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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 145

No Time for a Breather


After obtaining the ingredients for the shaved ice syrup and getting safety approval by an Appraisal, the syrup production went off without a hitch.
I should have stocked up more beforehand, but I didn't foresee it would be this popular.
I couldn't open the stall on the second day some customers complained until it reopened on the third day.
For some reason Reina and even Radia-kun helped out in addition to Alma so we managed to deal with the influx of customers somehow.

"Who could've guessed a crowd that big was gonna flock in like that, the effects of Naima-san's promo was incredible."

"I mean she's a receptionist at the guild, not weird she knows a lot of peeps. So many shaved ices flew off thanks to her."

"It was really hectic..."

"I might have died from overworking if you didn't offer your help Alma..."

"Um, can I have a red one, large with extra milk."

"Ah yes, thank you for your patronage. Coming right up."

I've gotten used to shaving ice inside the box as well.
Probably twice as fast as on first day.
At a glance it must look like the box automatically shaves the ice put inside but it's actually me with mana control doing it, so it's my increased experience and skill speaking.

"Here you go, please savor it slowly otherwise you might get a headache."

"Uwaah, it really is like snow. It's so sweet, cold and yummy..."

"It's an honor."

"You've gotten pretty used to serving customers too, aren't you Kajikawa-san. Your speech might sound a tad too polite compared to other stall owners tho'."

"Speaking candidly with people outside our party is a bit. All the more to paying customers."

"Ah, that's why you speak like that with Radia-san."

"Nah, that one's because Radia-kun is your savior, Reina. It's absolutely not because I think of him as a stranger, perish the thought."

"Ah, I don't really mind. You don't gotta speak politely with me."

Well it's actually a ploy to avoid suspicion on my identity as Soarer.
But I'm speaking like usual with Alma and Reina, guess it's pointless? ...Well whatever.

"Think it's high time to close up shop, got not much syrup left anyway."

"You already used up all that syrup huh. They really flew off the shelves."

"Recall that flood of customers on the first day? Apparently words of mouth got out from repeat customers which then brought in more people checking out."

"There must have been hundreds sold easily. Our total sales handily exceeds seven digits too."

Alma muttered while counting copper and silver coins.
I knew ices would sell well in summer. Was deserted on the first day cause it was still unknown though.

"Not a bad result for incidental income. Still only three days worth of magic beast hunting."

"...You guys usually earn that much huh, that's amazing."

Radia-kun whispered with a look of surprise.
I'm planning to pay you for your work, really thanks a bunch.

Today marks the end of my food stall. We're resuming our adventuring business from tomorrow on.
It's been more than good enough as a camouflage, any more would serve no purpose.
Our main job is being adventurers, or more like culling magic beast, we can't keep taking a break forever and pausing our level up.

But taking on commissions that aren't culling might not be a bad thing every once in a while, what do.
Maybe we can take a peek at the guild's request board before we go back.

So yeah, we went to the guild on our way back.
I'm gazing at the request board to look for a workable commission.

"Can't we save this for tomorrow? Everybody's all beat up already..."

"Early birds get the worms when it comes to taking commissions you know. This is our best chance when everybody's focused on wolfing down those food stalls... Or so I'd like to tell you."

"...Got another reason?"

"Uh well, even without factoring that, I just have this hunch that we should take a look at the request board asap."

"What's up with that?"
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No really, it's nothing but a hunch.
This particular 'hunch' is something I must not ignore.
According to Menu, this sensation is something those with high 'Luck' and 'Perception' Attributes are struck with on rare occasions, it works through a different system than Skill and more akin to precognition.
It's like knowing when to fold and when to not in gambling and such, following this hunch will apparently lead you to desirable results.
...Though well I can't always rely on this stuff, like during that time at Vinfitt against Gluttony Slime, no guarantee to always avoid big trouble like that.

I've scanned over the board but there's nothing that gives me a jolt.
There are some requests that caught my eyes yet none of them was really it.

"Ruin exploration, missing people search, magic beast culling... I'd like to check them out, but those are kinda not it..."

"What kind of commission are you looking for?"

"Uh, I don't know either. Really, I'm only here to take a quick look."

"Our leader is born too free. Can't you at least give a rough outline on--"

Reina suddenly choked on her words while she was grumbling and stopped moving at a certain request tag.


"W-what's the matter?"

Alma and Radia-kun called out to her yet they got no reaction.
Her face gradually turned pale before becoming teary and sweaty.

"...Did you find a request that bothers you?"




Reina murmured as she teared up.
Has something bad befall the person who took care of her at the orphanage?
Let's check out the tag.

Antidote Ingredients Gathering
Guild-deemed Rank: C
Client: Farannam, Temporary Substitute Director of Wattlan Orphanage at [Nyushina]

We're a small orphanage that takes care of children with no relatives.
Our director Hekimitt was hurt by a magic beast that invaded the downtown the other day.
The wound itself was non life threatening, but she was envenomed during the incident and has been bedridden ever since.
According to an Appraiser, this venom cannot be detoxified naturally nor do ordinary antidotes work.
Ingredients for the venom's specific antidote can be gathered in a nearby magic beast territory however the area is infested with powerful magic beasts far beyond our strength.
We are seeking immediate assistance if at all possible.

...I see.
The director she's indebted to is dying to a magic beast's venom, and this commission is about gathering the antidote ingredients.
The pay is quite low. 23410 en is nowhere near sufficient for a Rank C commission, gonna need at least several times that.
Only whimsical or extremely good-natured adventurers will take on this request, or

"K-Kajikawa-san! Alma-san! Please, please I beg of you, please accept this commission!"

People who have a connection to that director, just like Reina.


"The director suffering in this request is my savior who took care of me after I left home! If she's dead, I, I... U, u, fueee...!!"

Reina plead with a desperate look.
...Is there even anyone out there who can refuse her in this situation.
Well, I'll do it for free for Reina's savior. I mean, Reina did save my life during that slime scuffle.

"...Got it, let's go."

"Un, those who are important to Reina, are also important to us. Of course we'd help."

"U, a, thank you...!"

"I-I don't really get what's happening, but count me in if it's to save Reina's important person."

Radia-kun expressed his willingness to help as he tried to soothe Reina.
...What to do, I'm grateful for the offer, but my cover as Soarer's gonna get blown if he goes with us.
With the director suffering from a venom, it's a race against time. Which means, the best course of action is to fly there quickly with Mana Flight.
And yet, my hunch is whispering me to bring Radia-kun along despite the risk it poses.

...I trust you, Radia-kun.

"Let's head there now."

"...Eh? It's late already, don't think there's a wagon service running ya know? Or are you saying we're gonna leg it there? That's a bad idea, we'd be better off waiting till morning for a wagon."

"No wagon needed, we'll take to the sky."


...Good grief, just please don't spread the news, Radia-kun.
And hope you can endure the speed of mana flight. I believe you can tough it out as a big man. Probably.






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