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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 414

414 Not Ending Elegantly


A moment of silence ran for a bit before the other party broke it.

"The name's Gilgel. I'm the man who's gonna make you taste true regret for being alive. Come. We'll have it your way. It's yer' present to afterlife."

Gilgel gave some order to one of his underlings who then left ahead of us.
That underling must be going to gather men or their most powerful forces.
I followed Gilgel in silent. The rest of the underlings were sticking close to me to keep me from running away.

After a while, we arrived at a mansion. There's no other building nearby. I see a well tended lawn inside the spacious courtyard.

(Ah, this must be. The main base of this town's branch. I can go all out... Wait, no no.)

There would be casualty if I did. I'm not here to annihilate this town's organization.
I mean it's a branch of Eltros's organization. Destroying it would only cause me more problems later on.
And this is supposed to be a peaceful talk with me threatening them into an understanding, there should be no rampaging involved.
Gotta end this elegantly.
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We passed through the mansion's gate. Gilgel then beckoned me to the center of the courtyard.

"You bastard made me mad. I ain't gonna listen to you pleading no more from here on. Disappear. I gotta hear you beg for your life."

Stout men brandishing a club came out in drove enclosing with a grin on their faces. There's ten of them.

"These men are my strongest subordinates. Oy, guys. Use this brat as a punching bag. Make him suffer as long as you can before you kill 'im."

I'm assaulted by a migraine at this point. I get that this organization was originally a crime syndicate.
But it's been reformed now, so what's up with these obviously evil looking baddies.
I do understand that just because the organization has changed, all the people working there can't just up and get replaced as well.
But these men are all looking like your typical thugs complete with repulsive mugs on their faces.

"Haa, that irked me so much I beat them good..."

It's a routine by this point. The men who were enclosing me were already spinning in the air. All of them all at once.
Nothing good would come off it even if I wasted any more time here anyway, so I ended it right away with Acceleration.

"Wha?" Gilgel's jaw dropped as he froze up.
Of course his time is running since I'm not under Acceleration.
But he won't move, either because his mind can't process what's happening or he's refusing to accept reality.

He's probably gonna say, 'Impossible', 'No way', or 'This can't be' next, so I might as well crush his spirit thoroughly now.

I ignored Gilgel and walked up toward one corner of the mansion.
My next action would make Gilgel pass out, but I couldn't care less about that as I took a stance for a straight punch in front of the mansion's wall.





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