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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 421

421 The Usual Shows Up After All


The thing made itself shown as it got closer. Yep, it's a dragon, everyone's favorite.
It looks exactly like a standard 'Wyvern' you'd see everywhere.
No I'm not trying to cut my explanation short. It's literally one. Like green scales, wings for forearms, sharp talons for hind legs, a long and narrow tail with a sharp tip, the face of a dragon.
There are some variations between fantasy work, but the basic idea usually follows the same principle.
The settings are all variable as well, they're sometimes true dragons, sub-dragons, or even an entirely different species.
I think there are even fantasy work that have them evolve into dragons?

A standard monster with no agreed upon form yet has a consensus on how it generally looks.

I'm not going to delve deeper into that topic now.
It means nothing to the wyvern anyway.
The thing is flying in the sky. Heading here at high speed.
It'll definitely catch up to this stagecoach no matter how fast we make it run. There's no escape.
To begin with, the wyvern is coming from the opposite direction so it'll get to us either way.
And it looks like it had already noticed us.
I mean it's opening its mouth wide, getting ready to spit out a bright red orange flame from it.
It must be going to spew a mass of flaming ball, not a physical one at that, more magical.
I jumped off the stagecoach with that random thought swirling in my head.

"Oy, I'll do something about that, you keep the stagecoach running."

I instructed the coachman while running in parallel to the stagecoach.
The coachman replied back while looking surprised.

"That must be a stray that separated from its herd! But it's still a dragon you know!? Are you really going to be alright!?"

The stagecoach is running the camel horses at max speed to increase the chance of us escaping the flaming ball.
Ordinary humans can't hope to match that speed. The coachman's surprise came from the fact that I could, easily at that.

"Argh! Okay! I get it! There's no time for a debate! I don't want to die either! There'd be nothing left of us if that lump of flame hit! I'd haunt you if you failed!"

Right as the coachman finished with his complaint, the wyvern finally shot a flaming ball.
It's flying straight towards us. Nothing to worry about if I just enter Acceleration though.
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(Let's pick up some pebbles. Now then, heave-ho! Heave-ho!)

Everything but me stops in the world of Acceleration. I pick up all nearby pebbles and keep throwing them at the flaming ball.
The pebbles naturally stop mid air the moment my hands let go of them. I'm not sure if they're gonna hit the target once they start flying.
One pebble may not hit. Nor will it blow away the flame.
The flaming ball is around 50 meter away from the stagecoach. It'll take less than five seconds for it to land.
That despite how far away the wyvern still is. It's the end of the road for us if I don't erase this flaming ball. These pebbles should break the speed of sound once I undo Acceleration. But if they miss, the flaming ball will reach the stagecoach in literal seconds considering how fast it's flying.
As such I choose to throw as many pebbles as I can. It's not because I got too absorbed into it under Acceleration State. Definitely not.

This was the only hand I got as the flaming ball is positioned pretty high up in the sky.
If it's the type that explodes upon impact, dealing with it when it's already close to the stagecoach would spell doom to us.
Hence, I have to do something about it while it's still in the sky above.
Roadside pebbles were the only items that could work for that plan. I've got lots of swords inside my magic bag, but I don't plan on using them. I'm going to sell them all for lots of money. Don't wanna waste it.
If only there was even a single tree nearby, I could have uprooted and threw it instead, but this place is a sprawling meadow. There's nothing handy like that nearby.
Yep, there's no convenient plot device this time around. What even are template developments.

I stopped adding more pebbles to the barrage once I deemed it was enough.
All that's left is to undo Acceleration and wait for the result.





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