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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 422

422 Beehive


Well to put things short, the end result was excessive. A high pitched sound rang aloud noisily.
Kyuun! It was so loud my ears were hurting.
The pebbles flew like a buckshot toward the flaming ball. They hit their mark in less than one second. The pebbles flew off virtually vanishing the instant I undid Acceleration.
The flaming ball dispersed right away while the pebbles kept going and even seemingly reaching the wyvern, I saw a black object far in the horizon dropping down the ground.

"There's, no way..."

The coachman couldn't process what he just saw and stopped the stagecoach altogether instead of running it faster.
I called out to him.

"Welp, made a blunder, that took the wyvern out it seems. Come on now, quit dawdling and keep going."

The coachman pulled himself together after I said that and resumed running the stagecoach.
The four people inside the stagecoach had no comment. They didn't even peek outside to see the wyvern.
In fact, none of them even looked surprised when I suddenly jumped off earlier.
They were not moving an inch like they had attained a state of enlightenment.

(Ah, they've gotten used to it, or maybe more like stopped trying to make sense of things. Okay, I am aware how absurd I am okay? I really do.)

The only reason I'm doing all these absurdities is because the problems can't be dealt with the common sense way.
That's one thing I can't do anything about really. In all the trouble I encountered thus far, most people were trying to kill me so my actions could be justified as self-defenses. I believe it's still common sense.
However, a stray wyvern is akin to a calamity, a force of nature humans are helpless against.
The situation would have been utterly hopeless to mere humans. A 100% certainty.
And even that was overturned, the coachman's reaction should be the correct one here.

(Hmm? Were these four always like this before?)

No, I should stop looking back and keep pressing forward. I discarded the thought about these ladies and the underling into a trash bin in my mind.
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Our stagecoach kept going and naturally arrived at the wyvern's impact point.
We tread carefully as we drew closer. Its size from head to tail should be around three meters while the wingspan ought to be around five meters.
It kinda looks like a Pteranodon depicted in dinosaur illustration books.

"Uwaah, it's full of holes. Ah, one of the wings is undamaged."

The pebbles must have pierced the wyvern really hard as holes are opened all over its body. I poked at the membrane of the one wing that luckily got off in one piece.

The four got off to see the wyvern as well. They're standing next to the coachman, looking appalled together.
This wyvern's death is clearly brought about by the pebbles I threw. And they inferred it.
Its neck bone must have been crushed when it hit the ground. It's twisted bad. Though it's not obvious at a glance.
Of course. Even its head is full of holes after all, blood is still seeping out of them all over its body.

"Oy! What parts of this are sellable? I think this wing membrane would fetch the highest, am I right? And then the meat, bones and fangs... Are you listening?"

The coachman wouldn't respond to me. I waved my hand in front of his eyes with no result.
I sighed at having to do that cliche here.

I lightly beat the coachman's back and dragged him back to reality.
His eyes were unfocused like he was sleepwalking. Yet he responded to my questions regarding which parts of the wyvern to cut nonetheless while I dedicated myself cutting them off.






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