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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 172

Chapter 172 Strongest Sage, Coming up with Strategy


"A delivery for you."

"Here it is. That was faster than expected."

A few days after I asked the cooperation of the kingdom.
A bulky envelope adorned with ornaments was delivered to us.

"Don't tell me, that's from the king?"

"Yeah. Here's the royal family seal."

I showed one of the papers inside the letter.
There's also a traveling permit, a letter of introduction for the Raginia Federation, and such.

"That document looks really important...."

"Is that a decree directly from the king himself..."

One thing stands out among the papers inside the envelope.
It's a decree detailing the king's request to help us locating the demon.
Another letter also tells us that we shouldn't hesitate to use other papers beside the decree when needed.

It's not like there's going to be a change in plan even without the decree, but these documents might prove useful.
There's a chance that we might have to force our way through while saying that it's the king's order if anything happened.

Doing such acts in another country while holding onto these kind of documents might turn it into international problems, but the fact that they're letting us to have them while fully realizing that must means they trust us.
There's other documents of interests inside... but first thing first, we should take care of our exit formalities.

"Now then, we should head out."

We've finished our preparation already.
Looks like we should go to a town at the border to Raginia Federation called Granze Town.

"This is the first time I'm going outside Eis Kingdom, I can't calm down..."

"I've always wanted to sightsee Raginia Federation!"

We're traveling toward Granze while conversing.
While also holding a strategy meeting since there's no dangerous place along the way there.

"Was it about 130km to our destination?"

"Should be around that far!"

"Yeah. The problem isn't the distance, but this place here."

I point at the map I gave her.

"...Is that a, restricted area?"

"Yea. Details about it are written here."

Inferring from the mana reaction, it's where the facility to detect demons is located.
There, 『Category 1 Restricted-Entry Zone』 is written.

We have details pertaining Category 1 Restricted-Entry Zone among the documents we got... in short, traffic is limited because there is a possibility of disaster happening if one were to randomly poke their nose around inside.

"...Can't we just, like, slip in without anyone noticing?"

"Simply slipping in is no sweat. However... Activating that facility will throw the surrounding mana waves into disorder. I'd like to enter through the formal way unless in a case of emergency."

"Formal way?"

"Apparently, you'll be allowed to get in if you raise your rank at the Raginia Guild. Category 1 Restricted-Entry Zone is, A rank... looks like we need the second highest rank."

This would have been simple if Raginia were governed by one king.
We'd have been able to enter the restricted area just by talking to that supposed king.

"Second highest... Wouldn't that take a really long time?"

"Normally you'd never even dream of becoming one..."

"Fortunately, you can apparently raise your rank by completing quests at Raginia Guild. We should rise in rank quickly if we just take and complete all the available subjugation quests at some guild branches."

Since the quests are usually tied to rank and stuff, taking everything might prove difficult in reality.

However, we should manage somehow by going around several cities and completing the quests there.
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"We won't take quests for monsters that our Passive Detection don't detect though."

"I don't think that's the problem here... but we really might be able to enter the restricted area pretty quick if we do that!"

Looks like Ruli got it.

"And if something came up that required us to immediately act along the way... Let's have the Dark Dragon to emerge above the sky of the restricted area, and make use of that chance to accomplish our objective."

"Isn't that Dark Dragon..."

Alma and Ruli turned their line of sight toward Iris.
Of course, they're right.
I mean, Iris is the Dark Dragon even though she looks like that.

"Yeah. I don't want to resort to that if possible since it'd cause many complications. And flying will put too much burden on the current Iris."

Granze has come into view while we were tallking.
For now let's take care of these exit formalities.

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