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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 146

To the Town Where Director at




"Hikaru! Slow down, please!"

"Don't ask for the impossible, my mana won't last if we're not quick. I know it's tough but bear with it."

Hello, good evening.
We're currently flying with Mana Flight in 'Nyushina' direction, the town where the envenomed director is.
Carrying three people worth of load is running my mana dry. It won't last if I don't fly as fast as possible while making use of the inertia.
Wonder how fast are we in km/h?

<<You are currently moving at around 200 km/h. It is at a level where you could get injured from flying debris if not for mana protection.>>

I've wrapped my mana on all our faces as a protection, however it doesn't protect them from fear of moving at high speed.
I'm used to it but these three are screaming their lungs out.


...The only jovial creature among them is looking pretty indefatigable.
This little birdie's gonna be a bigshot in the future. In all kinds of things.

"I-I get that you're Soarer! How're you fine doing this terrifying act all the time!"

"Well, you get used to it. Ah, also please do keep this to yourself. Or else you might just slip off on the way there."

"I-I-I won't tell anyone!! I'm begging you don't drop me off, okay!? No seriously, for real, please!"

"Kajikawa-san!! How long must we endure this torture?"

"Don't say torture. According to the map, it should take another 10 minutes at this pace."

"T-ten minutes...! Wonder if I can last...?"

"We'd get there even faster if I picked up the pace, how about it? Should I?"


The three retorted in harmony.
You get a strong sense of unity when you share the same fear huh.

After ten more minutes in hell, we finally arrived at the town in question.
The three took orz pose altogether while looking dead. Good job.

"It's already dark out. Reina, should we go to the orphanage now or should we look for an inn?"

"U-ueee... I-I'd like to rest but I'm too worried about the director to...! I must get there quickly... Urp...!"

"...I see, don't push yourself now."

"You're acting cool and all but this is all you, Kajikawa-san...!"

"...I can never get used to flying, no matter how many times..."

"T-thought, I was a goner..."

The three glared hard at me. Scary.
I mean you know, aren't we supposed to be in a hurry with the director dying from venom and all?
That's why I flew that fast, there was absolutely no ill will, okay sorry, forgive me, please stop glaring at me, it's scary.
Reina was weeping before we departed, but the shock from flying seems to have blown that away. Being optimistic is best. She's kinda becoming a v*miting heroine though.
...I'll keep it a secret that it only hit me now that we could have just moved in the shadow with her Skill.

We passed the checkpoint simply by showing our adventurer's cards.
They didn't ask for my Appraisal Result which could have brought me trouble, thankfully.
I was surprised to see Radia-kun's rank being D. Apparently he got a promotion due to his achievement during the Hunting Fest. Congrats.

The townscape was barely visible in the darkness.
There were street lights equipped with Lightning and Light magic stones here and there, but it's still so dimly lit.
Can we really find the orphanage like this...?

"Hmm, it's so dim out here, can't see the streets well..."

"I'd figure out at a glance if the orphanage hasn't changed its signboard..."

"Does it look unique or something?"



"If you see a signboard with a big piece of meat drawn on it, it's one hundred percent director's orphanage."

"What kind of orphanage is that even..."

"Director has a fierce craving for meat... Made worse since we barely ever had one due to lack of funding..."

Won't people confuse the orphanage to a butchery like that?
I do like meat myself but this director seems to have an even hungrier spirit for it.
Guess we just gotta look around in the town and try to spot a meat-drawn signboard? Can we really find it like that...?

Then my eyes caught sight of a building with a signboard drawn with a picture of a block of meat. Is that it?
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"Reina, you mean that signboard?"

"Ah, that's probably the wrong one. There's no bone attached, and the signboard's too small."

"Uh, I think that's a big signboard though. What? Are you saying the orphanage's signboard even bigger?"

Menu display does show that it's 'Karunatta Butchery', not the orphanage.
Just how does the real thing look like anyway...

We kept walking for tens more minutes with no result.
Is it really here in this town? The Mapping function on Map Screen is narrower than usual likely due to poor visibility.
Menu could have told me right away if only it wasn't so poor.
Should we wait till it's bright out? But we've come all the way here already.

"Well well, you guys having a late night stroll or sumthin'?"

"Better watch out, wouldn't wanna get messed up by some shady bunch now, would ya..."

We got ourselves surrounded by a shady bunch before we knew it.
Can't believe I got this easily blindsided just because I couldn't use Map well. I should have used Life force Search.

"This place means risky business yeah? Why don'tcha come over to ours."

"Yeppers, we're gonna deliver you girlies straight to heaven yo."

"Ah, you two men can piss off. You're big men, ya can wipe yerselves or sumthin' hyahaha!"

Hm, there's ten of them in total.
Around Lv20s, they're so-so, around as strong as those bandits from the other day.

"I-is this area their turf...!?"


Radia-kun got on guard, while Reina sounded worried as she looked at me.
No uh, Radia-kun aside, darkness should be your domain, Reina. What about your Ninjutsu Skill... Well fine, the timing's just perfect.

"Ah, sorry may I?"

"Aa? Shut the hell up, get lost already!"

I tried to talk it out in peace but then one of the thugs swung a club at my head.
Welp, they're out. Don't seem like we can have a proper discourse here.

The club loudly broke into pieces the instant it hit my head.
I just shot mana pile bunker from my head. But man, that's one fragile club.
It's got ATK+80 yet low durability. Guess that's the norm for thugs' equipment?

"E, ah, w-what the heck...!?"

"H-his club...!? He got rock for head or what!"

"Err, I just need a bit of your time, may I?"

I tried speaking a bit more menacingly.
Please just hear me out, I might not keep her at bay otherwise.

"H-hmph, don't ya get ahead of yerself smashing that beat up clu-...!?"

The thugs stopped speaking and moving with their jaws dropped as they turned their lines of sight in a certain direction.

Oh no

I felt an incredible amount of heat, bloodlust and mana from behind me.
I'm scared to look but I gotta turn around. There I see Alma who has been quietly getting more furious readying a giant fireball around five meter in diameter above her.
Wait wait wait! Don't shoot that thing in the middle of the town!

"...Who want to get burned into cinders, first?"

Her words and pressure is at demon king's level already! Way scary!


"H-hold up!! We're sorry!! So please don't shoot that at us!!"

The thugs fell down on their rear and apologized in a panic.
...Yup, of course that'd break your spirit. Anybody would surrender.

"Alma, calm down now. They look like they're sorry, see, let's let them go with a question."

"...If you say so, Hikaru."

Alma immediately erased the blazing ball and went back to normal operation mode. Such an incredible gap in temperature, in many ways.

"...Now then, this is your last chance for a talk, may I?"

The thugs headbanged together with pale faces, showing affirmation to me.
Sheesh, you should have done this from the start.

"We're looking for an orphanage with a signboard drawn with a big meat on it, do you know where it is?"

"O-orphanage...? Meat signboard, you mean that thing...?"

The thug pointed at a giant signboard drawn with a giant meat attached to a bone you couldn't miss even in this darkness.
...That huh. It's so big I'm wondering how we could overlook that.

Whoa, watch it.


A thug screamed in pain as I grabbed his right wrist.
A skewer-like iron needle fell off his palm.
...Poisonous needle huh. The coated poison is even a fatal one, scary.

<<Kajikawa Hikaru's Resistance would neutralize this low level poison in one minute.>>

Ah, okay.

"Now now, you can't do that, why'd you try to sneakily hit somebody in the middle of a nice chat."

"Ow ow ow owww! L-let go!"

"Let go? Sure here!"


Complying to his request, I threw him at the other thugs with energy-boosted Strength, mowing them down.
Both the thug I threw and the receiving thugs got knocked out. I held back to avoid death, but none of them is seriously hurt. They're surprisingly sturdy.
The remaining thugs are so shaken it's obvious they've lost the will to fight back, looking at me with fear in their eyes.

"Ah, sorry. Forgot to control my strength there~ I'm soz~."

"You're so obvious..."

"Your friend did tell me what I asked even if it was a ploy for the sneak attack, so we have no more business with you guys. However, if you're still trying to mess with us..."

I trampled down the ground with all my energy-boosted Strength. The so called earthshaking sole or something.
BOOM, a tremor shook the area around us... Might have put too much strength.

"You get what's gonna happen, don't you?"

The rest of the thugs scrambled away at full speed immediately after.
...Hmm, I guess I got a bit carried away.
I feel like I'm getting too comfortable trying to make my opponent yield through my half-baked strength.
Yet taking that kind of people seriously feels dumb.

"Well now that we know where the orphanage is, let's go."

"...Y-you really are strong. Also had no idea the black haired neechan was that scary when she got mad..."

"I don't think you can find anyone scarier than these two when they're mad..."

Radia-kun and Reina whispered, looking taken aback.
...Just so you guys know, Alma is waaay scarier when she gets seriously angry.

"...That was nothing. Hikaru's ten time scarier when he's seriously mad..."

"...Yup, I'm taking your secret to my grave, really truly."

Radia-kun reassured me with a pale face. What's with that.
...Let's just head over to that orphanage. Don't wanna get in another trouble.






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