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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 150

Performance Show (Enforced)


"Hello helloo! Good evening you damned brats, surely that damned director's kicked the bucket by now!"

A shrill nasty voice could be heard in front of orphanage's gate.
The content itself is quite scummy... Who in the heck.

I opened the front door and walked to the opened gate to see a plump middle aged upstart man with red hair and white bangs that stood out even in this darkness.
He's surrounded by thug-looking men and a wolf as well as a tiger type magic beasts.
Those beasts are the readings from huh... Their strength exceeds Rank B beasts, I think they're around level 40.
The tiger one is even a Unique Monster called [Thunderclap Byakko]. Seems stronger than the gold silver wolves we fought at the prairie.
Seemingly not expecting me to show up instead of the director or the children, the man looked confused.

"...Hmm? What's your deal?"

"I am the acting director in charge of this orphanage. Director is currently recuperating, please come back at a later time if you have a business with her."

Uh, nobody actually appointed me that position, so it's all a lie though.
...Guess that's pushing it.

"Ah, ah, ah, I see, my condolence... Who cares about that, just bring me to that dying hag will you? I've come alll the way to this filthy orphanage, I shan't return home empty handed."

"Director is currently not in a condition to speak due to a venom attack by a magic beast. Please give it up today."

"Ah, I don't care if she can't talk. I'm not here for a chat with that hag."

"Then may I inquire your business?"

"I told that hag over and over already the other day. I will have this land's bond. Money will be paid, and the brats shall be referred somewhere else. Yet that hag wouldn't budge. Must be her age, those ears are rotten to her head."

What an obnoxious man.
His shrill voice, the words he spoke and his high and mighty attitude are getting on my nerves.
I'd rather talk with obviously hostile demons or have a battle to death against magic beasts.
Please get out of here. Go home.
There's no way the children will be referred to somewhere decent by someone like this. Heck, it wouldn't surprise me if he sold them to slavery.

"The bond is in director's possession. I have no right over it as long as director is alive and well."

"Well done, you're absolutely right. As long as director is alive and well that is. But you haven't got your hands on antidote potion have you? It's been three days since she was attacked by the bee beast, she should drop dead anytime now."

"Yes, however we have made an arrangement so the potion will arrive in a few more hours, please rest assured."

".....Oho, really, really now."

The plump upstart furrowed his brows before immediately putting on a nasty smile and murmured.
Behind him, two beast tamers were busy with something.

Ah, they took off the wolf's tamed beast collar.
The wolf magic beast that had been docile up until that point had its eyes turning wild at once.
It's baring its fangs while drooling as it scowls at me, like it's gonna jump at my throat anytime.

"It just so happened a magic beast breached this place and attacked the director a few days ago... Another attack won't be unusual at all now, will it?"

"...Wait, was the magic beast that attacked director..."

"Indeed, indeed indeed indeed! I had bought up all the potions in all neighboring towns, carefully rooted out the herbs needed for its creation, all for the sake of killing that hag dead! Both you bastard and that hag keep getting in my way!"

Ou, he confessed just like that when I never asked. Is he a dumbass, this guy's a dumbass.
Or maybe he believes I'm gonna get eaten by that wolf anyway, ergo this high strung emotion-infused confession.

"I should have never picked such a roundabout method like poison. I shall have her dead plainly, easily and definitely."

"Murders by way of tamed beasts huh. Won't they find out who the owner is from the magic beast's record?"

"No problem, it will be untamed once it's devoured that hag and you bastard. And thus this incident of a stray magic beast attacking an orphanage will have nothing to do with us."



"Now then, dragging this any longer risks a passerby witness. Get chomped down to your grave already."

"Forgive me, this is part of my job... Do it."


The wolf magic beast growled at me once the beast tamer ordered it.
And just as it started running at me

"Oh think nothing of it. Besides, that little pup looks like a good boy."


FLOP, it instantly flopped on the ground.


"Oy, what are you doing...!? Stand up, bite him to death!"

『G-gyain! Kyan kyan!!』

We have here a dumbfounded plump upstart, and a confused beast who repeated his order.
Meanwhile, the wolf whimpered like it was protesting.
This wolf isn't prostrating because of some sort of instinctual fear or anything, I'm simply pressing it down with an incredibly high pressure remote mana.
It's like a sandbag weighing several hundred kg pushing it down, of course it's too heavy to move.

『K-kwuun, kwuun...!』

"C-could it be yielding to him...!? Are you saying its fear of this man wins over the order from me, its master!?"

Nay nay, it's just too overburdened to move.
Mana emitted without Skills is invisible so he doesn't know that though.

"What an obedient doggie. Gimme a paw."


I controlled my mana to forcefully made it put its right paw on my palm.

"The other one."


The confused wolf put its left pawn this time.
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"Stand up and tail."

I made it stand and flung its tail forward. A bit vulgar I guess.



...Ah, I moved it too fast it hit its vital hard.
No uh, that wasn't on purpose I swear. Sorry, for realsies.
Doggie knocked out. All limbs on the ground.


"Eei, what are you playing at! Self-destructing after making a fool of yourself, how incompetent can a beast be!! Oy get the other one!"

"H-however, this beast is our trump card, using it like a disposable tool is a bit..."

"Just do it! I'll get you all the replacement beast you want later! Quit dawdling now! Call back those beasts we put to stand watch! We're going all out!"


One beast tamer hesitantly took off the tiger magic beast's collar.
But the other beast tamer is acting weirdly. What's the matter?

"What now, get them here!"

"I-it's, uh, those magic beasts have all just been killed...!"

"That cannot be, those are five level 30 highly trained beasts!? No mere beasts in that wetlands could hope to best them!"

Looks like some sort of trouble happened outside my involvement.
Wonder if these wetlands the place Alma's group went to look for herbs.
If those beasts were killed now of all time... Ah (got it).

"...Fine. You black haired acting director, don't think you've won just because you stopped a King Wolf. This thing's on a whole different level from your ordinary magic beasts!"


It does look way stronger than the wolf.
Doesn't seem like I can manipulate it with mana control, let's check out the Status.

Magic Beast: ★Thunderclap Byakko

Level 48

State: Normal, Tamed (Jirnagia)


HP (Health): 903/903
MP (Mana): 623/623
SP (Stamina): 610/627

STR (Strength): 749
ATK (Attack): 749
DEF (Defense): 504
AGI (Agility): 812
INT (Intelligence): 341
DEX (Dexterity): 677
PER (Perception): 666
RES (Resistance): 540
LUK (Luck): 122


Magic Beast Level 5, Martial Arts Level 10, Ultimate Martial Arts Level 4, Claw Arts Level 10, Sharp Claw Arts Level 1, Fang Arts Level 10, Piercing Fang Arts Level 1

【Master Skills】

Aura Mitigation
Revenge Claw
Vital Task

【Unique Skill】

Gale Thunder


Superior Slayer, Beast Killer, Unique Beast, Skill Master, Lightning Ruler

This State Tamed (Jirnagia) is probably its owner's name.
This thing's got three Master Skills. Never seen Vital Task before.

<<Master Skill [Vital Task] a Skill that temporarily raises its Attack by consuming own HP. The consumed HP is added to ATK value as is.>>

Oh crap, this tiger might be even stronger than platinum chicken.
...And what is this Unique Skill Gale Thunder all about?

<<Unique Skill [Gale Thunder] grant lightning element to attacks. Nullifies lightning element attacks on its user.>>

...This is bad, it can even attack using my weakness, lightning element.
My body doesn't actually get hurt by lightning attacks but my nerves get hit directly by those.
...Aah man, this is gonna be one painful fight, when was the last time anyway.





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