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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 144

Side Story Run Away!


I'm running with all my might.
Running on the highway for tens of minutes, not riding a wagon.

"Oh yeah, your big sister is working as an adventurer isn't she, Levia?"

"Eh? Yup, she is, what's with the sudden interest."

"Nothing, just a stray thought. I'm just wondering if there's other grown ups as reckless as you out there."

"...Well sorry for being reckless. Just so you know, both Kyano-ane and Fira-ane had finished their training before they became adventurers, unlike me."

"Eh, you have two big sis? You're the youngest?"

"Yes, haven't I told you?"

"Only that you have one."

My legs feel heavy.
I've been hunting magic beasts and jogging to build stamina every single day ever since I reincarnated in this world, but this is still agonizing.

"By the way, what would you like for dinner tonight?"

"I want curry. I wasn't sure about your curry at first because it looked all muddy, but it goes really well with Aro rice, I love it."

"This world's curry is mainly the soup one but my version is the popular one in my home land, you see. The authentic curry is even better though."

"I'm amazed you could make food that tastes that good without Cooking Skill, Neora."

"Well I had to cook for myself in my past life, no Skill no problem. I'm just glad I still can do it right... But curry powder is super expensive here, we can't afford to have one every day."

"Isn't it fine just for today? I've been running so much my stomach is rumbling already."

"Okay okay, we'll have the curry I had made before, so keep at it."

I said that, but I'm also at my limit.
We may look like we're having it easy chatting pointlessly while running but it's because we can't keep going without a distraction.

"Haa... Haa... B-by the way, is he still following us? I-I've, lost track, how far, we ran... Cough...!"

"Wheeze, wheeze... D-don't look back, he'd catch up, the moment we let up...!"

My feet hurts, my stomach hurts, my overtaxed body is screaming.
I'm dying. The thought of experiencing my first revival here crossed my mind.
Even though I'm aware I won't die, I still don't wanna die.
...Hm? What's up with Levia, she's got this enraptured look on her face? Kinda erotic.

"A, haha, ahahaha, what's happening, all that agony is gone, running never felt so good..."

"Runner's, high, huh, my tension's, kinda running high too now, fufuhehehe... Ah, I'm gonna throw up."

"Wait, no, please don't!? I could end up mimicking you!"

Not my problem. It's not like I'm trying to vomit.

It's not only because I'm running so much. The person chasing after us has a not insignificant impact as well.
Eh, what are we running away from?
Magic beast? Non. There's no strong magic beasts that spawn in these parts.
Did we cause a trouble and became a fugitive? Not at all, I'm not a criminal.
Am I being stalked by a pervert? Ha ha ha, there's no way that's

Actually happening!!

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"Hero-chaaaaaaaaaaaan!! Wait for meeeeeeeee!!"

Behind us, a sweaty macho bald man is running after us with a refreshing smile.
Dunno where he got the info from, he pinned down where I was and came crashing in!
Just leave me alone already! Stay away from me foreveeer!!

"Dammitall!! That bastard's still at it!"

"Sheesh, I can't take it anymore! Hey, why don't you have a talk with that baldie!"

"Hero-chaaan!! Get all snug-snuggly with this great meeeee!!"

"You hear the guy! My chastity's at risk here!"

"Uwaaa, what's with that guy, gross gross gross!! What's his deal anyway! Neora, pick up the pace!"

"I'm trying! Wait for me, my chastity... Dying... Wait, can't I just die and save it when I get revived!?"

"Do that only as the final last resort! Do you even listen to yourself, you sound deranged!"

Of course I'm getting deranged! If I can't outrun that baldie, I'd get *voluntarily restrained* and go nuts in no time!
Well that old man's nearing his limit too, we should be able to get away somehow.

"H-hero chaan...! B-be this great me's wife...!"

"I'm telling you I'm a man! Quit sounding so gross while gasping!! Hell, there's a lot of girls cuter than me out there!"

In fact, I feel like the girls in this world are all beautiful.
No well, I'm not saying earth doesn't have any, but you come across beauties simply by strolling around randomly here.
Levia would then kick me when I got enamored, such is our daily life. Okay okay, you're cute too. For real.

"Um no, I don't think you can easily find someone as cute as you Neora..."

"What do you mean by that, Levia!? That doesn't make me happy at all!"

<<Well, Neora-san is cute alright, but your looks probably just happen to be right in that old man's straight zone.>>

That information doesn't make me happy at all #2!
Wish he'd honor my preference and quit his approach.

<<That old man was saying you being a man makes it all the better.>>

Sorry, can I throw up this instant?

<<Do that now and there's a high probability the liquid entering your bronchial tube, it'll be hell you know?>>

It already is!!
Just a little bit more, keep going me! Keep running me!





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