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Shikkaku Mon no Saikyou Kenja Chapter 173

Chapter 173 Strongest Sage, Exits the Country


"Uwaa, that's quite a line..."

"Being the national border means it's the door to foreign trade after all. Must be lotsa merchants around."

"This looks like it'll take a whole day if we get in the line...."

I look around after saying that.
Wagons fully loaded with luggage are forming a long line.
They're probably checking the inside of those luggage, the line looks almost like it's not moving at all.

The town itself is quite different than your ordinary town.
There's only a few stores, and instead, warehouses are all over the place.
It's a true blue base of trade.

"Are you lots going to exit the country? Then line up here. You've got an exit permit with you, don't you?"

A nearby guard called to us as we were looking at the line.
It appears that we have no choice but to join the queue here.

"Yeah. We only need the exit permit right?"

I showed the permit to the guard.
And then... The guard suddenly became polite while turning pale.

"C... could that be a Category 2 exit permit?"

"That's what written here."

I look at the permit given by the king.
It's written with 『Category 2 Exit Permit』, 『Emergency』.
Category 2 huh, does that mean there's Category 1.

"P-please excuse me. There is no need line up, if you would please come this way!"

We look at each others.
Looks like the permit we got was special.

Thus, we were led to a small gate away from the huge national gate.
And there.

"Category 2, it's an emergency!"
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"Understood! ...excuse me, could you show me your ID."

We showed our guild cards.
Then the guard hurriedly stamped some documents and left with them somewhere.

"That is all for the procedures! Please take care!"

The guards opened the gate and sent us off afterward.
That was really simple, perhaps it was thanks to the 'Emergency' label.

"...That went off really easy, didn't it."

"Now I'm worried if we stood out too much..."

"We'd look more suspicious if we were sneaking about instead, might as well go at it with a bang right? It's not like we're doing anything wrong, and we'll be standing out when we quickly rise through the guild rank anyway."

"Ah, you were actually aware about that..."

We look around at the surroundings while talking.

There's a town on the other side of the gate.
Being a national border, it looks to be mainly used for trade warehouses.
However, since the atmosphere of the town is quite different than that of Eis Kingdom, it makes you feel like you're in a foreign country.

"Shall we head to the guild for now?"

"Nope, let's go to the next city and enter Fredia Territory. We'll comb-through the quests in the guild there."

"...Instead of a nearby city, we're going out of our way to some faraway one?"

"Yeah. Because apparently, Fredia's ruler is on good terms with Eis Kingdom. It'd be easier to talk with them."

Taking and completing all the quest will of course draw attentions to us.
There is a chance that some problem might occur that would result in us getting banned from taking more quests.

Thus, we're gonna raise our ranks in a territory governed by a ruler who's on friendly terms with Eis Kingdom.
Even though they most definitely won't make the requirements to raise our rank to go in our favor, simply having them not getting in our way will make a big difference.

And once we've ranked up, we'll get the permission to enter the restricted zones.
Guild rank is shared inside the country, thus it should be possible to enter a restricted zone in another territory even if we raise our rank in Fredia.

While having such conversations, we arrived at Fredia territory and immediately went to the guild.

"Could I use this here?"

I showed the Raginia Federation Guild Card inside the quild.
This card was kindly included in the letter the king delivered to us.

It's of the lowest rank (Rank G) since it's a new card, but it'd save us the trouble of registering anew if it's usable.
Guild registration and procedures are surprisingly bothersome.

"Yes, of course you can."

Fortunately, it is usable, as expected of a gift from the king.

Now then... the next question is the most important one.
Our efficiency will differ greatly depending on the answer to this.

"Is there a limit on how many quest you can take?"

"There is none. ...However, we do not recommend taking too many quests because you will be given penalty for breaching contract if you went past the quest deadline."


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