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Kamisama no Kago wo Kyohishitara?! Chapter 411

411 Can't Avoid


"I have been instructed to give you a detailed rundown on the present status of our 'Organization' when you visit this town."

Why? I thought for a moment, but I must have put quite some scare into Eltros so this is him appealing to me that he's been doing as I told him to. It's a matter of life or death to him after all.

"Err? How did you know it was me?"

In short, it's thanks to my black eyes and black hair. And there's a small mark on the back of the pass given to me as a distinction.
My features aside, I had no idea they had something like that on that pass.

(It's a Manji mark... Are they a dictatorship or something...?)

I listened to Karuts after a mild shock from discovering the mark.
The content piqued my interest since I hadn't heard anything about the organization since then.

(The heck, he really went and transformed it into an intel gathering organization like I suggested... What? Is Eltros a genius?)

I got a bit taken aback when I was informed the organization even gained the trust of countries.
Not even in modern days just anyone could easily replace the entire system of such a huge organization in such a quick turnaround. But thinking again.

(I'm sure leaving the ladies to someone who can pilot an organization that big would be best. Yup, and here I thought I'd ask Chairman Bonutts.)

I was planning to hire some bodyguards for the ladies at first. But that chairman is a bit lacking in term of trustfulness.
Thanks to the 'trickery' he did to Aryl back then.
Unlike that guy, Eltros and his desperation toward me should work fine.
Karuts's explanation ended up being a good thing to me, unusually enough.
The reason Eltros managed the feat was actually due to my little intimidating demonstration in front of all the organization VIPs before I left the city back then but I had completely forgotten about it.

"Please say my name if you find yourself in a trouble during your stay in this town, we shall have it taken care of right away."
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I exited the government building once Karuts left after a bow.
Then just as I was walking on the road where the stagecoach was heading, a man wearing a shabby robe showed up and said this.

"Eltros-sama has ordered me to act as your guide in this town. Allow me to lead the way to 'Sky and River' Inn."

(Eltros must have been quite traumatized by me. I get it though.)

I was gonna ask some passerby the way while taking in the sight but then this guide showed up.
I would have definitely lost if I were to go alone so I might as well took upon his offer.
Also, with Eltros being so accommodating, saying no to this guide would not leave a good impression.

I replied, 'By all means', and the guide said, 'Right this way' as he started walking.
However, he led me to a dim alleyway instead of the town center.

(Ugh, fine... I'll play along. Might as well bulldoze my way through if I can't avoid it...)

As I was resigning myself to fate, we arrived at a slightly open space.
Once I stepped into it following the guide, five barbaric looking men came out and enclosed me.





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