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Skill? Nee yo Sonnamon! Chapter 141

Hunting Fest All Program Ends


"There was an accident involving five Red Area magic beasts breaching into Orange Area near the end, however, thanks to participants and staff members' efforts, there were no deaths. This shows not only the quantity of participants, but also their quality."

Yup yup, that's true.
The party I met at Orange Area [Stairway to Heaven] managed to stand their ground against a rank A platinum chicken beast despite being all worn out, and even managed to annihilate the chicken herd.
I may have helped a bit at the end, but there was no way I could've won against platinum chicken and the herd if not for them.
And their Status aren't too far apart from other parties, these people here are all strong.

Third place of Orange Area is won by a female Swordsmaster in her late 20s, 'Launaqwes', at nine culled beasts.
That may look few compared to other areas, but soloing an area full of rank B magic beasts on your own is no small feat.
By the way, she's at level 37 and was originally recommended to participate in Yellow Area by the guild.  Aren't there too many people taking on higher level areas here? Like Alma and that silver haired Pinpoint Archer.
Though the recommendation is based on safety, so maybe it's only natural that there will be people like them around.

Guess even with Mana Control and Energy Control, the gap isn't too wide with those who are gifted with talents.
Make no mistake, these techs do make you much stronger, but only compared to those that are on the same level.
You'd still have a hard time against those 10-20 level higher than you. I only won against that platinum chicken thanks to Stairway to Heaven folk dealing with the herd.

Those guys nabbed second place by the way. Culled 42 magic beasts.
Their effective point is on the low side since the herd had Iron Cocks from Yellow Areas, but it still propelled their total score to get them second spot.
By the way, Golden and Platinum Cocks were finished off by me, a staff member so they weren't calculated in their point. My bad.

The top spot is won by a solo spearsman, mid-class Job [Great Spearsman] Vinomak, culled 23 beasts.
Guy looks like he's made of muscles you could easily imagine his fighting style involves him swinging his spear around greatly, a brawniac. Rude.
Man may look like he wears muscles for clothes but his strength is legit at Level 46, no doubt the top class of Orange Area.
He'd probably do okay in Red Area too. Likely still gonna have a hard time against that platinum chicken though.

"Your forged body does not betray your splendid achievement. I expect more great things in the future."

"Gahahaha!! Ain't that the truth!!"

"...Maybe not so loud."

Scarymast handed the reward without faltering despite winching at the brawniac's laughter.
I admire her for properly appreciating you when you give out results.
I did manual labor when I was in Japan. Did my quota of course but there was never a raise and overtime was expected... Let's stop, it's depressing.

Only three parties took on the Red Area, so all of them are getting rewarded.
All of them have a good balance that lets them deal with any situation.
...Compared to them, our party doesn't even have a concept of balance. Alma who can take on front and rear, Reina who specializes in ambush and stealth, and then there's me who's a complete wonder... What is this composition.

Third place goes to an all male stocky party, [Yes Muscles], at four beast culled. What's up with the name and their appearances. Burly.
The brawniac from Orange Area earlier would fit right in with them. Sweltering.
Their looks aside, their party has a great balance with club and axe users, mid-class Jobs [Crusher Clubber] and [Great Axeman] as vanguards, and a Sorcerer as well as an advanced-class Job [Skypiercing Archer] as rear guards.
Think that archer is their leader. He's the only advanced Job holder, his level even rivals hot uncle at 51.
There's a lone sorcerer stuck in between them, is it just me or is he the odd one out. Why'd he join such a stuffy party anyway.

Second place goes to a party of a red haired handsome young man and three women, [Heaven], at six beast culled. The women all stick closely to the leader, it's a harem no matter how you look at (etc).
Each women have a different figure, you can tell he's picked them on purpose.
One is gentle-looking with black hair and glasses, she'd look great in a maid outfit.
One has a tanned skin and silver hair with a bombastic body. I dunno where to look.
The last one is a blond elven little girl same as lolimast. Flat little girl... No, looking at her Status, she's the oldest in that group. No comment on the specific.
What's surprising is that all of the women are strong warriors at Level 45, while the young man is the weakest. Still at Level 35 though.
What's up with this party and these levels. The young man aside.
I could hear the peanut gallery giving comments such as, 'Get plucked', or 'I wanna be him', or 'Another little girl, so many strong little girls these days'. Are there others... Oh wait, did they mean Reina?

The first place of course goes to the hot uncle party [Bridge of Dream], at 12 beast culled.
Killing 12 Rank B-A magic beasts is unthinkable to me. That's double the second place.
I mean I barely managed to beat that platinum chicken, one-on-one it may be.
Veteran parties just hit different, wonder if we'd ever get there.

The party leader, hot uncle Kyoukuharuto stepped forward to accept their prize.
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"...I cannot believe you beat 12 Red Area beasts under the fest's time constraint. Normally, even just defeating one in a day is a huge accomplishment in itself."

"Indeed, we really went above and beyond this time. I'm not sure if it's fatigue catching up, but my shoulders and waist have been aching."

"I told you not to overdo it... Yet, the result speaks for itself. Your party has proven themselves as the top rank in Red Area, congratulations."

"Thank you."

The spectator and all staff members gave their applause as he received the reward.
It's picturesque, nobody would disagree.
By the way, the reward is apparently an [Orichalcum Ingot].
It's finally here, Orichalcum. You'd think of Orichalcum when you hear material for strongest equipment in fantasy.

<<[Orichalcum] possesses the most superlative property in term of toughness, hardness as well as nature. It is used as a material in top class equipment besides the final evolution of Unique Magic Beast equipment. Orichalcum at its raw state is sufficient for making powerful equipment, however compounding it with a certain metal into an alloy will-->>

Ah, hold it. That's interesting but let's save it for later, we're at the good part.

Guess hunting fest is finally over now.
With prize giving done, what's left is some simple greeting and we're home free to go around all the food stalls.
So yeah, finish it please.

"Now then, that's all the program in Hunting Fest, anybody got a question?"

Nope nope.
You guys are with me right? Right?

"May I?"

Someone raised their hand and spoke to Scarymast.
Read the room you! Everybody can't wait to leave!
Wait, isn't that Willclause guy.
What's he wanna ask?

"What is it?"

"...There should have been Soarer, a man wearing a mask among the staff members, but I don't see him anywhere?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I want to give my thanks for saving me during the fest..."

Guy's really straitlaced, guess he's not a bad person after all. A bit annoying though.
You know all that Soarer wants right now is to leave. Quickly.

"Very well, I'll relay it to him later."

"No, I wish to personally speak to him myself... Where is he now? Who is he anyway--"


Scarymast called him by his full name instead of [Blue].
Blue looked a bit surprised at this. Afraid even.

"Cease prying into [Soarer]. He has his reasons."


"Your persistence may give him trouble instead. Just make do with a message."


Blue reluctantly gave up.
Good thing he did. I don't want to get dragged into another mess. I wanna go around the stalls and eat good food.
Members of [Stairway to Heaven] glanced at me when Soarer topic got brought up, I smiled wryly back at them.

Now that it's over, time to get eating!
Can't wait to see the kinda food they're selling.






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