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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 140

Result Announcement


It's the day after the fest. They will be announcing the results at the seaside adventurer guild this morning.
With my Illusionary Mask broken, I can't participate as Soarer so I'm joining as a general public spectator instead.
Gotta find another item that can hide my face and status quick. Something that's not a mask if possible.

The participants and staff members still look tired from yesterday.
Even the guild staff too, they must have been hard at work tallying the scores and stuff.
...Huh, doesn't Naima-san look slumped? Did something happen?

"Good morning, all. You have done well at the Monster Prairie yesterday. The total points in every area have exceeded all past records. Surely we don't have to worry about Stampedes anymore. You have my thanks for your cooperation."

Once Scarymast was done greeting and bowing, she took a sheet of paper from her bosom pocket and started announcing the results.
I feel like this person dislikes longwinded greetings, she tends to cut one short.
I personally welcome that, but it also feels a bit lacking. Well, not like I want the opposite though.

"Let us start with Green Area. Individuals and parties who have their names called are to present themselves for the reward prizes. Third place goes to--"

Green Area participants are all rookie adventurers who just started out, so the ones receiving the prizes were mostly people who have just come of age.
Feels like the peanut gallery were looking at them with warm eyes. It's a heartwarming scene that's for sure.
The prizes were gift certificates that can be used on stalls open during the fest. Third place got 3000 en, second 6000 en and first 15000 en. Pretty generous for the easiest area.
At this rate, the reward for Red Area winners would be some super rare stuff or something, I'm sure. Can the guild really bear the expenses?

"Next up is Pea Green Area, third place goes to party, 'Quiet Nights'. Their total point comes to 52, highest in the area, however, as they are a party of three, the effective point is 17."

Three young men of around 17 year old stepped forward with a slight look of disappointment.
52 is quite a lot even if they used scrolls. Their future looks bright.

"I-I knew our points wouldn't be enough as a party..."

"Now now, us beating more than 50 beasts in one day is like a miracle in itself, it's nothing to get so down about."

"Yeah, we wouldn't have gotten so many if we went solo."

"Considering the cost of all those scrolls, I don't even know if we're in the black..."

The three kept talking as they received their prizes. What part of that is Quiet. Can't believe they had the gall to chatter in front of Scarymast.
Contrary to my expectations however, she didn't seem to mind, she even smiled a bit as she handed them their prizes, though it looked scary...

"Next up, the second place actually rivaled the winner in term of quantity. Her Log also showed that she defeated a Lv24 magic beast, achieved in tandem with the first place winner."

Lv24 beast must be about that area breacher.
The one who dealt finishing blow to that beast was...

"After deliberating the quality and quantity of defeated magic beasts as well as their levels, second place goes to Reinamiure of [Tomorrow of Hope] party, and independent Radiasta. Each of them culled 31 magic beasts solo. I am looking forward to their future as a guild representative."

Other participants voiced a slight disbelief when they heard that.
So Reina is now capable of dealing with that many magic beasts without my help, in the Pea Green Area at that.
I'm just glad she's growing up absurdly fast... A bit scared too.
And then there's Radia-kun who managed to match Reina's pace without Mana Search. This is a bit unexpected.

"Muwaa, I lost... Radia-san you worked really hard, I'm amazed."

"Heck, that news of me beating you comes as the biggest surprise to me..."

"You kept going till you ran your stamina dry after all, you got more guts than me. I won't lose next time just you wait."

"O-ou. I'll take you on anytime."

Despite wincing at the rather aggressive Reina, Radia-kun seemed cheery while blushing a tad. Ah youth.
Reina got a batch of fresh shrimps and crabs and Radia-kun a new dagger as their prizes.
That dagger is made of pure mithril with 150 ATK. I'd have loved that for Reina, shame.
Well we've got shrimps and crabs instead, I'll make some good food with them... But man how are they so big. Gonna be a pain cooking them...

"Next up, Yellow Area. Third place goes to the party [War Rose]. They ran into a herd of Iron Cocks and obtained a total score of 46. Split by the number of members, their effective point comes to 15."

After Scarymast announced that, a party of three people stepped up with sullen looks.
...These ladies are all wearing the same red dress, even their hair is red. They look to be around 20s, but have this dour look on them.

"...Third place after struggling through that battle to death is absolutely not right..."

"Leader, everyone is still watching. Save your complaining after we're back."

"Are you really saying that with those furrowed brows, Fanana?"

"Oh shove it!"
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The ladies are quarreling noisily even though it was done in whispers. Kinda scary.
Other participants were smiling wryly while giving an applause.

"You may place lower but beating a herd of almost ten magic beasts and coming out victorious is no small feat. Being given the opportunity to publicly commend such an outstanding party is an honor to me."

"T-thank you very much..."

The ladies awkwardly replied as Scarymast praised them.
Figured, they don't have the courage to keep quarreling in front Scarymast. If she got mad... I don't even want to imagine that.

"Next, second spot goes to independent Welcanus at 37 kill solo. Not only that, he made good use of Stealth to get close to his prey and killed them swiftly and precisely at the vital with a bow and arrows, affording excellent states of the loot. Such a feat is well worth a commendation, well done."

"...Fumu, I was sure I would have nabbed first spot. What a humbling experience this has been. I must reflect on it..."

Second place is a ponytailed silver haired handsome young man. Even him just walking looks picturesque.
He seems kinda down even though Scarymast praised him so much. Wait, Pinpoint Archer? Hasn't his Job changed?

<<It appears the man underwent a Job Change during the fest.>>

The result might have been different had he Job Changed before the fest.
Or maybe he couldn't level up in time. Wonder how much would he get had been a Pinpoint Archer from the beginning.
Could have gotten the first place even, he must be regretting it.

"...As for the first place, I have to confirm on one thing before I announce the score."

Scarymast suddenly put that forewarning.
...What's the problem, I wonder.

"The winner moved to the Orange Area as well as hunting down magic beasts that breached from Red Area an hour before the fest ended, however, this is not calculated in the total point as it's outside her picked area. Please be aware of this fact before you hear the score."

Ah, that huh.
...Just how many beasts did she hunt.

"First place is Almatina of party [Tomorrow of Hope]. Her point comes to... 57. We have checked and rechecked multiple times, and it is undoubtedly 57. And it appears she had been proactively hunting down breachers from Red Area, there were multiple beasts over Lv30 in the Log."


Someone let out that shocked voice.
...Alma-san, think you could have held back a teensy bit...

"H-hold it! How is that right!? 57, like are you for real!?"

"All three of us together could only kill 46 you know!? She's definitely cheating, no matter how you slice it! Check her Kill Log again and--"



The three ladies from [War Rose] protested suspecting Alma of foul play but a glare from Scarymast shut them down.
Scaary. Her expression saw a complete shift from earlier.

"...I do not blame you for doubting the validity of this abnormal score, but us at the guild do not condone cheating. I too had cross-examined Naima for any form of deceit and found no evidence on wrongdoings."

"...That was terrible, sniffle..."


So Naima-san looked gloom because of you Scarymast!
She might love to play around a lot in her job, but getting roasted over a false accusation is a bit much. Poor her.
Even Scarymast looked unusually apologetic... Be nicer to her, seriously.

"I-if she's so strong she could get that kind of result, why did she participate in Yellow Area. Isn't that unfit for her..."

"For your information, Pea Green Area was the guild's recommendation for Almatina after we confirmed her level."


"Almatina was at Lv27 before the fest began. Yellow Area's recommended level is 30, which is indeed unfit for her. Yet, she brought about this result. Any more complaints?"


"On top of that, she rushed to Orange Area an hour before the closing hour in order to aid a staff member. All without caring for the handicap that would put to her score. You don't often see people willing to risk themselves like that."


Umu, I think she might have overdid it a tad.
No, I mean I'm not putting down Alma for doing her best, but you'd get people protesting when you're standing out so much like this.
Well, I guess it's fine seeing as Alma herself looks unaffected by it. Congrats Alma, clap clap.

"We were going to reward you with a sword, but presenting a better sword than your Unique Sword would be beyond the reward prize for Yellow Area. Hence, we instead have prepared a pair of enhanced boots for you. I believe they should fit your size but do tell if you want a refit."

"Got it, thanks."

"...No uh, don't you have anything else you want to say to the people here?"

Scarymast stopped Alma who was about to immediately go back after receiving the boots.
Scarymast wryly smiled watching Alma marching to her own beat.

Umu, Alma and Reina put out some real good results and then there's me who officially didn't participate, leaving me in a tough spot...
Just hoping people wouldn't start calling me a leech again...




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