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Shinsetsu Nobu-san Isekai Ki Chapter 36

Chapter 36 An Adventure with Kagura-san - Metal Arc


Once we're ready, we advance inside the cave side by side.

Kagura-san is holding a lantern while pointing inward, looks quite deep. We're heading underground in a straight path that's also a bit spiral. But just what is this cave anyway. From what Kagura-san told me, apparently she found the way deeper by chance when she came here for a goblin subjugation quest.
The reason why she didn't want to get near the village is because the only son of an inn in that village fell in love at first sight with Kagura-san and proposed to her when she was staying there for the quest. That 'only son' is a 40 year old old man though!

There seems to be some kind of small room at the end of the path. And there's two magic circles that are just big enough to hold one person each inside.

"Listen here, Nobusada. The path ahead of this magic circle will have monsters just like in a dungeon. It's a straight path, but you can't avoid a skirmish as a result."

"Leave it to me. I'll show 'em the result of War Fist's training."

"Fufu, you've become quite reliable ever since the day we met at that training ground. Well then, I'll see you later."


Once the two of us got on the magic circles, light flowed out of them. My vision was dyed white for an instant, and then I suddenly found myself in a small room that emitted dim light. Looking around, there's only one path just like Kagura-san said.
Now then, let's do this!


"Phew, it's been awhile but no problem with the teleportation. I shouldn't let my guard down from here on."

Kagura walks forward while readying her two-handed spear.
The spear Kagura is carrying is unlike the common one found in Tycoon Dukedom, as it is an item made in the eastern countries. The spear has a black shaft and a cross-shaped blade on its tip. Since the passage is plenty wide enough she can use it without problems with some cautions. Kagura got her nickname from people who witnessed her slaughtering her enemy one after another with her two-handed spear and bare hands while bathed in the victim's blood.
Kagura herself is extremely bothered by the nickname, but it also serves to make people avoid her, thus she finds it convenient. Kagura who carries a certain circumstance with her is fine with it, and only want people she can trust by her side.

Suddenly, the surroundings shook. Since this country rarely experiences earthquake, unlike Japan, Kagura ended up shouting, "Kyaa" like a woman would.

Once the quake receded, Kagura advances forward while watching her surroundings once again, then she talks to Tama-chan in her chest.

"You have it nice, don't you. You have someone to walk together with. If only I didn't have this body... No, there's no point in grumbling. I should be thankful to have Nobusada agreed to go with me like this. I must not drag him into my circumstances."

After smiling to Tama-chan who was shaking like she wanted to say, 『Kagura-han, pretty sure Master woulda been fine with it』, Kagura proceeded forward once again.


On the other hand, Nobusada also felt the quake.

However, Nobusada keeps walking ahead like it's nothing. After experiencing real earthquake disaster, a mere slight magnitude 3-4 quake won't make him flinch.

The enemy he met along the way were all just low leveled Giant Bats and Lostshrooms, so he's been advancing smoothly.
<TLN: Back to first person narration. This author loves mixing third and first person narration and abruptly alternates between them.>

"I'm happy that this gets me to level Illusionist up, but treading a straight path with unchanging scenery like this really throws off your sense of time."

After progressing quite a bit and getting tired of the unchanging scenery, I finally found myself in an open space. There's another magic circle in the back similar to the one that teleported me here.
After rechecking my equipment like medicines and stuff, and buffing myself with Protection and Stone Skin for battle, I stepped inside the room, and then a small sphere fell down the ceiling as if protecting the magic circle. Its lead colored body is gleaming from the dim light in the small room.

Metal Moss Ball
HP: 46/46 - MP: 12/12
One of the possibility born from Moss Ball. Its whole body has transformed into unknown metal, it's a Moss Ball that has ceased to be a 'moss'. A shrewd one in the society of Moss Balls with heart and body of steel, as its heart is made of steel, this dude's in M team that doesn't know when to give up with the suicide attacks.

Uwoo, a metal-type enemy from a certain famous adventure tale huh. Geez, metal enemy is supposed to be the type that's quick to run away, y'know.
Fortunately, it doesn't seem like it's going to move yet.
Then, those who strike first win. I choose one modified magic partly for confirming stuff.

"Romantic Armament, Spiral Shot <<Drill Pressure Shot>>!"

Five wind gravels rotating at high speed flew toward Metal Moss Ball. My present limit is controlling five of them.


The gravels that looked like it hit only managed to scratch its surface, giving nil damage.
And just when I was preparing to do direct damage on it, Metal Moss Ball made its move.


A sound of cutting wind scratched my cheek. It's bouncing and flying around all over the room without stopping.
Uwaa, this thing's nasty.
Think about it. It's like a hammer throw athlete throwing a hammer with all his might toward you. Since it's slower than Master's fist, I'm managing to evade it, but my mind rejects the idea of fighting it directly.
I tried to cut it from the side as I evaded but the attack only managed to slightly slow its trajectory, didn't work too well.


Sounds of clashing metal resounded in the room.


Timing's perfect, was it a critical hit!? But when I look again, it's my sword that's been chipped. Tch, my sword won't last for long if I keep clashing with it huh.
Then how about, I put the sword back into its sheath tight and take a stance.


The Metal Moss Ball flies toward me at a speed not inferior to a fast ball thrown by a major league manga protagonist.

I raise my left leg high and unleash a side slash like I'm making a home run.

STRIIIIIIIKE! This is what you'd call Nobusada home run!


Wait, this is no time to think about idiotic stuff. Since we're inside a small room, it didn't fly outside the stadium and instead bounced around the ceiling, ground and walls. As it got even faster than ever, I hurriedly tried to dodge it.


But I couldn't manage to as the Metal Moss Ball body collided with my butt. It broke through Protection and Stone Skin, the impact was so painful it made me jump out.
Ouch ow ow ow oww. Wonder if I broke my bone. I recover myself with High Heal while enduring the swelling pain on my butt.

This is not good. Half-assed blows would only endanger me instead.
Let's discard the preconception I have. We're not in a certain famous adventure story, the fact that magic doesn't work on metal type monsters is not guaranteed.

"Fire Arrow!"

Five fire arrows I created hit the Metal Moss Ball. Hahaha, damn, this thing ain't gonna let them hit it.
Then electricity for metal.


Nu, the Metal Moss Ball is jumping up and down to dodge it. However, the lightning is homing toward the metal-bodied Metal Moss Ball. I think this one's giving damage even a bit? The spell Thunder is originally a type that discharge electricity in a wide area so the firepower isn't that high. I had experimented trying to converge it to raise its firepower, but I still can't adjust it well enough. If possible, I'd like to converge and compress it, finishing it up into a powerful magic.
But, I've obtained the way to get out of this rut. Let's throw away all the fine details.

"Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunder!"

After many shots, the Metal Moss Ball feels like it's gotten slower. Sensing that it's now the time to attack, I put the iron sword back on my waist, and unfasten the clasp on my gauntlet. I lightly swung my arm, and then the fist cover connected to the gauntlet was unveiled and stopped just right to cover my fists.
This is the Iron Ant Gauntlet Kai, I jointly developed with Boss-san when I consulted him about the lack of time to change equipment during battle. The finer parts had to be made by hands, it was tough for Boss-san.

<TLN: If you're reading this novel at any other site than Sousetsuka .com you might be reading an unedited, uncorrected version of the novel.>

First, let's make it stop!

"Red Wall Squall, Great Blaze <<Burst Storm>>!"

I kneaded my mana and produced a composite magic of fire and wind that can swallows simple substance. Even the thick and heavy Metal Moss Ball couldn't endure it as it got thrown off into the ceiling. I tightly grasp the fist cover, aim it right under the Metal Moss Ball and undo the magic. The heated reddened Metal Moss Ball falls down. I confirm the spot where I have to hit by Discerning Magic Eyes, converge Thunder on my fist and unleash a vertical strike.

"Fiery Wiiiind War Fist Striiiike!!"

The lightning clad on my fist roared as it went into the Metal Moss Ball. If I don't shoot the spell radially, it's possible to converge it by using myself the origin. Moreover, the lightning produced by my magic won't damage me, it's good stuff.
The Metal Moss Ball's body intensely clashed with the Iron Ant Gauntlet, scattering sparks around. The converged lightning went along the fist cover and shocked the Metal Moss Ball all the while.


Eventually, cracks expanded from the point where my fist hit the Metal Moss Ball's body. It then got split in two with cracking sounds, and then it fell down on the floor with a metallic sound.

War Fist Strike is Master's original technique, it precisely hits the enemy's core or vital point, passing on the impact in its entirety. I managed to faintly grasp the timing to strike with the help of Discerning Magic Eye's analysis. However, Master can precisely strike the right spot completely by instinct. Apparently, Eleanor-san is the only one who has managed to perfectly learn this technique that's both delicate and bold. Wonder it's something to do with being parent and child.
By the way, Master taught me that you can raise its firepower by yelling the technique's name out loud. I thought he was joking, but it really did work, so what can you do about it.

The split Metal Moss Ball disappeared into particles of light, before long.
Isn't this place connected to a dungeon? The magic circle might have teleported us to a dungeon or something.

Tereretettette~♪ Alchemist, Illusionist leveled up.
Tettere~♪ Enchant Magic Liberated
Tettere~♪ Gravity Magic Acquired

Ah, forgot to change my Classes. How careless of me.
Uhoo, both of them leveled up straight to 12. Maybe metal type monsters do give high exp.
I-it all turned ok in the end. Let's be positive. By no means I'm averting my eyes from the truth, ladies and gentlemen.
But really, I still don't get the difference between Acquired and Liberated. What's up with that?

【Enchant Magic】
Magic to grant a variety of enchantments to created goods. However prerequisite spells and their effect are necessary. As it is an acquired ability, not natural, be aware that there are limits in the number of enchantment you can grant to an item.

Lightening - Reduce item weight
Hardening - Raise item hardness

【Gravity Magic】
Magic to control gravity and bring about various phenomenon.

Lv1 - Graviton - Crush a target using gravity

Both look useful. Who would have thought that Illusionist was the trigger that got me to learn Gravity Magic. What a lucky break.

A Soul Stone and something small were left behind where Metal Moss Ball was.

Relatively Mini Medal
Quality: Unknown - Enclosed Magic: Unknown
There might a dilettante who collects this medal, dunno where and who they are though. Made of unknown metal. Not much information is known about it since the probability of obtaining one is extremely low in itself.

...I've got no comment. I cram the small yellow Soul Stone and the medal with bad vibe into my rucksack and take a breather.
Sure used up quite a bit of my mana there.

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