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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 152

It Folds It Bends


"No funny business now ya hear!? Or maybe ya wanna see a cut finger or two!?"

The thug yelled while pointing his knife next to the upstart pig.
...According to his Kill Log, seems he's killed six people in the past.
This man thinks nothing of murder. He must feel no guilt and regard the people he killed and the people left behind as trash.

I ignore his warning and take a step forward.

"Oho, did you not hear the man? Keep walking and her life is--"

"Shut up."

After I said that, I twisted the thug's limbs to where the joints don't go.
The thug crumbled down like a puppet cut off its strings after some unpleasant sounding cracking noise.

"Eh...? A,a,aaaaaaaaaahh!!!? M, my arms, my legs, a, agyaaaaa!!!"

"Karla, come over here, it's okay now."

"E-eeh...!? Y-y-yes!"

What I did was exceedingly simple. I wrapped the thug's limbs with remote mana control and twisted them hard.
Then I had Karla come here while the thug and upstart pig fell into confusion. And now the pig won't lay his fingers on Karla.

"Hiiyiii!!? M-my limbs...!! What, what's going on, i-it huuuuuurts!!"

"Shut up, shut your trap."

"Y-you won't, get away doing this to me...!! Kill!! I'mma kill you, your family lover friends, all of 'em--"

"Okay fine, open your mouth wide, happy now?"

"A, agagaga!!?"

I forcefully held his mouth open with mana control this time.
I'm fed up hearing this guy's voice, time for a little punishment to shut him up.
To begin with, I've got no family here, no lover, and only a few friends... Huh, what is this water coming out of my eyes, sweat?

"Here you go, enjoy. Have a lot."

"Ha, hagyaaaaaagagaagyaaaa!!!"

I filled his mouth full of the super spicy [Lightning Pepper Powder] and forcefully closed it with mana control.
I've made sure he can still breathe, shouldn't die of asphyxiation. The pain in his mouth and limbs is proof he's still alive. Be glad.

"What an overt reaction, you like it that much huh? Nice~."

"U, uwaa, his face is so red, those tears and snots are coming out like a waterfall..."

Karla got taken aback as she watched the thug whose face turned as red as a tomato while being unable to even vomit.
Despite having been taken hostage, she could still sympathize after seeing the guy like that.
I'd just leave this guy be now. He can't move anyway, gotta take care of the upstart pig.

"D-dammit!! You bastard! Don't think you've won yet!!"

The upstart pig ran off after spitting that line.
...Slow. He may not be a Combatant, but how is he slower than Reina before she came of age. How neglectful of your own health can one be.

"Where do you think you're going?"

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I got ahead of him in a flash using Pseudo Ground Shrink.

"I still have some things I need to discuss you with, keep me company for a bit will you."

"D-didn't you tell me to go home earlier!!"

"I see I see, you still haven't fully realized just what you have done it seems."

"W-what are you talking about! Get outta the way!"

"I'm saying that's the wrong direction, you nincompoop."

I twisted the upstart pig's legs in an unnatural direction with remote mana control.
Crack crack crack! Sounds you wouldn't think coming from a human body resounded. He can no longer run now.


"Now then, this place won't do at all to entertain a guest, do please come in. I hope you don't mind our paltry hospitality and take your time."

I grabbed the upstart pig by his red hair and dragged him into the orphanage.
Gotta help the man since he can't walk, I'm so kind.

"H-hiyii!!? L-let goo!! Please let me goo!!"

"Yes we will have a go. Inside that is. Karla, could you lead us to the parlor, no wait a guest room?"

"U-ummm, I-I understand."

"Ah, also it's probably going to get noisy for a bit, but make doubly sure nobody get in while we're having a chat, okay."


Karla gave her OK with a slight look of fear.
...Guess anybody's gonna get scared after watching this.

I put him in a chair over a table inside the small guest room and our little interview began.
The pig is looking pale while sweating profusely, not sure if it's due to the pain or being alone with me in this room.

"Now then, I need to check several things with you, your answers?"



"H-hiiiiie!! Y-yes! Yessir!!!"

The pig replied profusely after I spoke with a slightly intimidating tone.
I shouldn't overdo it or it's gonna look like I'm tormenting the weak... Well, it pretty much already is, let's just get this over and done with.

"Tell it to me straight. Do that, then later you can explain to the guards everything that transpired during this incident and get thrown into the cell.

"B-but then my fate is sealed either way!"

"Uh yeah of course? Recall everything you did. Ah, right, right. If you keep silent or I think you're spouting lies."

I abruptly fetched a dustcloth and squeezed it before his eyes.
I kept twisting it to the limit before it eventually tore off.

"Do make sure you refrain from deceptions and falsehood or you might just end up like this."

The upstart pig's face turned deathly pale after witnessing that.
Now then, let us begin this tort--, cough cough, talk shall we.






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