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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 413

413 Understanding


I undid Acceleration and spoke. First, let's try to talk this out like an adult.
It's not too late to test if not increasing body count would lead to a good result.

"How do I reach an understanding with you guys? Will you back down if I showcase my strength?"

The idea is to have them rethink their stance with a threat.
I'll have it etched on their souls that there is no opposing this power.

"Oy, how'd you get out? Well whatever. I feel nuthin' at all from you, the hell Eltros-aniki so afraid of. What is that sorry sight? What are those lanky arms? What's with your complete lack of mana? Ain't nuthin' of you Eltros-aniki shoulda be afraid of."

The man continued on, saying I look like a country bumpkin, not an organization VIP, and how I don't look like I have authority or money.
I'm getting thoroughly denied. Well, I don't think there's anyone out there who can infer that I'm not an ordinary man at a glance.
I think only exceedingly eccentric folk could.
After all, I'm the very picture of an ordinary villager.
My only defining traits are my black hair and black eyes, and everybody who came in contact with me thus far only saw them as being uncommon.
Shopkeepers, people I asked for directions, even passerby would look at me like I'm some rare animal.
That was also true in my home village. But it was a small community so it didn't last long past the initial shock.

As such, this guy's verbal abuse didn't really faze me.
Which apparently put him in a sour mood.

"I don't like yer' 'tude. Ya got aniki so frightened yet keep yer' cool at my dissing? Think yer' a big shot huh? Think again! Aniki is the man who overthrew that Damo and took over the syndicate! Ya sayin' yer above him? Huuh?"

Something bugged me here. Almost made me want to question the guy.
I crushed that syndicate. However, I didn't want to stand out, so I tried to recall if I ever mentioned that to Eltros.
I never divulged my circumstances to Eltros, which mean he must have come to that conclusion himself after looking back at my actions.
If that is the truth being circulated around, I suppose I can't really blame this man for being hostile to me if Eltros is his benefactor as he said.
Of course you won't think well of someone who perch above the person you respect.
All the more with Eltros known as the usurper of a huge syndicate.
His underlings must see me as a thorn on his side that must be eliminated. All without confirming Eltros himself first.
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(Ah, this is one templated development alright. Here too huh...)

I started wondering what kind of development would be unprecedented?
What's the correct choice to solve the issue here? As I tried my hardest to rack my off track brain, I thus spoke.

"So I take it you'll understand if I show you the power that frightens Eltros? This place is not spacious enough. Bring me somewhere with space and your best forces. I'll crush them before your eyes. That'll get through your skull yeah? Bring out hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands, doesn't matter how many people you send my way."

My choice here, 'Proactively show off my power', is one I usually don't pick.






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