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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Strongest Sage, Gains Cooperation


"Second Royal Academy, new school building under construction...?"

That was written around the gate at the construction site.
Looks like they're erecting a new building.

"But why would they suddenly need a new building..."

"From what I can see, it seems they make use of new technology. The thickness of the walls and such make it look more like a small fortress than a school."

"You're right, it looks really sturdy... They've even put barrier in it..."

There was indeed information about construction type magic in the textbook I wrote to teach about production type magic.
They're putting it into practices here.
Even the layout, looks like they're using the textbook I created as a reference.

The original schoolhouse wasn't really well made.
I'm pretty sure it'd collapse the moment it got dragged in battle.
It was indeed unreliable for a building that houses the core of the Great Royal Capital Barrier.

However... They could make it this fast huh.
And the design looks relatively solid, the Royal Capital's technology level seems to be evolving rapidly.

"So, I wonder just where the principal is."

"It's written here."

I point at a spot next to the under construction sign.
The temporary location of Second Academy is written on a paper there.
...Or rather.

"Isn't this where the First Academy at."

"They took it over huh..."

Looks like Second Academy has taken over the First Academy's school building.
Looking closer, half of the people doing the construction seem to be First Academy students.

The poor First Academy students were driven out of their schoolhouse and somehow got stuck constructing Second Academy's one.
...Well, since creating structures is a specialty of the Glory Crest, this might also serve as their magic training.

We head to the First Academy location as I thought that.

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"That's the place huh."

"It's been completely taken over..."

There's a 『Temporary Schoolhouse of Second Academy』 at the place where the First Academy schoolhouse should have been located.
By the look of things, the principal office must have been hijacked too.

"Let's go to the principal office for now."


We went to visit the principal office.
And as expected, principal Edward was inside.

"...Mathias and co. huh. I heard that demons showed up at the dungeon city and herds of monsters besieged the city, but I just knew you'd be fine."

Principal Edward said that without looking perturbed when he saw us.
It appears that the letter I had Eiku delivered reached principal Edward's hand too.

"So, there must be a reason you're here, no?"

"You got it right. Actually, we found out that there was another demon that was giving instructions to the demon we killed at the dungeon city. And thus, we'd like to go to another country to beat that demon."

"Another country... Which one?"

"It's Raginia Federation. That demon isn't necessarily there, but we've got a clue of its whereabout. That country is on friendly terms with this kingdom isn't that right?"

The principal had a slightly difficult face when he heard that.

"Yeah. We are on friendly terms with Raginia Federation indeed. You should find it more accommodating than other countries... However, that country is a bit complex, you see."


"Yeah. Raginia Federation doesn't have an absolute ruler like us with our king. Jurisdiction might differ from places to places even in the same country. ...By the way, where at Raginia you're going to?"

"Around this spot."

I pointed at the map.
It's not that I've checked directly, it's just the place where I sensed mana reaction from the device.

"...Mendoa territory huh. That place is shrouded in mystery."


Looks like Mendoa Territory is the name of the place where the device is located.
But what does he mean by shrouded in mystery.

"Yeah. Even though they're not hostile, we rarely have interactions with them. For the time being, I'll inform the king about this matter tonight and ask the guild over there to prepare your accommodation... However, keep in mind that Mendoa might not necessarily be our ally. Well, I don't think you'll let your guard down though, Mathias."

....I see, a territory that doesn't interact much huh.

"I understand. How long would it take by your estimate?"

"It should be quickly taken care of since it's related to demons. Should be five days at most. Is that too long for you?"

"That's good enough."

For now, seems like we'll get the king's cooperation.
And now we simply need to wait for them to contact us back.

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