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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 410

410 Solicitude


This town holds a big populace though not quite at the commercial city's level.
There's a huge line of people and wagons waiting to get inside. This fact begs a question however; why didn't we come across other wagons on our way here if there's so many people around?
I'm thinking it's no coincidence, it's the handiwork of 'something' inside me.
I have no idea if it's trying to make me do something specific or if it's just my fate.

(My anger exploded after that debacle at the river, but I've calmed down now.)

In my past life, I heard how it's difficult to stay angry over a long period of time.
Nevertheless, my issue with money remains. And I still can't see how to solve that.

"Next up is finding a nice reclusive spot to settle down. Like that time with 'White Fangs'."

I can't be sure that they will keep quiet, but I'm somehow confident they won't deliberately talk about me.

(Just gotta hope it'll last during transport.)

The hide from ape magic beast would rot if it doesn't get tanned soon.
Yet it's too much for me. Of course I have some practice with 'rabbits' during my village life, but something this incredible is way beyond an amateur like me, won't be funny if it turns out disastrous.
Gotta have it processed by pros.

The queue is progressing while I'm busy counting my chickens before they hatch.

"Your pass? If you don't have 'em, anything that work as your ID is fine too."

The ladies showed their passes. The underling too. Even though they shouldn't have one.
Those passes were given by the coachman before we left the kingdom back then.
They're something indispensable if you want to travel around, but I never tried to get them thinking I could bulldoze through with my Second Class Pass. I don't even know the procedure to get them.
But constantly relying on Second Class Pass is gonna make people suspect me, likely ending with yet another event.

The gatekeeper checked our passes one by one.

(Ah, that's pretty handy. Guess I owe the kingdom one now huh?)

My turn came. The gatekeeper had a pensive look on his face when he saw my pass then he told me alone to get off the stagecoach.

"Sorry, I need to ask you something. Follow me."
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(...Of course. This 'something' inside me doesn't have the concept of mercy...)

I went along with this development while hanging my head.

"Ah, you guys find an inn on your own. Here, the fund."

I handed over a bag packed full of silver coins to Linda.

"We will be staying at the 'Sky and River' inn."

The coachman said that before running the stagecoach into the town.

(Ah, please don't be a trouble... please don't be a trouble...)

I have no god to pray to. In fact, the plan is to hit them with my fist. In fact, that's what I'm absolutely gonna do.

I rekindled my anger on the god of this world while worrying over what was gonna happen.

"Err? Do you need something from me? Do I have to follow this far, it's not a trouble is it?"

I don't think it'll turn into a gag manga routine where this gatekeeper tries to violate me.
If worst comes to worst, I'm fully planning to run away from this town. Absolutely!
Cutting off my ties with the ladies, the coachman, everything in the process.

But that kind of weird development wasn't on the plate.

"You must be the man Eltros-sama mentioned. It's a pleasure to have you acquainted. I am Karuts."

The man who bowed all of a sudden in the room I was brought into is unfamiliar to me.
However, I could hazard a guess just who this Karuts guy is once he mentioned the name Eltros.






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