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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 412

412 No Matter the Choice


The man who led me here turned around and glared at me.

"I owe Eltros-aniki a great deal y'see. Got his trust and made as this town's branch's head honcho. Then aniki personally asked me to be a good host for ya. I'm indebted to Eltros-aniki. I got no problem following his order. But the heck is this, look at you? Yer' just a brat."

By this point, it's clear that this guide is hostile. Yep, another template.

"I don't give a crap who you are. But y'know? I'mma thoroughly crush those who dare go against my aniki, my benefactor. Our syndicate's suddenly changed a lot lately. From the root up. But I ain't gonna complain if it's aniki's request, I'mma see it through. But y'know? I'm not gonna let you off for scaring the crap outta aniki. Don't care what kinda tricks you used on him, we're gonna kill you dead here."

What's the best course of action here? I've got several choices but none of them will end up nicely.

"I ain't letting off anybody who gets in aniki's way. Beg for your life all you want, I ain't budging. No hard feelings yeah?"

Five men have enclosed me ahead and behind.

(I sure do get surrounded a lot don't I? Well I usually exterminate them all in a jiffy when they don't give any reason why. But this piques my curiosity.)

I'd regret it if I don't properly grasp the situation first, gotta make sure I hear them out. There are times when I end up regretting instead doing that though, but it depends.
It's only right to give the other party time to explain their reasoning.
These guys don't seem like they'll let me go though.

So here are my choices.
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1. Extermination

Opting this will definitely bring more trouble later. Rejected.

2. Beat them lightly

This is likely the most peaceful option. But there's no telling if it'll be for the best until after it's done. It might very well bring in an even more mess than outright exterminating them.

3. Run away

This is one choice I have never picked before. They're sure to persistently go after me. It's clear from their level of hostility and even if it solves the problem now, it does nothing to the root of issue.
Also, I'd likely get lost and find myself entangled in a new event, no way I'm picking this.

4. Run away and ask that Karuts guy for help

This seemingly looks like the best course of action here and yet I can't foresee what's gonna happen afterward.
This guide guy said he's the head honcho of this town's branch.
Can Karuts do anything to someone that up high?
Karuts is a member of the organization. I don't know how much influence he has over the top guy here, and to begin with, what's the point of asking help from someone that works for the organization.

5. Ask him to change location and talk this over

This looks to be mature option, but it won't work. I mean these guys have knives in their hands, already swinging at me right now.

Yep, I'm under Acceleration state while thinking all the above. Trying to come up how to get out of this situation with the least effort.
Their knives are slowly coming at me. Meanwhile the clock keeps ticking for me to come up with an answer. Can't think of a good idea.
I had no choice but to exit their encirclement first before asking for an extended time out.






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