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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 422

422 Beehive


Well to put things short, the end result was excessive. A high pitched sound rang aloud noisily.
Kyuun! It was so loud my ears were hurting.
The pebbles flew like a buckshot toward the flaming ball. They hit their mark in less than one second. The pebbles flew off virtually vanishing the instant I undid Acceleration.
The flaming ball dispersed right away while the pebbles kept going and even seemingly reaching the wyvern, I saw a black object far in the horizon dropping down the ground.

"There's, no way..."

The coachman couldn't process what he just saw and stopped the stagecoach altogether instead of running it faster.
I called out to him.

"Welp, made a blunder, that took the wyvern out it seems. Come on now, quit dawdling and keep going."

The coachman pulled himself together after I said that and resumed running the stagecoach.
The four people inside the stagecoach had no comment. They didn't even peek outside to see the wyvern.
In fact, none of them even looked surprised when I suddenly jumped off earlier.
They were not moving an inch like they had attained a state of enlightenment.

(Ah, they've gotten used to it, or maybe more like stopped trying to make sense of things. Okay, I am aware how absurd I am okay? I really do.)

The only reason I'm doing all these absurdities is because the problems can't be dealt with the common sense way.
That's one thing I can't do anything about really. In all the trouble I encountered thus far, most people were trying to kill me so my actions could be justified as self-defenses. I believe it's still common sense.
However, a stray wyvern is akin to a calamity, a force of nature humans are helpless against.
The situation would have been utterly hopeless to mere humans. A 100% certainty.
And even that was overturned, the coachman's reaction should be the correct one here.

(Hmm? Were these four always like this before?)

No, I should stop looking back and keep pressing forward. I discarded the thought about these ladies and the underling into a trash bin in my mind.
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Our stagecoach kept going and naturally arrived at the wyvern's impact point.
We tread carefully as we drew closer. Its size from head to tail should be around three meters while the wingspan ought to be around five meters.
It kinda looks like a Pteranodon depicted in dinosaur illustration books.

"Uwaah, it's full of holes. Ah, one of the wings is undamaged."

The pebbles must have pierced the wyvern really hard as holes are opened all over its body. I poked at the membrane of the one wing that luckily got off in one piece.

The four got off to see the wyvern as well. They're standing next to the coachman, looking appalled together.
This wyvern's death is clearly brought about by the pebbles I threw. And they inferred it.
Its neck bone must have been crushed when it hit the ground. It's twisted bad. Though it's not obvious at a glance.
Of course. Even its head is full of holes after all, blood is still seeping out of them all over its body.

"Oy! What parts of this are sellable? I think this wing membrane would fetch the highest, am I right? And then the meat, bones and fangs... Are you listening?"

The coachman wouldn't respond to me. I waved my hand in front of his eyes with no result.
I sighed at having to do that cliche here.

I lightly beat the coachman's back and dragged him back to reality.
His eyes were unfocused like he was sleepwalking. Yet he responded to my questions regarding which parts of the wyvern to cut nonetheless while I dedicated myself cutting them off.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 152

It Folds It Bends


"No funny business now ya hear!? Or maybe ya wanna see a cut finger or two!?"

The thug yelled while pointing his knife next to the upstart pig.
...According to his Kill Log, seems he's killed six people in the past.
This man thinks nothing of murder. He must feel no guilt and regard the people he killed and the people left behind as trash.

I ignore his warning and take a step forward.

"Oho, did you not hear the man? Keep walking and her life is--"

"Shut up."

After I said that, I twisted the thug's limbs to where the joints don't go.
The thug crumbled down like a puppet cut off its strings after some unpleasant sounding cracking noise.

"Eh...? A,a,aaaaaaaaaahh!!!? M, my arms, my legs, a, agyaaaaa!!!"

"Karla, come over here, it's okay now."

"E-eeh...!? Y-y-yes!"

What I did was exceedingly simple. I wrapped the thug's limbs with remote mana control and twisted them hard.
Then I had Karla come here while the thug and upstart pig fell into confusion. And now the pig won't lay his fingers on Karla.

"Hiiyiii!!? M-my limbs...!! What, what's going on, i-it huuuuuurts!!"

"Shut up, shut your trap."

"Y-you won't, get away doing this to me...!! Kill!! I'mma kill you, your family lover friends, all of 'em--"

"Okay fine, open your mouth wide, happy now?"

"A, agagaga!!?"

I forcefully held his mouth open with mana control this time.
I'm fed up hearing this guy's voice, time for a little punishment to shut him up.
To begin with, I've got no family here, no lover, and only a few friends... Huh, what is this water coming out of my eyes, sweat?

"Here you go, enjoy. Have a lot."

"Ha, hagyaaaaaagagaagyaaaa!!!"

I filled his mouth full of the super spicy [Lightning Pepper Powder] and forcefully closed it with mana control.
I've made sure he can still breathe, shouldn't die of asphyxiation. The pain in his mouth and limbs is proof he's still alive. Be glad.

"What an overt reaction, you like it that much huh? Nice~."

"U, uwaa, his face is so red, those tears and snots are coming out like a waterfall..."

Karla got taken aback as she watched the thug whose face turned as red as a tomato while being unable to even vomit.
Despite having been taken hostage, she could still sympathize after seeing the guy like that.
I'd just leave this guy be now. He can't move anyway, gotta take care of the upstart pig.

"D-dammit!! You bastard! Don't think you've won yet!!"

The upstart pig ran off after spitting that line.
...Slow. He may not be a Combatant, but how is he slower than Reina before she came of age. How neglectful of your own health can one be.

"Where do you think you're going?"

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I got ahead of him in a flash using Pseudo Ground Shrink.

"I still have some things I need to discuss you with, keep me company for a bit will you."

"D-didn't you tell me to go home earlier!!"

"I see I see, you still haven't fully realized just what you have done it seems."

"W-what are you talking about! Get outta the way!"

"I'm saying that's the wrong direction, you nincompoop."

I twisted the upstart pig's legs in an unnatural direction with remote mana control.
Crack crack crack! Sounds you wouldn't think coming from a human body resounded. He can no longer run now.


"Now then, this place won't do at all to entertain a guest, do please come in. I hope you don't mind our paltry hospitality and take your time."

I grabbed the upstart pig by his red hair and dragged him into the orphanage.
Gotta help the man since he can't walk, I'm so kind.

"H-hiyii!!? L-let goo!! Please let me goo!!"

"Yes we will have a go. Inside that is. Karla, could you lead us to the parlor, no wait a guest room?"

"U-ummm, I-I understand."

"Ah, also it's probably going to get noisy for a bit, but make doubly sure nobody get in while we're having a chat, okay."


Karla gave her OK with a slight look of fear.
...Guess anybody's gonna get scared after watching this.

I put him in a chair over a table inside the small guest room and our little interview began.
The pig is looking pale while sweating profusely, not sure if it's due to the pain or being alone with me in this room.

"Now then, I need to check several things with you, your answers?"



"H-hiiiiie!! Y-yes! Yessir!!!"

The pig replied profusely after I spoke with a slightly intimidating tone.
I shouldn't overdo it or it's gonna look like I'm tormenting the weak... Well, it pretty much already is, let's just get this over and done with.

"Tell it to me straight. Do that, then later you can explain to the guards everything that transpired during this incident and get thrown into the cell.

"B-but then my fate is sealed either way!"

"Uh yeah of course? Recall everything you did. Ah, right, right. If you keep silent or I think you're spouting lies."

I abruptly fetched a dustcloth and squeezed it before his eyes.
I kept twisting it to the limit before it eventually tore off.

"Do make sure you refrain from deceptions and falsehood or you might just end up like this."

The upstart pig's face turned deathly pale after witnessing that.
Now then, let us begin this tort--, cough cough, talk shall we.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 421

421 The Usual Shows Up After All


The thing made itself shown as it got closer. Yep, it's a dragon, everyone's favorite.
It looks exactly like a standard 'Wyvern' you'd see everywhere.
No I'm not trying to cut my explanation short. It's literally one. Like green scales, wings for forearms, sharp talons for hind legs, a long and narrow tail with a sharp tip, the face of a dragon.
There are some variations between fantasy work, but the basic idea usually follows the same principle.
The settings are all variable as well, they're sometimes true dragons, sub-dragons, or even an entirely different species.
I think there are even fantasy work that have them evolve into dragons?

A standard monster with no agreed upon form yet has a consensus on how it generally looks.

I'm not going to delve deeper into that topic now.
It means nothing to the wyvern anyway.
The thing is flying in the sky. Heading here at high speed.
It'll definitely catch up to this stagecoach no matter how fast we make it run. There's no escape.
To begin with, the wyvern is coming from the opposite direction so it'll get to us either way.
And it looks like it had already noticed us.
I mean it's opening its mouth wide, getting ready to spit out a bright red orange flame from it.
It must be going to spew a mass of flaming ball, not a physical one at that, more magical.
I jumped off the stagecoach with that random thought swirling in my head.

"Oy, I'll do something about that, you keep the stagecoach running."

I instructed the coachman while running in parallel to the stagecoach.
The coachman replied back while looking surprised.

"That must be a stray that separated from its herd! But it's still a dragon you know!? Are you really going to be alright!?"

The stagecoach is running the camel horses at max speed to increase the chance of us escaping the flaming ball.
Ordinary humans can't hope to match that speed. The coachman's surprise came from the fact that I could, easily at that.

"Argh! Okay! I get it! There's no time for a debate! I don't want to die either! There'd be nothing left of us if that lump of flame hit! I'd haunt you if you failed!"

Right as the coachman finished with his complaint, the wyvern finally shot a flaming ball.
It's flying straight towards us. Nothing to worry about if I just enter Acceleration though.
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(Let's pick up some pebbles. Now then, heave-ho! Heave-ho!)

Everything but me stops in the world of Acceleration. I pick up all nearby pebbles and keep throwing them at the flaming ball.
The pebbles naturally stop mid air the moment my hands let go of them. I'm not sure if they're gonna hit the target once they start flying.
One pebble may not hit. Nor will it blow away the flame.
The flaming ball is around 50 meter away from the stagecoach. It'll take less than five seconds for it to land.
That despite how far away the wyvern still is. It's the end of the road for us if I don't erase this flaming ball. These pebbles should break the speed of sound once I undo Acceleration. But if they miss, the flaming ball will reach the stagecoach in literal seconds considering how fast it's flying.
As such I choose to throw as many pebbles as I can. It's not because I got too absorbed into it under Acceleration State. Definitely not.

This was the only hand I got as the flaming ball is positioned pretty high up in the sky.
If it's the type that explodes upon impact, dealing with it when it's already close to the stagecoach would spell doom to us.
Hence, I have to do something about it while it's still in the sky above.
Roadside pebbles were the only items that could work for that plan. I've got lots of swords inside my magic bag, but I don't plan on using them. I'm going to sell them all for lots of money. Don't wanna waste it.
If only there was even a single tree nearby, I could have uprooted and threw it instead, but this place is a sprawling meadow. There's nothing handy like that nearby.
Yep, there's no convenient plot device this time around. What even are template developments.

I stopped adding more pebbles to the barrage once I deemed it was enough.
All that's left is to undo Acceleration and wait for the result.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 151

That's a Bad Hand



Thunderclap Byakko used [Ground Shrink] while roaring, closing the distance between us instantly.
It's not quite at platinum chicken's level, yet it's so fast it's nigh unavoidable.
It made a sweeping motion with its claws, which I quickly reacted by wrapping my arms with mana armor to block, but


Pain assaulted my entire body the moment its claws touched my arm.
This must be the effect of Byakko's Unique Skill [Gale Thunder]. Infusing lightning element to attacks is an extremely troublesome Skill to me, or rather most people.
There's no actual damage to my body thanks to HP buffer, but the pain is transmitted directly thanks to the electricity, it's like a world of pain! Seriously stop that!

"Hahaha, how do you like that! I'm surprised you haven't been turned into a charcoal!"

Shut it you piggy upstart!
Have some pain yourself!

I grabbed the Byakko's tail and spun



With energy-boosted Offense, I threw the tiger at the red haired pig!


The piggy upstart leaped while making a weird scream.
Tch, I missed.

"H-hmph, struggle futilely all you want! Like that'd hit me!"

The pig boasted.
What is he even saying with his butt on the ground.

"This guy's strong enough to easily fling Byakko...! Oy, kill him in one go! Can't drag this on and let him counter attack!"


After receiving that order from the beast tamer, blood ran on Byakko's claws and fangs, no it seeped out.
I can tell from Menu reading that Byakko's Offensive power increased with that.
So this is [Vital Task] Skill, what a painful sight...
Wait no, this is bad, its HP may be decreasing but its Attack power is rising fast, it's gonna reach four digits at this rate.
Gotta go on the offense and reduce that HP to zero before that happens!



Another Ground Shrink-fueled lunge huh, don't think that's gonna work--
Ah, crap, I managed to dodge the claws but not the [Postpre Mana Claw]


Delayed mana claws hit me.
I narrowly managed to defend against it, but the added damage from lightning hurts really bad!







Every time I defended against Byakko attack, electricity ran through my body, bringing out the sensation of pain I had almost forgotten.
Give it a rest already dangit! Screaming out every time I got hit is getting tiring!

"...H-he's screaming in pain yet I don't see a wound, is it really working?"

"I-I believe so. Thunderclap Byakko's Attack should be nearly 1000 right now. There is no way anyone can stay alive after receiving so many attacks from that. An average Combatant would have died in the first attack."

"Then explain how is he looking so lively!?"

It hurts but I get no damage whatsoever as long as my HP buffer remains.
But due to all the attacks I received, only half of my HP remains. It'll run out and let the damage passes through for real at this rate.
I'm probably gonna be turned into a charred remain for real if I took this head-on without HP buffer. Scary.

I want to attack back but High Powered Pile Bunker is out of question.
I need to focus a lot before I could use that attack, the mana liquid would disperse if that thing hit me while I'm preparing.
But normal pile bunker and mana blade rev don't have enough firepower to... No wait, this thing's Def is only 500, it's gonna work just fine no?

"Oy, how long you're gonna keep playing around, get to it already! Bite that guy's throat off!"

The beast tamer man yelled his order at the Byakko.
Answering that, Byakko reduced its HP even further, raising its Attack in the process.
...You must have got it tough having that man as your master.


The roar felt unlike anything before. It's going to end this battle with the next attack.
...This tiger isn't the one at fault here. No, that'll be the beast tamer and that upstart pig.
But I don't plan on dying either, forgive me.

Byakko used [Ground Shrink] to zero in on me.
Responding to that, I moved backward at high speed using super low altitude mana flight.
We're both now effectively stopped as we attack each other.


Byakko bit my throat as it roared.
I did not dodge this attack.

I'm experiencing the sensation of having fangs piercing through my body. This feeling of a foreign substance that's not pain is gross.

"Alright, now bite him off!!"

The beast tamer shouted in elation.
Not just throat, Byakko has my whole body inside its fangs.
Electricity keeps running too, ow ow ow!
I can't control my mana well in this state.

"Gwu... uuuuuu...! S... Sorr..."

"Fuhaha! It's too late to beg for mercy now! Die, just die already!"

But Energy-powered buff is a different story.

"...Sorry, tiger buddy."


I greatly increased the strength of my right arm.
Then I strike Byakko's belly hard with it! Get blown away!!

BASH, an unexpected soft warm sensation got transmitted.
Eh, bash? What is this feeling.

Ah, my right arm didn't blow Byakko away, it pierced right through its belly.
N-no uh, I didn't mean to, ah, i-it died...
...RIP. My bad, who could've thought that blow would penetrate right through it instead.
Both the upstart pig and beast tamer were looking in my direction dumbfounded, seemingly unable to process what happened.
...For now, I'll pull my right arm off. Uwaah, it's bloodied all over. Gross...

"W-what just, happened...?"

"H-he killed Thunderclap Byakko in one hit... And, barehanded...!?"

Yeah, I'm not going to make an excuse. I did kill the thing after all. It's my fault for underestimating my strength.
But these guys are the ones who are controlling sinless magic beasts to kill people. They're the baddies here... Eh, that's not an excuse? Welp.

<<For your information, this Thunderclap Byakko had records of killing and devouring people before being tamed.>>

It wasn't sinless at all. No wait, that's from human's standard, from its point of view as a tiger, it was probably just having meals.
Well, whatever, I'll send it off properly later. More importantly.
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"...Now then, who's next?"

I spoke at the upstart pig's group in the gentlest voice possible while flaunting my right arm with blood still seeping down.
...It must sound more like 'Who wanna end up like this next' instead of 'Who's gonna fight me next'. A complete horror show if I do say myself.

"Hiie...! M-monster...!!"

"R-run! Ain't no winning against that guy!"

The beast tamers and underlings turned tail and ran away screaming.
The upstart pig remained standing as they left him behind.
Yet his expression betrays his dire situation.

"...Hmph, rabble to the very end, useless when it comes down to it."

"For sure, they could have run away carrying you on their shoulders or something."

"Run? Why should I?"

He spoke like he got it under control while smiling evilly.


...That's their play huh.

"You, blackhead! Don't you dare move!"

A brutal looking man came out of the orphanage's door.
He sneaked in while I was busy dealing with Thunderclap Byakko.

He's got a silver haired girl, Karla bound on his right hand with his other hand thrusting a knife on her throat.

"...Well done, those worthless bunch are all fired, you get all the reward."

"Sir, my gratitude for your generosity!"

"I-I'm sorry, he found me while I was taking the children away..."

Karla apologized with tears on her eyes.
Considering her personality, it's probably not because she's scared. More because she feels bad for dragging me down.
I should be the one apologizing here. Letting somebody slip in because I was too focused in the battle, like putting the cart before the horses.

"Don't you move now, or else this brat's throat gonna have a new hole torn open!"

"Ah, just you know this man has killed multiple people already, adding another brat or two is nothing to him. Try taking a step if you think he's bluffing, you're in for a blood show."

"In short, yer' done for! Got it, don't you dare move!!"

Hm, his Kill Log does have record of murders. It's not a bluff that's for sure.

...They sure don't know when to give up. If anyone's done for, it's you guys.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 420

420 Spectacle and Precaution


Afterward, we saw off the nice middle aged man and his dubious expression before departing ourselves.
The rain stopped in the meantime. But the muddy soil hindered our stagecoach, it took a while to leave the woodlands.
The camel-like creatures pulling our stagecoach, might as well just call them camel horses, were constantly running out of stamina we had to take frequent rests.

"The road isn't really well maintained. How does a rain turn this journey into a perilous one."

I know that I shouldn't compare it to my past world, but I can't help but grumble at this annoying situation.
I was sure they had the road flattened down considering the heavy traffic. Not asking to be completely level, at least enough to stop all those holes and mud.
Experiencing it first hand reveals how bad it is.

I'm even entertaining pulling the stagecoach myself since we're not making good progress.

My mind is broiling from all the obstacles we faced, like the rain, woodlands muddy road, and that boulder.

Once we finally left the woodlands, we came to a flat plain that had a good view to faraway horizons. It's a vast meadow as far as eyes can see.
Greenery everywhere you don't need to be on guard. The blue sky peeking between the bulky grey clouds shining down sunlight is fantastical.
There's even a rainbow, it's all indescribably beautiful.

"What a beautiful sight... If only our circumstance wasn't this way..."

Linda whispered softly. That's right. These ladies are on a journey to safeguard their lives.
Had we were on a sightseeing tour, it would make for a deeply emotional scene.
But their situation doesn't allow that at all, erasing any trace of emotional stirs.
It's a shame. And yet, had I not stumbled upon that cave at that time, they would have met an ever crueler fate.
Considering that potential future, this rainbow must be far more preferable.
But that's for them to digest, not for me to interject.
I'm not awful enough I can't read the room on this kinda stuff.
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I was relieved when we finally got on a hard road that allows faster travel.
There's absolutely nothing in this plain to be cautious about. The coachman's gonna notice right away if there's something amiss, I'm sure.
I could finally relax myself in the stagecoach.

However, we can't focus our wariness only ahead. Gotta pay attention to the sky and below the ground too.
After all, this seemingly serene place is exactly when monsters or magic beasts would show up out of nowhere, such is the 'cliche'.

As I enjoyed the tranquil after rain weather, I got reminded again by that fact.

It came up like it was meant to be.

"This is bad! That thing has never been reported appearing in this area, so why now!?"

Events brought about by me are almost always irregular, cliched.

Notified by the coachman's scream, I peeked out of the stagecoach. What I saw was a small shadow high up in the sky making its way to us.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 150

Performance Show (Enforced)


"Hello helloo! Good evening you damned brats, surely that damned director's kicked the bucket by now!"

A shrill nasty voice could be heard in front of orphanage's gate.
The content itself is quite scummy... Who in the heck.

I opened the front door and walked to the opened gate to see a plump middle aged upstart man with red hair and white bangs that stood out even in this darkness.
He's surrounded by thug-looking men and a wolf as well as a tiger type magic beasts.
Those beasts are the readings from huh... Their strength exceeds Rank B beasts, I think they're around level 40.
The tiger one is even a Unique Monster called [Thunderclap Byakko]. Seems stronger than the gold silver wolves we fought at the prairie.
Seemingly not expecting me to show up instead of the director or the children, the man looked confused.

"...Hmm? What's your deal?"

"I am the acting director in charge of this orphanage. Director is currently recuperating, please come back at a later time if you have a business with her."

Uh, nobody actually appointed me that position, so it's all a lie though.
...Guess that's pushing it.

"Ah, ah, ah, I see, my condolence... Who cares about that, just bring me to that dying hag will you? I've come alll the way to this filthy orphanage, I shan't return home empty handed."

"Director is currently not in a condition to speak due to a venom attack by a magic beast. Please give it up today."

"Ah, I don't care if she can't talk. I'm not here for a chat with that hag."

"Then may I inquire your business?"

"I told that hag over and over already the other day. I will have this land's bond. Money will be paid, and the brats shall be referred somewhere else. Yet that hag wouldn't budge. Must be her age, those ears are rotten to her head."

What an obnoxious man.
His shrill voice, the words he spoke and his high and mighty attitude are getting on my nerves.
I'd rather talk with obviously hostile demons or have a battle to death against magic beasts.
Please get out of here. Go home.
There's no way the children will be referred to somewhere decent by someone like this. Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if he sold them to slavery.

"The bond is in director's possession. I have no right over it as long as director is alive and well."

"Well done, you're absolutely right. As long as director is alive and well that is. But you haven't got your hands on antidote potion have you? It's been three days since she was attacked by the bee beast, she should drop dead anytime now."

"Yes, however we have made an arrangement so the potion will arrive in a few more hours, please rest assured."

".....Oho, really, really now."

The plump upstart furrowed his brows before immediately putting on a nasty smile and murmured.
Behind him, two beast tamers were busy with something.

Ah, they took off the wolf's tamed beast collar.
The wolf magic beast that had been docile up until that point had its eyes turning wild at once.
It's baring its fangs while drooling as it scowls at me, like it's gonna jump at my throat anytime.

"It just so happened a magic beast breached this place and attacked the director a few days ago... Another attack won't be unusual at all now, will it?"

"...Wait, was the magic beast that attacked director..."

"Indeed, indeed indeed indeed! I had bought up all the potions in all neighboring towns, carefully rooted out the herbs needed for its creation, all for the sake of killing that hag dead! Both you bastard and that hag keep getting in my way!"

Ou, he confessed just like that when I never asked. Is he a dumbass, this guy's a dumbass.
Or maybe he believes I'm gonna get eaten by that wolf anyway, ergo this high strung emotion-infused confession.

"I should have never picked such a roundabout method like poison. I shall have her dead plainly, easily and definitely."

"Murders by way of tamed beasts huh. Won't they find out who the owner is from the magic beast's record?"

"No problem, it will be untamed once it's devoured that hag and you bastard. And thus this incident of a stray magic beast attacking an orphanage will have nothing to do with us."



"Now then, dragging this any longer risks a passerby witness. Get chomped down to your grave already."

"Forgive me, this is part of my job... Do it."


The wolf magic beast growled at me once the beast tamer ordered it.
And just as it started running at me

"Oh think nothing of it. Besides, that little pup looks like a good boy."


FLOP, it instantly flopped on the ground.


"Oy, what are you doing...!? Stand up, bite him to death!"

『G-gyain! Kyan kyan!!』

We have here a dumbfounded plump upstart, and a confused beast who repeated his order.
Meanwhile, the wolf whimpered like it was protesting.
This wolf isn't prostrating because of some sort of instinctual fear or anything, I'm simply pressing it down with an incredibly high pressure remote mana.
It's like a sandbag weighing several hundred kg pushing it down, of course it's too heavy to move.

『K-kwuun, kwuun...!』

"C-could it be yielding to him...!? Are you saying its fear of this man wins over the order from me, its master!?"

Nay nay, it's just too overburdened to move.
Mana emitted without Skills is invisible so he doesn't know that though.

"What an obedient doggie. Gimme a paw."


I controlled my mana to forcefully made it put its right paw on my palm.

"The other one."


The confused wolf put its left pawn this time.
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"Stand up and tail."

I made it stand and flung its tail forward. A bit vulgar I guess.



...Ah, I moved it too fast it hit its vital hard.
No uh, that wasn't on purpose I swear. Sorry, for realsies.
Doggie knocked out. All limbs on the ground.


"Eei, what are you playing at! Self-destructing after making a fool of yourself, how incompetent can a beast be!! Oy get the other one!"

"H-however, this beast is our trump card, using it like a disposable tool is a bit..."

"Just do it! I'll get you all the replacement beast you want later! Quit dawdling now! Call back those beasts we put to stand watch! We're going all out!"


One beast tamer hesitantly took off the tiger magic beast's collar.
But the other beast tamer is acting weirdly. What's the matter?

"What now, get them here!"

"I-it's, uh, those magic beasts have all just been killed...!"

"That cannot be, those are five level 30 highly trained beasts!? No mere beasts in that wetlands could hope to best them!"

Looks like some sort of trouble happened outside my involvement.
Wonder if these wetlands the place Alma's group went to look for herbs.
If those beasts were killed now of all time... Ah (got it).

"...Fine. You black haired acting director, don't think you've won just because you stopped a King Wolf. This thing's on a whole different level from your ordinary magic beasts!"


It does look way stronger than the wolf.
Doesn't seem like I can manipulate it with mana control, let's check out the Status.

Magic Beast: ★Thunderclap Byakko

Level 48

State: Normal, Tamed (Jirnagia)


HP (Health): 903/903
MP (Mana): 623/623
SP (Stamina): 610/627

STR (Strength): 749
ATK (Attack): 749
DEF (Defense): 504
AGI (Agility): 812
INT (Intelligence): 341
DEX (Dexterity): 677
PER (Perception): 666
RES (Resistance): 540
LUK (Luck): 122


Magic Beast Level 5, Martial Arts Level 10, Ultimate Martial Arts Level 4, Claw Arts Level 10, Sharp Claw Arts Level 1, Fang Arts Level 10, Piercing Fang Arts Level 1

【Master Skills】

Aura Mitigation
Revenge Claw
Vital Task

【Unique Skill】

Gale Thunder


Superior Slayer, Beast Killer, Unique Beast, Skill Master, Lightning Ruler

This State Tamed (Jirnagia) is probably its owner's name.
This thing's got three Master Skills. Never seen Vital Task before.

<<Master Skill [Vital Task] a Skill that temporarily raises its Attack by consuming own HP. The consumed HP is added to ATK value as is.>>

Oh crap, this tiger might be even stronger than platinum chicken.
...And what is this Unique Skill Gale Thunder all about?

<<Unique Skill [Gale Thunder] grant lightning element to attacks. Nullifies lightning element attacks on its user.>>

...This is bad, it can even attack using my weakness, lightning element.
My body doesn't actually get hurt by lightning attacks but my nerves get hit directly by those.
...Aah man, this is gonna be one painful fight, when was the last time anyway.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 149

Unnatural Magic Beasts


This chapter is from Alma's POV

After leaving the orphanage, we visited the adventurer guild to learn where the herbs grow and hurried on our way.
Good thing the guilds are open late at night. I'm thankful for that beautiful receptionist, Binafa, she was so cordial to us. I should say my thanks tomorrow.

"I hope Director is alright..."

Reina sounded anxious.
With Hikaru there, I'm sure everything is going to be alright no matter what happens, but it seems she can't dispel her worry.
...I suppose it's only natural to worry when it comes to people important to you.

"You gotta cool it Reina. If you make a blunder and end up spoiling the herbs, our effort's gonna come to a waste."

"I-I know that..."

"Besides, Kajikawa-san's with her, all is swell. Heck, not only can he fly, guy's also strong in battle and even knows healing magic, how versatile can someone be... Soarer must be an elite Job."

"T-that's fo' so..."

...We can't say that Hikaru has no Skill and does all those feats by directly manipulating mana, life force and such.
Hikaru himself seems to have no confidence and keeps saying, 'It's no big deal', 'Anyone can do it', but watching him up close shows how extraordinary it all is.
He doesn't want to stand out so he won't get in trouble but I think it's becoming too difficult to keep up the charade.

The magic beast territory came into view after traveling for a dozen of minutes or so.
Magic beast wetlands 'Bolfod', a low plane filled with small ponds and lakes, the magic beasts here range from level 10 to 30. A doable level for us.
Visibility is poor because it's dark at night, but I can pinpoint where the magic beasts are by periodically using Mana Search so we should be fine.
It's not completely pitch dark thanks to the two moons above, we should be able to look for the herbs like this, just have be careful with our footings.

"Radia, do you see the herbs we need around here?"

"Hmm... Nope, not a thing... I see traces of somebody uprooting them here and there however."

"You mean somebody took them before we did?"

"Yeah, look closer here, there are blue fallen leaves and such. It's done way too neat, can't be magic beasts eating them or something."

"...Either there were people who needed antidote potions, or perhaps..."

"Someone went around to prevent anyone making antidote potions."

"W-who would do such a thing...! Because of them, director is...!"

"Calm down, it's merely a possibility, who knows it might just be coincidences piling up."

Radia soothed the angry crying Reina.
...Is the goal of this 'someone' the director's death...
Speculations will get us nowhere, but suppose that's true, what would the reason be.
...Different from demons' malice, I feel like I could see a glimpse of the evil that is humans at work.

"Even if it was somebody's handiwork, they can't have taken all the herbs in this wetlands. Let's take a look deeper inside."


"Got it."

..I must lead our party with Hikaru absent.
Taking the commands while constantly concentrating to keep ourselves safe really takes a toll on my mental power.
Is this how Hikaru usually feels.
This role doesn't seem that hard seen from the sidelines, yet all the hardwork comes to light when you're put in the position yourself.
...I should make an effort to reduce Hikaru's burden from now on.

As we went deeper into the wetlands, I sensed multiple magic beasts blocking the path ahead.
I have been purposely choosing a course with the least magic beasts thus far, but avoiding this path would take us to a very long detour.
We have no choice, we have to eliminate these beasts.

"There's a herd of five magic beasts ahead. Going around them would take too long, we'll defeat them head-on."

"Eh, you can see from here?"

"No, but I can tell."

"...Kajikawa-san's awesome but yer' damn amazing yourself. How does one even train to sense magic beasts' presences..."
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I can't tell him about mana search so I pretend to focus in the magic beasts' direction.
I do feel bad about it but this topic in particular must be kept concealed.

I noticed something amiss as we got closer to the magic beasts.
They're big frog-type beasts, and they're behaving strangely. Not in a way that is crazy, something is just not right about them.
It's the opposite of crazy in fact. They're just standing still as if keeping watch on us moving forward.
Are they guarding something? But what?

...It's bugging me and yet it doesn't change what needs to be done.
Eliminate them so we can press forward and gather the herbs. Must not overthink beyond that.

"Reina, I will attack those beasts with magic, get behind them when it lands and draw their attention using Explosion Coral. I'll take care of the rest with more magic when they're distracted."


"Radia, take cover and get ready to launch an ambush when you see an opportunity."


According to Hikaru, when we're left with no option but to fight magic beasts, see if we can ambush them first.
Unlike leveling or training, trying to face magic beasts head-on is a bad idea, or so he says.
Come up with methods you don't usually employ in order to safely, easily and quickly dispose of your enemy.
...It's true, I think we often resort to surprise attacks when up against a group of enemy or strong opponents.
We've been fighting magic beasts frontally lately for the sake of training yet this is probably the proper way to fight magic beasts.

I shoot a Stone Bullet, the least conspicuous and quiet magic I know at the frog magic beasts.
Judging from their mana reactions, they're probably around level 20-30. The bullet has enough power to kill one in one hit, if it connects.

One frog's head got blown away.
I shot another at the torso of frog next to it.
However, it evaded the attack... Good reflex. They feel more like trained soldiers than wild magic beasts.
As they were looking for the source of that magic,

Bang! Bang! Bang! Three loud explosion sounds resounded.
Reina moved at high speed using Shadow Dive and popped Explosion Corals in a quick succession.
They took the bait and reacted to the sound, I shot more Stone Bullets at them.
One two, then once I killed the third frog, the remaining two frogs realized where I was and vigorously leaped toward me.



They shot out water ball-like objects out of their mouth midair.
I counter attacked with magic while dodging with Quick Step.
My Dark Whip bound the frogs, however they slipped off it thanks to their slimy bodies.
I slashed at them with 'Ocean Blade' but apparently they were resistant to water element, the blade of water got repelled.
I deployed Quick Step to get away from them. They were one step ahead with Roaring Rush, ramming at me.
I'd get hit at this rate.

Using their momentum, I activated Extended Mana Blade, mana control-arranged in the shape of a web, and diced the rushing frog into cubes.
I've modified this Skill ability to have the range of a greatshield and the offensive power of a sharp sword. Apparently this is quite a nasty move according to Hikaru during our mock battle.
I have now confirmed it's usability in real combat... Most foes will be dead if they get hit by this though, so I can't really use it on people.


! The other frog made use of its buddy's scattered remain as a blind and got behind me!?
This is not a tactic a wild magic beast at this level would deploy. There's no doubt about it, somebody is controlling them!
Oh no, at this position I can't--



"And now, the finisher!"


Just before the frog hit me, the lurking Radia rushed out and stabbed it with [Mana Blade], followed immediately by [Extended Mana Blade] to pierce the frog from inside out.
...I can't believe he's a Lv15. He can't use mana control or energy control, so he's adapted to all kinds of circumstances on how to best use his Skills.

"T-thank goodness, we beat them somehow..."

"...You saved me, thank you Radia."

"O-ou. Just glad I could help... I almost didn't get my turn there. Uh I mean, that's okay too so long as we're all unharmed."

"Oh I remember you using that move too during the hunting fest. I tried to activate Extended Mana Blade when the blade is inside the opponent, but it just wouldn't go well."

...There's no point to possessing many Skills if you don't master them, it'll only get you in danger like earlier.
You can get stronger even without mana control or energy control by adapting how to masterfully deploy them.
...It might be a good idea to look over myself again.

"Are you hurt anywhere, Alma-san? You're lost in thought."

"...Un, it's nothing. Now that the magic beasts blocking our path are gone, we should get going and pick the herbs."

"You're right, we gotta hurry."

...There were too many things amiss with those magic beasts earlier.
I believe someone must have tamed them.
If they were put here to stand guard and stop anyone trying to fetch the herbs, then the director's attack wasn't an accident...
...No, more importantly we should deliver the herbs back quick. We can always look for the culprit afterward.
Hikaru, please keep Director safe until then.





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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 148

Uninvited Guests


Hello, good evening. It's currently around an hour before midnight.
I'm house sitting to care for Director while Alma's group is off gathering herbs.
...The senior in the group shouldn't be house sitting. But there's no helping it cause I'm the only one who can treat Director.


Meanwhile, Director's condition is getting worse with her HP reducing faster.
She might not last several minutes at this rate.
I keep transferring my life force to get her HP back up.

"D-director, is she gonna be okay...!?"

The silver-haired girl who's tending Director with me, Karlasheila spoke.
She looks like she's about to cry, pale from anxiety.


"Director...! Yes, it's me Karla, I'm right here, stay strong. Reina-oneechan is coming back with the herb."



...I feel like she's gonna do just fine on her own.
Please stop with the meat gag already. It's... not meaty.
I thought of cooking some meat dishes to help restore her stamina, but her condition could get worse while I'm in the kitchen so I refrained.

"...Just how obsessed she is with meat anyway."

"Our orphanage lacks funding, we don't know if we can have meat even once a month... Yet she'd share hers with the children despite how much she loves meat dishes."

I thought she was just joking around with the sleep talking but it seems there's a serious reason behind it.
...No wonder it even came up in her dream.

"Ufufu... That's mead, not meat, sire..."

"Looks like the worst has passed at least... That dream is bugging me a lot though."


We look at each other with wry smiles.
Now that Director's condition has stabilized, I'll have a little chat with her.
...There are several things I gotta confirm.

"Um, may I have a moment?"

"Hm, what is it?"

Surprisingly, Karla initiated it instead.
Even if I'm Reina's companion, mustering the courage to talk to someone far older is quite something. Or maybe she's simply an outgoing kid.

"Could you tell me about Reina-oneechan please. I want to know what happened after we were separated running from Stampede..."

"I think it's better for Reina to tell you herself about the period before she bumped into us, so it'll be about what took place after she met Alma and me, is that okay with you?"


I'm not gonna talk about Reina's life in the slum without her permission.
Let's start from the time she was playing tag with that bear.
...This part is super concerning in itself though.

I talked about how she trained to get Apprentice Ninja Job while obfuscating the stuff about mana and energy controls, how she saved me during Vinfitt Gluttony Slime incident, and about the port town Hunting Fest.
Karla's face would go pale, astonished, quietly laughing and such as the narration went on, even I was having fun watching.

"She had such a rough time in the past two months..."

"Also, Reina's gotten to Level 13 even though it's only been a month since her come of age."

"Eh, s-she's that strong already...!?"

"Yup, that girl's got talent, I'm sure she'll catch up to my current level in no time."

"Onee-chan is really amazing...!"

I'm praising Reina to the sky. It's more fun that way to the listener.
Also, considering her leveling pace, she should reach mid-class Job soon anyway.

By the way, my level has gone up to 33 after defeating platinum chicken and the golden-silver wolves. The bonus exp from defeating higher leveled opponents is pretty big.
My attributes raised by around 155 too, I can probably take on a High Cave Bear without mana control now.
That said, I don't wanna fight another opponent on platinum chicken's level again! It's scary!

"Okay, now's my turn to ask, do you mind?"

"Not at all, I'll answer you to the best I can."

Karla has opened up to me.
She's really well put together for a kid who hasn't come of age yet.
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"Was there anything unusual preceding the incident with director and magic beast?"

"Unusual, as is?"

"Like say, suspicious individuals checking out the orphanage, or some sort of trouble brought by somebody unaffiliated by the orphanage."

"...Come to think of it, I think Director got in a dispute with some unsavory characters around half a month ago..."

Bingo, I knew it.

"Do you recall how they looked like?"

"Yes, I remember there is this man with a flashy red hair with only the bangs colored white. He was also really plump, wearing many bejeweled rings and demanded something from Director with a shrill voice. Director firmly declined him."

What an eccentric-sounding individual, no wonder it's left an impression on her.
It's not conclusive yet, but that guy is highly likely related to this incident.

He sounds like an upstart with the jeweled rings thing, he must have the money to hire people at least.
...I mean there's that dragon tamer I saw at the Monster Prairie, this might be similar to that.


"...Hey, are you expecting guests tonight?"

"? No, I don't believe we are..."

"I see... Grab the children and hide them somewhere safe and out of sight."


"A group of people together with a pair of magic beasts are heading this way. They're most likely uninvited guests."

"E, eeh!?"

"Hurry up. I'll go deal with them, tell the kids to stay quiet."

I feel a tinge of guilt waking up children sleeping peacefully, but we can't be fussy now.
Some bad guy might slip in and take them hostage.

"O-okay...! B-but what about Director...?"

"I'll move her along with her bed, stay hidden with her."

I gently lift the bed with mana control.
I can probably lift it up myself with my current Attributes, but this method is best to avoid shaking.
Karla looked flabbergasted when she saw that, but it was an emergency, I paid her no heed.

Once I was done carrying Director, I went to the main gate and waited for the group's arrival.
Now then, wonder what kind of guests are we having. Pretty sure it's nothing wholesome.
...Alma, guys, please come back soon.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 419

419 Torn Asunder


I made their side to step back, wagon and all. Far back they can't see the boulder blocking the road.
There was a turn on the road and they only needed to go there.
I had gone there with them to visually check on it myself.
They won't know what I'm gonna do to the boulder now.

"Just wait here. If any traveler turns up tell them to wait. I'll notify you once I'm done taking care of that boulder."

I went back to our coachman afterward. I turned around once on my way back and saw the nice middle aged man putting on a 'what is that guy planning' quizzical look on his face.

"Now then, just pushing this thing to the roadside would create an ideal hiding spot."

I'm being extra attentive here. After all, I know from many experience how persistent thugs can be.
Letting this huge rock be is an invitation for those types to ambush people here.
It should be disposed of. If I ever find myself traversing this road in the future, this rock would definitely be an ambush spot.
Even without factoring all that, this thing is in the way. Unless I tore it asunder.
Gotta tore down all the flags I come across to. In fact, this act of me cutting the rock must be an event in itself.
I don't want to waste time on more useless stuff.

"Get back. I'm gonna cut the rock apart."

I told the coachman to go back to the stagecoach, fetched my katana from magic bag and entered Acceleration.
Then I run my katana over on the boulder from end to end like mincing a cabbage.
Next I slash horizontally from left to right over and over again.
Then I proceed with diagonal slashes from left to right, down up as well.
I got a bit too much into it I circled around the entire boulder.
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Once it was done, I kicked the boulder toward the roadside.

I never stop to think what's gonna happen once I undo Acceleration here. Yep, my mind was in a trance, been a while since the last one.
I should have thought this through first, but it's too late now. If only I planned it ahead of time.
I ended up needlessly destroying nature cause I was venting my irritation from all the rain with the slicing and dicing.
The woods would have been spared if only I noticed sooner. But it's far too late.
A huge amount of 'buckshot', an entire volume of the boulder, was unleashed the moment I undid Acceleration.
I can't even begin to calculate the amount of energy added by my kick.
The buckshot scraped off ground, grass, trees all while producing shrill sounds. Utterly decimating everything in its path.
The leftover upper half portions of shot through trees fell down one after another while creating loud sounds. The sounds didn't travel far thanks to the damp air absorbing the sound waves.
But those who heard them would definitely think something bad happened.
This highway is known for its safety which was true until this point, so it's only natural if people become wary by these shrill sounds.

What I'm saying is that the people standing by on the opposite side heard it all.
Realizing that, I was at my wits' end. But I chose to take it by the chin. I did what I had to do. The result is satisfactory.
When I went to the nice middle aged man to inform my success, he questioned me, sure enough.

"How did you get rid of that boulder? And what was that!? That terrifyingly echoing sound!? Is everything alright? Can we safely travel the road now? I had a peek and saw the boulder turned into pieces flying everywhere, what did you do, really?"

"The road is passable now. Keep your end of the bargain. Don't tell a soul about this. Come, go ahead and run your wagon first. Ours will be parking by the roadside, make sure you don't bump into us."

After telling him that, I went back to my stagecoach. There, the coachman wasn't moving with his jaw on the ground.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 147

At the Orphanage


We finally arrived at the orphanage thanks to the thugs.
It's pretty big for a temporary one, I think it's about as spacious as an elementary school's gym building.
Though I guess a bit cramped for dozens of children to live in.
...That bone-attached meat-drawn signboard is really big, why don't they put that money toward orphanage's budget instead.

"...That handmade signboard hasn't changed at all. The same as the one we had before we ran away from a Stampede... Director can't have carried that all the way to this town, can she..."

Reina muttered with a nostalgic look despite grimacing.
...This signboard is handmade huh. This director's craving for meat must insatiable.

"Good evening! Anybody home?"

Reina knocked on the door and cheerfully greeted.
It might bother the neighbors this late at night, but there's only a small liquor store nearby, so it's fine.
We could hear footsteps coming this way after waiting a bit. Judging from the size, it must be a child.
The footstep's owner opened the door slightly and peeked out cautiously.

"...Who is it."

She asked in whisper.
The voice must belong to a young girl who's about to come of age. I can't see well from here though.

"Karla, is that you!? It's me, Reina!"

"R-Reina-oneechan...? Is it really you...!?"

"It is! How have you been!"


Bang, the door flung open and a silver haired girl ran out and hugged Reina.

"Aah, okay okay, you're so happy you're tearing up but I need you to calm down for now, okay."

"O,ne,e,jaaaan!! Waaaaaaan!!"

"Calm down now okay... You've grown a bit. Still a crybaby, I see."

"No uh Reina, at the commission board earlier didn't you also--"

Reina is gently patting the crying young girl. How precious...
No, I mean, we should get down to business.

"...We literally flew all the way here after catching your posted commission at the guild. Is director really bedridden from a venom?"

"Sniff... Un... We never had, a magic beast slipping in until then, I don't know, why..."

"For now, can we go see director?"

"Un, but she's been sleeping all this time, she won't wake up..."

"When did the attack happen?"

"Three days ago, a big bee-like magic beast showed up out of nowhere and stung director... The guard got rid of it right away, so she was only stung once but she wouldn't wake up ever since... U,ueee.."

"...I get the situation. It doesn't seem like we can speak to her. Can we at least have a look?"

"...Un, of course. Director, was worried about onee-chan, all this time. Go see her quickly..."


I-it's so dark. The atmosphere is too dark...
Let's go see director already, this mood is suffocating.
I've got lower-grade antidote potions with me, just gotta hope it's gonna work on her.

The silver-haired girl Karla (full name: Karlasheila) led us to a bedroom where the director is.
The children inside were looking at us dubiously at first but their eyes lit up when they saw Reina.
...Looks like Reina is pretty popular among the orphans. Judging from her exchange earlier, she must be like a big sister to them.

We arrived in front of director's room.
The door has a meat-shaped nameplate with [Resting] written on it.

Inside, there's an elderly lady sleeping on the bed while breathing faintly.
So she's the meat-loving director.
Checking her Status, she's got State: Persistent Delayed Venom.

<<Persistent Delayed Venom (Small), venom that reduces an extremely small amount of HP over time. Low-grade antidote potions can only slow down the HP reduction effect, can only be detoxified by mid-grade or higher antidote potions or spells.>>

...The effect is plain but nasty.
Can't believe there are magic beasts with such an annoying venom out there. It's as terrifying as the thug poison earlier in a way.

<<...For your information, Kajikawa Hikaru with his Resistance attributes will naturally detoxify this venom in just a few seconds.>>

What's going on with my body anyway!?
It's nice that I'm resistant to poison but I feel like I'm becoming less and less human by the day...

"...Director, it's been so long, it's me Reina... You've gotten a bit thinner than the last time I saw you."

Reina gripped the sleeping director's hand as she began speaking gently yet sorrowfully.
Wonder what would she talk about had the director been awake.

"The orphanage looks a bit dilapidated, I'm sure because it's only temporary. I bet you're still having a tough time with budget and rarely ever eat meat, aren't you? ...I have been eating yummy food every day since I joined Kajikawa-san and Alma-san's party. I even earn a lot of money in one day now. So much so I can treat everybody here to delicious food... So please wake up director, we can't wait to have tasty meat with you together."

...It hurts seeing her say all that as she teared up.
We gotta get those antidote ingredients and cure the director quick.
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Reina's words seemed to have been conveyed, the director faintly groaned.


"...Yes, it's me Reina. I'm here...!"

"...Refrigerated meat..."



What's this granny's talking about. What kind of dream is she having.
...And Reina was so desperate too, the serious mood got blown away just like that.

"...She's the same as ever, it's actually kinda relieving..."

"...Is this granny really dying? Feels like she's doing just fine after hearing that..."

"No, her life force is hanging on by a thread. She won't last tonight at this rate... Might not look like it though."

"...Eh!? T-then, we've gotta go get the antidote right away!"

For now, I should heal her life force.
Her HP is read at 4/30, it must be decreasing by 1 every 2-3 hours.
We only narrowly made it, flying here was the right decision.
Her complexion got better once I transferred my HP, healing the damage done by the venom.

"...I've taken a temporary stopgap but it's only a bandaid measure. Her stamina would be gone before her life force if we don't remedy the venom."

"H-her complexion got better just from a hand hold... You can even use healing magic huh."

It's not healing magic. I mean there's not even the light show special effect like with Skills.
But I'm not gonna correct him as to not complicate matter.

"So the commission mentioned the ingredients can be found in a magic beast territory near this town, do this town's apothecaries not sell them?"

"U-un. We have some savings put aside for emergencies like this, but all the apothecaries here are out of stock..."

"Mid-grade antidote potions shouldn't be that rare though..."

Radia-kun murmured like something amiss.
Speaking of which, we dropped by apothecaries at Randorainam before we departed earlier to check out their wares, but they didn't have mid-grade antidote potions and above too.
Did they run out of stock because there had been a lot of people falling victims to venomous magic beasts, or perhaps...

"The folk at apothecaries can't say when they'll get new stock but they're willing to make one if we have the ingredients, but then you can only find them in a magic beast territory..."

"And that's why you posted a commission at the guild... That said, a little bit more than 20,000 en for a C-ranked commission isn't gonna get you a willing participant."

"...We had no other choice."

"Where is Farannam now, didn't he post that commission?"

"He's been running around all over the town looking for anyone who has a mid-grade antidote potion, but so far, nobody does..."

"Can't you ask the church or people with Sacred-type Job to cast antidote magic?"

"The church personnel were all attending a congregation in another town, nobody was available."

"...What a bad timing, unnaturally so."

Fumu, I've gotten the big picture now.
There are many suspicious factors at play but our top priority is curing the director first.
Just gotta fly there and back here in no time.

<<Recommending Kajikawa Hikaru to remain here and look after Director Hekimitt.>>

Eh, but why?

<<Director's condition is unstable, only Kajikawa Hikaru is capable of reversing a sudden downturn through life force transfer. The only way confirm a sudden downturn is through visual in close proximity.>>

...So other members gotta look for those ingredients without me huh.
What do, I'm really worried. In all kinds of ways.

"...Apparently I gotta stay here to care for director. I'm the only one that can save her if she relapses."

"Eh, you mean we have to look for those herbs ourselves?"

"...That's the only option. I'd have preferred to go with you girls, but there'd be no point if director was no more when we got back."

"...Got it. Hikaru, you wait here."

"G-gotcha! B-but we don't know what kind of herbs we are gathering..."

"Hm... Looks like the ingredient for mid-grade antidote is a herb known as [Antido Herb]. They've got vivid blue leaves, and grow near ponds and lakes."

"Wonder if I can tell them apart..."

Usually I'd rely on Menu, but without me around they could end up bringing the wrong herbs back.
Even if they randomly grab everything they see, it could be all weed. What to do here.

"Oh I know what antido herb looks like."

"Eh, are you sure!?"

"Yea, been gathering them every once in a while since I was a kid for allowance, so I can tell at a glance. Similar looking grass tend to grow near them, but I'd get it easy even if it's only one among a hundred."

"Really, thank goodness. We'll be depending on you."

"Ou, I got this in the bag!"

...I see, so this is the reason for my hunch to bring Radia-kun along.
Looks like I've really got myself a Precognition-like ability. What a plot convenient ability.
Doesn't look like I can proactively employ it at will though.


The director groaned painfully.
...Her face is drenched in sweat. It'd be too late if we don't hurry.

"D-director, wait for us! You can't die on us until we brought the herbs here!"

"...This meat... Extra hot..."

"Seriously, what kind of dream is it anyway!?"

"Alright, go now. Her symptom's getting seriously bad, in many ways."


...Is it gonna be alright, both the herb gathering and this director. Can't help but worry.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 418

418 No Wisdom Out


Our stagecoach stopped in front of the boulder. There is no other choice. It's smack dab in the middle of the road after all.
I'm hearing voices on the opposite side.

"What is this... How did a boulder this huge get here..."

Exactly my thought. This is no natural phenomenon. But we have to do something about it either way.
I got off the stagecoach and walked in the rain.

"Now then, I could have just pushed this thing aside, but that'd attract attention if I did it by myself... Guess I should go talk to the people over there and brainstorm how to best proceed..."

My 'power' can probably do that. But a number of people have gathered here.
On our side the men would me, underling and coachman. While the other side has three men seeming the escorts and another man, their employer. Inside their wagon are three more men.

If we're gonna count women, our side would have three ladies and theirs four.

(Then I'd only be counted as one among many.)

I don't want to show off my power to those who have nothing to do with my problem. I would have just shoved the boulder aside if there were only us. However, there are strangers over there.
No telling what kind of rumor is gonna spread if I flaunt my power here. All kinds of rumors are probably flying around already from everything I did thus far, but I'm not gonna go out of my way to further that.
Hence, I'm thinking of making everybody here work together to make it look like the feat is done without my power.
I go around the boulder to the opposite side. The road may be blocked but I can still pass through the thicket on the roadsides.
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"Hey you guys. Why don't we all work together to push this boulder aside. Please cooperate."

The escorts put their hands on their sword grips in caution over me suddenly showing up and suggesting that.
I raised both my hands to signal I'm not hostile.

"I understand your proposal. Men, this person seems to mean no harm. Please let go of your swords."

That must be their employer. A nice middle-aged man with a calm demeanor.
The man asked me back.

"By 'all' do you suppose to include the women as well? I would like to avoid having them do hard labor under this heavy rain and in this woodland."

"You're quite the gentleman huh, but that's not gonna help solve our issue. All hands on deck, or else there's no budging this giant rock."

Only fools would stay idle here. This is no time to worry about whether you're man or woman. Our situation doesn't allow that.

"How about we fell some trees, slip them under the boulder and lift them up to slide it away?"

"Nope, wouldn't work. The trees in this woodland are too thin for that, and this boulder is too big. And besides, we're still gonna need all the manpower we have to do that. Men or women, don't matter. But using trees is a good idea. Though cutting them would take too long."

The trees here are neither too thick or too thin as well as being hard to cut.
It hasn't even been three minutes since I started discussing with this middle-aged man, yet I can't come up with a good way to falsify my power.

"What if we dig a hole under the boulder and roll it down?"

"Do that and the boulder might start rolling on the people digging below when you least expect it, potentially killing them. Gonna need to dig a deep hole, at least half the boulder's diameter too. Also the ground is soft and slippery in this rain. It's dangerous."

The idea of digging a hole on the roadside to shove the boulder in is just as bad.
There would be extra work to bury the hole later too.

Five minutes have passed since this unfruitful discussion started.
Since we're talking under a heavy rain, the dampness must be getting to me. My irritation gauge quickly reached its max.

"Hey. I have a term. Agree to it and I'll get rid of this boulder right away. Don't ask how I do it and don't tell anybody what transpires here. What do you say?"

This suggestion would give the middle aged man the impression that I'm some lunatic, but I just want get the hell out of this woodland.

(I mean, I can tell staying here any longer will definitely raise another incident.)






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 146

To the Town Where Director at




"Hikaru! Slow down, please!"

"Don't ask for the impossible, my mana won't last if we're not quick. I know it's tough but bear with it."

Hello, good evening.
We're currently flying with Mana Flight in 'Nyushina' direction, the town where the envenomed director is.
Carrying three people worth of load is running my mana dry. It won't last if I don't fly as fast as possible while making use of the inertia.
Wonder how fast are we in km/h?

<<You are currently moving at around 200 km/h. It is at a level where you could get injured from flying debris if not for mana protection.>>

I've wrapped my mana on all our faces as a protection, however it doesn't protect them from fear of moving at high speed.
I'm used to it but these three are screaming their lungs out.


...The only jovial creature among them is looking pretty indefatigable.
This little birdie's gonna be a bigshot in the future. In all kinds of things.

"I-I get that you're Soarer! How're you fine doing this terrifying act all the time!"

"Well, you get used to it. Ah, also please do keep this to yourself. Or else you might just slip off on the way there."

"I-I-I won't tell anyone!! I'm begging you don't drop me off, okay!? No seriously, for real, please!"

"Kajikawa-san!! How long must we endure this torture?"

"Don't say torture. According to the map, it should take another 10 minutes at this pace."

"T-ten minutes...! Wonder if I can last...?"

"We'd get there even faster if I picked up the pace, how about it? Should I?"


The three retorted in harmony.
You get a strong sense of unity when you share the same fear huh.

After ten more minutes in hell, we finally arrived at the town in question.
The three took orz pose altogether while looking dead. Good job.

"It's already dark out. Reina, should we go to the orphanage now or should we look for an inn?"

"U-ueee... I-I'd like to rest but I'm too worried about the director to...! I must get there quickly... Urp...!"

"...I see, don't push yourself now."

"You're acting cool and all but this is all you, Kajikawa-san...!"

"...I can never get used to flying, no matter how many times..."

"T-thought, I was a goner..."

The three glared hard at me. Scary.
I mean you know, aren't we supposed to be in a hurry with the director dying from venom and all?
That's why I flew that fast, there was absolutely no ill will, okay sorry, forgive me, please stop glaring at me, it's scary.
Reina was weeping before we departed, but the shock from flying seems to have blown that away. Being optimistic is best. She's kinda becoming a v*miting heroine though.
...I'll keep it a secret that it only hit me now that we could have just moved in the shadow with her Skill.

We passed the checkpoint simply by showing our adventurer's cards.
They didn't ask for my Appraisal Result which could have brought me trouble, thankfully.
I was surprised to see Radia-kun's rank being D. Apparently he got a promotion due to his achievement during the Hunting Fest. Congrats.

The townscape was barely visible in the darkness.
There were street lights equipped with Lightning and Light magic stones here and there, but it's still so dimly lit.
Can we really find the orphanage like this...?

"Hmm, it's so dim out here, can't see the streets well..."

"I'd figure out at a glance if the orphanage hasn't changed its signboard..."

"Does it look unique or something?"



"If you see a signboard with a big piece of meat drawn on it, it's one hundred percent director's orphanage."

"What kind of orphanage is that even..."

"Director has a fierce craving for meat... Made worse since we barely ever had one due to lack of funding..."

Won't people confuse the orphanage to a butchery like that?
I do like meat myself but this director seems to have an even hungrier spirit for it.
Guess we just gotta look around in the town and try to spot a meat-drawn signboard? Can we really find it like that...?

Then my eyes caught sight of a building with a signboard drawn with a picture of a block of meat. Is that it?
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"Reina, you mean that signboard?"

"Ah, that's probably the wrong one. There's no bone attached, and the signboard's too small."

"Uh, I think that's a big signboard though. What? Are you saying the orphanage's signboard even bigger?"

Menu display does show that it's 'Karunatta Butchery', not the orphanage.
Just how does the real thing look like anyway...

We kept walking for tens more minutes with no result.
Is it really here in this town? The Mapping function on Map Screen is narrower than usual likely due to poor visibility.
Menu could have told me right away if only it wasn't so poor.
Should we wait till it's bright out? But we've come all the way here already.

"Well well, you guys having a late night stroll or sumthin'?"

"Better watch out, wouldn't wanna get messed up by some shady bunch now, would ya..."

We got ourselves surrounded by a shady bunch before we knew it.
Can't believe I got this easily blindsided just because I couldn't use Map well. I should have used Life force Search.

"This place means risky business yeah? Why don'tcha come over to ours."

"Yeppers, we're gonna deliver you girlies straight to heaven yo."

"Ah, you two men can piss off. You're big men, ya can wipe yerselves or sumthin' hyahaha!"

Hm, there's ten of them in total.
Around Lv20s, they're so-so, around as strong as those bandits from the other day.

"I-is this area their turf...!?"


Radia-kun got on guard, while Reina sounded worried as she looked at me.
No uh, Radia-kun aside, darkness should be your domain, Reina. What about your Ninjutsu Skill... Well fine, the timing's just perfect.

"Ah, sorry may I?"

"Aa? Shut the hell up, get lost already!"

I tried to talk it out in peace but then one of the thugs swung a club at my head.
Welp, they're out. Don't seem like we can have a proper discourse here.

The club loudly broke into pieces the instant it hit my head.
I just shot mana pile bunker from my head. But man, that's one fragile club.
It's got ATK+80 yet low durability. Guess that's the norm for thugs' equipment?

"E, ah, w-what the heck...!?"

"H-his club...!? He got rock for head or what!"

"Err, I just need a bit of your time, may I?"

I tried speaking a bit more menacingly.
Please just hear me out, I might not keep her at bay otherwise.

"H-hmph, don't ya get ahead of yerself smashing that beat up clu-...!?"

The thugs stopped speaking and moving with their jaws dropped as they turned their lines of sight in a certain direction.

Oh no

I felt an incredible amount of heat, bloodlust and mana from behind me.
I'm scared to look but I gotta turn around. There I see Alma who has been quietly getting more furious readying a giant fireball around five meter in diameter above her.
Wait wait wait! Don't shoot that thing in the middle of the town!

"...Who want to get burned into cinders, first?"

Her words and pressure is at demon king's level already! Way scary!


"H-hold up!! We're sorry!! So please don't shoot that at us!!"

The thugs fell down on their rear and apologized in a panic.
...Yup, of course that'd break your spirit. Anybody would surrender.

"Alma, calm down now. They look like they're sorry, see, let's let them go with a question."

"...If you say so, Hikaru."

Alma immediately erased the blazing ball and went back to normal operation mode. Such an incredible gap in temperature, in many ways.

"...Now then, this is your last chance for a talk, may I?"

The thugs headbanged together with pale faces, showing affirmation to me.
Sheesh, you should have done this from the start.

"We're looking for an orphanage with a signboard drawn with a big meat on it, do you know where it is?"

"O-orphanage...? Meat signboard, you mean that thing...?"

The thug pointed at a giant signboard drawn with a giant meat attached to a bone you couldn't miss even in this darkness.
...That huh. It's so big I'm wondering how we could overlook that.

Whoa, watch it.


A thug screamed in pain as I grabbed his right wrist.
A skewer-like iron needle fell off his palm.
...Poisonous needle huh. The coated poison is even a fatal one, scary.

<<Kajikawa Hikaru's Resistance would neutralize this low level poison in one minute.>>

Ah, okay.

"Now now, you can't do that, why'd you try to sneakily hit somebody in the middle of a nice chat."

"Ow ow ow owww! L-let go!"

"Let go? Sure here!"


Complying to his request, I threw him at the other thugs with energy-boosted Strength, mowing them down.
Both the thug I threw and the receiving thugs got knocked out. I held back to avoid death, but none of them is seriously hurt. They're surprisingly sturdy.
The remaining thugs are so shaken it's obvious they've lost the will to fight back, looking at me with fear in their eyes.

"Ah, sorry. Forgot to control my strength there~ I'm soz~."

"You're so obvious..."

"Your friend did tell me what I asked even if it was a ploy for the sneak attack, so we have no more business with you guys. However, if you're still trying to mess with us..."

I trampled down the ground with all my energy-boosted Strength. The so called earthshaking sole or something.
BOOM, a tremor shook the area around us... Might have put too much strength.

"You get what's gonna happen, don't you?"

The rest of the thugs scrambled away at full speed immediately after.
...Hmm, I guess I got a bit carried away.
I feel like I'm getting too comfortable trying to make my opponent yield through my half-baked strength.
Yet taking that kind of people seriously feels dumb.

"Well now that we know where the orphanage is, let's go."

"...Y-you really are strong. Also had no idea the black haired neechan was that scary when she got mad..."

"I don't think you can find anyone scarier than these two when they're mad..."

Radia-kun and Reina whispered, looking taken aback.
...Just so you guys know, Alma is waaay scarier when she gets seriously angry.

"...That was nothing. Hikaru's ten time scarier when he's seriously mad..."

"...Yup, I'm taking your secret to my grave, really truly."

Radia-kun reassured me with a pale face. What's with that.
...Let's just head over to that orphanage. Don't wanna get in another trouble.






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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 417

417 Gloomy Rain


The morning after was unfortunately cloudy. But I can't afford to let it get to me.
We gotta keep going for commercial city even in this weather. From here, we can get there in just one, or at worst two more days.
We should depart early to cover the distance. And since we'll likely have to camp out, gotta stock up too.
The door to my room was knocked as I was mulling over that.

"I'd like to speak with you regarding our departure today."

The coachman entered my room. Apparently he had already bought up food supply yesterday. He wanted to put it in my magic bag. Then we'd depart once it's done.
As it didn't inconvenience me at all, I readily agreed and went to the coachman room where the food was.
Apparently he heard about my camping set and cooking utensils from Linda thus he opted to buy ingredients.
Well it's true that even though I'd like to arrive faster, we're not pressed on time so having good quality meals is preferable.
I have room to spare for this kind of stuff. Though this begs question who paid for all that.

"It's from my personal fund. I had recently realized we weren't in a hurry. I don't mind pitching in if it means having warm meals. Seeing as you have all the utensils, this will be my contribution."

Looked like I didn't have to hesitate so I gave my thanks.
The food is like payment for using my cooking utensils.

We had breakfast at the inn and departed afterward.
Both Karuts and Gilgel never showed up in the end. I breathed a sigh of relief.

(Wouldn't wanna waste any more time here. Smooth sailing.)

However, I'm bracing myself for yet another event that's sure to crop up on our way to the commercial city.

Around two hours passed. The clouds suddenly darkened before it started pouring.
Our wagon kept going nonetheless. Yes, there hasn't been a single incident.
We passed by several wagons coming from the opposite directions and travelers on the roadside sheltering from rain, yet there's no incident. Unbelievably enough.

(Nothing happening, yes good, keep at it. The rain makes it a tad gloomy but that's fine. I'd take this hundreds times over incidents.)
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As that thought swirled in my mind, the voluminous dark clouds started producing thunders.
Then that happened just as our wagon got in a woodland area where the highway ran.

A crashing sound loud enough to shake your body resounded in the air. A literal lightning bolt out of the blue.
It struck somewhere inside this woodland area. But I couldn't find the point of impact when I surveyed the nearby surroundings, which put my mind at ease. It would get ugly if a fire started here. No guarantee it wouldn't come to us even in this rain.
Also you can't see the turns and twists of this highway inside this woodland. If the bolt struck a tree that fell on the road, that'd be a snag. It would take time to clear it, delaying this journey.
Visibility is poor in this rain as well. I don't even want to imagine a tree suddenly falling on this wagon because of that lightning strike.

(Hmm, I'm getting drowned in negative thinking. Is it because of this rain? C'mon, it's just lightning, it's normal during rains.)

I took a deep breath to put my mindset back to neutral. The cold air filled my lunges, composing me back.
Now that I'm aware of the 'Factor of Unrest' within me, I should get prepared to deal with all kinds of bad scenarios.
Who knows if it turned out to be something unbelievable.
However, I'd get a depression if I let myself be overwhelmed in that 24/7. I breathed out and tried to empty my mind.
I'm still 15, I still have a long road ahead. Letting this Factor of Unrest gnaw on me would send me straight to a path of cripple. My mental state won't last.
And sure enough the road ahead had been blocked. But it was no tree.
No, it was a giant boulder around three meter tall and five meters in diameter.






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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 145

No Time for a Breather


After obtaining the ingredients for the shaved ice syrup and getting safety approval by an Appraisal, the syrup production went off without a hitch.
I should have stocked up more beforehand, but I didn't foresee it would be this popular.
I couldn't open the stall on the second day some customers complained until it reopened on the third day.
For some reason Reina and even Radia-kun helped out in addition to Alma so we managed to deal with the influx of customers somehow.

"Who could've guessed a crowd that big was gonna flock in like that, the effects of Naima-san's promo was incredible."

"I mean she's a receptionist at the guild, not weird she knows a lot of peeps. So many shaved ices flew off thanks to her."

"It was really hectic..."

"I might have died from overworking if you didn't offer your help Alma..."

"Um, can I have a red one, large with extra milk."

"Ah yes, thank you for your patronage. Coming right up."

I've gotten used to shaving ice inside the box as well.
Probably twice as fast as on first day.
At a glance it must look like the box automatically shaves the ice put inside but it's actually me with mana control doing it, so it's my increased experience and skill speaking.

"Here you go, please savor it slowly otherwise you might get a headache."

"Uwaah, it really is like snow. It's so sweet, cold and yummy..."

"It's an honor."

"You've gotten pretty used to serving customers too, aren't you Kajikawa-san. Your speech might sound a tad too polite compared to other stall owners tho'."

"Speaking candidly with people outside our party is a bit. All the more to paying customers."

"Ah, that's why you speak like that with Radia-san."

"Nah, that one's because Radia-kun is your savior, Reina. It's absolutely not because I think of him as a stranger, perish the thought."

"Ah, I don't really mind. You don't gotta speak politely with me."

Well it's actually a ploy to avoid suspicion on my identity as Soarer.
But I'm speaking like usual with Alma and Reina, guess it's pointless? ...Well whatever.

"Think it's high time to close up shop, got not much syrup left anyway."

"You already used up all that syrup huh. They really flew off the shelves."

"Recall that flood of customers on the first day? Apparently words of mouth got out from repeat customers which then brought in more people checking out."

"There must have been hundreds sold easily. Our total sales handily exceeds seven digits too."

Alma muttered while counting copper and silver coins.
I knew ices would sell well in summer. Was deserted on the first day cause it was still unknown though.

"Not a bad result for incidental income. Still only three days worth of magic beast hunting."

"...You guys usually earn that much huh, that's amazing."

Radia-kun whispered with a look of surprise.
I'm planning to pay you for your work, really thanks a bunch.

Today marks the end of my food stall. We're resuming our adventuring business from tomorrow on.
It's been more than good enough as a camouflage, any more would serve no purpose.
Our main job is being adventurers, or more like culling magic beast, we can't keep taking a break forever and pausing our level up.

But taking on commissions that aren't culling might not be a bad thing every once in a while, what do.
Maybe we can take a peek at the guild's request board before we go back.

So yeah, we went to the guild on our way back.
I'm gazing at the request board to look for a workable commission.

"Can't we save this for tomorrow? Everybody's all beat up already..."

"Early birds get the worms when it comes to taking commissions you know. This is our best chance when everybody's focused on wolfing down those food stalls... Or so I'd like to tell you."

"...Got another reason?"

"Uh well, even without factoring that, I just have this hunch that we should take a look at the request board asap."

"What's up with that?"
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No really, it's nothing but a hunch.
This particular 'hunch' is something I must not ignore.
According to Menu, this sensation is something those with high 'Luck' and 'Perception' Attributes are struck with on rare occasions, it works through a different system than Skill and more akin to precognition.
It's like knowing when to fold and when to not in gambling and such, following this hunch will apparently lead you to desirable results.
...Though well I can't always rely on this stuff, like during that time at Vinfitt against Gluttony Slime, no guarantee to always avoid big trouble like that.

I've scanned over the board but there's nothing that gives me a jolt.
There are some requests that caught my eyes yet none of them was really it.

"Ruin exploration, missing people search, magic beast culling... I'd like to check them out, but those are kinda not it..."

"What kind of commission are you looking for?"

"Uh, I don't know either. Really, I'm only here to take a quick look."

"Our leader is born too free. Can't you at least give a rough outline on--"

Reina suddenly choked on her words while she was grumbling and stopped moving at a certain request tag.


"W-what's the matter?"

Alma and Radia-kun called out to her yet they got no reaction.
Her face gradually turned pale before becoming teary and sweaty.

"...Did you find a request that bothers you?"




Reina murmured as she teared up.
Has something bad befall the person who took care of her at the orphanage?
Let's check out the tag.

Antidote Ingredients Gathering
Guild-deemed Rank: C
Client: Farannam, Temporary Substitute Director of Wattlan Orphanage at [Nyushina]

We're a small orphanage that takes care of children with no relatives.
Our director Hekimitt was hurt by a magic beast that invaded the downtown the other day.
The wound itself was non life threatening, but she was envenomed during the incident and has been bedridden ever since.
According to an Appraiser, this venom cannot be detoxified naturally nor do ordinary antidotes work.
Ingredients for the venom's specific antidote can be gathered in a nearby magic beast territory however the area is infested with powerful magic beasts far beyond our strength.
We are seeking immediate assistance if at all possible.

...I see.
The director she's indebted to is dying to a magic beast's venom, and this commission is about gathering the antidote ingredients.
The pay is quite low. 23410 en is nowhere near sufficient for a Rank C commission, gonna need at least several times that.
Only whimsical or extremely good-natured adventurers will take on this request, or

"K-Kajikawa-san! Alma-san! Please, please I beg of you, please accept this commission!"

People who have a connection to that director, just like Reina.


"The director suffering in this request is my savior who took care of me after I left home! If she's dead, I, I... U, u, fueee...!!"

Reina plead with a desperate look.
...Is there even anyone out there who can refuse her in this situation.
Well, I'll do it for free for Reina's savior. I mean, Reina did save my life during that slime scuffle.

"...Got it, let's go."

"Un, those who are important to Reina, are also important to us. Of course we'd help."

"U, a, thank you...!"

"I-I don't really get what's happening, but count me in if it's to save Reina's important person."

Radia-kun expressed his willingness to help as he tried to soothe Reina.
...What to do, I'm grateful for the offer, but my cover as Soarer's gonna get blown if he goes with us.
With the director suffering from a venom, it's a race against time. Which means, the best course of action is to fly there quickly with Mana Flight.
And yet, my hunch is whispering me to bring Radia-kun along despite the risk it poses.

...I trust you, Radia-kun.

"Let's head there now."

"...Eh? It's late already, don't think there's a wagon service running ya know? Or are you saying we're gonna leg it there? That's a bad idea, we'd be better off waiting till morning for a wagon."

"No wagon needed, we'll take to the sky."


...Good grief, just please don't spread the news, Radia-kun.
And hope you can endure the speed of mana flight. I believe you can tough it out as a big man. Probably.






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