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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 408

408 Intersecting Path


Afterward, we crossed the bridge without an issue. Nobody said a word all the while. I mean none of them conversed before this either, but the mood had changed.
For some reason, everybody in the stagecoach was expressionless like they had achieved enlightenment. Their faces didn't even twitch once as they kept staring into the void.
Rather than giving up, it's more like they can't find a word to express something beyond their understanding, even I feel sorry.

(If only I didn't have this power... But then what would happen to all those people I met, wouldn't it be hellish to them?)

What's right, what's wrong? There's no telling. It's all in the past now.
But this 'unfathomable' phenomenon must make the ladies and coachman feel like they've been dragged into a mess.

(Normally it would be me thinking that, but the roles are reversed now...)

Had I not crossed the bridge alone earlier, this stagecoach and everyone inside would have been swallowed up by that wave.
I felt bad when I saw Linda listlessly sinking down on the ground after seemingly connecting what I said before crossing the bridge and what took place.

(Ah, I have no word of encouragement here. Not for my own mental state, not for these people. I mean even this comes as a huge shock to me, I dunno how to take it.)

It's impossible to accept these absurdities.
All the more so when it comes to you unannounced in such a manner with no way to foresee.

The coachman is manning the stagecoach like he's in the body but not in the spirit.
The man must be trained in espionage or something, despite his absentminded state, his hands keeps the rein well like he's on auto pilot.
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The journey went smoothly until we drew near the midpoint town.
No more trouble cropping up after that river tidal wave.
Then just as we were about to arrive at the town, three imposing wagons drawn by Grudos hastily passed by us from the road ahead.

"Hm? What was that all about... Well, whatever, so long as it's not a trouble I guess?"

I got on guard when they came into sight. I was sure it was gonna be another trouble.
They were rushing so much, our stagecoach had to stop at the roadside to prevent collision.
I tensed up thinking what was gonna happen but if it's nothing, then all good. I can't take any more of this.

(My mental gauge is already at 20% y'know? No more of this please...)

I took a glance at the wagon convoy and caught sights of some heavily armed men.
That was the only information I got since they were gone so fast. I can't even hazard a guess on their purpose.
But who cares about that now. We're finally at the town next to the commercial city.






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