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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 151

That's a Bad Hand



Thunderclap Byakko used [Ground Shrink] while roaring, closing the distance between us instantly.
It's not quite at platinum chicken's level, yet it's so fast it's nigh unavoidable.
It made a sweeping motion with its claws, which I quickly reacted by wrapping my arms with mana armor to block, but


Pain assaulted my entire body the moment its claws touched my arm.
This must be the effect of Byakko's Unique Skill [Gale Thunder]. Infusing lightning element to attacks is an extremely troublesome Skill to me, or rather most people.
There's no actual damage to my body thanks to HP buffer, but the pain is transmitted directly thanks to the electricity, it's like a world of pain! Seriously stop that!

"Hahaha, how do you like that! I'm surprised you haven't been turned into a charcoal!"

Shut it you piggy upstart!
Have some pain yourself!

I grabbed the Byakko's tail and spun



With energy-boosted Offense, I threw the tiger at the red haired pig!


The piggy upstart leaped while making a weird scream.
Tch, I missed.

"H-hmph, struggle futilely all you want! Like that'd hit me!"

The pig boasted.
What is he even saying with his butt on the ground.

"This guy's strong enough to easily fling Byakko...! Oy, kill him in one go! Can't drag this on and let him counter attack!"


After receiving that order from the beast tamer, blood ran on Byakko's claws and fangs, no it seeped out.
I can tell from Menu reading that Byakko's Offensive power increased with that.
So this is [Vital Task] Skill, what a painful sight...
Wait no, this is bad, its HP may be decreasing but its Attack power is rising fast, it's gonna reach four digits at this rate.
Gotta go on the offense and reduce that HP to zero before that happens!



Another Ground Shrink-fueled lunge huh, don't think that's gonna work--
Ah, crap, I managed to dodge the claws but not the [Postpre Mana Claw]


Delayed mana claws hit me.
I narrowly managed to defend against it, but the added damage from lightning hurts really bad!







Every time I defended against Byakko attack, electricity ran through my body, bringing out the sensation of pain I had almost forgotten.
Give it a rest already dangit! Screaming out every time I got hit is getting tiring!

"...H-he's screaming in pain yet I don't see a wound, is it really working?"

"I-I believe so. Thunderclap Byakko's Attack should be nearly 1000 right now. There is no way anyone can stay alive after receiving so many attacks from that. An average Combatant would have died in the first attack."

"Then explain how is he looking so lively!?"

It hurts but I get no damage whatsoever as long as my HP buffer remains.
But due to all the attacks I received, only half of my HP remains. It'll run out and let the damage passes through for real at this rate.
I'm probably gonna be turned into a charred remain for real if I took this head-on without HP buffer. Scary.

I want to attack back but High Powered Pile Bunker is out of question.
I need to focus a lot before I could use that attack, the mana liquid would disperse if that thing hit me while I'm preparing.
But normal pile bunker and mana blade rev don't have enough firepower to... No wait, this thing's Def is only 500, it's gonna work just fine no?

"Oy, how long you're gonna keep playing around, get to it already! Bite that guy's throat off!"

The beast tamer man yelled his order at the Byakko.
Answering that, Byakko reduced its HP even further, raising its Attack in the process.
...You must have got it tough having that man as your master.


The roar felt unlike anything before. It's going to end this battle with the next attack.
...This tiger isn't the one at fault here. No, that'll be the beast tamer and that upstart pig.
But I don't plan on dying either, forgive me.

Byakko used [Ground Shrink] to zero in on me.
Responding to that, I moved backward at high speed using super low altitude mana flight.
We're both now effectively stopped as we attack each other.


Byakko bit my throat as it roared.
I did not dodge this attack.

I'm experiencing the sensation of having fangs piercing through my body. This feeling of a foreign substance that's not pain is gross.

"Alright, now bite him off!!"

The beast tamer shouted in elation.
Not just throat, Byakko has my whole body inside its fangs.
Electricity keeps running too, ow ow ow!
I can't control my mana well in this state.

"Gwu... uuuuuu...! S... Sorr..."

"Fuhaha! It's too late to beg for mercy now! Die, just die already!"

But Energy-powered buff is a different story.

"...Sorry, tiger buddy."


I greatly increased the strength of my right arm.
Then I strike Byakko's belly hard with it! Get blown away!!

BASH, an unexpected soft warm sensation got transmitted.
Eh, bash? What is this feeling.

Ah, my right arm didn't blow Byakko away, it pierced right through its belly.
N-no uh, I didn't mean to, ah, i-it died...
...RIP. My bad, who could've thought that blow would penetrate right through it instead.
Both the upstart pig and beast tamer were looking in my direction dumbfounded, seemingly unable to process what happened.
...For now, I'll pull my right arm off. Uwaah, it's bloodied all over. Gross...

"W-what just, happened...?"

"H-he killed Thunderclap Byakko in one hit... And, barehanded...!?"

Yeah, I'm not going to make an excuse. I did kill the thing after all. It's my fault for underestimating my strength.
But these guys are the ones who are controlling sinless magic beasts to kill people. They're the baddies here... Eh, that's not an excuse? Welp.

<<For your information, this Thunderclap Byakko had records of killing and devouring people before being tamed.>>

It wasn't sinless at all. No wait, that's from human's standard, from its point of view as a tiger, it was probably just having meals.
Well, whatever, I'll send it off properly later. More importantly.
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"...Now then, who's next?"

I spoke at the upstart pig's group in the gentlest voice possible while flaunting my right arm with blood still seeping down.
...It must sound more like 'Who wanna end up like this next' instead of 'Who's gonna fight me next'. A complete horror show if I do say myself.

"Hiie...! M-monster...!!"

"R-run! Ain't no winning against that guy!"

The beast tamers and underlings turned tail and ran away screaming.
The upstart pig remained standing as they left him behind.
Yet his expression betrays his dire situation.

"...Hmph, rabble to the very end, useless when it comes down to it."

"For sure, they could have run away carrying you on their shoulders or something."

"Run? Why should I?"

He spoke like he got it under control while smiling evilly.


...That's their play huh.

"You, blackhead! Don't you dare move!"

A brutal looking man came out of the orphanage's door.
He sneaked in while I was busy dealing with Thunderclap Byakko.

He's got a silver haired girl, Karla bound on his right hand with his other hand thrusting a knife on her throat.

"...Well done, those worthless bunch are all fired, you get all the reward."

"Sir, my gratitude for your generosity!"

"I-I'm sorry, he found me while I was taking the children away..."

Karla apologized with tears on her eyes.
Considering her personality, it's probably not because she's scared. More because she feels bad for dragging me down.
I should be the one apologizing here. Letting somebody slip in because I was too focused in the battle, like putting the cart before the horses.

"Don't you move now, or else this brat's throat gonna have a new hole torn open!"

"Ah, just you know this man has killed multiple people already, adding another brat or two is nothing to him. Try taking a step if you think he's bluffing, you're in for a blood show."

"In short, yer' done for! Got it, don't you dare move!!"

Hm, his Kill Log does have record of murders. It's not a bluff that's for sure.

...They sure don't know when to give up. If anyone's done for, it's you guys.






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