on black Pegasus among their ranks, they've been having skirmishes with Mia's Garuda since awhile ago.

『Mia, kept you waiting.』
『Nn, waited.』

I talked to Mia with space magic [Tactical Talk].

『Sistina-sama, could I trouble you with the command of Golem Fleet?』

Controlling 50 ships at once is bothersome after all.

『I understand. Please send me back to the airship as I'll be using the Thousand Throne.』

I returned Princess Sistina to the airship with Unit Arrangement.
She also told me that the Skeleton Archduke showed up at the Main Temple and his objective was the [Golden Wheel].

Karina-sama is--there.

I saw Lady Karina running vertically on a tower's wall.
She runs on the wall and leaps to the sky.

At the end of her path, there's a ghost ship releasing a black depth charge down below.


She pierced the ghost ship from its bottom to the deck while leaving a blue trail of light behind.
She kicked off the mast of the instantly sunk ghost ship, leaping toward another ghost ship and single handedly routed the undeads on the deck.

Yup, these stuff are more suited for God Heraruon's trial.

『Karina-sama, I'm here with reinforcements. Please return to the flagship over here.』
『I got it! Sa-Satou, d-did you see my...』
『I did, you were really wonderful. Please do continue after you've returned to the flagship.』

After I said that, Lady Karina cheerfully bounced toward the flagship.

"Earl Pendragon, please accept this."

Looking at the source of the voice, an officer offered an admiral-like hat and coat to me.

"This is?"
"It's a proof of Admiral."

This'll save me the trouble of acquiring the commands, but is it really ok?

"The decision isn't solely decided by me. Other escort ship captains have also sent flags and signals agreeing to have the right command transferred to you."
"Earl Pendragon, abiding by the master of the 『Golden Wheel』 is a consensus of the allied fleet. Please accept the proof of it."

Pushed on the back by the temple knight commander's words, I accept the hat and coat from the officer.

I go up to the fleet admiral's seat as I put the hat on.

"All hands! First of all, let's drive the Ghost Fleet away from Garleok City!"

With my command, the fleet began its march toward the Ghost Fleet.

"Admiral! Seven black knights are coming from starboard direction!"
"Don't focus all your attentions on them! Concentrate on the large hostile warship before us!"

Golden bands coming down from the sky obstructed the Wrait Knights that were flying on their way to the flagship.

『Thank you, Mia.』
『Nn, protect.』

The golden bands were obstructions sent by Garuda who's standing by above the Golden Fleet.

One of the Wraith Knights that were forced to take a detour seemingly couldn't give up as it tried to make a dive bomb from above.


Lady Karina ran up the mast and intercepted that.

"Been waiting for 'er, the Brawling Princess!"
"Kicking Princess, yer' the best!"
"Dayum, she's strong, she sunk some ghost ships too earlier."
"Yeah well, she got a Kraken yesterday ain't she, our fleet is unfleeting s'long Brawling Princess' with us."

Crew on the deck raised their arms above and applaud Lady Karina with nicknames, like Brawling Princess and Kicking Princess.
Putting that aside, the last one with the bad pun was being ignored, he looked so lonely.

"Dem vertical roll's amazing--it ain't getting messy even tho' she moved around that much, how'd that even work."
"The heck's with ya! The awesome one's definitely that chest of hers!"
"True, I want her be my wife."

Looks like there isn't an insignificant number of people who are getting distracted by silly stuff.

"As expected of Karina nanodesu."

Tama and Pochi who showed up from my shadow are cheering Lady Karina on with folding fans written with [Victory] and [Friendship] in their hands.
We could have easily annihilated the Wraith Knights if we borrowed these two's power, but that wouldn't count as a display of [Group Valor].

"Admiral! We're about to enter the range of the enemy's black cursed cannons!"
"Fire the Mana Cannons!"

I concentrate on firing mana cannons from outside the range to drive them away from Garleok City's sky.
For now, the enemy is moving like intended, retreating from Garleok City's sky.

"Admiral, this is a trap. We'll be surrounded by the enemy ships if we keep this up."

I agree with the temple knight commander.

I know that it's a trap.
However, driving the ghost fleet out of Garleok City's sky takes priority.
The damage would have extended to Garleok City's civilians if this kept up.

Fortunately, all other ships besides the main 10 are Golem Ships in our fleet, thus we can safely ignore damage on our fleet by making use of that fact.
And besides, pretending to be caught in a trap only to turn it around sounds like it'll be more popular with the civilians.

"Admiral, we're getting surrounded."
"This should be far enough."

We've succeeded luring the Ghost Fleet away from Garleok City's sky.
This position is perfect as it can be seen from Garleok City yet won't damage the city.

"Kuha, kuhahahahaha--foolish mongrels! I shall grant you a peaceful death if you promptly hand over the 『Golden Wheel』! Or perhaps, you prefer eternal servitude... Kuha, kuhahahaha!"

We could hear the Skeleton Archduke's declaration of victory from a conspicuously large ghost ship.
Looks like he's so elated about it he even breaks out an amplification magic tool to brag.

"Don't worry. They haven't completely encircled us yet."

I fixed the admiral hat's angle as I spoke to the frightened first mate.

"All hands! We're done being passive! We're gonna break through the enemy encirclement and turn the tide around!"

I encouraged the fleet with the help of [Acting] skill.

『Sistina-sama, if you would please. Command the golem fleet onto the planned course.』

Princess Sistina replied with an unusually high-spirited voice.

『Mia, please bring Garuda closer.』

Mia asked me if I wanted to use Garuda's finisher.

『Nah, let's save that for a bit later. First, let karina-sama ride on Garuda so she could break through the enemy encirclement.』
『Nn, gotcha.』

"Karina-sama, please ride on Garuda and make a mess out of the front line."
"I got it! I'll show you a fight that'll make Sa-Satou praise me."

To Lady Karina who weirdly set up a death flag, I say, "I'm looking forward to that. But please take care not to get hurt okay."
Holding her hands felt like it would have put Lady Karina's Ditzy Engine straight into turbo, thus I refrained from doing so.

『Follow after my ship!』

I gave an order with [Amplification] skill, and smoothly control the ship toward a gap in the Ghost Fleet's encirclement that I perceived.

"Rapid fire mana blasts desuwa!"

Looks like she's defaulting to overkilling with Magic Edge Cannons, since her Karina Kick would end up in her falling to sea.
It's probably an advice from Tama and Pochi who are peeking out of her shadows.

『Could I ask you to do something?』
『Pochi wants to do it too nodesuyo!』
『Then, it's an errand for you two.』

I ask Cat Ninja Tama and Dog Hero Pochi to take care of advertising in the city.
Mainly to spread news that the Golden Fleet is God Garleon's miracle.

While I was doing such backdoor dealings, Lady Karina managed to wrench open a hole in the Ghost Ship encirclement.

The ghost ships begin to scramble in a hurry, but every ship gets in the way of every other ship, they cannot steer their ships well it seems.

"Push back the enemy fleet with the column formation! Keep firing the mana cannons as we head outside the encirclement! Focus on hostile ships that are going for the flagship!"

Following my order, our fleet is encircling the ghost fleet in a long thin formation, shooting volleys of mana cannons toward the ghost fleet all the while.
As mana cannons aren't enough against mid-class and large-class ghost ships, I finished those off with [Explosions] after they were hit enough times.

Of course, it can't be a one-sided offensive.

Cannonballs from the ghost ships' black cursed cannons hit several golem ships, destroying their mast and armors, sinking them down in the process.

"What amazing firepower."
"Yeah, we'd go under if they hit us with those."

The navigator and the temple knight commander had such a conversation.
These temple knights have nothing to do since there's no close quarter skirmish going on for now.

"O 『Golden Wheel』! Exemplify the glory of God Garleon!"

I shouted out something random, wrapped the allied fleet in golden light with Illusion magic and used that timing to buff each ships with protective magic.
I held back and only made it so each ship could defend against around 10 black cursed cannon's shots.

Increasing the bombardment as we circle around the Ghost Ships.

"M-my eyes, they're spinning."
"Shoot, shoot, shoooooooooot!"

While ignoring the high-tensioned flagship crew, I concentrate on steadily whittling down the enemy fleet.

Rings of gold and red are formed in the sky as our fleet whittle down the pursuing ghost fleet from outside, while red and black cannonballs are flying around.
I also mix in [Explosion] here and there whenever.
Thanks partly to that unfair technique, the pirate fleet is decreasing fast, we can feel our victory already.


People in Garleok City and the high-rise rampart are repeatedly calling God Garleon's name.
Looks like Tama and Pochi's advertisement was a huge success.

It'd be nice and easy if this stays until the end--

"--Looks like things won't go that well."

While muttering that, I glared at the only ship that had changed its course; the Skeleton Archduke's flagship.

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