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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 420

420 Spectacle and Precaution


Afterward, we saw off the nice middle aged man and his dubious expression before departing ourselves.
The rain stopped in the meantime. But the muddy soil hindered our stagecoach, it took a while to leave the woodlands.
The camel-like creatures pulling our stagecoach, might as well just call them camel horses, were constantly running out of stamina we had to take frequent rests.

"The road isn't really well maintained. How does a rain turn this journey into a perilous one."

I know that I shouldn't compare it to my past world, but I can't help but grumble at this annoying situation.
I was sure they had the road flattened down considering the heavy traffic. Not asking to be completely level, at least enough to stop all those holes and mud.
Experiencing it first hand reveals how bad it is.

I'm even entertaining pulling the stagecoach myself since we're not making good progress.

My mind is broiling from all the obstacles we faced, like the rain, woodlands muddy road, and that boulder.

Once we finally left the woodlands, we came to a flat plain that had a good view to faraway horizons. It's a vast meadow as far as eyes can see.
Greenery everywhere you don't need to be on guard. The blue sky peeking between the bulky grey clouds shining down sunlight is fantastical.
There's even a rainbow, it's all indescribably beautiful.

"What a beautiful sight... If only our circumstance wasn't this way..."

Linda whispered softly. That's right. These ladies are on a journey to safeguard their lives.
Had we were on a sightseeing tour, it would make for a deeply emotional scene.
But their situation doesn't allow that at all, erasing any trace of emotional stirs.
It's a shame. And yet, had I not stumbled upon that cave at that time, they would have met an ever crueler fate.
Considering that potential future, this rainbow must be far more preferable.
But that's for them to digest, not for me to interject.
I'm not awful enough I can't read the room on this kinda stuff.
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I was relieved when we finally got on a hard road that allows faster travel.
There's absolutely nothing in this plain to be cautious about. The coachman's gonna notice right away if there's something amiss, I'm sure.
I could finally relax myself in the stagecoach.

However, we can't focus our wariness only ahead. Gotta pay attention to the sky and below the ground too.
After all, this seemingly serene place is exactly when monsters or magic beasts would show up out of nowhere, such is the 'cliche'.

As I enjoyed the tranquil after rain weather, I got reminded again by that fact.

It came up like it was meant to be.

"This is bad! That thing has never been reported appearing in this area, so why now!?"

Events brought about by me are almost always irregular, cliched.

Notified by the coachman's scream, I peeked out of the stagecoach. What I saw was a small shadow high up in the sky making its way to us.






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