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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 171

Chapter 171 Strongest Sage, Helps Fortress Construction


"Ah, Mathias. Speaking of demons... We're rebuilding the Second Academy school building as a countermeasure against them, have you seen it?"

The principal spoke out just when the stuff about Raginia Federation was settled.
About the latter huh.

"I have. There sure were lots of First Academy students."

"That reconstruction was an initiative of the First Academy you see. They wanted to practice the construction techniques you left behind, and they were curious about how you think of it."

From what I've seen from afar, it doesn't seem so bad.
I've also put Scanning magic in the textbook, perhaps they make use of that in the construction.
The problem is the design itself.

"Since it's the First Academy's initiative, does that mean it was designed by the students too?"

"Teachers also had a hand in the design. It's mainly by First Academy's but there are volunteers from Second Academy joining in too."

Teachers also take part huh.
However, you need experience to design a fortress.

Building a fort is not the same as erecting an ordinary building.
I mean, normally there's no one who would go out of their way to destroy some random building, thus there's no need to plan ahead about getting attacked.
However, there is no point in building a fort without considering the possibility of it receiving enemy attack or getting shot by a powerful magic.

...And now I'm getting worried somewhat.

"Could I see the blueprint for a sec?"

"Aa. I've got it here."

The principal took out several drawings from his desk.
I scanned over them.

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...How do I say it, it's better than I thought.
The First Academy students might be quite talented themselves, maybe they were just channeling their efforts at the wrong direction and had an unfortunate principal.
This should be pretty solid after correcting one mistake.

"The pillars here and here should use mithril instead of iron. The other parts should be fine after you do that, but the entire building would risk collapsing in battle if you were to keep this up."

"Mithril huh. Gathering a large amount of it will be quite toilsome... Is it really alright with just this one?"

"The other parts could also break down depending on the flow of battle, but there is no risk of having the entire building collapsing. A fortress built without considering the possibility of getting destroyed is but a toy."

I look over the blueprint of the new Second Academy schoolhouse as I say that.
The anti-personnel defense isn't too strong, perhaps for maintaining its function as a school, but the anti-air raid defense is pretty well thought out.
It should hold out in the event of a raid as long as those pillars are reinforced.

"Possibility of getting destroyed huh. First time I heard that school of thought."

"...Is that so? How were all the forts up until now built?"

"We made it really sturdy. We give up on it if it breaks apart."

"That's so haphazard..."

They managed to make this design in such a terrible condition huh.
These First Academy students are truly talented as long as they properly train....

I return the blueprint to the principal.

"This should take care of it."

"You have my gratitudes. As for the matter with the Dungeon City including with the demon, the king will reward..."

"Nah, I'm good, that's too much trouble. I'm just gonna amass it and collect it all at once later."

Having an audience with the king and stuff take too much time.
And it's not like there's anything I want in the treasury anyway, I don't need any reward.

"It's scary to even think about the amount of money we'd be owing from incidents involving Mathias... or rather, the Royal Castle's coffers should have been long gone by now."

"Don't worry, I don't plan to ask for money. I've got no use for it anyway."

"That's terrifying in itself though... Well, it's the king's job to think about. Ruli and you girls too, I'm sure you'd get a handsome sum of money, you should start thinking what to use it for."


"I'm not sure what I'd use human money for..."

"I mean, there's no harm in having it right, why not just get it for now?"

We left the principal room while having that conversation.
Now we just need to wait the kingdom to contact us back.

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